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  1. I believe it will be difficult to start and complete a college football season. Covid-19 is still here. And with so many (young) college students who don't always do what they are told and what is best for them. Many will think they have good reasons to break quarantine, curfew or whatever will be in place, and the outcome will not be good for college football. Just my opinion.
  2. From Cecil Lammey Mile High Monday: Is 2020 the end of the road for Jake Butt in Denver?
  3. Dennis Eckersley’s no-hitter comes in the middle of a remarkable streak: On this day in Cleveland Indians history Listened to that whole game on the radio, with my mom. It was not on tv
  4. Mike Papi, high pick in 2014 draft, among minor leaguers released by Cleveland Indians
  5. Before college it was a acl and mcl tear
  6. From the article: Williams was leading the Dolphins in targets (60), receptions (32), and receiving yardage (428) through the opening eight games of the season to go along with three touchdowns
  7. STARTING LINEUP DETERMINATION NASCAR Cup Series There will be a random draw for the next five NASCAR Cup Series races. For races at Bristol (May 31), Atlanta (June 7), Martinsville (June 10), Miami (June 14) and Talladega (June 21), the lineup will be determined in the following way: • Positions 1-12: Random draw from charter teams in those positions in owner points • Positions 13-24: Random draw from charter teams in those positions in owner points • Positions 25-36: Random draw from charter teams in those positions in owner points • Positions 37-40: Open teams in order of owners points
  8. California Split (gambling movie) Awesome movie. Directed by Robert Altman, starring Elliott Gould and George Segal. Steven Spielberg was involved in it and a deal was in place at MGM with Steve McQueen starring before a shakeup at the studio took it to Universal, then eventually Columbia Pictures. Amarillo Slim is in it in a small part, as himself. Some have praised it as the greatest film about gambling ever made. Amazing film with an amazingly bizarre path to getting made. Currently on Prime Video
  9. Quote ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Browns have offered "the most money to date" to free agent Jadeveon Clowney. "It's the richest offer on the table and he hasn't taken it," Schefter said in an appearance on The Next Level with ESPN Cleveland. "So why is that? I don't know. Is that not wanting to be in that city? Is that a lack of belief in the organization? I don't know what it is. But there's no doubt Cleveland has offered the most money to date." It's possible the 27-year-old free agent is simply holding out until players report for camp before signing. Whatever the case, Clowney has reportedly received "multiple" offers from the Browns, Titans, and Seahawks and has not agreed to any. We would expect this drama to end in the early summer. RELATED: Tennessee Titans , Seattle Seahawks SOURCE: Jake Trotter on Twitter May 27, 2020, 5:08 PM ET
  10. No wonder he never became the superstar some thought he wold be
  11. Ohio. Ordered online. It is to me, but smooth depends on each persons taste