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  1. In all fairness the audience of that reality tv star was probably larger than the population of South Bend
  2. You mean to charge some criminal with breaking the law?
  3. Maybe we should stop letting 1000+ year old myths influence our decisions? How's that for a new idea?
  4. Yeah, I think you're right. There'll be much more yearning for the "good old days"
  5. I would also guess that this is fluid over time. Suppose half a million people got fed up of wherever they were living and went to live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Wyoming would then possibly swing from being mostly rural to being mostly urban
  6. Why won't you answer my question? I'm interested in your opinion?
  7. Do you want to keep the founders' gibberish in the constitution or not?
  8. What kind of knives? Those are not just kitchen knives? So not applicable
  9. Maybe he'll get a butt gig after NH/IA ETA: After he gets his butt kicked
  10. Never been but worked with three or four guys that had lived there. Never heard a disparaging word. Not one. It's on the list
  11. Why would you want to keep gibberish in the constitution ?
  12. If we start registrering guns, what's next? Kitchen knives?