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  1. Per RT.Live there are now five states with R0 higher than 1. Four weeks ago four of them, TX, TN, ND and UT, were below 1.0 Whatever they are doing, it ain't working
  2. Let's do the math on that With 1.7m confirmed cases that means at least 2.6m Americans have been infected (possibly more or less depending on the triage for getting tested). That is less than 1% of the population NYC has 8.4m inhabitants. it has 197k confirmed cases and 16,410 deaths per google 16410/0.003=5,470,000 - so if these numbers are correct, two thirds of NYC has had the virus. Testing has only found less than 200k cases in 1.7m tests. So we are short of 5.27m positive cases in New York The CDC number of asymptomatic cases would only indicate approx 100k positive cases short. It seems to me these numbers don't add up
  3. Update from Denmark A study of the first 9500 Covid-19 cases found (in DK) shows: - 82% of those that died have co-morbidities and were on average 82 years old - Men were twice as likely to die compared to women - The main co-morbidities among the dead were chronic heart diseases. lung diseases, kidney diseases and diabetes - 75% of the dead were 75+ and had one of these four co-morbidities
  4. By the way WHO now has suspended all testing of hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19 patients
  5. Possibly he has never been told no in his life, except by his father and has surrounded himself by yes men and sycophants since he started socializing. Why should now be an opportunity to behave different?
  6. Oh great, It won't be a second wave, it'll just be 20k positives and a thousand dead a day until the vaccine is working. Fantastic
  7. More like a hundred, I'd say. And don't forget the practice swings! Two hundred!
  8. You're not really into law and order, are you? Like deep down?
  9. I'm happy that you managed to answer your own question without outside assistance. And to do it while high, no less