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  1. I will admit, I had fun in the first half of my life. However, I got married and had children when I was young (early 20s) so money was tight. Went through a divorce in my early 30s. Got married again in my late 30s. I am going to have to say I think the 2nd half of my like will be better. I now have 3 children in their 20s, someday grandkids will be on the way, which will mean I get to spend completely fun time with them, then send them home with Mom and Dad. I still have 2 children at home yet (16 and 11) but I am thinking I will be fairly young when they go out on their own (hopefully). I make a lot more money than I did in my 20s which allows us to do more things that we want to without worrying about finances. I have a great wife who I have been married to for 13 years and the plan is to stay married so I will have a partner that I enjoy spending time with to spend the rest of my 2nd half of life with.
  2. Mine get shut off, but they don't come off the house until spring. I am getting to old to be planting a ladder in the snow and ice to take down lights because some young punk like you doesn't like them on my house. (get off my lawn ). Mine usually go up late October/early November while it is still nice out and come down in March or April depending on when the snow leaves. That said, they are only on from Thanksgiving to New Years.
  3. As someone who is in the car business, there is no need to "undercoat or rustproof" anymore. Cars are undercoated from the factory for the most part and unless you are in a severely salted area and never wash your car there is no need to rustproof. As far as the battery protector, I would be curious to see what it actually is because I have never heard of it.
  4. Had to pay in 3500 last year. Changed deductions but was a lot of unknown this year with all of the tax changes. Not completely finished, but it looks like we will have to pay in approx 750 this year so definitely ahead.
  5. Elle McPherson when she was on the cover of the SI Swimsuit issue
  6. Winter is not a good time to check your MPG.
  7. Wife is normally home before me so she usually does the cooking during the week. I do the cooking on the weekends to give her a break. I also do most of the cooking during the summer grilling season or if it is warm enough to grill during the winter.
  8. Don't necessarily handle it better, but it will be a much smaller percentage overall unless you have a very small tank in your car.
  9. I would like to try Hulu live, but Hulu not having NFL network is a big thing for me. I am currently on PSVue and have considered giving Hulu a try once football season is over and NFL network is a bunch of reruns, but we will see.
  10. Made it through 4 without anyone doing band, but #5 is playing trombone and really enjoying it (He is only in 5th grade so maybe that will change by the time he gets to high school ). Having never been through it, I know nothing about cost or time, but I do know that they have band camp every fall before school and competition starts and the band camp is more brutal that the fall football practice is (or so I have been told). Our school has a very good band and a very competitive band. They have marched in the Rose bowl parade a couple of times and have won numerous competitions and gotten national recognition I think. (not bad for a small school in NW Iowa, but I swear it is like a cult with all of the band parents).
  11. Currently building a house and probably going to try to make it "smarter"
  12. Our family went and saw this (kids ranging from 22 to 11) and it was a very good movie. I was a little hesitant (not sure if it was "movie theater worthy") but everyone enjoyed it and it was a pretty touching movie.
  13. Goes back a few years, but as much as I hated to like him, I was always a Brett Favre fan. He led the Packers to victories over my Vikings so many times, but damn he was fun to watch. He seemed like a kid playing playground ball out there on the field and was fun to watch.
  14. I have a C shaped scar on the left side of my head from 2 temporal lobectamys. The first one happened when I was 14 and was performed to remove a cyst that was causing seizures. I was fine for 17 years then out of the blue started having seizures again including grand mal seizures. I had a seizure while I was driving that caused my to roll my car through a median and get hit by a car in on coming traffic. Luckily I was not wearing my seatbelt so I basically laid down on the front seat which saved my life because the roof of my car was even with the hood. I broke my collar bone and got my left foot smashed in that accident which is another of my lovely scars because I had to have 7 surgeries on my left foot to get it somewhat back to normal. During this time I had further tests done with my seizures which determined that scar tissue from the first surgery is what was causing the seizures. If the technology that was there at that time had been around at the time of my first surgery, the doctor said I wouldn't have needed the 2nd surgery. I asked if I had to be awake for the 2nd surgery like I was for the 1st because that was the most horrifying experience I will ever remember. I had to be awake for the first surgery because they wanted to run tests once they got to the location of the cyst because the seizures were mainly affecting my speech. I remember them cutting through my skull with what sounded like a jigsaw and also remember drilling holes in my skull to get it out. There is also a membrane between your skull and brain that can not be numbed and it was the most painful thing I remember. The doctor said I did not have to be awake so I had the surgery done because I was tired of having the seizures. I have not had one since and am not on any medication. It has been 16 years since that surgery and I am very thankful. I used to keep my hair long enough to keep the scar covered but I finally gave up and shaved my head with my receding hair line and thinning hair so I I have been asked about it many times.
  15. Can't really explain why, but O holy night has always hit me in the soft spot. Definitely my favorite Christmas song.