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  1. I probably read it twice a year. It's great.
  2. you would be way more disappointed if they didn't do it. Why are you against college kids getting paid? I can't think of a dumber thing to be upset about.
  3. "I really love it here at GIANT SOUTHERN SCHOOL but I think I am going to take a visit to OTHER GIANT SOUTHERN SCHOOL just to see what it's like!" [bag man makes a drop] "I have decided to cancel my trip to OTHER GIANT SOUTHERN SCHOOL and re-affirm my commitment to GIANT SOUTHERN SCHOOL"
  4. as I said, if you don't believe this you are naive AF
  5. I've probably posted this a dozen times but it's worth it again. Meet the Bag Man
  6. I mean, come on. How much of a fanboy do you have to be to not think this happens.
  7. If you don't think your top-40 program pays players, then you're honestly a fool. I mean no offense, it's just true. Clemson didn't build their program up from basically mid-level to a national title level through only the power of prayer, Jesus and hard work.
  8. There are literally hundreds of kids getting handfuls of cash every single year. Don't be naive.
  9. Pretty damn good. Got 3/4 - been to Liberty Tree, haven't tried the Boathouse yet.
  10. Guess
  11. See, what they should've been spending money on is better bag men.
  12. How many of those do you ever recall working out though? Other than chauncey billups I can't think of one.
  13. Amazing that we live 90 minutes away and go once a month and there are 4 places on yankee's list we haven't been to yet.