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  1. You probably have this already Winz but I was interested. Most appearances to lowest but only back to 2001 as FBG stat tool gets funky after that. Gives good idea as some surprises in here and others already known Larry Fitzgerald35-27-5-12-7-17-33-6-12-5-2-5-24-2-31 Anquan Boldin19-15-30-34-25-17-6-19-15-5-3 Andre Johnson28-10-6-7-1-1-27-11-17-22 Brandon Marshall3-34-6-2-11-20-7-5-9 Steve Smith18-20-7-20-8-16-7-1-10 Terrell Owens17-27-11-3-2-36-6-11-3 Derrick Mason28-18-20-14-36-19-11-7-22 Julio Jones3-2-7-6-2-6-11-22 Antonio Brown5-2-1-1-1-3-32-24 Calvin Johnson12-16-5-1-1-6-22-3 Marques Colston26-26-12-10-15-16-8-17 Chad Johnson33-14-7-6-3-7-4-20 Hines Ward12-17-28-22-12-23-6-2 TY Hilton14-27-5-23-11-19-31 AJ Green10-34-8-24-4-31-17 Mike Wallace24-20-27-23-9-9-35 Roddy White21-10-5-1-9-4-15 Wes Welker21-7-2-18-4-10-10 Randy Moss2-12-1-20-26-1-5 Reggie Wayne3-13-2-5-16-9-20 Donald Driver19-22-23-4-11-10-15 Torry Holt34-11-3-4-4-2-13 DeAndre Hopkina5-1-1-27-4-14 Julian Edelmen7-21-14-35-17-14 Jarvis Landry12-19-4-12-11-30 Mike Evans16-9-17-3-21-13 Emmanuel Sanders32-23-20-17-5-32 Golden Tate30-12-17-24-12-30 Demaryus Thomas16-15-9-2-1-5 Michael Crabtree31-11-20-13-28-36 Jeremy Maclin15-9-22-31-14-36 Desean Jackson23-12-29-21-11-31 Vincent Jackson33-16-13-13-13-19 Greg Jennings35-18-5-21-7-18 Santana Moss11-18-28-29-6-8 TJ Houshmandzadeh25-21-6-10-14-28 Laveranues Coles24-14-27-30-12-12 Marvin Harrison36-1-9-5-5-1 Keean Allen6-12-3-35-18 Amari Cooper10-18-35-16-22 Odell Beckham25-15-4-5-7 Dez Bryant24-4-7-4-19 Pierre Garcon22-30-11-21-29 Mushin Muhammad28-30-33-1-36 Isaac Bruce29-23-12-17-16 Lee Evans30-33-8-32-29 Plaxico Burress13-16-10-26-10 Chris Chambers 29-35-8-24-16 Michael Thomas1-6-6-7 Stefon Diggs21-11-19-30 Devante Adams23-4-13-9 Marvin Jones28-11-36-29 Tyreek Hill33-3-9-23 Brandin Cooks13-15-10-14 Alshon Jeffrey25-23-10-8 Randall Cobb36-25-8-16 Jordy Nelson2-3-13-4 Eric Decker13-26-9-9 Torrey Smith29-23-28-30 Lance Moore20-35-24-14 Dwayne Bowe14-4-15-22 Nate Burleson32-34-31-18 Santonio Holmes33-15-32-24 Braylon Edwards26-35-4-26 Jerricho Cotchery32-27-20-19 Joey Galloway26-21-7-26 Roy Williams09-30-35-32 Darrell Jackson18-13-15-35 Keyshawn Johnson28-26-27-21 Eddie Kennison31-18-21-24 Rod Smith13-15-21-18 Jimmy Smith21-19-33-17 Allen Robinson8-28-6 Robert Woods14-10-33 Jamieson Crowder26-32-30 Adam Theilen7, 8, 29 Doug Baldwin14. 8. 10 Ted Ginn34-34-33 Steve Johnson18, 16, 10 Mike Williams TB19, 3, 16 Victor Cruz28-14-3 Miles Austin24-13-6 Brandon Lloyd26, 23, 2 Percy Harvin8, 22, 24 Hakeem Nicks12, 8, 33 Deion Branch31-22-35 Antonio Bryant09-25. 