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  1. Well the kid isn't here yet and I can write obnoxiously quick.
  2. I've written on and off my entire life. So I had the idea that I should document this fiasco of childbirth, both for myself and for the kid to see down the road --so I made a website to do so. I have 3 posts up so far if you're interested in checking it out. I plan to write at least once a week edit: hope this doesn't come off yandek-y
  3. Casual fans though. I've watched a good 70% of the first round but my friends and I will be having a little draft party. We'll switch the NHL games occasionally but we'll miss a lot. Not the end of the world I guess, just the way it goes.
  4. How does uber food work for the driver? We were discussing this today. You just drive to restaurants and grab food?
  5. He's definitely been blown up and he's whiffed but I don't think it's ever been for a lack of effort and him having a freshman QB back there trying to spot blitzes is a big unmentioned part of it imo.
  6. I've never heard of any of those issues with him.
  7. Moving on. What were the other non-sebowski picks?
  8. I've never actually heard of him drinking before. So I doubt it was that. I really don't know, I've never really cared about the combine when the tape is good. Not like he played in the sun belt.
  9. Any of you questioning the pass pro actually watch FSU? He stone walled quite a few blitzers over the years. The ones he missed last year always felt more like francois pointing out the wrong blitz gap. I think Cook is a plenty willing blocker, just needs a QB to put him in the correct spot. I do remember one where he just whiffed, but I don't recall much lack of effort. I know he's had some off the field issues at FSU but I also know everybody there speaks glowingly of him as a person, and I can assure you they don't do that for everyone. I'm hoping most of that stuff was teenage immaturity and is over with. I haven't heard anything negative since his trial two years ago (which he was acquitted for in 30 minutes). As for the combine stuff, that's just completely stupid to hold against him.
  10. The rumor is Doc or Griffin. Be great if that guy brought lebron with him, but I'm guessing that's not in the cards.
  11. It's more of that the Magic are a dumpster fire, their unis are ugly as #### and they're considering hiring a guy to be their GM who can't get out of the second round with 3 all-stars and one of the best point guards ever.