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  1. Julio being at least average gives me two wins.
  2. It was a coin flip for me between Fleener and D.Allen in a non-PPR... I lost the coin flip, and it will almost certainly cost me the win (unless the Rams D goes off in a big way, Ds score more than usual in this league). Probably only give it 1-2 more weeks to see something promising.
  3. I have him in 4 out of 6 leagues, great start to the season... In one dynasty I am stacked at WR, he was my WR4, his loss only hurts during byes. In my startup dynasty I am in a bind. I have Watkins, Floyd... then Allen, D.Parker, and J.Gordon. I'm rolling with Torrey Smith as my WR3, need Parker to get healthy in a hurry, hoping for Gordon to step up come week 5. My bind is that we start 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, and 2 flex. I'm already down Ladarius Green, so I am weak at TE (Walford and V.McDonald). I went light at RB (M.Gordon/Yeldon/C.Sims, with Abdullah on my devy squad). I am maxed out on contract space, with 3 assumed starters currently down and Gordon on the shelf, so I cannot even activate Abdullah for my flex unless I give him a 1-2 year contract or drop a good player. Gonna wait it out until I see what I have in Parker/Gordon/T.Smith. One redraft is a 10 team with silly shallow lineups (2QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, K, D, NO flex), so I'm fine there. this league has 24/7 FCFS waivers, even during games... somebody dropped Snead before his for T. Sharpe, so I pounced on Snead. I have Rivers as my 2nd starting QB, so that sucks. I did get Wentz last week, so maybe they can by my QB2BC. My other redraft sucks, 12 team start 2RB, 2WR, + 2 flex. I have AJ Green, then Allen, Parker, Floyd, then V.Jackson/Torrey Smith/Funchess. Sproles is my RB3, Barnidge my TE2... Gonna be tough sledding, not a bunch on the wire. I'm sure nobody read this far, but it is a bit cathartic to type it anyway.
  4. I happily acquired him for Jonathan Stewart in a 12 team ppr dynasty. He was WR20 ppg in 2014, I would expect similar numbers this year... but i wouldn't be surprised to see him put up his 2013 numbers (82-1332-9).
  5. I think Bennett will pull many targets from the RBs (and even some from Gronk), fewer from the WRs. Did the Pats have a good WR2 besides Lloyd in the Hernandez days? It is entirely possible that Hogan is better than their options back then. Also, IMO Hernandez was a better receiving talent than Bennett, so one cannot simply say Bennett gets the same number of targets. One last point that may favor Hogan: isn't he a good blocker? So he would be on the field in more situations than Mitchell and Amendola. With 4 viable targets, Brady will check down to RBs fewer times and not have to simply force it to Gronk or Edelman. If Brady has full confidence in all 4 downfield options, he will hit the open guy. Brady lost confidence in various WR2s and didn't look their way after they started screwing up routes and dropping passes. If Hogan avoids these flubs, he will be better than their typical WR2. In short, it is entirely possible, IMO, that it is Gronk and Edelman as targets 1a/1b, then Bennett and Hogan as targets 3a/3b, then the RBs. I don't have full confidence in him, but I do somewhat like Hogan to finish as a fantasy WR3, especially on a ppg basis when Brady is back.
  6. I was not involved in this trade.
  7. New 12 team league. Start QRWWWT + 2 flex. PPR for WR/TE, .5 PPR for RB. Team W gave 2017 1st rounder (projects to be top 6, but not an absolute certainty) Team J gave Rashad Jennings, Paul Perkins, Andre Williams I would really, really, appreciate input on this trade.
  8. In a 12 team initial dynasty auction 2 weeks ago, I got him for $18 on a $500 budget.
  9. He was taken at picks 15, 18, and 22 in my three rookie drafts, all in May/June. You may need to reset your expectations of where you can get him (unless you are talking IDP).
  10. Lot of RBs in Seattle, but Michael is a free agent after this year...
  11. 12 team, 1/2 ppr for WR/TE, 4 year max contracts Gave Josh Gordon (1 year) Received 2017 2nd rounder (high) ~~~ 12 team ppr, no contracts Team A received Josh Gordon Team B received 2017 1st rounder (mid)
  12. League 7, Lott's Fingertip, I am IN. Ready to defend my bronze medal finish.
  13. There seem to be a lot of contradictory opinions on Lockett among the FF pundits... what is his dynasty value? FBGs have him at WR25, 28, 29, 29, and 41, I've seen him both higher and lower elsewhere. Where does Lockett fall vs this years rookies? What pick area next year is a fair price?
  14. Baldwin just hit 1000
  15. I traded Maclin and R.Cobb with 2 year contracts for Treadwell. I can hold Treadwell for up to 2 years before giving him a contract (5 year max). Maclin and Cobb were my WR5 and 6. 10 team, 1/2 ppr for WR/TE only, start 2 WR and a flex.