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  1. I remember the articles and commentary from FBG in pre-season his rookie year. Along the lines of "Rookie season but most likely will get double digit touchdowns - may only play limited snaps but has a very high ceiling" No idea what changed since then - if anything he delivered his rookie season. Yeah an injury but talk about an over reaction from everyone.
  2. It's disappointing he can't get on the field more - the ultimate boom/bust WR3
  3. The scene where Jax and Nero lay it all out and than he says goodbye to his kids really got to me.
  4. He needs to lose like 10lbs and I heard all this talk in his rookie season about him having great vision - someone needs to work with him on that as well. His career can be resurrected but yeah he looks turrible right now.
  5. Just scraped into the playoffs playing the #1 seed who is favoured over me by 40 pts - so yeah throwing Murray in and am looking for a big game.
  6. The funny thing here is wasn't T-Rich starting all the games not Bradshaw anyways? It's definately a weird turn of events.
  7. My fantasy season is swirling down the drain - need to catch lightning in a bottle with a decent floor - is this it?
  8. Okay so I have a problem - the whole fantasy season we've been told by certain FBG guru's to stash players like Alfred Blue incase the starter goes down. Here we are week 11 - Foster is unlikely to play and now all I am hearing is don't start Blue!!! I'm kinda peeved cause the only reason I've been carrying him is because FBG content has been touting him as a great stash. Thoughts?