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  1. Thanks for the responses, moot point now, Adams isn't playing so Anderson and Thielen both start.
  2. I would go Gordon and Freeman. Lindsay is not going to play and I don't see Booker as more than a 3rd down back. Freeman was drafted there for a reason.
  3. #1 is Davante Adams. Honestly Anderson was dropped earlier this year and has bern a FA until I picked him up this week in an IR move. My RB2 has been the part of my lineup that suffered.
  4. Need to figure out what to do at WR2 this week. Have Robby Anderson and Adam Thielen. Gut is telling me to go with Anderson, but instinct says to stay with Thielen as I have all season. 1 point per 10 receiving yards, 5 points for 5 receptions/100 yards receiving, 6 per TD. Any suggestions?
  5. Been playing week 17 for 20 years (this year is my 6th SB with a 3-2 record so far). Wouldn't give it up at all. We also cannot make normal transactions past week 14 unless it is to IR player and pick-up someone as a replacement in that position. Rivers has been riding my bench all season behind Brees and looks like he will be my QB this weekend. Rest of my lineup will most likely not change at all.
  6. Need 2 from Justin Jackson, Austin Ekeler, ADP, and Jalen Richard 5 points per 5 receptions, 15 carries, 100 rushing or receiving yards; 1 per 10 yards. Leaning towards Jackson and Peterson, but Richard for Peterson is looking interesting. Win and I get 2nd seed, lose and it's 5 or 6 (which honestly isn't all that bad.
  7. And had he broken it for a touchdown you would have been exclaiming how wonderful an idea it was.
  8. Waiting for weeks 14-17 when Gordon is needed. Ekeler will get more usage then I am sure.
  9. Best part is they kept running him in the 4th quarter and didn't go to Ekeler
  10. Feel like this is going to be my question every week. Need 2 of Adams, Thielen, Jackson, and Golladay. PPR with a bonus for 100 receiving yards.
  11. Got Bears D for 16 out of 100 this week. Perspective- Browns went for 10 last week.
  12. Yes, that is the rule. I understand that. I was just giving a reasoning behind the safety not being called. Also in the flow of the game, the ref may not have seen the helmet off before the hit and thought the hit was the reason for the helmet coming off. That would make it not reviewable.
  13. I have a feeling that the penalty essentially nullified the safety. Even though the play should have been blown dead.