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  1. Gronk if he is still available in your league will probable be gone after this week (he was dropped after week 3 in mine). He looks to be getting back to his old self, though he looks like he is laboring on some of those RAC's.
  2. As others have said. I am completely fine with him being on my bench for this today. His replacement for me is Jefferson who is 1 td behind at this point. It would have hurt more for Jones to fail and Jefferson's points to be on the bench.
  3. I don't know. I have Jefferson and McLaurin (along with Claypool and Fulgham). Right now Jones might be #4 until I see him play a full game.
  4. Was just offered David Johnson and Rashaun Woods for Jones and Conner. Turned it down with the newest information that he isn't on the injury report, but still wondering if I shoulda taken it.
  5. Looked like he was grimacing and limping when they showed the teams running in at halftime.
  6. Dallas might want to think about running that 21 guy. Seems like they are trying to pass way to much and getting nothing from it.
  7. I am in the same boat. But I know the minute I sit him its his week for 10-210 and 3 td's for the year.
  8. Ok they didn't need him for most the day. And you're gonna tell me any other great receiver has never dropped a pass? It happens. Fact remains he was dealing with a hamstring issue all week and previous weeks. No one is talking about that being a factor. They just want to call him washed up.
  9. The 11 is also 2 td's. If he doesn't go for the 2 there, people are in here complaining that he didn't try for it. He does go for it now, people are complaining he went for it.
  10. Need essentially 2 TD's either way. I much prefer going for 2 rather than kicking anyway.
  11. I still want to believe it was a hamstring issue and they didn't want to push him today. Yes the guard is changing but Jones isn't going to fall off the earth just like that. He had almost 160 yards last week. They didn't need him this week. Be interesting to check the snap sheets tomorrow.
  12. Up by 11 lets just throw the ball 9 times in a row...
  13. There was the first target and catch from what i can see.
  14. 2nd & 5 at IND 27 (8:28 - 1st) P.Campbell right end to IND 34 for 7 yards (H.Smith). IND-P.Campbell was injured during the play. He is Out