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  1. As a dynasty owner it would be very nice if we could get the old MyFBG running until the new version is ready to roll, but I realize that could push back the date of the availability. It has been very frustrating the last 2 offseasons not having it for they dynasty leagues so can't wait to get it up and rolling again.
  2. Currently $30. I take $100 out every Friday for the weekend/next week. Whatever (if any is left) come the next week gets put away as a mini play fund savings.
  3. Is he your oldest? My older children believed longer, but the story leaks out or comes out because of spite quicker with the more children you have. We have 2 left at home, 14 and 9, and I think last Christmas was probably the last of Santa Claus because the 14 yr old was constantly throwing it out there under his breath even though he just found out when he was 12. Easter never has been a big gift holiday in our family so it is not as big of an issue.
  4. Would really like to see myfbg tied in with mfl throughout the off-season for those of us in dynasty leagues. This is a very important time of the season to long term success in dynasty leagues and would be great if we had the ease of our leagues being linked in myfbg like they are in the regular season.
  5. 10:30 - 11:00 during the week. Gives the wife a chance to fall asleep before I go to bed because I am sleeping and snoring as soon as my head hits the pillow. Have to get up for work at 5:45. Weekends it is usually between 10:30 and 11:30 because I am still up by 6 every morning even with no alarm. It sucks getting old.
  6. Some Shows it is worse than others, but overall it is not that bad. I am no TV "expert" though so I can't say for sure. I will admit when watching some TV shows, especially sitcoms it looks like they are on a fake set. Football looks great on it
  7. I just bought the 60" version of this TV and like it a lot: I wanted the 65, but it it didn't fit with my current setup and the wife wouldn't let me get a new setup or wall mount it.
  8. 2nd marriage for both of us so it does make a difference because her first husband spent frivolously and did not pay bills. We have separate accounts and each pay different bills, but both accounts are joint accounts. We made about the same amount until the last 4 months when my company was bought and I basically got a 30K per year raise so pretty much all of the fun money for both of us comes out of my account now. It has worked well for us in the 10 years we have been married so we never changed it, but our parents think we are nuts for having separate accounts.
  9. I don't want a manufacturing job either, but if I lost my job and that was what I had to do to support my family I would be there until I found one in my field. That is one of the biggest differences between our Gen and the Millenials. Not to sound like a grumpy old man, but a lot of them have an entitlement attitude.
  10. One of the biggest problems with the Millenials is that they don't want to do physical labor. They think they can go to a 4 year school, rack up thousands of debt and get a job that is going to pay high 5 to 6 figures right out of college and not have to work. They need to start looking at the blue collar jobs available for less education and expense and pretty good pay. I am a service manager at an auto dealership and I have technicians making $100K plus per year in small town USA, but it is a very physical job and you have to work for the $. Electrial, plumbing and other blue collar jobs have a shortage right now in available workers and are paying good money to qualified individuals.
  11. Monster bars or Scotcharoo bars, depending on what the wife has made recently. (I am a sucker with a sweet tooth)
  12. I have a question that I think I know the answer to, but I am not sure: I Currently have 2 xbox ones in my house (1 in the basement and one in the family room). My basement one is marked as my home xbox because that is where my children play most, when they play on the one in the family room they sign in as me because I have the Gold and have purchased the downloaded games. I bought another one yesterday to put in there room because I want my TV in the family room back, so there will be 3 in the house now. Will I be able to play with my account if they are both playing on one or can we only have 2 running at the same time (one that is home and one with my account). Hope this makes sense, not sure how else to explain it.
  13. I love the power naps, but since I don't go to my mom's for lunch anymore during the week I don't get to take very many during the week. Still like them on the weekend though, 30 minutes tops, but usually 15-20 minutes in the recliner and it make a huge difference for the rest of the day.
  14. The biggest problem is you can't pull the timing cover off without taking the engine and transmission out of the vehicle, hence the high $ to diagnose it. It wasn't one of GMs better ideas, that is for sure.