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  1. Don't see a problem with it but be careful, you might have DHS knocking on your door.
  2. Used to hate them, but then I got old. Now I wear them constantly in the winter along with socks.
  3. Win Hou, Car, MIA, ARI Lose Mia, SF, Cle, LA Rams
  4. Hunter is a physical freak, I would say even more of a freak than Griffen was when he came into the league. It is going to be interesting to watch him continue to grow under Zimmer and what he can accomplish. If the line continues to develop, it could make the line of Allen, Williams wall, and Robison look pretty pedestrian. One thing I find interesting is that during his time in Cinnicinnati, Zimmer's D never produced a lot of sacks.
  5. I picked the Panthers to win in my pickem league. Zimmer has this Defense playing out of its mind right now. It is pretty cool to see now that he has his players in his system and it looks like this team will run through a brick wall for him. It also looks like the team is taking the same approach with Treadwell that it took with Waynes last year in that they are going to have to earn playing time instead of getting it just because they are a 1st rounder. This could be a very fun team to watch this season and beyond.
  6. Win Hou, Car, MIA Lose Mia, SF, Cle
  7. Win Hou, Car Lose Mia, SF
  8. Brakes will not squeal if they are down far enough. It will be more of a metal on metal sound that sounds like something is dragging. If it is brakes, you will more than likely need new rotors as well because they are being cut into by what is left of your brake pads.
  9. Brakes need to be replaced ASAP? Grinding into the rotors possibly.
  10. Win: Houston Lose: Miami
  11. Not to mention, they have a brand new stadium and have also started planning and building a new team practice facility.
  12. I would make the trade as well. Sounds like the team is shopping Wright as well. In the 3 WR sets in the preseason we saw a lot of Johnson, Diggs and Thielen. Will probably be a matter of time before Treadwell cuts in, but Johnson has shown like he is ready to go and looks like the Johnson of 2 years ago as opposed to the Johnson of last year.
  13. This trade tells me 2 things: 1. This team is in a win now mode. Bradford (if healthy) gives the team at a better shot at the playoffs than Hill does. 2. There is some concern about Bridgewater's injury and when he will be ready. Bradford is fairly young and is signed for 2 years. Is he a top notch signal caller? No, but they are very hard to come by. Teams aren't looking to hand out top notch QBs. If it ends up being a late first (team success this year) it will be a lot easier to take than a mid to high 1st. Plus, this team is pretty stacked right now.
  14. I am torn. I play in IDP leagues that break down DL and DBs and also play in some pretty complicated scoring leagues so I definitely like that the new Dominator is more accommodating for those leagues. However, the classic seemed to be much easier to get the hang of and I also liked being able to save my drafts (not leagues) in the cloud so I could access the drafts from different computers which we are not able to do with the new dominator. Hopefully they are able to make the new dominator more accommodating with these features in the future.