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  1. My main concern is later in the year when some team is 3-10 and the players aren’t as engaged as some playoff contenders and players let their guard down. But, most guys are constantly fighting for a roster spot either this year or next so that should keep everybody dialed in.
  2. MLB definitely, hilariously, made up stuff on the fly, so I think there is concern that the nfl will do that, but the nfl is run so so so much better that I don’t think there is much chance of that happening.
  3. You’re paying for their library of movies previously released, not first run movies. You’re not going to get the new marvel and Star Wars movies on there for free either.
  4. Travel will not be an issue. They are flying in the day before, allegedly later in the day and there will be security to monitor people from leaving the hotels. The main concern is what the players do with their time off at home.
  5. bottom 17 game scores all for the flyers lol
  6. Well the Flyers got some good exercise I guess
  7. Why aren’t they showing flyers highlights
  8. At the risk of jinxing I think the bolts beat either in 5 or 6
  9. Think I’m rooting for Philly. Seems like islanders are a better team.
  10. I get it. Not sure I trust the company but I believe that at worst it’ll get bought out and I should double or triple up. Not really concerned about it long-term.
  11. How long you in for? I am in now for at least a year or two bc I am convinced the drug works. So while I want this to be a success now I can also just wait it out. I think it will work long-term.
  12. I don’t think trump even has a press conference/campaign rally scheduled for tonight.
  13. Just watched the first episode. I’m in. Really good.