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  1. I remember buying the first of the Platinum Eagles back in 1997 - 1 oz. for $695. I sold it in 2008 for $2400.
  2. Got up over 100% today before falling back. Rocketship
  3. Patriots have a lot of cap space. So why wouldn't they try to keep Garoppolo? Because they know he isn't that good. Brady will be gone by the time Jimmy G's next contract is finished, so if the Patriots believe he is the heir, they should try to re-sign him either now or after his current contract is done. Give him starters money. They can afford to.
  4. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 5h5 hours ago More Dolphins gave Cameron Wake a 2-year, $19 million extension that includes $11 million guaranteed, per source
  5. Woods leads Nicklaus in career withdraws , and is 100 behind in career top 10's
  6. He can play The Masters as long as he wants. And if he is healthy enough, he probably will. After using sponsor exemptions and career money list exemptions, former #1 player David Duval gave it up. Even went back to Q School. But he is not in the same category for exemptions that Tiger is. He will be able to play in any tournament he wants going forward, except Major's, etc ( 18. Life Members (who have been active members of the PGA TOUR for 15 years and have won at least 20 co-sponsored events).
  7. The Browns don't want him and the Jets don't have the cap room for him
  8. Grady Sizemore back with Indians
  9. I like this from 2013: It might sound like the plot of a coming-of-age comedic movie, but for one man, it could result in serious trouble. ------------------- of 695 Halfway Road in Bourbonnais, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly throwing a loud, out-of-control party at an apartment, while the person who lived there was out of town. That was you, right? Or did it happen to be someone with the same name
  10. In the lead Feels good but it's only February
  11. 36 Hours - James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Taylor. Released in 1964, it takes place in June 1944 just before the Allied Normandy Invasion. Garner is a American Military Intelligence Officer that gets drugged then kidnapped in Europe by Germans. wiki page 100 Rifles - Jim Brown, Raquel Welch, Burt Reynolds Boss starring Fred "The Hammer" Williamson Lady Beware - Diane Lane
  12. Lebron is not going to play tomorrow @OKC
  13. That was his first movie. His second, No Time for Sergeants was mentioned up thread. Both very good and very different from each other.
  14. Saw that 28 ish years ago. Then I would tell new acquaintances that my name was Raoul. Became known by many people as Raoul, even a super hot girl I banged for 3-4 months.