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  1. They make a #### ton more annually in the Big Ten. Easy decision. Not like their football team was dominating the Big 12 before they left either.
  2. He's said a bunch of times "the safety is cheating" or whatever. I feel like he always explains it.
  3. This Sergachev kid seems good.
  4. what a dork. He sounds bitter because romo is also a better broadcaster.
  5. I don't know what the ad rates are, but I remember reading in the past that first take prints money for espn. Fs1 is really really struggling though, just an awful network.
  6. I love that you are the apps beta tester and you didn't use the app Yea I used the DD app where you input all the picks. Around round 6 or 7 it just seized up on me and when I got it working again they were all gone. Oh well.
  7. What's this mean. I haven't followed any rule changes. They still keep my offsides rule?
  8. I actually forgot that politics forum is there. Most amazing move any message board ever made. As a thank you I even downloaded and paid for that app that broke during my draft and I wasn't even bothered.
  9. I've never watched one of those shows, especially that awful debate crap. I just like breaking incorrect narratives.
  10. You honestly think espn isn't turning huge profits still? I can't imagine the level of sunken capacity it would take to think that.
  11. ok edit: they aren't paying Stephen A Smith 4 mil a year because they are losing money on him guy.