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  1. After debating between 1 75" or 2 60" in the basement, I have decided to go with the 1 big one. It will mainly be used for kids gaming and TV when they have their buddies over because it will be a while before they are out of the house and I get my man cave. Best Buy has a couple right now at a good price for pre black friday and wondering if anyone has experience with either:,6430858 I know neither one is top line, but at this time I am not looking to spend a bunch because it will mainly be boys TV for games with the occasional sports.
  2. What about a set of them for a Weber? I had a Charbroil Infrared and liked it a lot because of the grates. I switched to a Weber Genesis because I didn't like the construction of the Charbroil (The casters kept breaking on my old one) But I do miss the "infrared" grates and was looking at purchasing a set of these for my Weber.
  3. It took about a week after I got my bifocals. There is a sweet spot that your eyes need to adjust to when reading.
  4. That has been going on for quite a while. I canceled my subscription with YouTube TV back in March and switched to Hulu live when they originally dropped the Fox Sports Networks. They brought them back but in limited markets (I am in Iowa so I could not get Fox Sports North to watch the Twins). I was and am disappointed because I liked their interface. I think Hulu and FuboTV are the only major streamers that currently have the Fox Sports channels.
  5. I have the 18. Last weekend I was able to fit 4 racks of ribs and a tenderloin very comfortably on it. I was debating getting the 22 because of the more space but found an 18 for sale on a swap that was brand new for $130. I think I would have a hard time passing up the 22 for $160 depending on the shape it is in, but I think the 18 is very sufficient for space.
  6. Doing my first brisket this weekend to celebrate the return of football. Started it at 9:00 last night because I wanted it to be ready for noon. Was very nervous about my WSM holding heat all night and didn't sleep well because of it. The WSM did a very good job of keeping temp all night, we are currently at 175 and should be good to go for lunch.
  7. My 13 yr old started school this week. The teacher handed out a get to know you sheet that the kids filled out the front of and the parents filled out the back of. I read my son's replies. One of the questions was what are you looking forward to most this year. His answer, "The last day of school."
  8. Mine won't admit it, but they are ready to get back as well (especially my 13 year old). He is intelligent and would have no issues doing at home schooling even with my wife and I both working. However, we are at the point right now of a "normal summer" off after school closed and you can tell that the need to get back to school (part of it is the structure of a day) and his friends is starting to set in. I am probably insensitive, but I really don't understand the panic about sending them back. They go to school every year during a flu pandemic and there have been times where almost 40% of the class is out sick, but all of a sudden we have to keep them home now? Go ahead and rip me all you want, but I am still very confused about this whole situation in general.
  9. Ended up doing burgers on the Smokey mountain because the shoulder was not ready yet and it was getting time to feed the crew. Had them on about 90 minutes. Nothing fancy, but the family really enjoyed them and they had a good smoke ring even for a burger. Will pull them off a little earlier next time because they cooked a little quicker than planned but I was trying to get everything else done and my timing was a bit off.
  10. Giving the Smokey mountain her first run today. Have a shoulder on the bottom rack and a Loin on the top rack. I am going to pull the loin early again and slice it up for future grills because it was a big hit last time. Shoulder may not be ready for supper tonight because I got a later start than I wanted due to rain so I pulled out some hamburger as a backup plan and may try smoking some burgers for supper.
  11. Picked up an 18" Weber smokey mountain off a local swap today for $165. Was an older gentleman that owned it, bought it a couple years ago and never used it (still had the plastic on the bottom. I can't wait to play with it next weekend. I have been using a weber kettle, but I wanted to get something that would give me more surface area to cook when all the kids are home (enjoy making ribs for the whole crew of 5 + 2). I debated getting a electric or propane smoker, but I enjoy playing with charcoal too much. Any good tips from you that already have?
  12. I will not be for these reasons. Mask facts from the AAPS
  13. Sorry, just posted after your reply. Has a lot to do with the area I live and work in. My family does its part to limit travel.
  14. I don't want it to come across that I am a complete ###, but I live in an area of the country that is not very densely populated and the county I live and work in has had very few cases. I have been going to work every day since this started except for a week when my dealership closed down to prepare for the new "normal". I don't understand how they are making this whole thing a one size fits all.
  15. Don't worry, I will not be going to the store if they require a mask. I will also not be getting a vaccine when it becomes available and if they require a proof of a vaccine to go into a place, I will not be patronizing that place either.