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  1. Bottomfeeder Sports

    Democrats' House Agenda

    Follow the money- You have private for profit prison populations to maintain. You have cities and towns that profit from property seizures. You have the alcohol industry. Basically my point is that existing, entrenched money is a lot more difficult to defeat than it is to sell on the idea of "new money". There is also another issue I believe is in play. I have often asserted that we should not legislate morality. That things should be legal or illegal (or regulated) based on cold cost-benefit analysis for society. (I admit I have some items that I support being illegal but can't really articulate very well how the cost are all that bad.) Those that disagree are also entrenched in not losing another thing that used to be prohibited. First gay marriage and now drugs! It is too fast. Especially one where a very real cost can be expressed with legalization. Would this just be a slippery slope to the next one where those costs are less identifiable? Would losing this prohibition just mean losing prohibitions on gambling? On prostitution? And if morality alone is not enough how do we ban abortions? Not many says such things out loud. I'm not even sure that many think this consciously. But I think somewhere in the back of the head of those that believe that a role of government is to dictate morality one way or another is this thought. Not to mention just those that respond poorly to any change.
  2. Bottomfeeder Sports

    Will Trump face a serious primary challenge?

    I think it is more likely in a do not run situation that he claims he has successfully made America great again. That he had done everything in just four years. Done more in four years than any other president ever. More in four than even those with eight or twelve - not many Americans know that we had a president with more than two terms . That while Trump could uniquely do more that we Americans just are not yet ready for that much "winning", that much "greatness".
  3. Bottomfeeder Sports

    God no! They’re going to run Hillary in 2020!

    Why would Hillary be happy with Comey being "extremely careless" in describing over a thousand of government officials including herself as "extremely careless"?
  4. Bottomfeeder Sports

    ***Official "I VOTED" thread

    In and out about five minutes. About 30 minutes ago. First timer in Texas.
  5. So now we get to confirm who are really "plain reading" and "original text" guys. And who are not. (As if we didn't already have a good idea.)
  6. Bottomfeeder Sports

    The Hacking of the American Mind - Pleasure vs. Happiness

    I was reluctant to "go there" since I was mixing religion - at least my variant of religion and politics into your thread where these things should be tangential thoughts. However, at the same time I think all of this is saying the same thing 2nd Post: "Happiness begins where selfishness ends" "Love thy neighbor" brings "love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control" Hillary: "We are stronger together" The problem isn't so much that we need this to be discovered, but for whatever reasons we are poor at executing our lives such that we pursue those things that really bring happiness. Which brings us to your questions of whether the power of government can coerce us towards happiness and the more lasting "rewards" . (Ignoring whether it should.) I tend to be a let us empower the masses to make better decisions and not ask government to pick winners and losers kind of guy, but then again everyday I'm reminded of that large chunks of people pursue their passions (whether pleasure or anger or whatever) rather than their rational best interest all too often. So I may end up taking positions that are contrary to that original tendency. Unfortunately our imperfections makes our politics the muddiests shades of gray and seldom black and white (or red and blue) . Now I need my sugar high.
  7. Bottomfeeder Sports

    The Hacking of the American Mind - Pleasure vs. Happiness

    I'm a big fan of Galatians 5. Not so much the debates in 2 through 12, but everything else. Seem to me to be saying the same thing. Just substitutes "indulge the flesh" for "pleasure" and describes how to be "happy" or "content" with "serve one another humbly in love". I also think that we need food (including forms of sugar) and sex and other things to nourish or bodies and minds and spirit, but going overboard with the pursuit of anything is just unhealthy. And while I'm referencing "spiritual" text, I think that the message holds up in the secular world. And it holds up politically. We were a "happier" nation when our companies invested in growth rather than pursued "cashing out". We were healthier when our foods weren't spiked with addictive ingredients. Etc., etc. The world is a better place for everyone, especially fo "me" when I can overcome my own limitations and think of other's needs before my wants.
  8. So the Democratic party need to get rid of the caucuses which disenfranchise those that can't (or won't) block off a few hours on a specific night. Of course caucuses are what kept the primaries in 2016 as close as they were.
  9. Saying something is out of character for Trump is not the same as "good". Maybe "good" relative to Trump's normal, but it pales in comparison to what every other president from the recent past would have said. So no!
  10. From the Wall Street Journal. Don't have a subscription so going from memory that the premise is that for a lot of American the paycheck withholding tables reflect the cut in rates but ignore the loss of various deductions such that come April they will be owing when they expect a refund. That doesn't mean they wouldn't have necessarily gotten a cut anyway, just that passively noting an increase in the paycheck is for many going to be a mistake as too little is now withheld. But of course such PSAs are meant for others, certainly not FBGs.
  11. It certainly isn't "information not previously known".
  12. Bottomfeeder Sports

    The migrant caravan

    Somehow I suspect that the standard of "fear" that is applicable for "stand your ground" defense to kill people is not the standard used here.
  13. Bottomfeeder Sports

    I worry too much. Update: I’m feeling a lot better!

    Mid terms are about mobilizing angry voters.