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  1. And then once the virus "hits home" the confidence will be lost again for a very long time and with it the consumer behavior we need. (Hoping for miracles of miracles and this never happens.)
  2. I am sorry but getting "messaging" out in front of a second wave is not something we should be celebrating. We should be celebrating the ability to test and trace (thanks Apple and Google) during such a 2nd wave such that a shutdown can be targeted. But we aren't there yet because this administration is never out in front of anything except messaging.
  3. I greatly miss going to church on Sunday. I'm not so sure I can get up to going to church with social distancing in place nor am I sure I can trust myself to not get caught up in the moment and put people at risk.
  4. Influencing people is job #1 of the president. If he can't use the bully pulpit to rally the masses to wear a mask right now then he cannot effectively perform the duties of the office.
  5. This is a "well duh" article but I think it is an important reminder that the political divide is as much about where as it is who or what.
  6. Which one of us is saying "what is clear is that the knee jerk reaction from the Govt was way, way out of line"?
  7. Opening up when we did doomed many small businesses. Whether it was more or less than it saved won't be known for years. If you don't understand why then you should stop calling those that disagree with you "clueless". ETA: And "disagree" is even too strong as most countering your post do agree with you in more ways than you are willing to acknowledge. They just understand that "it was you learn after you know it all that counts!"
  8. Well, that doesn't take into account all the jobs lost & businesses ruined. Sure it does! Not so sure about this. Did the shutdown slow things down enough that people will be more confident in going out and creating business activity than what would have happened if things spread just a little bit faster? That is that the shutdown improved the ability of the economy to recover more than it harmed it. I don't know either way, but I think this is well within the realm of possibilities. T
  9. Those pushing total cases are those trying to suggest that this isn't that bad. That lots more people have already had it without even knowing it so we are all over reacting. That we have a lot more cases because we are now able to test adequately.
  10. The economy was shutting down all by itself! That is to the degree that it did shut down. Why is this lost on you? Do you think that if the government continued to ignore it that the economy would still be humming along? Do you think if the media ignored it like the administration tried to do that no one would notice the overflowing hospitals? The people disappearing?
  11. Your example from CNN might misrepresent numbers, but it does so in favor of reopening.
  12. So states in a rush to open up potentially exaggerated the number of infections and their testing capabilities?
  13. Precisely the problem with GOP appointees. They are all treated as mostly ceremonial positions just like the job of being the governor of Texas.
  14. When it comes to the power of the governor where does Texas rank among the states?