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  1. Interesting. All 3 drafts have a combo of Green Bsy and NE QB to start. Simply fascinating to see same combo in all 3.
  2. Why not Greg Zuerlein. Great Leg and O. Good climate Justin Tucker. Improved O and simply good Stephen Gostkowsi. I see decline with Pats but can’t underestimate Tom Harrison Butker. Good young guy on interesting O if Mahomes steps up Will Lutz. Great O and kicks indoors Mason Crosby. I expect big rebound from Pack Daniel Carlson. Minny looking good and kicks indoors. Jake Elliott. I expect regression as news not great in Philly Josh Lambo. Jags are perfect storm with great D but okay Chris Boswell. Great O but unpredictable coach and the wind Matt Bryant. Super old but consistent for good O Matt Prater. Good O and kicks indoors Ryan Succop. Tier drop but safe job on hopefully improved team Caleb Sturgis. Great O but not safe job. That is issue Dan Bailey. Not sure on O but could kick FG. Good location. Graham Gano. Good O Brandon McManus. Average O but long FG environment for those rule Kaimi Fairbairn. Interesting O and location Cody Parkey. Have a good feeling Aldrick Rosas. I think team that will surpise Robbie Gould. Old and Jimmy G scares me Eddie Pinero. I think his job and a Gruden will be okay Dustin Hopkins. Losing Guice hurts Phil Dawson. Old but should have job on not bad O Jason Sanders. Rookie on average O Zane Gonzalez. Cleveland should improve Adam Vinateri. Good place but Indy looks bad even with Luck. Shhotouts Chandler Cantazzaro. Okay O but looking at competition Randy Bullock. Nothing thrilling Steve Hauschnika. Bad type of O. Sebastion Janikowski. Old, coming off injury. Job security Cairo Santos. Having hammy issues again on low O names that could be traded or signed Kai Forbath. Having good camp nut so is rookie they drafted Kaare Vedvik. Very interesting. Huge leg and kicking well Sam Ficken. Has done well. Robert Aguayo. Can he turn it around. Former early pick
  3. David. I can do more if that is needed. 3 or 6. Takes about same amount of time and being disabled gives me time
  4. I was going to say 5 as want Barkley and than Green on the way back but 6 will be perfect if everyone feels those are the top 5. Going by polls it seems that way. So give me 6.
  5. One other thing I would like to add here 5. Way better supporting cast. I don’t see many 8 men in the box. I see this all the time with Elliott this year. I do see a rebound for Eli. I luckily own both but give me Barkley. I have had the Gurley owner come after both. He wanted Barkley, Washington and small stuff for Gurley. Turned down. Wanted Elliott, Corey Davis and small stuff on other offer. Amazing. In this league, owner just got Bell to go with Johndon and Fournette. Question is Elliott, Barkley and Gordon better. I think easy call but one never know around here such as redraft 1.4 pick. With rookies leading lesgue in rushing lately, I am inclined to take Barkley 1.2 in redraft and 1.1 in dynasty.
  6. There is but it is giving up control of the draft as everyone can sigh in as commish. Or maybe assign a few people who can change a missed pick. the Survivor leagues basically do this.
  7. In as enjoy this. Can do whatever to help keep these successful. Think I have been in the past for 3, 4, 7
  8. Sounds like another Colin Kaepernick to me. All about the legs. Read, he has trouble outside the hashmarks. NFL will catch up to him. in 4-6, he might be good but in 6 all the way around with turnover loss, he is still 5th in rookies and way behind IMO.
