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  1. Not sure whether this is a political Forum topic, but since it addresses climate change that appears to be squarely here, I'm putting it here Turning CO2 into cash The article goes on to give three examples of tech that is being deployed today, is net CO2 load negative and is commercially available. IMHO the world should embrace discovering and employing tech like this (and other tech to lower emissions as well) to eventually lower CO2 concentration in the atmosphere to alevel the human race can survive in with minimal global disruption
  2. Well, not sure it would have helped him at Little Big Horn, had he had one....
  3. It's like deja vu all over again. *cough* Iraq *cough*
  4. "Eric Holder! BOFF SIDEZZ!" /theusualsuspects
  5. GL, GB. Body of work suggests engaging is not the best option you have here
  6. That may be because there is no one around to do it.....
  7. Maybe we should just mark them with the letter A /channelingnathanielhawthorne
  8. Perhaps after publishing the NH report and delivering some toothbrushes? moat, eye, beam, something something
  9. Quite the peacemaker, I'm sure that's helpful...
  10. In fairness, (nearly) four years of Trump may help with energizing dem voters, even if Biden is the candidate
  11. If she knew he was in police custody I don't think there's much risk of "reverse violating" the TRO. Other than that no comment
  12. Sort of. There's only been 22 women with sexual harrassment/assault or rape allegations, though. So either there are a lot more not coming forward or that makes it a slightly worse than normal weekend...
  13. This seems like a topic for your GP, GB GL
  14. Without any comment Florida woman arrested for giving police estranged husband's guns while he was held on a domestic violence charge
  15. Read this in the voice of Jim Jeffries - I should argue more on social media. The alternative? Spend time with my wife? She's just "do this, do that, nag, nag, nag". I'd rather be on Facebook
  16. I’m going to believe the US military over Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard. You are free to believe the Revolutionary Guard. It worked so well at Tonkin Bay
  17. We've re-entered the "just say no" part of the program. Making sure teenagers don't have sex.
  18. Don't think it has the fast refresh rate that computer screens have. It doesn't interfere with my sleep needs st all, and TV/computer use does...j
  19. Erdogan's candidate for mayor has reportedly conceded. Looks like it wasn't that close this time around (54-46)