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  1. Why not. These ones have not taken much time
  2. I don’t think any good ones out there. I will do. Our league is 14 teams where you start 11 guys and up to 3 PK as very flexible lineups. Score nicely. Least valued O position but we have 49 PK on roster and I like to keep up as they have importance as 9-10-11 starter for many teams Lets do a breakdown The easy 5. Looking for PK with nice legs, good O and secure job. This will all be personal preference but see these guys as easy owns Justin Tucker Stephen Gostkowski Greg Zuerlien Will Lutz Harrison Butker Tier 2 is just a step behind but should be secure for job also but wontguarantee due to location(weather or team ineptness) or experience Jake Elliott Kaimi Fairborn Josh Lambo Matt Prater Jason Myers Robbie Gould Mike Badgely Brandon McManus The rest Kaare Vedvik. I really like but how will he do in new location. Bailey still there but as of today. I would probably draft top 10 with big leg and indoor location Mason Crosby. Still in fight with Sam Ficken but I see this as more incentive. If cut, he would quickly get job. Good O but crappy late season weather Giorgio Tavecchieo. Great location and offence to kick in but he has been around the block. One misstep and replaced but as of now is the 2019 PK Elliott Fry. Great O to kick in but no location and the noose is tight. Still ahead of Eddie Pinero and whispers of one of the 4 teams in on Vedvik. Very fluid situation which makes it tough Daniel Carlson. Already lost a job and how will O be. But seems to be coming on and got by the rookie blues Chris Boswell. Great O, mediocre location. He has had struggles in the past. Heinz Field not easy. Matt Wright still there but Boswell in the lead and experience looks to win out Brett Maher. Good O with Zek. Good D. Great location. He has been very inconsistent and another scary guy with all the Vedviks out there. Leg not issue or kicking long FGs but those shorter ones not up to standard. Issue is they could replace Aldrick Rosas. No competition but average O and crappy location. But no worries of losing job. He could be in tier above but the team lets him down Graham Gano. Good location, Good O team and lots of experience but still not recovered from injury a year ago and thus big pause. Plus Joey Slye has looked pretty good. Adam Vinateri. Like Gano but extremely old. Also fighting injury and Cole Helund has looked pretty good also Greg Rodgers or is it Austin Seifert. Nice O. Both started off terrible but have gotten better. Rodgers winning slightly but invested in Seifert but have done so in the past. Both scare mr overall. Matt Gay. Good O and location but crappy D which leads to team garbage points but not for PK. Battling Cairo Santos but has looked good and did draft. Zane Gonzalez. Young guy who has been cut before and on another chance. How does Kingsbury O go Ryan Succop. Good PK with solid job on an average team. Jason Sanders. Looks safe with good location but most thinking this team in running for first overall. Steve Hauschka. Veteran who is on above avg O but crappy location. Has struggled a little in camp and last few years Dustin Hopkins. Good PK but team leaves him down low. Still solid to have job if playing in Anatchy. Randy Bullock. Bad O, Average location. He looks to be good to start as not reading anything much about Tristian Vicano his competition Taylor Bertolet. Avg O, not good location. He has not kicked their yet. If in 16 team league that starts 2 PK, than holding breath with this guy
  3. Confirmed. Right in front of you but not hating
  4. PPR drake owner traded mid 2020 2nd for Kallen Ballege
  5. And here I am ready to go to 4. 🤗
  6. He meant to say, he could draft 2 teams. I have that ability also
  7. As an owner of all three, this intrigued me
  8. I agree with Dr. Dan that the 2 2020 1st even if late are preferable to the Cohen/Penny part i am big on Beckham and bust feels like OBJ and a bunch of spare parts. Luckily I own Beckham in my league but make JuJu and I still reject. Both of them but prefer the 2 1st offer. But I guess if your RB sucks really bad, than you pull the deal but don’t think you are a contender if starting Cohen and Penny.
