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  1. Dealt Adams (after the injury) and Coleman for Freeman, ISmith, and Gallup. Jury is still out on how this will work for me.
  2. Classic Lions play. 3rd and 8, throw a 4 yard pass
  3. Thought they were supposed to call the lowering of the head on the offensive players too. Allison totally dropped his head into the defender.
  4. That lateral he was coming back for the ball. Tried to turn up field and was met. I say more on Rodgers than Jones there. Don't forget Jones also had at least 2 long runs called back by holds.
  5. Wasn't the fake spike against dallas like 6 years ago a sneak?
  6. AJones and Golladay to outscore Kerryon and Prater by 3. The way my season is going, it will be 2.
  7. That was why I asked about the spot. He was set up to the right and pushed it right. Wanted to know if he had his choice or not (before I found the link). I love that the Carolina Coordinator knew exactly what was going on was adamant about how it should be lined up.
  8. Found this
  9. Does he get to choose the spot for the kick or is it spotted where the ball was downed?
  10. They play Monday night so no practice yesterday or today. Haven't seen or heard anything from the Detroit media either (I live in Detroit)
  11. I honestly felt like it effected the game flow in one way or another. Kelce looked like he was just jogging routes for a while after incident He had 1 target between the end of the first quarter and 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, and then again nothing from the end of the 3rd until 2 minutes left in the 4th.
  12. Yeah, definately not what I wanted to see happen.