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  1. BARF. Hockenson and/or Fant are going mid to late 1st depending on the format. They have a good looking future but Kittle just hit his prime.
  2. A flurry of trades went down yesterday in one of my leagues. I'll stick with the letter the team is represented by through all listed trades so the moves as a whole can be tracked. 12 team PPR Superflex TRADE 1: Team A gave up: Sony Michel Team B gave up: Damien Williams Christian Kirk 2019 1.04 TRADE 2: Team C gave up: Mark Ingram Tevin Coleman 1.12 Team D gave up: Kerryon Johnson 2020 3rd 2021 3rd TRADE 3: Team A gave up: 2019 1.10 2019 1.11 2019 2.12 Team E gave up: 1.06 TRADE 4: Team A gave up: Lev Bell 2021 1st (This pick gets moved in trade 6) Team C gave up: Mark Ingram 2019 1.02 2019 1.12 2021 1st TRADE 5: Team A gave up: Alshon Jeffery Allen Robinson 2021 2nd Team D gave up: Adam Thielen TRADE 6: Team E gave up: Aaron Rodgers Team C gave up: Mitchell Trubisky 2021 1st (Originally owned by team A) To put this in context... The 2021 team A pick is significant because that team only owns Michael Thomas and James Connor as what I would say are elite assets. He owns 2019 1.02, 1.04, 1.12, and what looks like a late 2021 1st....that is all the picks he has for the next three years with only two elite players. Team D added a ton of win now talent, but only owns Aaron Rodgers alone at QB in superflex, and owns ZERO rookie picks in 2019,2020,and 2021.
  3. Ironically it seems like he compares to Josh Allen's college career. People seem to have a mental block with comparing QB's is that have different color skin, but it seems like there are some similarities here. You have seen them both up close more than probably anyone we can hear from. As a guy in a couple superflex leagues i'm curious to hear how you think they compare.
  4. When he gets dramatic he sounds just like Plankton on Spongebob.
  5. Someone tell Stafford this is preseason stop risky injury on these rollouts.
  6. The sarcasm went miles over your head obviously.
  7. Pass was thrown beyond 10 yards...both Tyrod and Landry were confused....shocking.
  8. Foles looks like a dumpster fire. So much for nabbing him as my 4th QB in superflex and turning it into something.
  9. I like Sleeperbot and I like their box score setup more than just your basic box score.
  10. 12 team PPR Team A gets: Mike Evans Theo Riddick Team B gets: Allen Robinson Jerick Mckinnon
  11. This one started last night. 12 team PPR, 10 starter superflex.
  12. This one finished yesterday. 12 team PPR. A couple surprise picks in the 1st.