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  1. You didn't quote the explanation which had nothing to do with China playing games but instead how manufacturing works
  2. Yeah, the ramp up could be problematic. Say the powers that be realize a need for 100,000 ventilators (or 10,000, I have no clue as to magnitude etc). They contact the manufacturers who sell them everything in stock and back order the rest. How long time would it take for the orders to move down the supply chain, to be scheduled, produced, shipped, assembled, shipped again and installed in the hospitals? How long before there were sufficient trained staff (at whatever level required) monitoring them, until procedures were in place so front line staff could take immediate action without needing signoff by doctors et al ( for fear of malpractice suits)? If any parts come from overseas I'd say you can forget about more ventilators not already produced in use this flu season
  3. Could still be reliant on parts made in China. The supply chains these days are long.
  4. Well, I suppose we'd better hope that either you are wrong or the covid-19 fizzles before tragedies occur because of lack of monitoring personnel (and/or union rules)
  5. Israel approves another 1800 settler homes on west bank @timschochet how many Palestinians will live in these 1800 new homes?
  6. Monitoring ventilators is not a task that requires much training, you certainly don't need to be a nurse to do that. That said, some trained medical staff oversight for when things go sideways will be required.
  7. What about South Korea? ETA: first case was about a month ago (just before Diamond Princess afaics
  8. Nope. I would feel sorry for some of the athletes, though.
  9. Hey, Pol Pot achieved killling millions in his first two years. Stalin was a slacker in the 20'ies...
  10. From what I know of that type of ventilators, they have to be monitored (prettys sure they don't have bluetooth or wifi built in). But see @Redwes25's post above about the scarcity of ventilators compared to ICU beds.
  11. Not sure you and @Doug B are talking the same type of ventilator. And I don't know which type is relevant either.
  12. Exactly. Even for severe cases is there anything to do other than hydration and cooling ? Once you get pneumonia (or other bacterial infections), different story, but also more treatment options.
  13. Not sure. Regular flu peak season (see my earlier post) is Dec-Feb, i.e. now is late season. Sometimes flu season lasts until May but how many can be infected in that timeframe (we don't really know). In the floating Petri dish called Diamond Princess they managed 20% in about a month. Would that be achievable "in the wild"?
  14. 33 million infected at peak. that means 5m severe cases and 1m critical. So if 33m infected at the same time you might need 1m ICU beds. But this supposes a lot on a flimsy basis. 33 million cases would mean that Covid-19 would infect as many in the US as the regular flu. Would the same amount of people get regular flu or would they get Covid-19 instead. Some get both? To which virus should hospitalization be counted etc etc. Per CDC the US should be on the tail end of the usual flu season which ought to limit the spread in time at least