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  1. Hunt went in the mid-third in my last 12 team NON-ppr yesterday. He was the RB14.
  2. Hunt went at pick 34 in my 12 team redraft Saturday afternoon.
  3. Woodhead has gotten a lot of red zone usage, I'm not sure that is a positive for West. We'll see.
  4. League 7, I am returning
  5. Just in case it hasn't been said and somebody believes this, this web site is a prank news site.
  6. Fair enough. I am not projecting Thomas to improve (for all the reasons you lay out), I think he will end up around where he did in 2016. But I can absolutely concede that his CEILING is noticeably higher than my expectation... just that I only give him a 15-20% chance of approaching that ceiling. IMO, saying that is much different than saying Maclin can set the NFL record for receptions. ;-)
  7. He had a 16 game pace of 1213 yards and 9.6 TDs. For standard, going to 1200/12 would be going from 178.9 to 192, an increase in scoring of 7.3%. Is it possible for him to get those 12 TDs while increasing his yards per game from about 76 to about 82? Is that not a "reasonable increase"? Because that takes his "ceiling" projection to 1312/12... Regarding conflating ceiling with anything can happen, you said the following in response to the ceiling comments: *shrug*
  8. Pedantry aside, I am just trying to illustrate that projecting a CEILING of his rookie production is silly. 1200 yards is not his ceiling. I actually do not disagree with most of the points you are making about him, except when you say that he cannot reasonably improve on his rookie numbers. I'm paraphrasing there (trying to cut off further pedantry) , but when you conflate "ceiling" with "anything can happen", then we must not be talking about the same concept.
  9. Again, regarding his CEILING... how can a person say his CEILING is what he did as a rookie? That is completely illogical. When we project a player, we look at a range of reasonable possibilities. We don't say a player's floor is zero because he could get hurt, we project for a full season. By the same token, we don't talk about a ceiling as an "anything can happen" event that is unlikely, like Jeremy Maclin setting the NFL record for receptions... we are talking about a projection that takes into account things breaking a player's way more often than average, modified for talent and situation. So, again, there is nothing wrong with projecting M.Thomas to produce around what he did last season as his most likely outcome, projecting 1100/8 is not controversial. Also not controversial: projecting a WR's CEILING as an improvement on his rookie season. 90/1350/12 would be a very reasonable CEILING. That is not a pie in the sky ceiling, that is not an everything breaks absolutely perfectly ceiling... that is about a 10% improvement on his rookie season.
  10. He had 1137 and 9 TDs in 15 games as a rookie, that is 1213 yards and 9.6 TDs over 16 games... to say 1200/12 is his "absolute best case" is simply silly. There is nothing wrong with projecting him for less, but you have to consider that it would not be crazy to see him improve as a sophomore... which means his CEILING is certainly higher than what he has already accomplished as a rookie.
  11. Just a refresher for context... Riddick and Abdullah in game one 2016 Each had 5 catches on 5 targets, fwiw.
  12. We will see how much of the Rams' problems were talent and how much were coaching; playcalling was a major issue. Adding Whitworth from Cincy helps the Oline, 21st century playcalling will help Goff and the WRs, especially Tavon Austin (who gets a bad rap for bad stats due to aforementioned playcalling). I am a pessimistic Rams fan, I don't like Goff and have little faith in their Oline right now, I didn't like the Cupp pick, but things really can change quickly. But we do not know much about how good or bad Goff is, his time last year may well be useless for looking forward. Sometimes adding one good Olineman makes all the pieces better, sometimes a good coach can identify and play to his players' strengths instead of forcing square pegs into round holes a la Fisher, sometimes a light goes on for a young QB... bottom line, it is foolish to speak in absolutes. All that being said, I am not buying Rams players except in deeper leagues.
  13. Philip Rivers was ppg QB2 in 2015 over the first 8 games, the last time Keenan Allen was healthy. Plenty of upside as long as Allen is healthy, especially with the added weapons.
  14. They are both really good athletically (by measurables). White had a much better 40, but Meredith bested him in most other measures fairly handily. White: 4.35 40 36.5 vert 123 broad 6.92 3 cone 4.14 20 yd shuttle Meredith: 4.49 40 39 vert 127 broad 6.71 3 cone 4.12 20 yd shuttle