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  1. I just called back in and switched to directv after getting the basic offer out there (movie channels 3 months, Sunday ticket) I also got 4 rooms free, 200 visa card and $100 referral from my daughter.
  2. Well, they don't want to negotiate with new I have been with Dish for 12 years, but the loss of NFL network has got me looking to possibly switch. I was finally able to talk my wife (who is not very tech savy and is very comfortable with the hopper) into switching. I am in my favorite team's market, so the Sunday ticket isn't a big draw for me. Come to find out the deal I saw last week for 4 rooms is no longer there and now you can only get 2 rooms included (each additional room is $7). I proceed to call them to see if I can talk them out of the additional room charge - no go. I got online and tried to chat them to remove the additional room charge - no go. offered me Visa gift cards If I bundle with ATT to which I said there is no way I am switching wireless coverage because ATT has no signal where I live. I guess it is either suck it up and pay the $14 per month so I can have NFL network (along with listening to the wife whine because she doesn't like directv) or just say the heck with it and stay with dish and see if I can talk them down because they don't have NFL network.
  3. So, we are getting closer to the start of training camp and no signs of dish and the NFL working anything out. Are you starting to get nervous and considering switching? I am thinking of switching to directv, but the wife is a big dish and hopper fan so I am not sure if it is worth the headache of her complaining about directv. It also does not look like the genie would work as well for our family as the hopper does, but I would like the Sunday ticket and additional games.
  4. Not to be a pessimist, but how long before some perv starts using this to lure kids?
  5. Just downloaded the app for my 9 year old. I didn't think there would be much to do because we live in a very small town. He has already captured a couple and is planning on riding his bike to go get more and go to a gym? Guess I win be seeing my phone for awhile, but at least he is going out and about to explore.
  6. So I like the cloud settings, but I don't like them. Much like last year all that is available on the cloud settings is the leagues in general. I can't start a draft on my Ipad and then finish it on my laptop. Is there any possibility that with the new MyFBG coming out we will be able to import our settings and our rosters into the new dominator? Other than that I love it and there are a lot of things that we have been wanting in the draft dominator for years available to us now on desktop.
  7. We just got out of the minivan and went to a Buick enclave. We have had a minivan the last 10 years (both Chrysler, had good luck with both), but are down to 2 kids at home and the wife was ready to get away from the minivan for awhile. It's funny because in 2 weeks she is already realizing the lack of storage as compared to the minivan.
  8. going to try to convince the wife to do this. It has to be as easy as dish for her to consider it.
  9. I saw you post about a site that has live games for $10 per month. I would love a link if you don't mind.

  10. Thank you for that. I needed to read that. My mom is about the same age and confined to a wheelchair in a nursing home because of a stroke. I have a hard time visiting her because she is not the same bundle of energy chasing after the grandkids I am used to seeing but at least her mind is there and she is still here with us. Thoughts and prayers for your family.
  11. Been looking for a new 12 month, thank you. It has been a while since we have had a good deal on 12 mo membership. Amazon usually is only on the physical card as well, so it is nice that this one is an online code.
  12. 13 year old, has a tablet for skype, facebook, etc, but no phone. My 3 older children (now 21, 20, 20) didn't have phones until they had jobs to pay for their own phones and neither will this child.
  13. Hopefully part of the improvement is making the league setup a little more detailed to match the progress league scoring has made over the years.
  14. Not sure what is going on, but as others have said for some reason the notifications from MFL is spotty at best. Been busier than normal with work lately, so I keep forgetting to check MFL for status (sorry, old age is kicking in hard).