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  1. I hear you. I get sucked into the GPP every week. I don't play anything above $3 (other than the $5 single entry), but I put enough in thatI am only breaking even or a little above. It would also help if I could get both of my 50/50 & double lineups to work (I usually do 2 for insurance but it might be time to look at that also). All that said I am still up this wee by $17.
  2. Gurley being out opens up a ton of cap space. I will probably fade brown in GPPs, because I don't see there being enough value to justify him even with his low salary. However, I will probably be 100% in on him in cash games. It really opens up a lot of possibilities at other positions and you have to figure that most of the field will be on him as well so if he doesn't do well, it won't suck me down too far.
  3. It really sucks that the 2 biggest question marks at RB are both late games with Johnson and Gurley. If they scratch, their backups are pretty much chalk plays but with both being late games it limits the upside a bit. It sounds more like Gurley won't go so that helps with Malcom Brown, but there is still a bunch of questions. Going to have to be ready to do a late swap out because it could make a difference in both cash and GPPs.
  4. I went with a Chubb, landry, Kittle, Goodwin, Garapolo. Looking to see Cle jump up early and SF have to play catch up while Cle runs the ball
  5. I pivoted off McCaffery to Elliot on one of my cash lineups this morning thinking Elliot could have as good of a day as McCaffery. On the plus side, I was listening to a podcast this morning and they were talking about how the numbers were there on Bridgewater as cheap QB for gpp and Aaaron Jones could be worth a shot so I threw together this lineup: QB Bridgewater HB McCaffrey HB Jones WR Michael Thomas WR Fitzgerald WR Will Fuller TE Darren Waller Flex Derek Henry D Vikings It scored me 241.75 good for 12th place out of 9920 team tourney which won me $75 off a $3 entry. Should have thrown it in a few more, but hindsight is 20/20.
  6. McCoy is starting for the redskins today. I am pretty much loaded up on NE in cash this week because of the matchup. I went high on RB and punted on WR. Too many low options at WR that I think will make cash value.
  7. I have 3 children older than her and one the same age as her sibling :effing old:
  8. Any change of putting the single game slates in as options?
  9. It is time to slay the dragon that is the Yankees!
  10. Was going to load up on Wilson in cash games, but the more I look at it, I am wondering if game script will go in Wilson's favor. I came up with another lineup: QBPatrick Mahomes II9200 RBAustin Ekeler8100 RBWayne Gallman5800 WRMarquise Brown5700 WRLarry Fitzgerald5900 WRTyler Lockett6600 TETravis Kelce7600 FMarlon Mack7300 DSeattle Seahawks3700 Not a big fan of Gallman, but guessing he will be widely owned because of cost and opportunity.
  11. As said on Minneapolis radio- "It is time for Bombasota, the land of 10000 rakes"
  12. Ticket Punched!!!! Bring on the Yankees, It is time to bust this curse!!
  13. Is anyone playing the Single game tourneys on Fanduel? I have messed with them a little and am trying to figure out the best strategy and best position to put in the mvp spot which scores 1.5x.
  14. I have Burkhead fired up in a couple GPP lineups where I wanted a salary break and faded Agholar.
  15. I am running 2 cash lineups for the Thurs-Mon slate: 1) Murray, Ekeler, Elliot, Brown, Agholor, Fitzgerald, Kittle, McCaffrey, Vikings 2)Mahomes, Fournette, Ekeler, Sanders, Fitzgerald, Agholar, Ertz, Cook, Cowboys It does seem like a very weird week. There seems to be a ton of value at WR but it also seems like a lot of hit or miss at WR and could doom a lot of lineups. It might be a good week to stay away from GPPs because it appears there are a lot of combos that you could run in lineups.