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  1. 14 team Superflex Gave Damien Williams and 2020 2nd between 2.5 -2.7 got Mason Rudolph and 2021 3rd. 3.1-3.2
  2. QB Pitt. (4.6) I love the value here on Big Ben. Think they are top 10 passing team. Went in thinking Denver who could have been had much later but I like getting one of my favs rB. D. Williams.(1.27) Took because Kerryon and Jacobs who I would take normally ha e zero playoff chance. I know McCoy now in but not really worried. Thompson was going to do the same and thinkmMc or signing impacts him. RB. D. Hilliard(7.27) . Again, looking for playoff shot and chance to get some pts through PPR. Think he does close to Duke last year. For waiting, not bad WR. C. Samuel.3.27) Again. Playoff. Getting good press. Not totally sold. Maybe Duke here and Diggs in first. wR D. Samuel.(6.6) Deebo has been fav target. I know rookie but see him as top target behind Kittle. Hope not hurt by the rookie blues. Almost went 5th but took chance and worked WR T. McLaurin(8.6) Looks like good chance to be top in targets. Again might be rookie blues WR J. Kumerow(9.28) TE H. Henry (2.6) Went early to get good one with playoff hope that Engram, Howard do not. After top 6 to me is big tier drop. So got position where I might make up room. PK. G. Zuerlien. Did not want a guy who could lose job. 4 did last year in first few weeks. Also those jobs that were not sure about. So went early and for extra playoff points. Def. SF. (10.5). This was position punted. Hope Bosa and Kwon improve and I get surprise. Lots of question marks. Damien leading the way. My WR will make me or break me. Still like though.
  3. Terrible move by KC. They don’t have a lot of cap room and that D looks terrible. Down to what for cap space with guarantee 3 million. Lets sign a 31 yr old RB instead to annO that already rocked and I guess hope he helps yout outscore teams. This is not a winning Super Bowl formula. I think this probably hurts all KC RB and not enough touches. From NFL perspective. Not good. For fantasy probably not good for Williams, McCoy or Thompson.
  4. 2 TMQB KC, New Orleans 4 RB. Kamara, Elliott, CMC, Chubb 5 WR. Thomas, Julio, Beckham, Adams, Smith-Schuster 2 TE. Kelce, Ertz 1 Flex Hunter Henry 2 PK. Lutz, Gostkowski 2 Def. NO, NE.
  5. This one looks like it is coming down to preseason final. Vedvik has had some rough practices since last weeks debacle. Looks like 5-9 and 5-8. With some bad shanks inside 40. But Bailey does not have the leg for longer kicks. Better accuracy. Add in the 5th rounder given and giving up on Dan Carlson early who went to Oakland and played well. Will they keep both with Vedvik as punter and FG specialist outside 50. Not sure but maybe scenario but really won’t know till after preseason game and maybe Saturday. If I had to draft today, I try to avoid but if wanting Vikings PK, I think they learn from Carlson and take chance on Vedvik. But won’t bet on that.
  6. Doing 3 teams and on 4th is interesting i came in with 2 plans. Wait on QB with knowing I like Allen and Flacco a lot this year and be happy with both at QB as feel both can be playoff makers and just screamed value. Only ended up with one each. 2nd part is going 3 TE on each team. Tried to do playoff team thoughts QB league 3 Pitt and Jack. Steelers was steal in the 8th. I have them as playoff bound and still throwing a lot. Big QB run happened and my 2 targets gone by 9th. Did not want Wash, Miami, Cincy Or Tenn. Took Jags over them. Was not happy league 4. SF and Denv.. I wanted to try different things in each. Probably should have gone Buff but had already taken in one. So went with SF this time. Not enamoured. Still okay for end of round 8 but each league so different. Got my Denv combo in the 9th. League 6. My earliest combo at 7,8 turn. SD was easy choice. I don’t consider Rivers and a few others far behind Saints taken in 4th. Got my Josh Allen fix here. Even though Denv in 12th here looks like a steal. Again. So interesting how QBs go in each draft. RB. L3. My fun league with Zeke1.13) and Melvin(4.4) as RB. Could be winning combo or lead to lower finish. But placing 2nd is no fun. So went for broke. Ballege seems to be a target. Love everything I have read and while no playoff chance for 9th round a steal. Really believe he out does Drake for fun. Hillard might get Dukes pts and was just looking for pts and playoff chance. Like this combo L4. CMC with playoff chance seemed like easy choice. I go Barkley normally but our rules change that. Think WR is deeper position. I am big on Kerryon even though hope this pre season usage is not a thing. But still like even with no playoff chance. Than the rest is probably miss. Hines was picked as not big fan of Mack. Edwards hoping still gets touches in that run oriented O. Good start, awful punt. L6. Gurley could be hit or miss but in second is good value. Lamar Miller probably ends my season. Got Ballege and Hillard again. Miller in the 6th seemed like value but guess those who took Duke got the steal. He was on many of my lists WR L3 This was the wait one and like. Landry should be good. Start. Love Watkins and was a desire from the get go. I think screams value. Funchess looked good but the Luck news hurts. Metcalf injury hurting some but how long out. Love McLaurin and another huge value to me. I think