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  1. How about Stanton instead?
  2. Another week, another double digit tackle day for the third round pick. Elijah Lee led the team in tackles, but Warner still finished with ten on the day. Lee seemed to be a better partner in the middle over Brock Coyle, but they were also facing a worse offense, so make of it what you will. Veteran Malcolm Smith returned to practice on Wednesday, as did the recently suspended Reuben Foster. The 49ers have some significant decisions to make as to which two will start at the MIKE and WILL linebacker positions.
  3. IN THEATERS SEP 29, OCT 3 Above and Beyond NASA's Journey to Tomorrow As NASA celebrates its 60th anniversary, Discovery shines a spotlight on the historic institution taking us to the moon, to the surface of Mars, to the outer edge of our solar system and beyond. ABOVE AND BEYOND celebrates NASA's many accomplishments in space and catapults viewers forward to where its headed in the future. Directed, produced, and narrated by Academy Award®-nominated and Emmy®-winning Rory Kennedy ("Last Days of Vietnam,") the film examines the extraordinary ways NASA has changed not only our vision of the universe, but also our planet, and ourselves. This special event includes a custom introduction and promotional giveaway
  4. Was on my bench. Picked him up Sunday morning
  5. I remember Joey Porter's 2002 game against Oakland in a big play league. 11 solo, 1 assisi, 3 sacks, 2 interceptions for 114 return yards. And they lost
  6. Dan Bailey should be getting some phone calls
  7. Time for a new kicker
  8. No way. He's from Texas
  9. He's from Texas. Would be a real bad move to sign him there imo Jerry doesn't run the show anymore anyhow
  10. Been out of the country (U.S.A.) for a couple weeks and haven't got to this new one yet. Will tonight. Any email that came about it, i didn't see. Simple to understand? Dynasty with IDP is the only thing I play
  11. Ridiculous start today.. 6 in the 1st and so far 4 in the 2nd, bases loaded no outs. Only one without a hit is Kipnis, and he has 2 rbi's. Only one without a run scored is Cabrera and he is 2 for 2 Edit: Cabrera has scored
  12. Okay it depends on the league. Where over 60 DE's are rostered like one of my leagues has it makes sense. But I probably won't until later on
  13. Watching Matt Ioannidis. Starter for Redskins , played 51% of snaps and was PFF highest graded defensive lineman Worth adding
  14. DPOY candidate