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  1. New season starts at the top of the hour
  2. Only 2 behind the Dodgers for best overall record now. They would have tiebreaker if we end up with the same record. Indians would have it over all the other NL teams.
  3. Kizer has a history of migraines. Says it is hereditary . He took his medicine for it, it cleared up and he went back into game.
  4. Yes. Not known if it is the same bone though edit : IT IS a different bone
  5. Kluber with another excellent game cements his place atop the Cy Young race. Sale got hit good a couple nights ago, dropping him back.
  6. Gives me a zero at one lb spot. Crap
  7. Kizer- migrane, Hogan in
  8. As long as he scores a touchdown, I don't care how many yards he gets today.
  9. If Elliott rushes for at least 80 yards in Week 2, it will mark his 16th consecutive game doing so -- breaking the current NFL all-time record held by Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen.
  10. Dynasty buy if his owner is panicking. Hill will be gone next year and Mixon will get the majority of touches
  11. Juno photos of Jupiter from Sept. 1