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  1. She wants another too. I’m almost 43.
  2. Yea I don’t know what stops the momentum but it’s not going to be some kids breaking into a GameStop and some fires in the street. The market just doesn’t care.
  3. Yea I would think it’s easy to postpone a regular season game if there is an outbreak. Problem would be the middle of a 2-week playoff series. Guess the next round would just have to wait.
  4. I’m waiting for it to hit one of the exchanges but I may be done with it too. I just don’t want to care this much about a 3 dollar stock and the funds could be elsewhere before all these rocket ships run out of gas.
  5. Yes I wrote that before that news came this weekend. Daily tests with next morning results seems to resolve that issue. The quickest timeline I had seen was 2 days from MLB.
  6. Involuntary manslaughter is the only murder charge that would possibly get a conviction. In most jurisdictions a failure to act can lead to involuntary manslaughter.
  7. I’ve seen like 8 GameStop’s get broken into this weekend, they should’ve just unlocked their doors.
  8. Market doesn’t care about this even a little bit.
  9. Back to even on the futures fwiw (nothing, futures are stupid)