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  1. I did solo static line from under the wing of a Cessna. Biggest adrenaline rush I can remember once on the ground
  2. Yup. Done that too
  3. These already crossed off my list
  4. Is he saying that there have been missile tests? The man is an imbecile
  5. No. It would be like losing on the 5th of July.
  6. A second birther conspiracy? Why not. Have at it.
  7. Your time to use af you see fit. IMHO the aliai tend to be pissed off because of the "totally unjustified" banning they got because of "leftists reporting and scewed mods" so they tend to be even less interested in actual engagement compared to the usual suspects
  8. Countdown to ren's condemnation of WL Infinity minus one, infinity minus 2.....
  9. Relevant
  10. According to JB it was, but he undeleted it and asked OP to stop doing that when others had chimed in.
  11. Sorry in advance for this post with actual information - even if not about Boston In the EU non citizens with work and stay permits are routinely allowed to vote in municipal elections. It works fine. No sharia law yet. Storm in a glass of water IMHO, or is that tea cup?
  12. From the description of that video Seems very much documentary like, should be legit, no agenda here.