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  1. Peatf shares show in my account but no money.
  2. Was in dc a few days and every uber request was a half-hour wait. Ended up in some cabs and they were all thorougly disgusting. One guy was outright rude when his credit card machine failed. I’m sure the snow led to the long uber waits but it was still disappointing. They are still behind the cabs in immediate service in the big areas.
  3. Hey whatever excites you, go for it. You certainly don’t need our dumb ### approvals.
  4. My uncle watches all that ####. DVRs it. FSU Baseball, softball, women’s hoops. LOVES the women’s hoops team. Always asks me if I’m watching and have to be like nah man I’m taking care of a ####ing 4 month old (I wouldn’t be watching anyways). He’s also mid-70s and super rich so he can do whatever he wants.
  5. Nah had to cut em. I still follow transactions and their draft but haven’t seen a game in probably 2 years. I’ll bandwagon them though if they ever get good again.
  6. I can only care about so much. Bucs, Bolts, Rays, FSU football. That’s enough. I can’t fake enthusiasm for a college softball or baseball team. It’d be cool if they won but wouldn’t move the needle for me.
  7. Hey Woz, I’m happy my team won. I don’t really care if I owe you 8 bucks or whatever for it. Edit: and they were awful
  8. I agree. Also saw a gator fan wearing a college baseball champions hat a few weeks ago. Probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even know they made them.
  9. I think it semi-died for me last year. We paid like 500 total for awesome seats for 3 seed FSU-11 seed Xavier just to see a far superior talented team look completely lost and lose by 33 or whatever. I remember walking out of there and telling my wife I would never believe in a Hamilton-coached team again. And then they had an exceptionally mediocre regular season this year and it seemed like more of the same. Sooooooo, I’m just enjoying this and hope to see it go further.
  10. You got me sold for a final four shirt if they make it.
  11. I gave them hell during the orange bowl a few years back, but I’m just happy to see them here.
  12. I have no hate for Michigan. My wife was born in Ann Arbor and we visit there annually. Great town, love it.
  13. My uncle texted me Monday “god dammit he’s gonna be here forever now”