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  1. Imagine being in that big of a hurry to sound stupid that you can't even take the 5 seconds to read what somebody wrote.
  2. I LOVE when people come out and announce that they don't understand win probability.
  3. Wow the Gravediggaz as the intro song. Haven't heard from those dudes in forever.
  4. Also, thanks for the invite, even if you did just figure I was an easy mark to goose the pot. The money is going to a local dog rescue.
  5. Deciphering that horrible spreadsheet was half the challenge. It took me a week to figure out who two balls or red balls or whatever he had was.
  6. Warriors are -230 and Cavs +180 for the title. Warriors obviously favored, but it's not crazy high. Puts Warriors around 70% to win.
  7. I don't think those are in America
  8. I'll really miss making these picks for the 9 days until next season starts.
  9. We all have to agree to it, so just chop the pot. Very impressive.
  10. That shot at the end of episode 4 with Nora in the hotel was beautiful. What a show.