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  1. Magic blow out Lebron’s crap team. Unbelievable he is wasting a year with this garbage.
  2. I had at least 40 whiskies during the camp party and all that happened was the screen got distorted looking. Never blacked out though.
  3. Sorry buddy just saw this. Made the bet yesterday. Would’ve done it.
  4. Yea. I don’t think anybody reasonably expected Leveon to sit out the whole year. In August weren’t people talking about him sitting 2 weeks? He went #2 overall in my league and I can asssure you the guy who took him doesn’t visit here so it was pretty well accepted.
  5. This is maybe our dumbest thread. Hundreds of picks made with nobody tallying them and no stakes even if somebody was. Congrats everybody.
  6. How could you possibly know either would happen. Anybody upset about either is nuts. Fantasy football is 90% luck.
  7. Capella

    Stock Thread

    All I care about is if it affects the stock price man. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.