35 Bernard Berrian26-25-33 Javon Walker12, 3, 27 Terry Glenn20-15-29 Jerry Porter24-22-33 Eric Moulds28-20-4 Amani Toomer31-19-7 Joe Horn13, 2, 8 Chris Godwin2, 26 Cooper Kupp4, 25 Kenny Golloday9, 22 Tyler Lockett13-17 DJ Moore15-36 Tyler Boyd17-16 John Brown20-33 Calvin Ridley27-20 Cole Beasley24-33 JuJu Smith-Schu8, 12 Mohammad Sanu29-29 Sterling Shepherd31-36 Nelson Agholor34-21 Terrell Pryor21-33 Kelvin Benjamin25-15 Kenny Britt26-34 Willie Snead32-31 Brandon Lafell35-22 Jordan Matthews16-25 Sammy Watkins19-27 James Jones29-17 Rueben Randle32-32 Eddie Royal31, 16 Brian Hartline24-27 Michael Floyd25-36 Nate Washington36-15 Sidney Rice35, 10 Mario Manningham19-30 Davone Bess23-31 Austin Collioe35-29 Kevin Walter23-32 Bobby Engram12-34 Kevin Curtis17-30 Reggie Brown34-27 Marty Booker32, 11 Keenan McCardell17, 9 David Patten34-36 Koren Robinson23-15 Peerless Price28, 6 Jerry Rice 30, 9 Rod Gardner31-19 Devabte Parker11 DJ Chark18 Cortand Sutton19 AJ Brown22 |Michael Gallup24 Terry McLaurin29 DJ Metcalf30 Deebi Samuel31 Curtis Samnuel36 Adam Humphries24 Corey Davis28 Mike Williams32 Dede Westbrook33 Zay Jones35 Robby Anderson18 Devin Funchess20 Kenny Stills26 Jermaine Kearse28 Marquis Goodwin30 Tyrell Williams18 Rishard Matthews19 Alan Hurns18 Kamar Aiken26 Tavon Austin27 Travis Benjamin28 Josh Gordon2 Kendall Wright20 Harry Douglas22 Riley Cooper31 Rod Streater34 Cecil Shorts25 Justin Blackmon29 Andre Roberts34 Laurent Robinson20 Jabar Gaffney26 Derrus Heyward-Be27 Mike Thomas27 Danny Amendola30 Johnny Knox32 Steve Smith NYG8 Mike Sims-Walker23 Robert Meachum26 Steve Breaston25 Shaun McDonald21 Patrick Crayton35 Reggie Williams36 Mike Furrey13 Mark Clayton25 Reche Caldwell34 Joe Jurevicius29 Drew Bennett8 Michael Clayton14 Brandon Stokely16 Ashley Lelie25 Donte Stallworth33 David Givens36 Peter Warrick16 David Boston18 Justin McCareins25 Ike Hillard32 Johnnie Morton34 Troy Brown23 Quincy Morgan24 Travis Taylor25 Curtis Conway27 Tim Brown28 Todd Pinkston29 Tai Streets30 Brian Finneran32 Wayne Chrebet34 James Thrash31
  2. Love the numbers Winz. Great job quick look to me says most #1s had more than one top 24 season but a lot of the #2s did not repeat again maybe taking this out to doing 2 times, 3 or 4 would be great. To invest a top pick in rookie draft you want more than 1 top 24 season. Hoping for multiple.
  3. Interesting on draft pedigree 1st round 59 (31 DL 17 LB 11 DB) 2nd round 29 (5 DL 15 LB 9 DB) 3rd round 25 (7 DL 10 LB 8 DB) 4th round 16 (4 DL 10 LB 2 DB) 5Th round 12 ( 1 DL 10 LB 1DB) 6th round 2 ( 1 LB 1 DB) 7th round 1 (1 DB) undrafted 6 ( 4 LB 2 DB) Draft pedigree is huge especially for DL. We know not as many LB are drafted round 1. In fact since 2011 33 LB drafted in round 1, 37 in round 2 and 39 in round 3. So LB drafted here have 52% in round 1, 41% in round 2 and 26% in round 3.
