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  1. US Solar doubles capacity in 2017 but trend is down
  2. You should hurry, soon it'll cost more....
  3. He must be one of the first to have played in both system to make it to DC (I know he is HC, but still)
  4. Ah, sorry to pour salt in the womb, then
  5. Not KCitons....
  6. Title of... Softball, Henry, you're slipping
  7. Ballistics should tell us that, but if that is the case it likely won't be much more than a sidebar on page 23
  8. This is a poorly chosen example. Unfortunately the beneficiaries of the Chinese investments in Africa have been mainly the Chinese (access to minerals) and the power elite (kickback on concessions and construction).
  9. Murder suicide - it happens. And I'd venture more frequently than mass school shootings
  10. Just wow. But in Parkhomenko's tweet it's diGenova thinking "I'ma notta doing thata thing" In Prokupesz' tweet it Trump thinking they are not up to snuff Weird
  11. Or, maybe he did what he came to do, shot the girl and himself. Wouldn't that be a twist?
  12. Welcome to the liberal echo chamber