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  1. Breweries and distilleries are popping up everywhere if you're into that scene. Lots of parks to cruise around - Schenley, Frick, stuff like that. Also, plenty of river walking trails that navigate in and around the city. Great views! Pitt/CMU campus has tons to see and good happy hour spots. Also in that area: Carnegie Museum, Phipps Conservatory, Soliders & Sailors, Forbes Field remnants. Go check out the Bicycle Heaven (bike museum) kinda fun. National Aviary is for the bird-ers. Good times there. Be patient driving around town - lots of traffic, crazies and old small roads; add lots of older folks still driving their big old cars doesn't help, too. Have fun!
  2. . Watching closely on Sunday. For dynasty purposes, hope this works out!
  3. . Got aboard the Prime at the $67 dealio. Looking forward to this as I live in a rural area!
  4. I have a 24 hour layover there this fall. Sort of a trial run for a longer stay in the future. Can't wait! Dot
  5. Nice! I got GABF tickets for Thursday as well. I love the Thursday night session, as there is just a great excitement in the air, none of the beers have kicked yet, and the crowd is filled mostly with true beer gurus that willingly sacrifice work on Friday to attend opening night of GABF. Can't wait! My previous two GABFs were on the Saturday eve session - which I saw many unavailable beers. Oh well. Cheers!
  6. Lefthand Introvert Session IPA. Fairly new release from them if I recall. Cloudy as heck but drinkable.
  7. I'm done with the cheap mexican beer. Please someone ship some IPA to Playa pronto por favor. I'll be here til Wednesday
  8. Where I live in winter park, CO - just over 14" in 2 days. Skiing has been rad
  9. I am needing to know this too... the fields are right there but how do you type in them? SO frustrating Any resolution to this? I'm having the same issue... Found it! -File -Setup -Projections -Locate Player (Qb,RB, Wr, etc) -Scroll right to player notes and enter info there Bit of a pain, but it works