  9. Going on FFninja. Davis might help you more now but will it be top 12 stats. Doubt it. More WR3. Chubb could be top 5 RB come next year. Not sure Davis and being in Tennessee has that high of ceiling of course I own Chubb and was offered Davis and Marlon Mack for Chubb and James Washington. Easy reject and did not even want to counter Chubb for Davis
  10. Disagree on Reddick over Bynes as second guy. Also think Vander Esch will be on as 3 down guy. Maybe not first few weeks but early. Of course Lee gets hurt and than Smith gets his. I like Darius Leonard for Indy. May not be sure who but it could be very good. Maybe Morrison with edge right now. Does Miller not play all downs for Broncos. Kendricks with Chargers makes so much sense. I am not impressed with crew Putting into tiers. No particular order Wagner, Alexander, Mosley, Ogletree, Edmunds, Jones, Kuechley T. Smith, Barron, R. Smith, Kendrick’s, Z. Brown, Davis, Cunningham Jack, Evans, S. Lee, Vander Esch, Martinez, Buccannon, David Trevathon, Collins, Alonso, McKinney, Williamson, McMillian, Foster Kirksey, Hitchens, Marshall, Hicks, Thompson, V. Williams, V. Miller Schobert, D. Lee, Leonard, D. Davis, Foster, Perryman, Wright Morrison, Whitehead, Van Noy, J. Brown, Bynes, Ragland, P. Brown Littleton, Clowney, Vernon, Warner, Anzalone, Bradham, Goodson D. Johnson, M. Smith, Ownsauser, Bostic, Hightower, Watt, Chubb Barr, Milano, Reddick, , Bradham, Ryan, Floyd, Davis Future guys I like. O’Daniel, Burks, White, Jewell, Jefferson, Baker, Carter, Reeves-Maybin In a league, I could live with any 4 guys from first 3 tiers and be very happy with my LB core. Lots of good LB. One reason I don’t mind waiting but really jump in head first when I go. tier 4 has some nice names also. After this I question how good they will be. Tier 5 has guys with potential or previous usefulness but they don’t excite. Tier 9 is guys who might help now or could surprise still. Maybe i I should have put this is ADP thread change with Kendrick’s signing. Feel really bad for Schobert and hurts Kirksey
  11. I believe that for this year and probably next that Team B will get more points but down the road, A will end up scoring more. Gordon by than will probably be redundant and not a big fan of Hill who I still think as more gadget. I prefer Watkinsmyself. Where as Gurley and the WR have age big time on side.
  12. I will post mine I can tell owners still get caught up in names. Maybe they drafted Mack as DE. Clowney, Judon, Chubb, Houston, Irvin and Watt take a huge nosedive unless really big play scoring. In 14 team league, they are #4 guys who are matchup guys only. In heavy tackle, they are pretty useless Other reaches. Joe Schobert with Collins back makes him more of a 4 guy to me. Won’t see nearly as many snaps as Collins and Kirksey play more i like Martinez but not at 6. In dynasty, he reminds me of Paul Worrilow. Probably good numbers but always looking around corner. Better 2 guy. Jordan Hicks scares me coming off injury for sure. Again not sure on talent. Vince Williams. In that tier 3 but I prefer him as a 4. Not sure how Pitt LB shake out but be weary of Kendricks christian Jones. He is more like 70 guy. He is FA in my home league where over 100 guys rostered. Underrated Trevathon. He puts up numbers and even with Freeman, should put up numbers with Smith instead. I like him over quite a few guys in front. collins. 41st as bottom 3rd tier too low. Like him in tier 2. Foster. Now out of trouble, he should be in tier 2. Still worried about personality and desire Macmillan. Not sure about injury but opp has him way higher. Bynes. Not big on him but chance to be tier 4 LB there. Could do Dansby like numbers as Cards MLB has been good i think overall, the top 2 tiers of LB is nice. Could live with combination of many guys in my league, we start 56 guys and I think near end, it really drops off. Not sure I would be happy with Perryman, Denarrio Davis, Marshall and Whitehead as LB crew. So while you can wait, when the run gets going, don’t hesitate to go heavy as hate to start this. I know my home league, owners who waited seem to have some critical need cores. Puts them in a big hole.
  13. 14 team PPR league SUperflex. All TD 6. IDP tackle heavier fFunchess for Stills. also John Ross for early 2019 2nd I could list all the other dumb deals but they provide nothing to here Like Russell Wilson, Chris Hogan, Tahir Whitehead, and 2019 mid 3rd for Andy Dalton, Devin Funchess, Bobby Wagner or Bilal Powell for Gio Bernard and 2019 4th or Virgil Green for 2020 late 4th and 5th. Last 3 all brutal. But not the smartest league. Home one.