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  1. I usually don't listen to him, but I did find this rather interesting and it makes a lot of sense.
  2. Can anyone tell me who this is? She looks familiar and is one of those that I would consider "oddly attractive". I have scoured but I can't seem to find the answer.
  3. Finished up with the same record as the 87 team. Coincidence?
  4. Let's see if they can get over that achilles heal that is the Yankees. All in all, it was a very fun season to watch. I haven't watched that much Twins baseball in a very long time. I am usually shifting my attention when training camp starts, or like last year before the all star break. However, this is a very fun and very young team to watch. If the young guys can continue their play after the offseason (Buxton, Keppler, Rosario, Polanco, Sano to an extent) and they can find some pitching help for Berrios and Santana, next year could be another fun summer to watch.
  5. On the Vikings post game call in show, they were already talking about "tanking" for one of the top QBs in next years draft. Seems like it is always something with this team.
  7. Look into renting. Check other areas other than the school. We went through this with our son last year. 3rd grade and wanted to play viola. It cost us $175 to rent for the year. This year going into 4th grade after having to practice every day, etc. he decided he did not want to continue orchestra. We turned in the viola at the end of last year and don't have to worry about it.
  8. Can't even get around them with a VPN anymore. Started last year with the big lawsuits, they really clamped down. Not sure how they track it, but after some very successful seasons using my brother's address in Kansas City, I pretty much got locked out last year no matter what I tried. Waiting for the old conservative farts here in Iowa to pass something so we can play fantasy football is like watching paint dry, but they sure are building their casinos left and right.
  9. I remember when she was on the cover of SI She is not even that much older than I am
  10. shhh, my parents are in the other room
  11. Seems high if I remember correctly, but depending on the labor rates where you live.