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  1. Yea if you can block shots like that you shouldn't shoot free-throws like a 5-year old
  2. Kentucky just scored, so now we need to score just to keep up. /tim
  3. I feel like Kentucky is a talented team. Maybe the most talented I've ever seen. /tim
  4. If we can start hitting some shots and Kentucky misses some, we can get back into this game. /tim
  5. Old Less old Angry Less angry Loves baseball (see #1) Does not love Loves Beagles Ok same here Lives in backwoods state Lives in Florida
  6. We just signed up for Avatar Land. A Saturday in May. 2 hours, but the page said the we would get to experience the rides. We'll see. Very likely one or both won't be operational, but it'll be cool to check out without the superhuman crush of people there.
  7. I didn't like X at all, except to beat Maryland, which of course is reason enough to take them. I liked Rhode Island to make this run. I also cringed when Wisconsin got picked. Thought for sure they would get to me. OH WELL.
  8. So Xavier or Gonzaga in the final four? That's pretty cool.
  9. Yea I'm good here but I've been to Kentucky. Fill up the gas tank before you go.
  10. Also means the paint is packed with the trees and people have been getting their #### tossed all tournament.