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  1. If "we" want to stop Trump from being reelected, if this is "goal one" then step one is not to allow ourselves to believe that the only legitimate challenger to Donald Trump is "just as bad". There is no one that is "too extreme to the left", "too much a corporate democrat", "too much of a war monger", "too corrupt", etc., etc. in comparison to Trump. No one is a "greater evil" as there is no other "evil" other than Donald Trump. There is no excuse to argue that any of the democrats "failed to earn your vote" so instead you voted for the third party candidate that didn't even try to earn your vote. Yes, I understand you don't like believing that there is only once choice in defeating Trump in fully support the democratic candidate, but reality isn't about what "we" may like. Anything else may not throw an actual vote to Trump, but it certainly is not doing everything possible to prevent a Trump reelection. Anything else means that some other goal was more important than defeating Trump's reelection bid.
  2. I wish I was this confident. I don't think it is so much a matter of intelligence as in "dumb enough" or "smart enough" as much as it is a matter of being indifferent to politics enough that the repetition of the message sinks in without much thought one way or another.
  3. Independents that are above the fray don't get bothered by that kind of stuff.
  4. Paul got 580K from being tackled by a 5'4" 140lb neighbor. Lets not let him hit the lottery again.
  5. Wouldn't this work both ways? Some people who had no interest became interested as a result of the president's comments, but at the same time some with interest were turned off? I kind of think that neither happened in any appreciable amount though, but
  6. Not entirely sure I understand your point so - Are you saying that most people are using that a person may attribute other qualities to a person (or group) based only on knowledge of skin color as proof of someone being a racist, but then once the person is labeled a "racists" are then attributing (or counting on others to attribute) other qualities such as hatred and/or bigotry and/or resentment and/or discrimination, etc to that "racist"? Or do you mean something else?
  7. For the billionth time - The national debt is made up of four components. Three of the components are the result of democrats in office Ending the Great Depression Winning WWII Ending the Great Recession While the raw numbers go up from the end of WWII until ERTA the debt as a share of GDP constantly go down for those forty years of democratic control of congress that was once a talking point. The fourth and overwhelmingly largest component of the debt starts with ERTA and is continued by one GOP tax cut after another. "PayGo" entitlements are not the cause of the debt! And Paul Ryan - really? Calling nonsense "A Better Way" doesn't make it something other than nonsense.
  8. While I appreciate the time and effort it took to put this together and I have appreciated our sparring over the years. Heck I used to be the heretic at best. To me though whether or not the historical Jesus was anything close to the gospel Jesus is irrelevant to countering that the Jesus of the gospel was entirely political in 1st century Roman territory. The degree to which this gospel Jesus was based on an actual living person, or an amalgamation of several people, or a just a name that was attached to a mythology is all interesting to me as I'd like to know and I'd have to assume was even more political than the gospel portray. I've always said that Pilate having any second thoughts on what to do with Jesus is among the least believable things in the entire book. But I think we agree that at no point was Jesus, the movement that followed, the religion that eventually dominated the Roman Empire - at least the western half, dominated the western world for a couple of fifteen hundred years now was not knee deep into politics. As for Paul I'm currently reading "In Search of Paul". I started it at the beach and got about an eighth of way before my Kindle decided to no longer hold a charge. Interesting so far.
  9. You can add me to those that want to do the responsible things that promote the general welfare of the nation. That is as opposed to those that dream of “starving the beast” so a bankrupted nation can afford nothing.
  10. Either we as a nation "grow up" and start voting for the "we will both raise your taxes, but I'm honest about it" candidates or we "hurt" one way or another. (And I'm using "taxes" loosely such that it includes things like tariffs paid by China.
  11. Don't think we as a society care so much about the creation of billionaires as much as to the innovation that creates them. And I'm not sure that everything that creates enormous wealth for their creators is all that great for society in general, but I still think that ultimately the "marketplace of ideas" is still the best place to ultimately hash this out. And for that I agree that options for individuals to take their own paths is best approach. But the academic question of whether or not a college education is more of a "public" or "private" good going forward remains for me. Or maybe the answer is just "yes".
  12. As for Joe's "Kingdom of God"- (which is roughly Luke 17:20 if you prefer canonized text with Luke 17:21 roughly corresponding to Thomas 3). I'll also point out that the start of Romans 13 is killer when one want to criticize political leaders from a literal biblical perspective.