  9. Nothing to worry about. He will be in camp. I like potential to be top 10 RB this year. The opportunity is their and like the talent glad Oakland management came to senses here
  10. 14 team Superflex PPR, IDP TE premium. Start 11 O. We drafted during the 2017 season and included college players. The caveat was if they did not come out, you did not get. Did a lot of trading down and acquiring picks this year. We are a half really good, 1/4 as average and some guppies. This is top team but top 3 are far ahead and 4/5 are instant playoff makers. I drafted or picked on ww 75% of team. QB. Rodgers, Goff, Allen, Flacco, Rosen, Lock RB. Barkley, Elliott, Gordon, Kerryon, Jacobs, D. Williams, Ballage WR. Beckham, Thomas, Evans, Allen, Diggs, Watkins, Washington, D. Samuel, Gallup, Crabtree TE. Engram, Hunter, Rudolph, Fant, Smith Jr., Thomas, Giescki, PK. Have value as can start 3 and .1 per yard. Tucker, Elliott, Crosby DL. Hunter, Lawrence, Jordan, Ingram, Barnett, Q. Williams LB. R. Smith, Vander Esch, Jack, J. Davis, Bush, Kendrick’s, Mack, Cunningham, Ogletree DB. J. Johnson, Ha Ha, Bell, McDougald, Simmons, Thornhill picks. Have extra early to mid 1st, own the ugly teams 2nd. Have 2 extra 2nds in 2021.
  11. 14 team. Start 11 IDP Gave up Danny Trevathon, Quincy Williams(got on ww), 2021 3rd(early to mid) for 2020 2nd(mid), 2021 2nd(late) i own all 3 Bear LB as made trade for Mack when his designation changed to DE in Oakland. Danny was LB10 for me.
  12. 14 team Superflex, PPR except 2 for TE, IDP. Start 11 O, 11 D. Can’t belive how fast they drafted.
  13. Surprised that no Devin Singleterry in these lists. I really like Buffalo as a landing spot for him. Think he could be starting by end of the season McLaurin going to Washington with Haskins should be a nice 2nd round consideration. for those in TE premium leagues really like all of Sternberger, Oliver, Warring and Knox ability and landing spots. All second round picks more than likely In my superflex 14 IDP team league, Jones will be first rounder and Lock will go round 2
  14. Another rookie opinion
  15. The top 2 guys in most leagues will be Devin White and Devin Bush. 2 great young looking LB in this class that are a tier ahead of Mack Wilson. They will both be first rounders and Wilson probably 2nd. Than comes all the edge guys. Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Rashan Gary, Montez Sweat, Clelim Ferrell, Brian Burns. These guys value will all depend on if going to a 4-3 or 3-4. If drafted by SF, Oakland, TB, Detroit, Buffalo, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, or KC and all will have great value. Would be picks 3, 4, 5 with Wilson 6th. If drafted to 3-4 unless Allen to Jets and value is non existent. Allen would be outside top 10 Than you get to the 2 Donald maybe impact. Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver both interesting.,either could be real good or useful. In DT required leagues, the value night increase After this is more draft spot and situation. Guys like Blake Cashman, Germaine Pratt, TJ Edwards, Terrill Hanks, Drue Tranquill, Vosean Joseph, Tavon Coney, David Long, Javani Takitati, Bobby Okereke, Tre LamarCameron Smith and Jon Giles-Harris have been all over the place in mocks and rankings. I think spot for chance to start. Like Cincy, Denver, Oakland, Baltimore, Pittsburgh MLB or ILB might have nice value. Cleveland, Indy, Rams, GB, NO might have value also. If drafting today, they would all be outside top 10 but the Cincy guy would move up nicely if drafted by round 4. A few more guys who might have value at DE still. Guys like Jayon Ferguson, Joe Jackson, Charles Ohemineu, Oshane Ximines, Anthony Nelson and Jacai Polite could also have value. Some other DT like Lawrence, Wilkins, Simmons are also interesting depending on landing spots There is 7 nice S by the looks of it. They will be drafted from end of 1st in NFL to 3rd round. But my value on them is low to mention. Adderley, Rapp, Gardner, Abrahm, Thornhill, Johnson being few names i do mocks for my league done on mocks online if 3 rounds or more. 14 team league with Superflex 5 pts TD, TE premium with 2 PPR for them but start 11 O guys and 11 d. White has been end of 1, early 2 in most. Bush comes quickly. Wilson usually between pick 20 - 27. Bosa and Allen if going SF, Oak go between 17-24. Usually get one more as few teams at bottom of 2nd have DL issues. 