  4. More data i can’t find old Milwaukee Hall of Fame post here is last time, I can see and what I did after. Sorry did not format well here From 2002-2012, there have been 131 Survivor drafts and corresponding leagues. At last tally in 2009, there were over 260 unique participants (or at least 260+ aliases). The current championship hall of fame standings are as follows: HALL OF FAME 5 Wins – BikeSeatSniffer, Fiddles, Rudy 4 Wins – Duckboy, Jeter23 3 Wins – BassNBrew, Capt Hook, Dpeease, JeffPasquino, Joffer, Pictus Cat, Radballs, Twilight, Valence 2 Wins – Air Fryar/FM696969, Atomic Punk, Construx Boy, Fullback Fro, Gamma1210, Krsone21, LHUCKS, Old Milwaukee, Preds, Reaper, Shadowfax, Steel Dillo, Stinkin Ref Single Winners Pool: Aaron Rudnicki, Abrecher, AhrnCityPahnder, Andy Dufresne, Ardethan, Beachbum, Blue Kun, bro1ncos , Crippler, Dallas428, Domination, El Super Gringo, EvilGrin72, Family Matters, ffweasel, Football Critic, Frank Black, Fubar, Getinthemix, Ghost of Bill Walsh, Glumpy, Go DC Yourself, Gonads, Grouse, Hear the Footsteps, Iwannabeacowboy, JaxFan, Jeff Tefertiller, Jmills, Mike2670, Nathan, NorrisB, Nugget, Oldfatguy, Pimpin Aint Easy, Preds, Radballs, Renesauz, Sinrman, SKA, snellman, Sweet Love, Tag, Thom Yorke, WannabeeByTheSea, Wolverine, Yellow Line is Unofficial This accounts for 128 of the 131 leagues. The status 3 was lost when ffplace ceased to be and vanished from the internet. One name you don’t see there is Shadowmaster. Hoping to change that AGAIN this year, but enough about the past….. Let’s move on to 2013. WinnerFinalist3rd4th5th out 1st WSL 1 2019ReaperMr. IrDrunkenBroncosPimpinBicycle WSL 2 2019CripplerRudyWannabeeBusmanStinkinRuffrody SSL 1 2019OzBassCripplerDuckboyBroncosBicycle PDSL 1 2019CripplerBroncosWannabeeBusmanReaperNorseman WSL1 2018ReaperStinkinRudnickiMr. IrShodowBicycle WSL2 2018Mr. IrBassNorsemanPrinceStinkinRudy SSl 1 2018BroncosOzCometHollowayReaperFullback PDSL 1 2018NorsemanBassReaperShadowRyheapsRudy MBSL1 2018CripplerShadowBroncosBusmanStinkinBass WSL1 2017RudyHollowayNinjaBassFiddlesJustin Howe WSL2 2017HollowayReaperStinkinWiseguyNorsemanFullback SSL1 2017NittanyFullbackDuckboyMilwaukeeNuggetOz SSL2 2017RudyCripplerMaggotMr. IrCometBroncos SSL3 2017HollowayReaperHit and RunBroncosSweet LoveBusman MBSL1 2017RenesauzCripplerBloomMaggotRudnickiBroncos MBSL2 2017Go DCCripplerDuckboyCripplerStinkinBroncos WSL1 2016StinkinShadowBassDuckboySnellmanPrince WSL2 2016NinjaStinkinRudnickiDominationFullbackRenesauz SSL1 2016WannabeeBassFullbackNuggetBloomRenesauz SSL2 2016MilwaukeeFubarHollowaySweetBicycleCrippler SSL3 2016NinjaWheels upFF WMDJeter23SnellmanBorden PDSL1 2016DuckboyNorsemanRuffrodyHollowayBassBusman PDSL2 2016RudnickiReaperRyheapsRudyBroadwayComet MBSL1 2016Mr. IrRyheapsMaggotNittanyCripplerMilwaukee WSL1 2015StinkinShadowSweet LoveJeatonRudnickiHook WSL2 2015FullbackPrinceBloomTexRudySnellman WSL3 2015DominationFubarShadowStinkinBroncosFiddles SSL1 2015RudnickiWannabeeRenesauzBassStinkinNinja SSL2 2015NorsemanNittanyValenceNuggetRC94Ryheaps SSL3 2015GammaPrinceFiddlesGo BlueJeatonRaylove SSL4 2015CripplerShadowBassStinkinPrinceKHY PDSL1 2015FiddlesBroadwayTexSinrmanMr. IrSoulfly PDSL2 2005RudnickiSweet LoveBusmanRudyStinkinRyheaps MBSL1 2015Go DCjandytStinkinShadowDuckboyNugget