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  1. I did when I left last night, but now I'm not sure. I think the point to the final scene was that there are powerful people everywhere. Not just Skywalkers.
  2. thought the same thing. It was like a 40-second explanation.
  3. I dunno, seems like it's going to happen this year. Topkin is locked in and seems convinced. Their payroll is going to be less than the Lightning's. Even with poor attendance that's embarrassing for an MLB franchise. It's just ridiculous.
  4. I should specify - name a bad movie they did that got good reviews. I mean maybe it happens and I haven't noticed. I usually stick to the Marvel/Star Wars flicks and they all vary from good to excellent.
  5. I haven't seen it but it's 50% on rotten tomatoes, so the reviews weren't good.
  6. Between Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilms, Disney makes really good movies.
  7. Critics seem to give movies bad reviews all the time. Just ask DC.
  8. Since December 15, 2015: Star Wars Movies Released -- 3 Cleveland Browns Wins -- 1 Christ that sucks
  9. Wow yea I misread his previous post. Figured he meant the other way. Funna watch rogue one tonight.
  10. I loved Rogue One. I would have it a hair under R1 I think. All 3 of the Disney era movies are in my top-4 though (along with Empire). Of that I am sure.
  11. I do feel like Phasma was one character hyped pre-TFA that just never worked out.
  12. I agree with wanting to know about Snoke and maybe Knights of Ren. Don't care at all about Phasma and we already know enough about the First Order.
  13. Who knows. I guess they feel like they have to protect it against matching the scores of the 80s movies? Losers.