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  1. The Anderson Tapes- Was the first major film to focus on the pervasiveness of electronic surveillance, from security cameras in public places to hidden recording devices
  2. Great. Good luck. I'm in a 50k 1st place one on DK where the leader has all 6 guys top 3 and has a huge 23 point lead. But it's early.
  3. The trade last July for Mercado looks awesome now. The 2 guys they gave up are hitting .215 and .240 in the minors this season. And Mercado looks like a player that can be in the bigs for a long time
  4. As bad as he was in the regular season, he was way worse in preseason. I don't get how anyone could rush 28 times for 22 yards
  5. PFF Offensive line rankings 27. CINCINNATI BENGALS PROJECTED STARTING LINEUP: Left Tackle: Cordy Glenn Left Guard: John Jerry Center: Billy Price Right Guard: John Miller Right Tackle: Bobby Hart One step forward, two steps back. The Bengals looked set at the left tackle spot after they selected Jonah Williams with the 11th overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, but a torn labrum for the Alabama product means that it’s right back to the drawing board for a Bengals side that ranked 24th among teams in pass-blocking efficiency last year. Cordy Glenn is now set to return to left tackle after he earned a 60.9 overall grade there last year, while center Billy Price will hope to move swiftly on from a rookie season that consisted of only 558 snaps and zero single-game grades above 64.0. After all the offseason shuffling, the team remains steadfast in their support of Bobby Hart at right tackle, a player who hasn’t graded above 60.0 since 2015.
  6. Not sure if this was posted. Holzhauer makes pancreatic cancer donation
  7. Coaches (except for Belichick) don't draft players
  8. Blue Moon, Meet Blue Moon Beer: Moon-Lander-Themed Kegs to Celebrate Apollo 11 Budweiser Brews Limited Lager for Moon Landing 50th Anniversary
  9. Here is who will be in the next tournament Of Champions tourney Kim Darby/Emma Boettcher
  10. The Mule Trouble with the Curve Gran Torino Million Dollar Baby Blood Work Space Cowboys True Crime Absolute Power The Bridges of Madison County A Perfect World In the Line of Fire Unforgiven The Rookie White Hunter Black Heart Pink Cadillac The Dead Pool Heartbreak Ridge Pale Rider City Heat Tightrope Sudden Impact Honkytonk Man Firefox Any Which Way You Can Bronco Billy Bronco Billy Escape from Alcatraz Every Which Way but Loose The Gauntlet The Enforcer The Outlaw Josey Wales The Eiger Sanction Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Magnum Force High Plains Drifter Joe Kidd Dirty Harry Play Misty for Me The Beguiled Kelly's Heroes Two Mules for Sister Sara Paint Your Wagon Where Eagles Dare Coogan's Bluff Hang 'Em High The Witches The Good, the Bad and the Ugly For a Few Dollars More A Fistful of Dollars