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  1. Is it me or does he constantly disappear in the second half after a dominate first half?
  2. I posted in the Williams thread vut this is bad reporting. While the touches were close. Williams had 4 rushes until the last drive(11 yards). The obvious concern for Jones is the now lack of passes. He had 1 target today. Plus side he made a coyple negative plays into positives and also had 2(?) runs called back by penalties.
  3. Is it telling that it was Williams the last series and not Jones even though it was all run plays? Up until that drive he had 4 rushes for 11 yards. Neither back had space but Jones did make a couple runs go fro. Negatives to positives.
  4. So, at the start of the season he is feuding with La Fluer over playcallin at the line, now he doesn't want to call the plays himself. Pick a line.
  5. I sat him for Sutton and Diggs this week. Chark is at 18ppg, Diggs at 17 and Sutton at 16. Sutton is more consitant with a deviation of about 5 points a week and Chark is at 11 point deviation.
  6. $100 budget for the season. Was all I had left. Most people are set at RB in the league. Mine just keep getting injured.
  7. I threw $2 for him and got him. Dropping Ito in the process. Ended up getting him.
  8. No I am talking perpendicular to the ground. The one shown was from an angle.
  9. If only we had overhead cameras for times like this.
  10. Going to laugh if Williams gets stopped short. Put Jones and Vitale out there and slam it
  11. All good. Didn't see anything wrong with what you typed. Was just explaining myself.
  12. I think it was more because of where I was drafting. Due to the league setup I had the 8th in the first round, 1st in second round (13th overall), and then didn't have another pick until 9th in the 3rd round (33rd overall). Went Adams/Kelce/AJones. Wish I would have gone Cook/Chubb/WR or TE in hindsight. I was even debating during the draft which way to go. Took the full 3 minutes with each pick hemming and hawing, Probable what makes it worse now.
  13. Don't get cute and take Adams and Kelce with your first two picks. Take D. Cook and N.Chubb instead. Your season will turn out better than 1-9 at this point.