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  1. Your sons sound exactly like mine age wise and school wise. Reading your first post made me feel like I wrote it. As far as the fighting, it is part of what brothers do unfortunately. Sometimes you just have to let them duke it out and when one of them stars complaining just tell them you don't want to hear it. Pick your battles. As far as the older one with school, definitely get him checked for ADD. We had our son checked in grade school and the medication has helped during the school day homework can still be a battle. Keep your chin up, I an sure you are a great dad. We just feel like failures in these situations, but all dads have gone through it.
  2. It is very hard to explain all of the benefits of it. It is probably the most valuable part of the subscription for me. Get in there and play with it (when they finally get it back up of course) and you will never go back.
  3. It will highlight all of your players and FAs in the top 300, the 10 second primer is great before waivers run and on Sunday mornings (it will list your players with their weekly projections along with available FAs). These are two of the major highlights. One major thing is it will track transactions and update accordingly so you don't have to update your lists.
  4. A lifesaver if you have multiple leagues
  5. We are into the first week of preseason and still no MyFBG linking leagues? Can anyone give an update on this? I use that feature more than anything and am starting to get a little nervous.
  6. Not to hijack, but I have been doing this for the last 6 yrs with SiriusXM. Set a reminder in my phone for every 5 months to call and cancel and go through the same spiel with the person every time until they find "the exclusive deal that I qualify for"
  7. Dang, I just switched to Directv last weekend and POed my family in the process. On the plus side though, I got Sunday Ticket free (not a big deal, everyone does), got a $200 Visa card and my bill will be $60 less for the first year and about the same for the 2nd. will probably be switching back after the contract though because even though I like directv better, the rest of the family likes dish better.
  8. Not complaining at all, just feel dirty taking a WR at #1 lol. Just the old fashioned guy in me. (remember when you were lucky if you saw 1 Wr go in the first round?)
  9. Strongly leaning towards Brown at 1.01, but the old day player in me is just having a hard time considering WR at 1.01 overall. If there ever was a year that I didn't want the 1st pick (I have always had better seasons drafting from the end of the 1st), this would be the year.
  10. I am in a league that has $70 in money available for the year with a maximum bid of $10 per player. Throws a little twist into things for waivers and increases the pot by quite a bit by the end of the season. Also can throw you behind the 8 ball if you spend too much early like I did last year then got bit by the injury bug late in the season and had no money to spend come playoff time.
  11. I just had directv installed. The gentleman told me that if I call in every year and ask what upgrades I have available I will be able to get Sunday ticket free every year. I guess we will see when next year rolls around.
  12. League 4 in League 5 in but willing to give up spot if someone new wants in Love child in
  13. I just called back in and switched to directv after getting the basic offer out there (movie channels 3 months, Sunday ticket) I also got 4 rooms free, 200 visa card and $100 referral from my daughter.
  14. Well, they don't want to negotiate with new I have been with Dish for 12 years, but the loss of NFL network has got me looking to possibly switch. I was finally able to talk my wife (who is not very tech savy and is very comfortable with the hopper) into switching. I am in my favorite team's market, so the Sunday ticket isn't a big draw for me. Come to find out the deal I saw last week for 4 rooms is no longer there and now you can only get 2 rooms included (each additional room is $7). I proceed to call them to see if I can talk them out of the additional room charge - no go. I got online and tried to chat them to remove the additional room charge - no go. offered me Visa gift cards If I bundle with ATT to which I said there is no way I am switching wireless coverage because ATT has no signal where I live. I guess it is either suck it up and pay the $14 per month so I can have NFL network (along with listening to the wife whine because she doesn't like directv) or just say the heck with it and stay with dish and see if I can talk them down because they don't have NFL network.