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  1. 14 team PPR SF IDP with 11 starting O and 11 starting D team A gives AJ Dillon, Mecole Hardman, Brandon Jones(S), 2021 1sr(right now 1.13) record 12-2 Team B gives Chris Godwin, Matt Milano, Jeremy Chinn record 8-6 in last playoff spot
  2. Interesting. A team just did a deal to ensure getting guy but took flak In a 14 team league he is 0-9-1 next team is 1-9 next is 1-8-1 and owns pick next is 2-9 and owns pick Next team is 3-7 and owns pick but playing well 1-9 has deep team but quite a few holes. Biggest thing is loaded at QB with 5 starters bit not a trader so He gave up the 3-7 first and a 8-11 1st for to get the 1-9 1st, 2nd(7-10) and 3rd(10-14) to just about ensure he gets Lawrence. He will have 4 of the top 5 picks. I thought smart deal but many disagreed. This team last year traded the pick that got Justin Herbert for pick that got CEH and one of the top 5 picks. I think Herbert would now cost CEH, that first and another high first and not sure getting deal done. I think Lawrence will cost more if he did not get. The team owning the 1-9 is tough to deal with on top of this and has offered up that pick, another first and Late 2nd to get Lawrence. Just very interesting thoughts when you make sure you get generational talent at a pretty low cost overall. The price could have only gone up
  3. They could have done more bubbles like the NHL. Need more than 2. I think the amount of games per weekend being the big call. 8 teams though would be 4 games per week. One on Saturday where they want to take the place of college. 2 on Sunday. 1 on Monday. Move after 7 weeks and than after 4 with bubble moves. Maybe after 11 weeks, things would be better if 8 x 60 is too much, than go to 8 bubbles. But NHL did do 12 x 25 per bubble.
  4. In. For all
  5. The old one allowed for TE premium and this one does not with wifi did not generate our league starts 2 PK to give a little value and not intuitive to that. Minor complaint
  6. I would not trade him for both here is the big thing. I look at guys who cal lead you to championships with those special seasons. michael Thomas is that. I don’t think Sutton, JuJu or Metcalf can ever come close to that. that is Zek Elliott to Miles Sanders. Same thing you are getting age and good players but really don’t think any of them can be Super special top 5 type seasons.
  7. A little late here. #1. I thought everyone did a great job of drafting. It seems very thin this year at the end. Even PK is scary and no wonder lots went with 1. QB Goff(6), Big Ben(7). Very happy with this duo as long as staying healthy. Both more pass first teams with good weapons. I had a few QBs I liked so waiting was fine. RB. Gurley(3), Montgomery(5), Peterson(14), Bernard(16), evans(18). This is a rag tag unit. Gurley in 3rd if healthy can be fine. Montgomery is okay as #2. My backup is hope and pray. Hope Bernard and Evans get done catches and ADP gets some TDs and score once in a while. If I go out early this is the reason WR. Evans(2), SAmuel(4), Watkins(8), Jefferson(9), Perriman(12). Not enough here because of my RB debacle. Maybe should have just gone 1 PK or D. Like this group. Wish I had gone RB in 9th like Brieda or Scott and taken Reynolds in 14th instead. Evans preselect was interesting. The next 4 picks where my next preselects in order. I was happy with any. Love Deebo. 6 WR taken ahead, who I rank behind Deebo. Watkins another I will end up with a lot. Good best ball guy. Jefferson, I took a little early. But think was away that day and did few rounds. Perriman, I also like in best ball. But risky. Is he end of last year or everything before that. Think end and opportunity and light bulb came on. TE. Kelce(1), Rudolph(10). I usually don’t go TE in first but switched it up. Thought the 2 PPR would see him go early and RB would drop. Would have changed everything. As is. This duo is strength of team and the cost efficiency was good D. SF, Indy. This looks like awesome duo and would not surprise me to lead league in D points. PK. Crosby has starting job on good O team. Carlson should hold on but not as sure. Blankenship in 18th was other consideration but more 60-40 chance. Lots of jobs are scary right now and really see why many only went 1. 18 really cuts things fine and with no flex of any type hurts. my RB crew and only 5 WR means this team probably not fav to bring it home.
