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  1. Fined for what exactly? Allegations? Good luck with that. If the Wells investigation comes back that they did in fact deflate balls, which I highly doubt, they will be fined. But nothing is going to happen until that report comes back. And if Wells can't prove the Pats deflated balls, then they won't be fined. It's the same old hurry up and wait mantra.
  2. I've been on the outside looking in since the first few pages, getting a "kick" out of all the haters grasping at straws, hoping and praying something comes out to prove the Pats guilty of something. But as far as the this latest K-ball scandal goes, what would be the point? Do people actually think Tom Brady would prefer to throw a K-ball over the 12 balls he already worked in? That's insane. Isn't it just as possible that the ballgramps gave the alternate ref the K-ball because all the other balls were being tested? This whole thing is insane. It's amazing how many more people are up-roared over this K-ball thing, than texting the sideline, piping in crowd noise, and anything else other NFL teams are doing illegally.
  3. I also believe the Pats would have won without cheating, so if true, why the cheating? Just because it wasn't the difference in the game doesn't make it less important. What else are they doing? It's not like they don't have a checkered past. Colts get their ### kicked by the Pats in the playoffs, the Colts organization whines to the league. In other news, the sun rose in the east today. Good grief what a pathetic bunch of whiney losers..... Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the same Colts organization whine to the league after Peyton set all those records in 2004 about the Pats beating them 20 - 3 in the playoff game? Isn't that why we have the illegal contact penalty now? You're wrong.
  4. It's a non-issue people. Stop whining. What if it was someone from NE deflating the 12 NE balls, not temperature? I haven't heard of a an issue with the 12 Colts balls. If temperature was an issue wouldn't the Colt balls have been deflated also? Because this whole thing is made up, that's why. It didn't happen, and it's funny how many people will believe any rumor they hear, believe it, and try to make it a fact.
  5. Because people are consistently jealous of their success and grasp at any little detail to try and discredit them. It pretty much boils down to "They hate us cause they ain't us" This It's an absolute joke that: 1. People think the Pats needed to deflate balls to beat a team they already beat by 22 points earlier this year. 2. That the ref's are so stupid, they couldn't tell the difference between the balls all game long. Bottom line is it didn't happen, nothing will come of this because, as stated, jealous people need to make excuses.
  6. That is irrelevant because it doesn't change the fact that it is cheating if they did it. Why would they feel the need to cheat? That is what is wrong with what they did, if they indeed did do it. Not whether it mattered in determining the outcome of that game. Because they didn.t cheat. They beat your ###, fair and ####### square. Deal with it,
  7. Love the ignorant haters here defending the obvious BS.
  8. You didn't know who the reigning Super Bowl MVP was in 2002?
  9. I'm the one with the straw man. Recruit what other talent? The Bucs haven't had a free agency period SINCE HE'S BEEN ON THE TEAM. They also have 24M in cap room this year, with his contract already accounted for. Seriously what are you talking about. Ok you are right. They are a much better team with him despite what their record says. And the Jets are much worse off without him despite what their record says. So Gerald McCoy is a bad player because he's on a bad team too? This is so stupid I can't believe I'm even addressing it. God. This is nuts. Revis is still an elite CB. I can't believe PatsFan doesn't want him. Who is PatsFan, Robert Kraft? Seriously? Who wants to overpay for a schmuck who holds out every year for more money, then comes back out of shape, only to get hurt for most of the season. As I said, if they can get him cheap, and only pay on incentives, I'd be all for it. But the guy isn't worth the money that comes with him.
  10. Much more than they'd be willing to part with. God I hope so. As a Pats Fan, I want nothing to do with Revis. Unless they can get him for a 5th, and give him an incentive laden contract.
  11. Oof. Going to be such a big reality check for us Pats fans when Brady goes. 12-4 seasons do not grow on trees (without Brady). And how do you know this? As long as BB is there, they will be fine. They went 11-5 without Brady, and Cassel was never very good. BB retiring is what should put fear into the hearts of Pats fans. And it does.
  12. Oof. Going to be such a big reality check for us Pats fans when Brady goes. 12-4 seasons do not grow on trees (without Brady). And how do you know this? As long as BB is there, they will be fine. They went 11-5 without Brady, and Cassel was never very good.