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  1. Most of us don't go that way. Whatever turns your crank
  2. Compensatory picks- Browns 0 Bengals 4 Ravens 1 Steelers 0
  3. Cowboys get a 4th, 2 5th and a 6th round Compensatory picks
  4. Turned 61 4 days ago. Still looks good great
  5. Restrictor plate racing is a crapshoot and not good for fantasy. All kinds of luck involved
  6. Logano back on lead lap. Wonder how many cars he will take out
  7. 1st Big One at lap 60. None of my guys involved. Bad luck for those that got wrecked.
  8. I liked McCarron coming out of college and thought he would be a good pro Qb. Hasn't gotten a chance yet. Dalton is not good.
  9. Starting from the rear Doesn't really matter at Daytona though
  10. He's only 24, from close by Michigan and will get another free agent contract before he is through. Why not Cleveland?
  11. Francona was traded twice for Larry Doby. Wow 12/03/1957 - he, Ray Moore and Billy Goodman were dealt to the Chicago White Sox for Larry Doby, Jack Harshman and Jim Marshall. On March 21, 1959, he was traded to the Cleveland Indians for Larry Doby, the second trade involving the two.
  12. happens all the time. Watch a handoff play
  13. Brady can't catch