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  1. Anyone have CeeVoo? Looks interesting but having just heard about it, know nothing about it.
  2. Was last game of the season. It was late 4th quarter and they were up 10. Announcer said Roethlisberger was tied for NFL yardage lead (with Brees) and it was 1st down. So maybe he did They ended up tied
  3. Another one added to outfield mix His splits outside of Coors Field are terrible, but everyone else we have don't look good anyhow
  4. Final season of Schobert's contract
  5. If Tyreek Hill is really in trouble, Robinson is his backup according to various depth charts
  6. Sure, cap space is good --- for this year. But only 4 teams have less available in 2020. The draft picks are very valuable.
  7. Did 2 on Draft. One in January and one in February. Free agency hasn't been good for some of my picks so far. Where Rookie Rb's go will be big as well as early rookie Wr's.
  8. Have gotten used to watching the Browns on Sunday afternoons. Now they will likely get a bunch prime time Thursday/Sunday/Monday night games and I have to work those nights at 10. Have radio there so it won't be too bad being able to listen to it.
  9. Signs one-year deal with Bucs(RotoWire) Barber is signing a one-year contract to stay with the Buccaneers, Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports. Analysis: Barber showed some signs of life during the second half of the 2018 campaign, but he didn't do enough to prevent the Buccaneers from actively seeking upgrades in the backfield. Whether its 2018 second-round pick Ronald Jones or an offseason acquisition, Barber likely will face a serious challenge for the starting job. The new contract is in lieu of a restricted free agent tender.