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  1. We have 3 and most of the time it works well. Biggest issue is that we only have 1 xbox gold account so when the 2 children are both playing, I can't play because all of the games are purchased under my account which is the gold account. I ended up purchasing Madden again under a seperate account so I could play while both of the children were on the other 2 xbox's.
  2. Picked up our 1/4 of beef from the butcher yesterday and not sure what to throw on the grill first.
  3. Hey now, we don't want to get this thread deleted too!
  4. We have separate joint accounts. We are both on our 2nd marriage and her ex was terrible with money and pretty much left the account dry so when we first met and got married she was very guarded of her account. It works well for us, My paychecks go in "my" account, her paychecks go in "her" account. She pays certain bills every month and I pay certain bills every month. We are both authorized to sign on both accounts and both have a debit card for each account but rarely use the "others" account. We both have online access to each account so we can both see what is in each account at any time.
  5. Don't feel like manning the Weber all day, so going to throw a whole chicken on. Currently in the Brine.
  6. According to my profile I joined June 16, 2004. (Man, I am old and have been here a long time)
  7. Finished up Far Cry 5 last night and like was said earlier, the ending was a real let down. I actually enjoyed the game for the most part and haven't put that much time into a game since GTA. I normally don't enjoy First person games, but I actually had a good time with it. That said, now I am looking for something else. Any recommendations on an open world game with a story line much like GTA or Far Cry 5. Remember, I am an old fart that had to have my 11 year old help me in some of the areas of Far Cry so take that into consideration.
  8. Turn 46 on Sunday. It is pretty sad when I have to call up my 11 year old to help me get through areas on Far Cry 5
  9. Thank you, was trying to figure it out but wasn't digging deep enough.
  10. Any update or time frame on this?
  11. This is correct. Yes it does have a farm system, but it is not available on Xbox one. It also has a Road to the Show option, where you start out in the minor leagues after getting drafted and work your way up. This was one of the main reasons I bought a PS4 when I already had an Xbox one.
  12. @Simon Shepherd Is there a way that we can tweak our league settings after we have imported them? I have a couple leagues that have a little more complicated scoring system. I imported the league settings through myfbg and the scoring is off, especially in QB projections. I can't seem to find an area where I can edit the scoring parameters.
  13. No fishing, completely forgot about the Royal wedding yesterday. Obviously I was up past my normal bed time last night and I shouldn't be reading and posting this early in the morning on lack of sleep.
  14. We all know about companies tracking your searches for "personalized" ads, etc. but this e-mail from Joe got me thinking a bit this morning. My daughter did get married yesterday. However, I did not have an event in my calendar for this. It was only on Facebook as an event and group that my daughter created and made me a part of. Remember the fear of "Big Brother is watching" back in the day? Are we actually getting to that point?
  15. Back story (hopefully it doesn't turn out TLDR) My wife and I have been kicking around the idea of buying a different house. We have been in ours 15 years and we are at the point of doing a lot of updates or just unloading it and buying something bigger. We have 5 children and with 3 of them out of the house, bringing home boyfriend/girlfriend, getting married, grandchildren probably coming at some point we are going to need more space for family get togethers. My cousin is the owner of a construction business. This last winter He bought 2 lots in a new addition and built a spec house on one of them, it is now finished. We went and looked at it and of course the wife instantly fell in love with the floor plan and everything about it. We really hadn't considered a new house but the more we talked about it and kicked it around the more it seemed like the way to go. We have a plan in place to sell our house to his son so we don't have to worry about listing our house and waiting for someone to buy it. Unfortunately his son is only 2 years out of high school so him getting the loan for the house is a bit of a challenge, but his dad is going to do a loan on it letting him make the payments until he is able to get a loan on it. Now the complicated part, my cousin is separating from his partner and going off on his own. The new house is part of the separation and is going to his former partner. This is also complicating his son buying our house because the banker wants my cousin to wait until the separation is complete before putting any more money out due to start up costs of the new business etc. His former partner is willing to sell the house to us, but said yesterday that he has someone ready to buy now with check in hand and he really wants to get rid of the house. My cousin made the suggestion to us to just walk away from the house and he would build us a house similar to the existing one on the other lot that he owns. By the time the house is finished, he would be able to have the additional money to buy our home and the transaction would take place as we originally planned. Building a house has never been in my wife's or my plans. We have heard a few horror stories about building. My wife has no desire to pick out cupboards, trim, doors, knobs, etc. The idea is intriguing however because we could walk through the existing house one more time and not any changes that we would make, specific things that we like and get exactly what we want. If you have built a house, would you do it again? Was it a nightmare or a good experience? What is something you would definitely do different.