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  1. Ex had our oldest when I was 22, wife had my youngest when I was 35. Most of the pros and cons have been pointed out. It is weird with other parents. When our oldest was growing up, we were the youngest parents and the odd ones, now with our youngest we are older than most parents of classmates and the "odd ones".
  2. I switched to youtube tv when psvue announced it would be ending and have been happy with it so for. Good quality picture, no buffering issues. The only downside was no NFL network, but the only current services that have NFL network as an option are Sling and Fubo. Was not happy with sling at all as it was a very poor picture and Fubo doesn't have the other channels that the wife wants.
  3. @JohnnyUI can totally relate to what you are going through. We have basically went through the same thing with our now soon to be 24 year old son (my stepson). Was also diagnosed with ADD is high school but refused to take the medicine. Had decent grades, but could have had much better. He also struggles with authority because he thinks he knows everything about everything and is very argumentative. He goes through a cycle about every 4-6 months and it is like a roller coaster ride. The last time he moved out (while we weren't home) , we told him it would be the last time we let him live here because we wanted him to stay with us to help him get back on his feet by getting all of his fines and court costs (has been in trouble with the law) paid along with his other bills paid. We keep hoping the switch will flip some day. It is very hard and painful to put your foot down with your children/grandchildren but sometimes it has to be done. I am thinking of your family and hopefully everything works out for you
  4. How are you guys that are 5'10 - 6'0 wearing M and L T-shirts. I am 6'0 190 and a L feels like a mid rif muscle shirt. XL here for the most comfort.
  5. I am looking at putting a new TV in the basement of our new house. It is currently the kid's area but when they get kicked out will probably become my man cave. I was originally thinking about 2 50-60 inch TVs so I could have 2 games on at once or kids can play 2 xboxs at once but the wife is not real keen on that idea so I will probably go with 1 larger TV for the time being. The TCL 4 series 75" above caught my eye because it would fit very nicely on that wall. The question I have is should I go for the larger lower end model or go with the smaller TCL 6 series 65 inch at the same price? The TV will mainly be used for video games with the occasional sporting event. It will not be a main TV so I am not looking for a high $ at this point and the TCL seems to be a very good TV at a fairly reasonable price. I also like the fact of the Roku TV because we have cut the cord.
  6. Really? They have the exact opposite affect on my. Every so often I go on a peanut binge and will eat a jar at a sitting (not sure why, just every so often get a craving for peanuts). Will definitely make me "regular"
  7. If you are lucky. Granted I live 4 hours away from Minneapolis or KC so that makes a difference, but by the time you factor in Parking, ticket, food you are looking at 300 min for nose bleed. I am lucky because I have a friend who has Viking season tickets so when I use his, he sells them to me at face value (lower level, goal line). Even then, I have 350 in tickets, $40 for parking or train, food and drink (I don't drink alhohal so I can't even imagine what that would be), plus another $150 for hotel (getting too old to make a day trip out of it). I like to go to 1 or 2 game a year, but it adds up quick.
  8. NFL Attendance Down More people staying home to watch than going to the game. With TV quality now and no blackout rules it looks like viewership may be up because attendance is down. You definitely can't beat the experience of being at a game, but it is getting pretty expensive for the average person to attend a game.
  9. I was going to say, wait until she gets married and move out, but you have already been there and back
  10. I am exactly the opposite. I am up between 5:30-6 no matter if the alarm is set or not. I am usually in bed by 10:30 so I get my quiet time when everyone else is sleeping in the morning. To your original question, 5 minutes tops. It really upsets the Mrs. because I am out, sawing logs, snoring and grinding my teeth before she can even think about falling asleep.
  11. As much as I hate putting up lights, I would have to disagree. We went by a couple houses last night with them and I made the comment to the wife that those lights look pretty redneck and lazy.
  12. Our youngest is 12 and oldest is 25 (3 more in between). I made the comment to my wife this weekend when we were shopping that I can't wait for grandkids so we can go down the toy aisle and see the excitement in the little ones eyes again on Christmas day.
  13. I have the Orbi 2 pack system and it works great. I have one in the basement and one on the main floor. I have great coverage all over the house and outside.
  14. I had 3 Rottys, never noticed that with any of them. They were outside 95% of the time though. Some of the best dogs I ever had with my daughters when they were younger.