he will be top WR for Redskins. L4. Love this group, Jeffrey is solid. Lockett looks like breakout guy. Watkins is my love child to have. Like the upside of Washington and feel he is breakout star and Deebo was another want. Missed in 3 because someone scooped was earlier. L6. Switched this one up taking Odell early. Than got Woods for playoff potential also and got 2nd share of Funchess. Than punted till the end and took 2 rookies. Another share of McLaurin and than see how AJ Brown works out. I don’t mind but don’t mind but don’t like as well as 4 even though earlier resources here. TE L3. Went hard and love this group. Henry, Hooper and Hockenson looks excellent. Not much to say here. Part of my core philosophy to start L4. Again 3. I love Hunter Henry and think playoffs. Rudolph is old reliable and having good camp. Everett felt like steal L6. I almost went Hunter again. But shook it up. Hooper and Rudolph again as playoff chances. Hurst is risk as not sure place but talented and TE scoring PK L3. 2 guys who keep jobs with Sanders and playoff shot with Crosby L4 Scary with 2 young guys and Vedvik looking more like punter. Gay the rookie and we know how rookies have fared lately. Not good L6. McManus is solid. Second share of Vedvik. Not good. He has so disappointed me. Waiting on PK overall did not work well Def. L3. Car-Pitt. 2 playoff chances. Solid L4. NO-Pitt. Really like this one L6. Rams-NO. Took D more seriously than PK. Happy with all 3 League 3 could run away if RBs come back. Solid everywhere overall. Fav team League 4. So many holes League 6. Losing Miller should eliminate chances.
  7. Why not. These ones have not taken much time
  8. I don’t think any good ones out there. I will do. Our league is 14 teams where you start 11 guys and up to 3 PK as very flexible lineups. Score nicely. Least valued O position but we have 49 PK on roster and I like to keep up as they have importance as 9-10-11 starter for many teams Lets do a breakdown The easy 5. Looking for PK with nice legs, good O and secure job. This will all be personal preference but see these guys as easy owns Justin Tucker Stephen Gostkowski Greg Zuerlien Will Lutz Harrison Butker Tier 2 is just a step behind but should be secure for job also but wontguarantee due to location(weather or team ineptness) or experience Jake Elliott Kaimi Fairborn Josh Lambo Matt Prater Jason Myers Robbie Gould Mike Badgely Brandon McManus The rest Kaare Vedvik. I really like but how will he do in new location. Bailey still there but as of today. I would probably draft top 10 with big leg and indoor location Mason Crosby. Still in fight with Sam Ficken but I see this as more incentive. If cut, he would quickly get job. Good O but crappy late season weather Giorgio Tavecchieo. Great location and offence to kick in but he has been around the block. One misstep and replaced but as of now is the 2019 PK Elliott Fry. Great O to kick in but no location and the noose is tight. Still ahead of Eddie Pinero and whispers of one of the 4 teams in on Vedvik. Very fluid situation which makes it tough Daniel Carlson. Already lost a job and how will O be. But seems to be coming on and got by the rookie blues Chris Boswell. Great O, mediocre location. He has had struggles in the past. Heinz Field not easy. Matt Wright still there but Boswell in the lead and experience looks to win out Brett Maher. Good O with Zek. Good D. Great location. He has been very inconsistent and another scary guy with all the Vedviks out there. Leg not issue or kicking long FGs but those shorter ones not up to standard. Issue is they could replace Aldrick Rosas. No competition but average O and crappy location. But no worries of losing job. He could be in tier above but the team lets him down Graham Gano. Good location, Good O team and lots of experience but still not recovered from injury a year ago and thus big pause. Plus Joey Slye has looked pretty good. Adam Vinateri. Like Gano but extremely old. Also fighting injury and Cole Helund has looked pretty good also Greg Rodgers or is it Austin Seifert. Nice O. Both started off terrible but have gotten better. Rodgers winning slightly but invested in Seifert but have done so in the past. Both scare mr overall. Matt Gay. Good O and location but crappy D which leads to team garbage points but not for PK. Battling Cairo Santos but has looked good and did draft. Zane Gonzalez. Young guy who has been cut before and on another chance. How does Kingsbury O go Ryan Succop. Good PK with solid job on an average team. Jason Sanders. Looks safe with good location but most thinking this team in running for first overall. Steve Hauschka. Veteran who is on above avg O but crappy location. Has struggled a little in camp and last few years Dustin Hopkins. Good PK but team leaves him down low. Still solid to have job if playing in Anatchy. Randy Bullock. Bad O, Average location. He looks to be good to start as not reading anything much about Tristian Vicano his competition Taylor Bertolet. Avg O, not good location. He has not kicked their yet. If in 16 team league that starts 2 PK, than holding breath with this guy
  9. Confirmed. Right in front of you but not hating
  10. PPR drake owner traded mid 2020 2nd for Kallen Ballege
  11. And here I am ready to go to 4. 🤗
  12. He meant to say, he could draft 2 teams. I have that ability also