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  1. I have a soul fly in my home league. Owns Mayfield, Chubb, Landry, Calloway, Njoku and their PK. He came for Beckham using JUJu. I did not like other parts. My counter was Beckham, Justin Simmons for JuJu, Derwin James, 2.12 and 2020 1st. So very close to what you paid. I don’t feel, I need the depth add and thus no reason to downgrade my starting lineup So I think the price paid was appropriate. But I like Evans over JuJu slightly.(Evans is my WR3 though). You got to give to get and sometimes, the other needs incentive to trade. I know I would also,
  2. Don’t you feel in power position even though I think Giants and others might be in on this which limits. i can see Rosen and 65 for 15. Not sure you can get 33. But maybe. I don’t think Giants do the 6 without getting the 33 back. Or better yet just give up second. I personally feel bad move by Cards unless they take someone to the Cleaners williams or Bosa and Rosen sound way better than Murray and whoever.
  3. Crippler QB. Brady, Flacco, Rosen i think QB is so important. With extra spot, why not carry 3. Have grizzled vet, new guy in Denver and young. Thought Brady and Rosen both equaled value. For resources spent of 7, 8, 11 , I will be good here and screwed someone RB. Chubb, Jacobs, Singleterry, Harris, Holyfield the ultimate risk position. Think Chubb will be good and Jacobs will rise up in PDSL. The rest should get me points and if 2 make big moves, I could win. If any rookie position breaks out, it is usually here WR. Golloday, Robinson, Watkins, crowder, Sanu, Cobb An okay core. Hoping Golloday breaks out and rest are vets that hope get not bad points and some good games week to weak TE. Kelce, Smith Jr. one stud and one huge risk. Rookie TEs take time and probably should have grabbed Thomas or Giescki a little earlier instead. But Kelce hold down fort for 15 weeks. Rest. Crosby, McManus, TB, Oakland. 2 PK who will keep jobs which to me is important and why earlier resources and with D, you never know from year to year. Especially this early. I was always taking 19, 20. Some huge risk at RB and caring 3 QB. Will see how it goes but not unhappy. If a few guys just drop a few more picks like Stafford than maybe slightly different outcome At 10 could have been lots of options. Knew I wanted a RB by 2nd at least rounds 5, 6 got my top predraft by entering half round earlier for Jacobs and full round for Watkins. After that put in QB for 7, 8. Hoped for Washington in 9th. Only real change is if Hunter Henry had dropped in 4th but he did not. I think I prefer Hopkins/Henry to Kelce/Robinson but it is close
  4. Lock made it this far in this mock. I don’t think he does when the NFL draft happens. I think you will have to trade up and did Elway want to give up the resources. Especially if 2020 class is supposedly better with Fromm, Tua and Herbert. If it fails with Joe at a reasonable price, than can go all in next year. Instead grab 2 pieces in first 2 rounds that help the cause to win now instead
  5. One thing to remember about this class compared to others lately. I think a very good WR class and great TE class but they are going to drop to the second because this is probably one of the best and deepest DL classes in quite some time. Half the first round could be Edge or interior Lineman. Add in a better OL than normal also. And while the QBs might not be as good, still a good possibility that 4 go round 1. So some of these WR dropping to round 2 is to be expected with such a deep class in the trenches. I see a few of these RBs being Penny or Michel like who were first round picks last year. No way they go in round 1 of this current draft. I agree, that no one to move up for. I have pics 3,4, 11, 15, 17 in Superfex, TE premium, IDP league and have no holes in roster and any mock I do makes me pretty happy. Might do the move down from 4 to the 7-10 range with great TE class and someone wanting to get QB but see no reason to move up. Unlike DR. Dan and his plethora of picks, I have the most draft capital in this league. One team sitting with 1, 5, 23. Another with 7, 9, 24, 29. Another with 6, 14, 20, 27. So more spread out. Of course won’t call this league an even league as 3 of 4 of these teams played in semis. So lots of minnows here too like almost every league, I read about on here. I do think this draft will be hugely situation dependant though and with so many names close in value and no one head and shoulders above, where they go will have great impact on value. Tough year if you are a pre draft draft but things will become much clearer after the NFL draft and pick value will rise. Harry looks good right now but if landing in Baltimore, his value will plummet. Jacobs will have more value than Guice if drafted by KC in round 1. So patience is huge key this year at 1.1.
  6. I pick last and get whatever is given. What a pathetic performance from everyone. .2 % chance of making it So I will go big on keep Henry Hunter and add Keenan Allen to this.
  7. I have been making brutal picks while predrafting, so let’s try live and had a meeting to attend. Pre picked next pick so all is good. My team sucks. Picking wherever put next week but much more to choose from. Hated the 7 spot. Reached on Henry. My next pick might be my best one.
  8. I got some tough decisions 14 team PPR Superflex with TE bonus. QB Jared Goff, Aaron Rodgers. Josh Allen on bench RB. Barkley, Elliott, Gordon. Also have Ware or Williams. Could promote Ballege WR. Thomas, Evans, Diggs, Foster. Also sit with Allen, Odell, TE. Engram. Also have Rudolph, Ian Thomas Pk. Crosby. Could go Tucker can go more RB or TE and less WR. Just need 2 WR DL. Hunter, Lawrence, Jordan LB. Roquan, Mack, Vanderbilt Esch, Jarad Davis. Also have Kendrick’s, Myles, Trevathon, Cunningham, Ogletree DB. John Johnson, Simmons, HaHa, Vonn Bell opponent QB. Brees, Luck RB. David Johnson WR. Julio, Adams, Hopkins, Baldwin, Sutton TE. Kelce, Cook PK. Buteker DL. Pierre Paul, Cox, Graham LB. Alonso, Wagner, Martinez, Deion Jones DB. Geathers, kazee, Joyner, Reshad Jones
  9. This mock would have the 1.1 owners smiling a little if it shook out like this
  10. Let’s use names so you have Barkley, Gurley, Elliott, Hopkins, Beckham, Thomas. That is huge stud crew there. I keep all 3 RB. Stud RBs harder to find compared to WRs. Stud RBs more consistent also. In draft, WR has much more depth. Now if you replace Elliott with Gordon, I probably go 2 RB and 1 WR. Do a mock on how draft would go. One should have a pretty good idea what the league values by past drafts.
  11. Obviously me. He is good and I like him but give me 3 nice pieces I can start in PPR, Kerryon will close the gap on Chubb and is 2 years younger. I think Kerryon is top 10 RB to own. Diggs is only 25 and top 15 WR. To drop only a little at RB to grab a useful WR is big Mack is top 25 LB and if he ever goes back to DE designation, his value would explode. Top 3 there. But in league where 56 LBs start each week, he is good. The guy getting Chubb now starts him with John Ross and Jerome Baker. Guarantee The 3 guys outscore that.
  12. Just did a pre trade deadline mock yesterday for my 14 team Superflex PPR IDP, TE 2 PPR league Justin Herbert Daniel Jones N’Keal Harry David Montgomery Drew Lock Noah Fant AJ Brown Irv Smith Jr Damien Harris Kelvin Harmon Will Grier Marquise Brown David Sills Albert Okwagbunum Bryce Love Kaden Smith Nick Bosa Ryan Finley Devin White JJ Arecga-Whiteside DK Metcalfe Caleb Wilson Justice Hill Bennie Snell Collin Johnson Anthony Johnson Deebo Samuel Devin Singleterry Hakeem Butler Tevin Coney Clelim Ferrell