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  1. Never say never
  2. In the World 600/Coca Cola 600, no driver has ever started from the 8th position and won (Truex Jr today). The farthest back any driver has won it from is 37th - Jimmie Johnson in 2003. No driver has won from from position 19 either - Earnhardt Jr today. 10 times the pole sitter has won. 18 times it has been won from the front row. 5 times from the 3rd spot. 2 times from 4th. 3 times from 5th. 2 times from 6th. 4 times from 7th. 3 times from 9th. 2 times from 10th. Starting positions it has not been won from: 8, 19, 22 through 27, 29 through 36, 38 trough 60.
  3. Looking like one of if not the top division in the league. Not sold on Dak yet. The O line and running game should keep the Cowboys in most games. A healthy Jaylon Smith would help the defense a lot.
  4. The Indians 10th round pick in 2006 (Paolo Espino) will make his Major League debut today when he starts on the mound for the Milwaukee Brewers
  5. RSP Film Room. Matt Waldman on Jamaal Williams, with Jamaal Williams
  6. McCourty will be a safety. He does know how to tackle and has been among the best as a cornerback. His coverage skills are not good though.
  7. (RotoWire) Jason McCourty officially signed a two-year contract with the Browns on Tuesday, Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal reports. Analysis: It was reported earlier Tuesday that the two sides were nearing an agreement, but it's now become official and McCourty is set to join the Browns. He'll immediately join the team as a playmaker at corner and could start opposite Joe Haden right out of the gates. According to Tony Grossi of ESPN, the Browns could give him some work at free safety as well, so don't be surprised if the team experiments with him at a few different positions during training camp.
  8. I have sold some cards on Ebay in the past and got some good money for some of them. $550 for a Jeter rookie $110 for a Sosa rookie $95 for a Manny Ramirez rookie Sold multiple Mariana Rivera cards for $20 and up
  9. Oh yeah. Believe I have a box of those too
  10. I think I still have a full unopened 1988 Topps 36 pack box among others
  11. I have Kelley, Marshall and Perine. Hopefully at least one of them will be fantasy relevant this season. Neither of them seem to be high reception rb's going forward. Thompson and Jones are still there too. Kelley seems like the best bet right now, but it could be a complete cluster#### in season.
  12. 2011 Draft - new England drafted Shane Vereen at 56 and Stevan Ridley at 73
  13. Guy has a lot of talent. But then again every player has talent. Question is what they have inside and upstairs. Some will become or not become very successful because of those things.
  14. This guy could break some Browns receiving records in the future. Very high on him. Great landing spot.
  15. Unless Witten gets injured, he will be a 2nd string this season at best. He will be Cowboys property at least through 2018 so his upside may be far in the future