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  1. That ####ing gator walking out of the house in episode 1 of this season is the hardest I’ve laughed in a while
  2. The 80s may have been different, but if we’re judging movies it all goes into account. You can’t hate the porgs and jar jar and all the other cute crap while standing up for the Ewok movie.
  3. Can’t separate the Ewoks from that movie. They’re a huge part of it. If they put something like that in a movie now you hypocrites would crucify it. Last Jedi ruled.
  4. Freaking Liverpool is in the final??
  5. It’s always fun to do. 1. Rogue One (delivered on the stakes; left my jaw on the ground) 2. Empire (probably just seen it too many times) 3. New Hope 4. Force Awakens 5. Last Jedi 6. Return of the Jedi 7. Solo 8. Revenge of the Sith [big drop] 9. Phantom Menance 10. Attack of the Clones
  6. We are through 2 episodes. Taking it slow. It’s too heavy to binge.
  7. An mvp is Lebron. It’s stupid anybody else ever wins it.
  8. Chaz Roe super sucks. If it’s anybody but Alvarado I’ll be shocked.
  9. I thought the actor who played Han was fantastic. One of the highlights of the movie which is hysterical considering all the BS leading up to it. He crushed it. Overall it was really good. We enjoyed it. I got bored a few times, but that was just me knowing there weren’t really any stakes. I kind of want a sequel because I liked the relationship between him and Khaleesi but I don’t know if there is another 2.5 hours worth of movie I need to see. But introducing Maul is probably going to lead to that. I would put it firmly as 7th in my personal pantheon after the original trilogy and all the Disney movies and miles ahead of the prequel trilogy.
  10. I don’t know why this is so difficult. 1. The rays made some bad moves this offseason. Dumping Dickerson was a farce. 2. The rays made some good moves this offseason. Getting out of Longo’s contract sucked at the time but will probably work out great. 3. They started off in awful fashion which further highlighted those moves. 4. They are quite a bit better now and were at .500 a few days ago. 5. They’ve done better this year than like 13-14 teams. Including your beloved Jays. 6. Bringing Trump into this when it had absolutely no place and knowing how much I hate the guy is one of the all-time “omg I literally have nothing left to say let me find the dumbest thing possible” moves. All of these things can be true.
  11. It takes an impressive amount of stupidity to tie trumpism and whataboutism into a post saying I don’t know anything about the Jays other than they currently suck. Congrats to you and yours.
  12. That would require me to know about the Jays and I couldn’t name 5 players. I just know the Rays are currently better.