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  1. I took the wife's vehicle to the Grocery store tonight to pick up a few things. I came out of the store and thought, #### where did I park, then had a 1 second panic because I couldn't find my truck (small town grocery store so not a very big lot). Then the light bulb came on and I realized that I took the wife's car.
  2. Playstation Vue, slingtv and FutboTV all currently have the NFL network.
  3. I have PSVUE and it has been pretty good for the most part. Much better picture than Sling or Directv now and way less freeze ups than Directv now (used all 3 with a ROKU stick). I am waiting for Hulu or Youtube tv to get NFL Network to try them, but PSVUE has been the best of the ones I have tried even though it is more expensive than Sling.
  4. 2 of 3 to open the "second half" in Cleveland is a nice start. May have gotten a little nervous if they had been swept by Cleveland. This catch was insane, hopefully he isn't out too long Buxton's catch Saturday night
  5. Don't have a clue what the credit requirements are for the 0%. My guess is if your credit isn't good enough to get a cell phone plan, you probably aren't going to get the payment option either. I won't be switching carriers anytime in the near future. Unfortunately, Verizon gets the best signal in the area I live so we are pretty much stuck with them.
  6. Regardless of the price, why should we pay for the phone when the carrier will let us "finance" it with 0% financing? Verizon is a 24 mo payment plan, which essentially takes the place of the 2 year contract. Why should I pony up whatever amount up front when the carrier will let me go with no interest and I can keep the money in my checking account which earns 3.5% interest?
  7. I cut mine in half when I do them, I wrap them in foil after approx 2 hours. When I wrap them, I put down a layer of BBQ sauce, a rack, then BBQ sauce, Some apple flavored Crown Royale, next rack, bbq sauce and more Crown Royale. Makes a big difference.
  8. This team seems to be hitting a little lull right now. I wonder how much that 17 inning battle with Boston took out of them. However, it is pretty impressive that they still have not lost more than 2 games in a row all season. It looks like injuries are starting to catch up a bit as well with 3 guys being on the 10 day IL currently and Schoop being a late scratch today with an ankle issue along with Garver.
  9. Are you talking something like this: Mats A salesperson at Ace talked me into buying a couple of these a while ago. I use them if I do fish on the grill. I also use them when I make fajitas on the grill or if I am grilling peppers or something that can fall between the grates. You don't get the "grill marks" like the say you will, but the work well and are pretty good as far as non stick.
  10. It will be interesting to see what they give up for him, I hope it isn't a lot because it looks like it could possibly be a rest of the year rental. Kluber has been talked about as well and I would like that trade a lot more. You may have to give up more and you don't see trades within a division very often, but he is under team control for a couple years. I think there will be some regression, but we also have to remember that the weather is just starting to warm up and the ball will also fly further as it gets warmer. The other thing about this roster is that when one is down, it always seems like someone else is up and there is just too much power in this lineup.
  11. Very nice rally and nice to see them bounce back today after a miserable end to last night. This team needs bullpen help ASAP! Not sure if some of the relievers need more defined roles or what is going on, but outside of Taylor Rogers, there is not an arm in that bullpen that I trust with a game on the line. Like I said earlier, it was nice to see the team bounce back today, and I don't think the veterans on the team (Cruz, Crohn, Gonzalez) will let the moral slip if they lose a few more late games because of the bullpen, but there is a breaking point somewhere. I think they have to go after 2 relievers in the trade market (unfortunately giving up prospects) and give the bullpen arms more defined roles.
  12. It is nice to see Twins hitters getting some respect in the all star voting. I haven't seen the numbers for pitchers, but Odorizzi better be near the top.
  13. This could be a good time to almost put the division out of reach. 16 games between now and the end of the month are against AL central teams. It is pretty unbelievable that the Twins could go .500 for the rest of the season and still be a 90 win team. I was listening to 1500 espn out of the cities and they were talking about the Twins should be aiming not only for the playoffs, but for homefield advantage. They said the AL East will beat up on each other with NY, Bos and TB. The west will also somewhat with Hou, Oak and Tex but the Twins are in an excellent position in there division to take advantage and roll to homefield through the playoffs.
  14. Just keep in mind that most of the time if you only have one and lose it, the vehicle will need to be towed into a dealer to reprogram the new fob because of the anti theft system.