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  1. When we went a couple of years ago the photographer told us all to look to the side and act scared. We gladly obliged thinking something cool was going to come out of it. Later looked at the app and there was a picture of all of us looking to the side and being scared. What were we scared of? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Someone forgot to put the Magic Shot piece into the picture. It's actually now one of my favorite pictures from our trip.
  2. @glvsav37 and @AcerFC will definitely have more info than I do on this but we just got back from our trip and I can provide a bit of insight. If you are looking at Port Orleans Riverside you might also want to look at Port Orleans French Quarter. We were told that it is the smallest Disney resort on property. That resulted in us getting on the first bus to/from parks every morning and evening. We were in the farthest building from the lobby and it was still only a 2-3 minute walk to/from bus stops. It isn't "Disneyfied" over the top but it's a nice little resort. It has a decent sized pool with a small water slide (that even my 6 year old who can't swim went on). Restaurant had a nice selection of foods to choose from. Rides to the parks took ~20-25 minutes depending on the park (from French Quarter). They are doing a LOT of construction on the roads and traffic slowed things down quite a bit at times. We did BBB at Disney Springs one morning and then did parks in the afternoon. We brought along a change of clothes in case our princess wanted to change out of her costume, but she wouldn't even entertain the idea. We did make her change her shoes so that she wasn't wearing her plastic heels all day. BBB took ~1 hour for the "makeover" portion but then they took her to a photopass place and took a BUNCH of pictures of her all dressed up. She loved it. I'd say that if you wanted to do BBB and character dining you'd just need to make sure that you gave yourself plenty of time between the two in case BBB took a little longer than expected. If you are doing BBB you might want to look into getting Memory Maker so that you'll get all of the photos that they take. Our 6 year old princess was an autograph seeking hound on the trip (I think she ended up with 30 or more) and they took pictures at almost all of them (Mary Poppins didn't for some reason) and since we had Memory Maker we got all of them as well. All total for our 9 day trip we ended up with over 600 photos from Disney photographers.
  3. Grandparents in their 70s, 1 Aunt near 50, Myself and my wife 40, Son 7, Daughter 6.
  4. Our trip is coming up and we are starting to think about things that we need to pack. We've got a extra batter pack for phones, ordered some ponchos, will have sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. We also plan to do a Amazon Pantry thing to the resort for snacks and such. What other types of things should we be looking at packing?
  5. I called them about the 3 hour thing and they told me that if the Dining Package showed as available that it didn't matter what time you ate. They said that whenever you ate they would give you something that allowed you into the reserved seating and would tell you what time your show was. I don't think that that the RoL Dining Package counts against your FP+ limit as I already had 3 FP for that day and was still able to get the RoL Dining Package on the same day.
  6. Many thanks to @AcerFC and @glvsav37. I had to watch like a hawk but was finally able to get the RoL dining package by changing my reservation up 30 minutes and getting Tusker House plus the show. You guys rock!
  7. Good idea on this. I went in and looked and I could move my reservation up to 20 minutes and do the RoL dining package. That was until the stinking website tanked and wouldn't let me do it. Now when I go in and try to do it I'd have to move my reservation up 1:30 which I'm not willing to do. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye and see if anything opens up on this. But, this is the kind of great info that you guys have already provided. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. OK, my time for booking FP+ is coming up and my wife and I have a basic outline of how we think we want to do things. Can some of you Disney Experts help me confirm that this looks like a good plan? We've got a 7 year old boy (fairly cautious) and a 6 year old girl (probably won't get on anything remotely scary). Might try to FP+ Seven Dwarves MT on Friday as a test run for them to see how adventurous they are going to be. Friday, 5/12- Probably MK for Parades/Fireworks in the late afternoon as we won't get in until 4:30ish Saturday, 5/13 Hollywood Studios ( FP+: Toy Story Mania, Star Tours, Indiana Jones or Little Mermaid) Dinner: Sci-Fi Dine-In 6:20PM Sunday, 5/14 Magic Kingdom (FP+: Seven Dwarves MT, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Peter Pan’s Flight) Dinner: 'Ohana 4:05 PM Monday, 5/15 Epcot (Test Track first thing but no FP+, FP+: Soarin’, Turtle Talk with Crush, Character Spot) Dinner: Princess Storybook at Akershus 6:30PM Tuesday, 5/16 Animal Kingdom (Kilimanjaro Safaris first thing but no FP+, FP+: Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, Lion King)Dinner: Tusker House 6:00PM Wednesday, 5/17 Magic Kingdom (Big Thunder Mtn if kids ok first thing but no FP+, FP+: Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Splash Mountain) Lunch: Be Our Guest 11:35AM Thursday, 5/18 Epcot (FP+ Frozen Ever After, Spaceship Earth, Mission Space) Dinner: Via Napoli 5:05PM Friday, 5/19 - Park Undecided - Dinner: Cinderella's Happily Ever After at 1900 Park Fare 5:40PM Saturday, 5/20 - Checkout - Park Undecided You guys have given me nothing but perfect info up to this point. Don't let me down now.
