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  1. Observations i don’t see Chicago or Indy supporting 2 top 17 TE. Think a lot of committee and give me some guys under Rudolph to me is always undervalued also. He just gets job done and only 28.too much speculation based on age. Njoku and Howard come to mind as both are not in great spots for the foreseeable future IMO. Too many mouths to feed and not as pass happy of teams. Overall an ugly mess. The rookie TE crop could have some value coming up some names. Roberts seems low given chance now. Of course that could close quickly if Detroit takes rookie but age and opportunity there. Is Max Williams a right off now due to being injured all the time. Still think he could be something. Agreed on Dickson comment How many more years does Graham have. Must expect Olsen, Walker and Witten to be done this year. And for certain can happen but does Graham have more than 2. Hooper and ASJ both seem like they could still be value.
  2. Kirk, Ridley, Sutton, Moore, Washington are probably not making it to the second round or just the top of 2nd(pick 14) unless TE premium or 2 QB leagues. So going shortly after this will probably be ST. Brown, Gallup, Miller, Tate and Cain. This is more the group you are looking at from pick 15-24 in leagues as Cobb replacements. Do any land in perfect spots would be question and if so, they don’t last past 14 anyways as situation determines draft spot a lot of times on rise or fall. Cobb helps more now but if love on for any of these guys than looking at late 2nd or Early 3rd as Cobb value. Or if you need another position like QB where some nice names are available in 2nd or the TEs. RBs will be Kelly, Ballege, Walton, Adams. Smith or Hines, Wadley in PPR.
  3. Here is 3 round with big trade
  4. I am not sure how he does not have 100% in each. I don’t care if you like him or not. You are taking him at 1 or trading out for a kings ransom. No one and I mean no one is taking anyone else at 1 unless he goes down with a career threatening injury.
  5. Qb. Flacco, Rosen, ???. This is ugly. Even with three. Got to hope Rosen goes anywhere but Giants RB. Barkley, Jones, Bernard, Freeman, Gillissee. I like it overall. I think Saquon is going to be a stud. Jones looks good but of course relying on rookies can be bad. With Lewus gone, maybe Gillissee gets more chances, Bernard is PPR Guy. I had Ballege over Freeman for same reason but 2 picks in front. Oh well. Hope for TDs now. Probably better for best ball with makeup already. WR. Evans, Tate, Watkins, Jackson, Coleman, Washington. This is strength of team. Lots of talent that had down years but I hope rebound as Mike and Sammy very talented. Big Washington fan and think he can be Boldin like in year one. Mature body, great hands and long arms. TE. Henry. Witten Solid twosome here. Rising star and still solid former star. Almost went three but did 5th RB instead. Was looking at rookie Pk. McManus, Carlsson. Rookie PK have struggled lately but he will be drafted first and start the year. Denver should be solid D. Browns, Raiders. Who knows but lots of talent in both squads and hope for better seasons from both. Plus both will draft some nice D. I really like this team if I go QB in 5th over Watkins and draft WR over Rosen. But did not and need lots of luck or my 20th round guy to start also. Have a list of 4 guys with potential to play. Probably early exit.
  6. James Washington is my #1 WR and will be 4th pick in PPR.
  7. 7 round mock draft
  8. Draft has been downright ugly for speed. round 1. Barkley. I gave a thought to Beckhum or Hopkins but went risk-reward and wanted to grab a RB. Like Bark-Evans over Beckhum-Mixon. I have a crush here and luckily own in my only dynasty league. I really like him better than the next 5 RBs by a lot. We will see. Round 2. Evans. He was one of only 2 preselects I had bad Green went next. Still had no interest in Tyreek, Gronk(too risky at this point), McCoy, Freeman or Dams after I put in at 1.14 pick. So Chance none could have been there and might have gone Olsen, Rodgers or Adams. Luckily no second choice Round 3. Bastards took all my preselects in Landry, Olsen, Cooper and Engram going by WSL1, thought would make. Long list of guys I could have lived with and comparing other draft, I reached on Henry but I have him high this year with no Gates. Well ahead of next TE and you guys are taking guys I have looked at.
  9. I am going Jones. He did way more with way less of a team around him. Acceleration and age factor in also But situation is going to be separator for all of these guys including Guice. Anyone can move ahead if he goes in second to bad spot. They are all that close in the end and evaluations outside of Barkley are all over the place right now. I have seen all but Chubb in first rounds of draft. I have seen all four go in second.
  10. Mayock’s positions
  11. 14 team IDP with Superfex and 2 pts PPR for TE A gets Alshon Jeffrey, Zay Jones, Raekwon McMillian, 1.2 in very diluted draft(Chark, White, Ian Thomas, Scales best options) B gets Hunter Henry, Donte Moncrief, Zach Cunningham
  12. Got to thinking with post in shark Pool. Is this class better this year. I think so DL. Garrett, Barnett, Thomas, Harris, Allen., Charlton, McKinnley. I think I like this core slightly better. Garrett slightly ahead of Chubb who with Ondy going to 4-3 is almost certainly a De as see Indy, Cleveland or Tampa as landing spot. Davenport kind of Barnett. The key will be some lower guys and the edge group if it can be better LB. Foster, Davis, Reddick, Cunningham, McMillian, Anzalone, Watt, I think this years crop is way better and way deeper. This is where this draft wins in my opinion as the stronger draft for IDP. (I also like for O and even more if Superflex or 2 QB.) DB. Adams, Hooker, Lattimore, Baker, Evans. I again like this years crop overall better. It is why you are going to see some good RB and LB drop to round 3-4 this year. Better CB and OL. Agree or disagree?
  13. I like it a lot. QB. I like the depth and top guys here. One of the better ones. More excited about this years over last by quite a bit. Some nice depth and see a Garoppolo type out coming on out of the White, Benkurt, Laudela type RB. Love the group overall. And with Raback. Barkley easily better than last year and I like a Guice and Jones over Cook from last year in Concepts group. Also. Live the depth as big Ballege fan WR. I think better than last year but agreed no stud. I do like Washington but in a better Golden Tate. But better depth overall and top as good even if they drop in draft because OL is way better this year. TE. Not as good as year ago but this is deeper group. Some nice talent Ina Zach Ertz, Hunter Henry or Jason Witten type of way. See 5 guys having nice careers LB. Really like this years group. Some nice fantasy names if you play IDP very excited.
  14. Matt Miller mock. Like that he has RB drafted later with the depth, Jackson and Rudolph dropping instead of reaches, and WR going in second. This is good OL draft
  15. Probably not but there is some talent in this group. A lot seem to be Ertz or Witten like. Solid guys who could have long careers. Many seem to have great hands but maybe not as quick but like them will have to learn to block. One or Two could go late first but I see 3 or 4 by end of the second and a few more by end of the 3rd. Deep group overall. I expect some will end up better than at least one guy from last year for sure over career. I rate them 1. Mark Andrews T1 2. Dallas Goedert T1 3. Mike Giescki T2 4.Tony Fumagalli T2 5.Hayden Hurst T2 6.ian Thomas T3 7. Adam Breneman T3 Not sure what Jaylen Samuels will be Durham Smythe will be good TE but more blocker who won’t be hugely fantasy relevant