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  1. We will see how much of the Rams' problems were talent and how much were coaching; playcalling was a major issue. Adding Whitworth from Cincy helps the Oline, 21st century playcalling will help Goff and the WRs, especially Tavon Austin (who gets a bad rap for bad stats due to aforementioned playcalling). I am a pessimistic Rams fan, I don't like Goff and have little faith in their Oline right now, I didn't like the Cupp pick, but things really can change quickly. But we do not know much about how good or bad Goff is, his time last year may well be useless for looking forward. Sometimes adding one good Olineman makes all the pieces better, sometimes a good coach can identify and play to his players' strengths instead of forcing square pegs into round holes a la Fisher, sometimes a light goes on for a young QB... bottom line, it is foolish to speak in absolutes. All that being said, I am not buying Rams players except in deeper leagues.
  2. Philip Rivers was ppg QB2 in 2015 over the first 8 games, the last time Keenan Allen was healthy. Plenty of upside as long as Allen is healthy, especially with the added weapons.
  3. They are both really good athletically (by measurables). White had a much better 40, but Meredith bested him in most other measures fairly handily. White: 4.35 40 36.5 vert 123 broad 6.92 3 cone 4.14 20 yd shuttle Meredith: 4.49 40 39 vert 127 broad 6.71 3 cone 4.12 20 yd shuttle
  4. 10 team, 1/2 ppr for WR/TE only traded a 2018 4th rounder for Ladarius Green. I don't need a TE, but I still think a flyer on Green is worth it. I will hopefully know before the season starts if he is a keeper or a drop.
  5. The TEs and Kamara were the only other considerations at 10 for me, but I have J.Reed and H.Henry, needed a RB. Zay Jones was available as well, but I'm not high on him. I was leaning Hunt at 10, but figured he or Kamara would fall to 14, so pick 26 was free for my purposes.
  6. 12 team ppr, start Q RR WWW T + flex My RBs: L.Miller, D.Martin, T.Coleman, + scrubs My WRs: M.Thomas (N.O.), Dez Bryant, M.Crabtree, J.Crowder, D.Jackson, M.Lee, P.Dorsett Made two trades during rookie draft: Gave pick 10 Received 14 and 26 (drafted K.Hunt and J.McNichols) Gave Brandon Marshall Received picks 18 and 21 (drafted M.Mack and C.Godwin) Drafted Hunt, Mack, McNichols at RB, Ross, Godwin, Golliday, T.Taylor (tenn) at WR
  7. 9, 9, and 15 in my three drafts so far. Where he was picked 15, we start 2 rbs and 2 WRs with 1 flex in a ten team league, so WRs are a bit less valuable.
  8. In my two rookie drafts I have preferred other RBs in the area Williams is going, and since I like A.Jones just as much, I like him later. I picked Jones at #28 in one league, but in another league I had 10 picks earlier than that, so I watched him fall to #57. There are 5 owners new to dynasty in this league, and two more that traded all of their picks before the draft, so that may explain the fall.
  9. Reviving the Robby Anderson talk... Where do we stand on him in dynasty? I picked him up and put him on my rookie squad in a league when I had to activate a rookie to start, then ignored him until recently. Now that I am looking at things again to plan ahead, this guy is intriguing. Nice rookie production, especially considering the bad QB situation and being an UDFA, nice athletic profile... How are you guys valuing him going forward?
  10. 12 team, start 1-3 RB, 3-5 WR, 1/2 ppr for RBs, 1 ppr for WR/TEs Beastmode went at pick 14. I would have taken him at 15 if he fell.
  11. If you have a cable package with ESPN, then they are still getting paid for your "subscription". The growing number of cordcutters is more directly affecting their bottom line.
  12. Also traded Malcom Mitchell and Austin Hooper for 2018 2nd and 3rd. Had to make roster space.
  13. 12 team, start Q R WWW T + 2 flex. .5 ppr for rbs, 1 ppr for wr/te. Team A received M. Bryant, pick 1.09, 2018 1st (7-12), $75 bb (teams get $500 per year to use on fas and rfas, $ rolls over) team B received Mel Gordon. ~~~~~ Team A received C Meredith, 2 2018 1sts (7-12), 2017 pick 17 Team C received Jordan Howard, 2017 pick 31 ~~~~ Team A has picks 3, 5, 9, and 9 picks between 15 and 33, plus 4 2018 firsts and 2 2018 seconds. Team A: Brees, mariota abdullah, procise, yeldon, Rawls, sims k.allen, Watkins, Meredith, Bryant, D.Parker, M. Floyd, J. Gordon H. Henry, L. Green thoughts?
  14. I think you are about right. I can see an argument for top 12, he has the same upside as two years ago, but back to back injured seasons tempers the enthusiasm.
  15. I don't mind paying pick 9, I like Rawls' talent at least as much as the guys available in that range. I did make the move more to give me the flexibility to move another RB for WR; I have J.Howard and Mel Gordon. There are still a few owners that favor having a RB stable. We'll see what comes of that. I got DGB for a pittance in our startup last year, so I am happy getting pick 20. I've soured on him after watching him in Philly, and I was going to have to assign a contract to him this season, which ties up some roster flexibility. Nobody else in this league was going to give up anything of significance for DGB. The blind bidding bucks are probably equal to a mid 3rd rookie pick or so.