  9. This will be our very first day of being there and we don't get in until late afternoon. Maybe a good idea to just take it easy and grab something to eat and then catch this the first night before our trip really begins? Or will be getting the highlight of our trip done at the very beginning?
  10. Can I just set them up as part of my Friends and Family and say that I control their account and get FPs for them or will that not work because they are on a separate reservation?
  11. Finally got all of our dining reservations setup, thanks to you guys. Ended up with: Sci-Fi Dine In 'Ohana Princess Storybook at Akershus Character Dinner at Crystal Palace Tusker House Via Napoli Happily Ever After at 1900 Park Fare One more question for the Disney vets. With my in-laws joining us (they are on a different reservation) do I really need them to get their own Disney account? My SIL will be fine with it but if my FIL and MIL need it I'll have to do it for them. That would probably be fine as I'd probably end up doing everything for them online if I need to, but if they don't need it I'd rather just skip that step.
  12. Big thanks on this @Bruce Dickinson. Looks like Sci-Fi Diner will definitely be on our list. Luckily for us, we are staying at Port Orleans French Quarter so beignets will definitely be had as well. Looks like we'll probably be going with Be Our Guest, Tusker House, Sci-Fi Diner, Ohana (if I can convince everybody) at the minimum.
  13. Finally got everything booked for our trip in May (12th - 20th). My family and I (wife, boy - 7, girl - 6) will be there a few days before my MIL, FIL, and SIL show up. Can you guys help me out on what we need to do in each park dining wise? Both of my children are fairly finicky eaters but everybody else should be game for just about anything. We did the 1FS, 1QS, 1 Snack dining plan and I know that we want to do some character dining for the kids (girl loves princesses, boy loves Star Wars). There are just sooooooo many options to look through that I don't even know where to start so even just crossing some things off the list that you guys know are bad would be helpful. Many thanks to @glvsav37 for the recommendation on people to use for booking. We went the Dreams Travel Unlimited and things have gone very smoothly so far.
  14. @glvsav37 Thanks for the tip on the travel agent. My wife has a friend that does that type of thing and we are considering using her for our trip plans. Any ideas on what I'm looking at cost-wise for moderate accommodations for 7 days with hopper and meal plan (1 sit down, 1 quick service, 1 snack)? I know that there is probably a lot of variance there but just looking for a general ballpark figure for 4. FYI, lots of great information in this thread and I'm still going over it. Thanks for all that you've provided already.
  15. Wow, this thread is huge. Looking at doing a Disney vacation next summer (2017) with wife, almost 7 year old, and just turned 5 year old. My wife has been wanting to do a Disney cruise since she came out of the womb. Anybody aware of the "right" way to do a Land & Sea package? How much money are we talking about if I'm looking at a 3-4 day cruise and then another 4 days at a resort? Better to just do the resort only with kids that age or would a cruise be good as well? I'm sure that's all been covered in this thread somewhere but 213 pages is a lot read. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.