3rd round sees run on the nice DL and than LB that go to nice situations and drafted in 3rd round. All over the place though. The DL in list 1 go quickly in the 3rd. If they go to a 4-3. Allen if Jets is end of 3rd or early 4th. Bosa goes early(18) because we have incompetent owner if drafted by Arizona or Jets because he owns Joey. But he should go mid 3rd at earliest. DB goes 4th round as I put little value but someone will draft earlier than I would. 2nd best scoring unit and got all on waivers. If I did draft today, I should have added. Not knowing spots and just on talent and guesses White. He I’d going top 15. Like all spots. Roquan like Bush. Safe pick. Probably top 20 Bosa. I think good chance at SF but Ariz and Jets rishy Wilson. Again. Safe pick. Going late 1st or 2nd Allen. Tons of risk as mocked to Jets too muc Burns. Risky also but maybe not as much. GB terrible Gary. A little safer as DL for sure but is it end in 3-4 Ferrell. I like him but so many scary spots Sweat. . Like guys above. Very risky Cashman. A little Esch in him. Again. Does he go late 2nd or 5th. Williams. Pretty safe pick but upside lower. But if Donald like he could pay off Edwards. Plz like but 3rd to 5th round range Coney. Risk again. That is this class today. Better feel after draft Ferguson. Question is will he be just rusher Oliver. He would be higher but just DL in my league. Safer but size has been talked about
  16. Well betting that Walker at his age not coming back the same. Ala Antonio. Took Jonnu a while but was playing very well before injury. Drafting Fant or TJ more the issue, I can see. TE take time and he was talented and finally started to show. Could be wasted pick but in 20th round was the guy who stood out to me. And TE premium helped take a huge chance.
  17. QB. Jimmy, Foles, Manning. I was happy at 2 but Eli became pure value. This group will do okay overall. Hope to get one nice score per week RB. Guice, Josh Jacobs, Singleterry, Sanders Lke my last group, these guys could kill me pretty quick. Tons of risk here. Really think Jacobs is a Raider and will rise to 3rd in SSL. Other 2 who knows WR. Thomas, Julio, Golloday, Brown, Crowder nice core but only 5 because I found value elsewhere. Think they should be solid and think Brown will be e cellent in best ball. Crowder consistent. I like it TE. Hooper, Thomas, James, Smith. hooper is under appreciated in fantasy. He was good last year and don’t see why can’t repeat. Olsen needs to go to booth and Thomas will be steal. No TJ to Detroit or Tennessee. Fant either. Both last guys could start. James new lease and Jonnu was looking good before injury. Hope to get good score per week and maybe find the flex. Pk, D. Got 2 guys that will have jobs during season and 2 D. They change so much year to year and want 2 should have 1 less QB and TE and more RB but went for value. If RB or TE have guys step up, I might surprise. If not. Early exit but who cares. Finishing 2nd like I did in 3 drafts, 2 years ago sucks. Take my one win last year and 1 early exit instead
  18. Thanks Andy For the Packers i like all the picks other than Brown. I like our young WR we have and would rather take Fant instead. Think helping OL important and another S great wish you would go 3 rounds 😉
  19. One of the better mocks dont have Giants taking QB at 6. Check dont have KC drafting RB with all the D needs and maybe WR. Check dont have Jacobs in first. Check
  20. In this situation. You either believe or disbelieve the story. I would think looking at trades trades that are happening, that not many will buy for pre story value. You might be willing to take the risk, that all will be fine and pay a very good price but less than 2 weeks ago. Or you think he is guilty and try to get a decent price as his price can go lower. I think a lot are in this category by the prices I am seeing. Someone might come out way ahead but this could be Josh Gordon again. Where is his value now after being astronomical a few years ago. I don’t own Hill and have never been a huge fan as too many low games with the huge games but would want bargain basement price to have on my team. All about risk aversion now on Hill. I wonder what Hank and Meno would pay. I think both look like astute owners who if they think, Hill won’t be greatly affected would still try to get for less than 2 weeks ago. Take advantage of the situation. I find it highly unlikely that many would pay top 5 WR price today. Certainly not seeing it in the trade thread