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  1. Man price of a ticket has changed that much to where Force Awakens has sold 13M more tickets than Endgame but is way behind it in money made?
  2. Universal thoughts that nobody asked for: I thought it was just ok. We did Islands of Adventure today. Almost nothing to do for a toddler, which I understand, it’s almost literally in the name of the park, but still it was a little disappointing. Why have multiple rides in Dr. Seuss land a 2-year-old can’t ride? He couldn’t even go on the Seuss people mover for God’s sake. The employees are nowhere near as friendly as Disney. Sometimes at Disney it comes off fake-ish, and I’m sure it is, but still better than getting a stoneface from an employee you say hi too. No photographers annnnnnnnywhere. Multiple points you want to take a photo (especially at Harry Potter) with nobody to be found. What the #### did I buy this photo pass for? Also, the fact you can’t view the photos on the app in 2019 is embarrassing. We have 3 more days on our pass and are going back tomorrow. The rides are a lot of fun but disney has their ### kicked logistically. It’s really startling just how you notice things. Spider-Man ride rules. Holy ####. Did that twice.
  3. Handsmaid tale is absolutely amazing imo. Stranger things is perfectly fine pop entertainment. There are more on Netflix I enjoyed I can’t think of at the moment. Lot of good docs, not sure if made by them or not.
  4. Wow man awesome. I can figure it out from there if possible. Thanks so much for asking!!
  5. I get that but I can’t even pick out a movie to watch now it’s so much overload. I have a list over a 100 long right now.
  6. There’s more tv shows and movies than ever before now. There are literally thousands of new shows being pumped out by Netflix alone every year. I don’t get why people get bent about remakes. For some people it’s just comfort food. The whole “Hollywood has no new ideas” shtick has never been more wrong.
  7. I don’t disagree but it seems a little odd to end the movie with a twist and then take 4 years to get back to it. But I’m excited to see these other ones too.
  8. 4 years for spidey and you may as well make him a junior in college. That’s silly.
  9. No black panther or Spider-Man being announced is extremely weird.
  10. 80M in one day for lion king yesterday so I hope y’all like the live action movies.
  11. Should be a big day for the MCU as Phase 4 is expected to get announced at comic con. Really curious to see if there are any surprises.
  12. once again not even close to being the target audience