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  1. If your roster had been syncing but no longer is.. un-link and re-link your league in Edit/Update Leagues. There's a good chance you may have accidentally changed a setting that broke the link between the league and the site.
  2. Hey Brad, Can you email us at with your FBG email? I can take a closer look at why your rosters aren't syncing. Mike
  3. Hey Jim, Will Lutz is a known issue and needs to be added. I try to stay on top of it, but occasionally you will see me slip up a bit. 99.9% of players are mapped correctly before the season starts and I have routines that check to see which players I still need to add since late signings do happen. Sorry for the trouble though. I will get this in tonight. Mike
  4. Hey guys, Can you guys email your FBG info to I'd like to know what might be causing this for you guys. FYI - There is a bug right now that we'll patch with our next release. If you synced a league successfully and changed the league template afterwards, this will break the link between the leagues and just get timed out on future sync requests. You will need go to Edit/Update Leagues to un-link and re-link the leagues and get them syncing properly again. Mike
  5. Baymen, Can you PM me your RTSports info? I can personally troubleshoot this. Mike
  6. Hey Lost Lambs, Can you PM me your MFL credentials? I can test it out here and get a closer look to see if the server is throwing any errors.
  7. Hank, which league are you seeing this with? Can you PM me your credentials to help you sort this out?
  8. ichris, can you provide some details on the league that is failing to sync?
  9. How did you log into ffpc with your username to begin with? It doesn't accept usernames.
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone. For FFPC. Try your email instead of your username. DeAndre Washington - my fault. My name parser decided to just skip him for some reason. We're logging everyone's issues as they come in and we're getting things sorted out quickly.
  11. Guys that are trying to link leagues and having issues: If you want to have your issues expedited, PM me with your league credentials (after you change them) and let me know what you are/aren't seeing.