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  1. I was really just knocking Singletary to say that Akers and Ridley were the two best players in the trade. I don't care for him or Moss, so trust me i'm not going down the "win an argument" road with either of these guys haha.
  2. I don't love Moss or Singletary trust me. I've sadly ended up with a couple Moss shares by default.
  3. has a 4.65. It's splitting hairs either way. They drafted another RB and that's not a positive sign. I own Diontae in almost every league, and I think Jefferson is gonna be solid. I still think the Akers and Ridley side is a landslide win. You could swap out Moss with Vaughn or Dillon, who I prefer over Moss, and I would still favor The Akers/Ridley side.
  4. 20 lbs heavier and ran a fraction of a second faster 40. That is a superior athlete.
  5. I don't want to live in a world where people think Devin Singletary is better than Cam Akers. Singletary is so good that they decided to draft a bigger, stronger, faster version of him.
  6. I have countless replies in the thread.
  7. I wish everyone I drafted with would read this train wreck thread.
  8. 12 team PPR Team A gave: Sternberger Jamaal Williams Team B gave: Will Fuller I don't even...
  9. If he would have landed with the right offense he would have been a lock in the 2nd.
  10. I told him my top three picks before I went to bed since MFL wouldn't let me predraft 1.01. I led this league in points AND VP's for all three years it existed. I had Antonio Brown (traded a ton for him and he lost his mind shortly after) and AJ Green blow up in my face early in the year so I was proactive in selling every possible point off of my roster. I was brave enough to move Juju (for 1.01 and 2.01), Mahomes (for Stafford and 1.03), Kelce (for 1.06 and 2.06), and AJ Green (for Irv Smith 2.01 and 2.11) along the way. 2.01 was sold and bought back for really just swapping Rodgers for Brees and giving the guy worthless RB handcuffs I owned. I'm not gonna win this year, but I sold Mostert for a 2021 1st so the flip of the roster to dominate again is happening fast IMO. Side note in case anyone is confused, those specific draft positions are where the picks landed at the end of the season.
  11. 12 team Start 1 QB PPR I don't own Swift anymore. Traded him and 1.11 for Kittle and 1.07
  12. I just think that drawing the line at top 10 is silly, especially since most franchises have learned that you don't need to use high draft capital on RB's. Ten years ago...heck...three years ago Jonathan Taylor may have been a top 10 pick. If Gettleman didn't have Barkley he would have been capable of doing it once again. I'm just saying I won't judge a draft class based on the top 10 because a lot of bad teams makes those moves and more often than not set those players up to fail.
  13. So only 5 superstars at RB and WR in the past 15 years, cuz they only get drafted in the top 10....GOT IT. Do you understand how many franchises have went 10-20 years without taking a RB or WR in the top 10????...wait of course you don't.
  14. I made my point stop stealing other peoples flawed arguments. Which one is it then? This class isn't talented or those classes weren't talented? Basing it strictly on top 10 picks seems like a Dr Dan take so of course.
  15. Now this I can agree with. I'm not arguing just to argue. I do think Gruden was a much better OC than HC though.