  8. 14 team league after draft. Super Flex, TE premium PPR, IDP team A gives Michael Pittman Brandon Aiyuk. 2021 2nd(2.1 or 2.2) Team B gives JK Dobbins, 2021 1st(could be anywhere between 4 to 12).
  9. Does not ,after as this report is based on age and Thomas was at Ohio St for 4 years. He had a red shirt year and thus was older coming out ala the Seniors. So it does matter and skews these numbers. also not sure why Golloday is not considered having a #1 season who played till his senior year. Now only played 2. He was #11 in my league last year. I understand the junior to senior because you get graded early, you come out chasing the cash. Why the numbers had more way more seniors drafted in round 4 or later. So top talent comes out early. But if you put Golloday and Thomas into equation, #1 WR goes up to 22% just like that. Plus what is your risk this year. The top 4 are all juniors. If Mims and the boys go late 1st, 2nd over Higgins etc, I think draft capital is still more Important. Because in top 10 is 7 Jr and 3 Sr. 2 failures for jr and 1 for Sr, than the numbers will continue to favour Juniors. Make it 4 misses to 2. The amount has bearing here because we all know, not many talented WRs stay for all 4 years. Most might not even spend 3 years in college if they where not forced. I am okay with the risk factor on the 3 seniors compared to the 3 juniors after the big 4 and draft capital and landing spot will be more important than age.
  10. And here is why sometimes the before draft can be better. AJ Brown last year perfect example. Highly rated before draft. Goes to Tennessee and drops. Someone gets steal on talent over situation. My league does lots of early mocks and was top 5. Dropped to round 2. same can be applied to committee. One of the big RBs goes to Titans with Henry there. Do you really think they will stay RBBC for years or do they apprentice for a year. But tier 2 RB goes to KC at 63 or 96 and shoots up boards ala Darrell Henderson last year. I think situation can play too big a role post draft. I rather draft after draft but just for knowing draft capital. I find as guy that usually picks late, that I am after talent over immediate need and thus end up with steals. I was in league for years where we drafted before. I thought it helped the guppies more. They really get caught up in situation over talent post draft. Of course you have your Hakeem Butler types who get tons of love predraft hype and fall but they go early anyways.
  11. I will go the opposite. How many spots that Taylor, Swift, Dobbins or Edwards-Helaire can go that have more value than Jacobs with PPR ability and fighting Jalen Richards miami. 1st round. Nope. Pick 38. Less KC. 1st round. Probably but Damien there. 2nd round. No way baltimore. 1st round. No thanks Indy. Pick 34. No. RBBC Detroit pick 35. No. Talented back still there Chargers pick 37. No. Ekeler there Houston. Pick 40. Maybe but I don’t like Tampa Pick 45. Maybe and I like but not Jacobs like with Jones there and pass first. But 2nd best spot to KC 1st Atlanta Pick 47. Maybe but got to wait a year. Pass for me Jets Pick 48. Like Atlanta but worse pitt Pick 49. Abou same as last 2. Big Ben than gone. Pass Rams. Pick 52. Team in decline. Like them for passing but pass Buffalo. Pick 54. Hard RBBC. No thanks sorry. I am picking Jacobs. Draft fever. There is no Barkley in this group of backs.
  12. I take the Hockenson side easily. I value TJ over Singleterry who I see more of a good RB in RBBC over Bell cow. TJ can be top 10 TE and the bonus is huge. I do not find this as deep of a draft as last year. So the 2.1 could be huge especially with Young and the 3 big name LB of Simmons, Queen and Murray. Add in the 3-5 RB, 4-7 WR. 1 TE, 1 QB and 4 IDP. After this another group of 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 TE, 2 QB, 2 DE, 3 LB.