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  1. They have an unhealthy obsession with college football due to there being nothing else of substance in their state and also due to the fact that the state has the worst public education system this side of Mississippi. Also they are backwards hicks cc: @jplvr
  2. I’ll never forget Waite Hoyt shutting down a guy who looked like my dad, who is age 75.
  3. He got out in front. Anything Logan does now looks retaliatory.
  4. Ehhh. 2/3 of them played in the dead ball era against whites only and the others had less IP. Cain and Rogers I’ll grant but I think if Cole has another game like this he tops the list. Plus he won an elimination game (not sure who else on the list has).
  5. So by rough count Cole has given up 1 run in 22 innings? Is this so far the greatest postseason in history? I mean how could it be better?
  6. Ryan Griffin has no arm strength at all. His outs were constantly getting jumped by DBs in 4th quarters of preseason games. He isn’t a guy who should be starting anywhere. Ride Jameis out, win your 5-6 games, trade the farm to move up to draft the next loser.
  7. I pretty much agree with you but in this case there are a lot of knowledgeable Disney folk in there who might not see this thread.
  8. Nike sells Lebrons in China too. Don’t have to look into it much more than that.
  9. Magic kingdom epcot Hollywood studios animal kingdom All are significantly different. MK is more for the kids/adults who want to relive childhood but it’s an American classic and has 4-5 really fun rides. If you can only go to one I think that’s it. Epcot has a few good rides but it’s now the park for adults to get drunk. Lots of walking and lots of great alcohol and food choices. Fun place to just hang if you are with your wife or whatever. Hollywood is now basically Star Wars land but it has a few other coasters and fun rides. Themed like 1930s Hollywood when you walk in. Cool place. Animal Kingdom is a zoo. Like a literal zoo. We’ve found we like going there a lot but it’s a hard #4 if you are going to Disney for only one day.
  10. Read up on how win probability changes when teams settle for 3. As the league continues to score more points, you scoring less is a bad thing.
  11. Yes, football coach time traveling from the 80s, kicking field goals is a knock. Scoring is at a premium now, you can’t settle for 3 points especially in short yardage situations.