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  1. When I saw Tannehil was out I went and switched off of Hou to Chi
  2. I have worked at an auto dealership for 20 years and I can tell you with certainty and from experience that if you do not replace all 4 tires on an AWD or 4WD vehicle that it will do damage to a drive line if there is enough difference in the tread depth between the tires. We have had to put transfer cases and rear differentials in vehicles due to customers only replacing 2 tires at at time on an AWD or 4WD. What started as your attempt to save a few hundred could end up costing you thousands in the long run. We will gladly put on only 2 tires, but you will sign a waiver that we are not responsible for any damage that may happen due to you only putting 2 tires on your vehicle. Let's face it, the majority of the time, if you need 2 tires, your tires are worn enough that you are going to need all 4 anyway.
  3. 16 team IDP contract league: Gave Johnson, Kerryon DET RB; Avery, Genard CLE LB; Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick Got Johnson, David ARI RB; Hunter, Danielle MIN DE; Wagner, Bobby SEA LB
  4. Love it, my mom made it all of the time growing up because the family didn't have a lot of money and had 4 children (3 being boys with very large appetites). Unfortunately, wife and children don't like it so never get it unless I am home alone and it is hard to make that in a small batch.
  5. I was ready to shut the TV off after the interception, but left it on just because. I don't understand the playcalling at all. Green Bay had been running the ball fairly well, all they had to do was pick up a first down and they possibly could have run the clock out or at least left Minnesota with no time outs. Even as a Vikings fan, it should have never come down the the Matthews hit (bad call, but so was the one on Kendricks IMO) or overtime.
  6. Wife has to work all day Saturday so I figured it was a good day to throw a little butt on the Weber and watch some college football. Then Sunday I will throw it in the crock pot with a little apple juice while watching Vikings and supper for Sunday night will be set.
  7. Dynasty league Bell owner. I just panicked a bit and traded a 2nd round rookie and 3rd round rookie for Conner and Lynch. I originally offered a 2nd for Conner and he came back adding Lynch and the 3rd. Really didn't want Lynch, but I am defending champion and in a good position to make a run again this year barring injuries. I was able to survive Elliot's suspension last year, but not sure if I could survive an extended leave of absence from Bell, so wanted to get the insurance policy.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I had been looking at adding a Weber gas to my arsenal but just could never pull the trigger. I had been watching them all summer knowing that Webers never go on sale. I just got back from Lowes and picked up the E310 which was 699 for $349 (my lowes did not have the E410 on sale or I may have pulled the trigger on that one). Time to fire up the grill for the weekend.
  9. DO you know if it was an in store only? Been keeping my eyes out on a Weber but of course they never go on sale. May have to make a trip to Lowes if this is the case.
  10. It is weird because I actually disconnected and other than offering me $5.00 off a month (I was already getting $50 but that was set to expire next month) I didn't get any other offers. Didn't get any call backs after disconnecting either. It would have had to be one heck of an offer to stay because I was ready to try the streaming route, but to not get any offers after seeing what some here got is kind of weird.
  11. I am liking the PsVue. I liked Sling, but the picture did not seem as crisp on my 4k TV. DirecTV now had potential, but I hated the layout and the lack of devices able to work on at once. Service was down one night so that was the final straw. Unfortunately I can't get youtube tv in my market yet and Hulu does not have NFL network so I am rolling with PsVue. It is a little more expensive than Sling to get the channels I want, but it is still less than I was paying for DirecTV and the picture is much better than Sling.
  12. Way to many to list, pretty much impossible to only list 3 but here goes: Bohemian Rhapsody Fat Bottomed Girls Radio Gaga
  13. Am I crazy for thinking there is a difference in picture between streaming services? I have a roku 4k on my 4k tv. I have tried Sling and Directv now. I like the layout of the Sling service better, but for some reason the Directv now seems to have a better picture, especially during sporting events.
  14. Yes it was. Received a box 3 days after canceling. Packaged up the receivers and took the box to the post office, received a receipt so I could track the package and was done. The attendant originally wanted me to take the equipment to a UPS store, but I told her that there wasn't one within 45 miles of me. She then said they would send me a package for my equipment.
  15. Wife has to work all day and night so I am going to throw a little pork butt on the Weber and watch sports all day. What is the best way to reheat after pulling to keep the meat as close to the same as freshly pulled? The children and I will possibly have some for supper tonight, but the main intention will be for supper tomorrow night.