MBSL2 2015BroadwayBassStinkinMr. IrHelltoupeeNorseman WSL1 2014RudykardplayerFubarBassReaperRenesauz WSL2 2014DominationBicycleWannabeeJeatonkrsoneValence SSL1 2014WannabeeRenesauzFullbackNinjaRudymastershake SSL2 2014BroadwayBroncosStinkinDuckboyHelltoupeesinrman SSL3 2014DpeeaseCar HustlerRudnickiNorsemanBloomPictus Cat SSL 4 2014BusmanTexBassReaperFF WMDRaylove PDSL1 2014SinrmanBusmanFiddlesSweet LoveNuggetPimpin PDSL2 2014BroadwayNittanyNinjaNorsemanMr. IrHit and Run PDSL3 2014Bicycle SeatDufreneValenceCripplerJeatonFalse Start MBSL1 2014HookSinrmanFubarShadowHelltoupeeJeaton MBSL2 2014krsoneBroadwayBroncosShadowBassGo DC WSL1 2013JeatonFubarKrsoneBassBroadwayBicycle WSL2 2013WannabeeBloomShadowSinrmanDpeeaseWiseguy WSL3 2015HelltoupeeJeter23DominationMilwaukeeRenesauzoldfatguy SSL1 2013Sweet LovePimpinNjggetBicycleAhm CityLegacy SSL22013FullbackNittanyRenesauzGo PackMOPShadow SSL3 2013RudyMastershajeNinjaDuckboyFubarBass SSL4 2013WannabeePhenixBronx BombAtomicBroncosSolarca PDSK1 2013HollowayBroadwayKrsonePasquinoBlue Kunkardplayer PDSL2 2013SinrmanGammaFiddlesNorsemanHelltoupeeBusman PDSL3 2013NinjaAD11BamacMr. IrwdcrobLongball MBSL1 2013RenesauzBassHelltoupeeSteeldilloBroncosRamrod MBSL2 2013StinkinRamRodShadowMilwaukeeReaperBlue Kun
  5. Some stats since 2015 34 total survivor leagues( WSL, SSL, PDSL, MBSL) 87 total participants who has played the most times. stinkin Ref 28. 2 wins, 4 Final 2, 5 Final 3, 6 Final 4 appearances BassnBrew 27. 5 Final 2, 7 Final 3, 9 Final 4 Mr. Irrelevant 23. 2 wins, 3 Final 2, 3 Final 3 6 Final 4 Broncos 23. 1 win, 2 Final 2, 3 Final 3, 5 Final 4 Shadowfax. 2 Final 2, 4 Final 3, 6 Final 4 Crippler 21. 4 wins, 7 Final 2, 8 Final 3, 8 Final 4 Norseman 20. 2 wins, 3 Final 2, 4 Final 3, 4 Final 4 Duckboy 19. 1 win, 2 Final 2, 4 Final 3, 6 Final 4 Holloway 18. 2 win, 3 Final 2, 4 Final 3, 6 Final 4 Rudnicki 15. 3 wins, 3 Final 2, 5 Final 3, 5 Final 4 Busman 14. 1 Final 2, 1 Final 3, 4 Final 4 Broadway G. 1 win, 2 Final 2 Sweet Love. 1 Final 2, 2 Final 3, 3 Final 4 Ryheaps. 13. 1 Final 2, 2 Final 3 Reaper. 13. 2 wins, 5 Final 2, 6 Final 3 old Milwaukee 12. 1 win, 1 Final 2, 1 Final 3 2 Final 4 Fresh Prince 11.2 Final 2, 2 Final 3, 3 Final 4 Drunken Slob 11. 1 Final 3 Bicycle Seat 11. No finishes Rudy 10. 2 wins, 3 Final 2, 3 Final 3, 6 Final 4 Fullback Fro 10. 1 win, 2 Final 2, 3 Final 3, 3 Final 4 Oz 9. 1 win, 2 Final 2, 2 Final 3, 2 Final 4 Maggot 9. 1 Final 3, 2 Final 4 FF Ninja 8. 2 wins, 2 Final 2, 3 Final 3, 3 Final 4 Nittany Lion, 8. 1 win, 2 Final 2, 2 Final 3, 4 Final 4 Reneausaz 8. 1 win Fiddles 7. 1 win 1 Final 2. 2 Final 3, 2 Final 4 Comet 7. 1 Final 2 Wiseguy 7. 1 Final 4 other winners. Go DC Yourself 2, Gamma,, Domination,
  6. I came in with clear thoughts on this 1. Kielce was given. Some might question Graham but with only 4 TEs out there to really own and with extra points, I went him over Aaron. Also someone gets squat here with scarcity of position. 2. Picking 4th. I would have been happy with any of Adams, Jones, Hill or Mahomes in the first. Thought Damien Williams was clear #2 tier over the next level of Deebo and Brown. I had Moestart, Hardman, Jonnu in next tier. 3. My hopes got high with Deebo dropping. Wonder if Oz takes Damien if he ended up with 4 with the 5. But Oz crushed them with one pick to go. Got the last 2 guys on my list for skill players. I did not have Jonnu in list but knew he had to go. Rodgers was my last guy if my players went. I would have loved Adams, Damien and Deebo. 