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  1. Bachelor Party
  2. Eastwood did Tightrope and City Heat in 1984. They will be on the top of my list
  3. (USA Today Fantasy Sports) New York Giants RB Jonathan Stewart has forced 124 missed tackles over the last three seasons according to Pro Football Focus, the most of any running back over that span.
  4. Read again. Most, not all
  5. Not a big fan of most of these. Not many will get points for me. The 30's - 40's - 50's and 60's films are what I like most.
  6. Another great spaghetti western is The Great Silence. Jean-Louis Trintignant, and Klaus Kinski (For a Few Dollars More), Mario Brega (Dollars Trilogy) along with Vonetta McGee (The Eiger Sanction), Frank Wolff. . Another Sergio Corbucci film with music by Ennio Morricone
  7. Many great scenes in it. Like ( jello on springs) when Curtis and Lemmon first see Marilyn
  8. My Name Is Nobody is another excellent one with Henry Fonda and Terence Hill. Score by the great Ennio Morricone
  9. Another I like that hasn't been mentioned is The Sabata Trilogy. And a western I love and not mentioned is 1981"s Death Hunt starring Charles Bronson. Based on a true story but obviously fictionalized for film. With Lee Marvin, Carl Weathers, Angie Dickinson, Ed Lauter, Andrew Stevens.
  10. And a year before that - The Professionals Not on list that should be - Bud Spencer, who got his stage name from Budweiser beer and Spencer Tracy
  11. Just heard fondly mentioned a 1959 movie called Warlock with Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark and Anthony Quinn. Has a good rating and is on youtube. Anyone here know it?
  12. That's what the best team in baseball thought this night
  13. Love that film. Some great character actors are in it along with John Forsythe, Jerry Mathers before Leave It to Beaver and the first film role of then 20 year old Shirley MacLaine.
  14. Horseshack was going to buy The Sweathogs hotdogs at Nathan's on the First episode of Welcome Back Kotter, 09/23/1975. Just watched it