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  1. I would agree. All of my smoking is done on a Weber 22 inch grille. I have a Weber gas that I use for grilling during the week or when I want to fire up something quick.
  2. Going to try something a little different this weekend. My dad game me an 8 lb pork loin which was already frozen so I was not able to cut it up and freeze like I normally do. I am going to cut it up into three chunks and put it on the Weber. I am going to pull 2 of them off a little early than completely done. After cooling I am going to slice them into chops and freeze. My thinking is that I can freeze the cooked safer than thawing and refreezing raw and by not completely cooling them, the will hopefully be somewhat juicy still when I thaw them out and throw them on the grill to reheat.
  3. Wife and I have pixel 3xl, sons have pixel 3s and have very good luck. Coworkers have the pixel 4 and have had problems with them and I have read some issues with different things in the pixel 4. We are a google family so will probably be staying with the 3s until we absolutely have to change and hopefully by then there is something different.
  4. Ditto here although my 12 year old gets shut down at 11:00 (phone and tablet lock, TV gets powered down). He is usually up around 9 gets his homework done and has to go for a walk (approx 1/2-1 mile) then it is on Xbox and Computer until 11:00. Rinse and repeat. I can't complain because both the wife and I work, he is a straight A student and is trustworthy enough that I know he is getting his schoolwork done before he jumps on the xbox. Plus, these days that is about the extent of his social time that he gets with his buddies.
  5. I was hoping someone mentioned him before I got in here. Still my favorite baseball player.
  6. Stuck at home for a few more days due to work being closed so I am going to throw a chicken on the Weber tomorrow (was going to do it today, but ended up being too windy). If I would have been thinking I would have pulled out one of the briskets I have in my freezer from a cow we had butchered last fall, but I think I will save that for when we can actually have friends over.
  7. With no sports to watch on TV I caved and bought MLB the show 20 this weekend. With the rare preseason hype around my Twins, I wanted to see what the team could do. I am currently playing a GM role with the team and put the game on CPU vs CPU to just watch them. My wife says I have officially gone crazy because I am watching a video game, not real sports. I look at it as it's not the real thing, but is a substitute and I can get other things done while the game is playing. I don't think it is crazy, but who knows.
  8. Is it better than last year? I wasn't planning on getting it this year because it didn't look much different than last year. I changed some rosters around so my Twins roster would look closer to this years roster, but with the possibility of not having baseball for who knows how long or any other sports for that matter and the possibility of being confined to my house for an extended time has me itching to pick it up and play with "current rosters"
  9. GM announced 0% financing for 84 months and a delayed first payment for I believe 150 days. Unfortunately, inventory is still down from the strike (was just starting to come back up) and now they have halted production again because of corona.
  10. Pretty much life as normal. Life in NW Iowa so not a huge # of people in this area. Wife works at a university as a Manager in the food service so she has to go to work no matter what. The university has closed and is doing online classes until the middle of April right now, but there are approx 75 students on campus that can't leave for various reasons and they still need to be fed. I am a Service Manager at an Automotive dealer so I have no option to work from home. We haven't seen business slow down yet, but I imagine that will be coming especially if there is a case reported closer to home. Kids are out of school for one month after governor gave the order. We are staying away from our parents. Wife's father is 70+ and has been battling cancer for 10 years so is immune system is very bad. We go to the store if her parents need something then put it in their garage. My mother is in a nursing home which as been closed down for a week and who knows when it will open, so I don't plan on being able to see her anytime soon. I try to talk to her on the phone, but she is in the home because she had a stroke so she doesn't like to talk on the phone. We will see how it all plays out, but until there is a county or state wide lock down, it looks like it will be not much changing for the snellman household.
  11. Iowa's governor has announced/recommended that schools should be closed for the next 4 weeks. Wife works at a university that has been on spring break but will be closing another week then starting online classes at this point for 4 weeks but my guess is it will be for the rest of the year. However, there may still be some students on campus that cant go home (international, students from an infected area, etc.).
  12. I am starting to wonder this because i usually achieve "perfect color" after only 3 hours or so. I haven't set up my thermometer for grill temp but it looks like I am going to have to.
  13. Question or help. I did pulled pork yesterday. It turned out good, but I almost get too much bark when I do it on my Kettle grill (it is how I always do it, I don't have a smoker). I see pictures and while there is some bark, mine is completely black. Is it because I am doing on the Weber with smoke directly on it or is there a trick so it doesn't get so black and crusty?
  14. I voted a 1 based on the question, for me and where I live. I think this is being way overblown. It is basically a virus, much like the flu. If you are a person in normal to good health, you may catch it, but you probably will not die from it. The biggest group at risk are the elderly and people in poor health. I have never had a flu shot nor would I get a vaccine for this if and when it becomes available. On an economical impact, it will have a larger effect, but that will be nationwide. Consumer goods, parts for electronics, automotive parts (I am in the automotive business). A vast majority of these come from China, so this happening in China has a larger effect than it happening in our country.