4. I went McCoy over Jamal Williams to hopefully guarantee me the KC running pts. I thought Broncos might do the same with Jones/jamal 5. Last decision. Who did I not want. Jimmy G, Joseph or Tenn D. I choose Tenn D and thus the GB D in the 6th. Tanny got some hard thought but the QB can go anyway this weekend. Heavily invested in the Packers this weekend. Seem to have lots of hedge bets going on also. Only other observation was why bBroncos did not protect Butker. This one was a head scratcher to me and he went way before 7.1 in the end. I think looking good depending on how Mahomes performs. Bass went for the home run swing. He hits and probably goes on and I battle Oz with maybe a Tanny vs Jimmy G as the deciding factor. No week like last and see OZ and I going on. Think Broncos behind the eight ball
  7. I will keep Travis Kelce Jimmy Graham i will take spot 4 @-OZ-
  8. 6 draft sites who do 2-3 round mocks. Used First Pick- Walter- 24/7 - Draftwire- SD Tribune - Tankathon Swift Mia 38 - Mia 18 - KC 29 - Balt 32 - Mia 18 - Mia 38 Dobbins Jets 48 - LAC 37 - Atl 55 - TB 45 - KC 61 - Hous 58 Taylor Buf 54 - Det 35 - Mia 39 - KC 29 - Tenn 25 - Ariz 40 Etienne Hous 58 - KC 93 - Hous 58 - Mia 39 - Hous 58 - Phil 85 rest Akers First KC 61, Tank Balt 96 Harris Walt TB 43, 24/7 Tenn 57, Wire Hous 58 Hubbard Walt Jets 48 Benjamin Walt Buf 86 Moss Tank KC 93
  9. Some later names. Just read article on Steven Sims and how they want to get ball in hands more. Down stretch he had 36 targets in last 4 games and 59 pts in PPR in last 3 with 2 different QB. I prefer his chances over many you have ranked ahead same with DeSean Hamilton. Once Lock came in, his targets increased. Way better than Tim Patrick. Now chance Denver drafts WR but at no worse #3 with still good chance at being #2 on offence that improved near the end of the season. I agree with FBG on James Washington. Big improvement and still young. Think too low. But only 15 spots or so. No big deal. A lot is certainly personal preference in these areas.
  10. Offered up Diggs, J, Washington and Trevathon for JuJu very happy turned down in the end
  11. Not huge on rankings overvalued Jayon Brown(7). Is he even best LB there. Replacable joe Schobert(12) is he not FA. Reminds me of Paul Worrilow a few years ago. Plus Kirksey could be back and Mack Wilson coming on Jerome Baker(15). I like him but a little too high for outside guy Chandler Jones(23). Older plus too sack reliant. Matt Milano(24). Another replaceable guy. Rueben Foster(31). Can you really trust Danny Trevathon(32). Think Wesley Woodward a year ago. Not sure back under valued devin Bush(30). Young, talented, will only get better. Should be top 10 roquan Smith(19). Was really coming on till injury. Also in top 10 Rasheed Evans(36). The Titan guy I want. Top 25 Za’Darius Smith(43). Give me him over Chandler. Bobby Okereke(46). Will see way more time in year 2. Graded very well Jared Davis(56). What stops him from wearing dot. Think top 25.
  12. I will keep Tyler Lockett and marshawn Lynch will go pick 1. Travis Kelce