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  1. Kind of a dog whistle thing, you know in this day and age a white man cannot speak his mind so has to choose ambiguous terms that hold shared meaning for other white people
  2. And he lost the vote on his timetable Trying to push a hard Brexit over on the EU won't work, Boris... It is possible that the Parliament now pushes a different timetable and votes to hold Boris to it
  3. If he loses in 2020 they'll turn on a dime
  4. Boris got a majority in favor of his Brexit bill. Next vote is on his timetable for legislation. If he loses that he has threatened to withdraw his Brexit deal law and ask for a general election....
  5. Who cares what they feel? Actions count, and I doubt they'll bother to pretend to hold their noses when they vote for the second coming of Trump in 2020
  6. He seems different from the thoughtful, moral, good-at-heart Tennessee Trump voters Joe keeps telling us about
  7. I've had a soft spot in my heart for Lebanon since I visited a few times in '95 and '96. Incredibly nice people who had gone through so much in the civil war, the Israeli occupation, Syrian quasi occupation, burdened with refugee camps for (at the time) almost 50 years in numbers that comprised a very large share of the population, Hezbollah, missiles and airstrikes, yet still hospitable and just looking forward. I wish them the best!
  8. Apparently Netanyahu has given up forming a government, Gantz up next
  9. Suggest not using the overhead compartment for your bag. At least not close to you...