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  1. Things aren't great in their current sell both for a guy who is in a situation that looked good for his first three weeks in his new situation...Got it.
  2. The Bills offense isn't ascending. It's flatlined. I love Diggs but that trade is dynasty buy low 101. That trade is so nice i'm aroused.
  3. One of them won the MVP and lead the league in TD passes and broke a million records. The other one didn't....while not having DeAndre Hopkins.
  4. If Kirk doesn't make that catch by his fingertips Kyler is 7/20 for 48 yards against maybe the worst defense in the league....and ESPN is unzipping him on live TV.
  5. I love me some Riddick in every aspect. You can tell he sees the game from a big picture coach/GM/owner perspective.
  6. I was saying Griese is terrible, but yes it's fun to crack on McCarthy too.
  7. Hate seeing the Cowboys getting waffle stomped. Breaks my heart.
  8. Griese said McCarthy accepted the penalty against themselves. He's terrible.
  9. But he's posted 58,000 times on a fantasy football message board, so he knows that Moore ran the right route, even though throwing to the sideline seemed like what was expected to be run, and completely makes sense in that scenario. He still dropped a TD that hit him in the numbers. The rotoworld blurb was inaccurate as usual, which is my point. The Panthers have run a FB dive on 4th and 1 in week 1 with the game on the line with CMC available, and threw a 30 yard pass on 4th and 2 with the game on the line this week.
  10. Who writes the Rotoworld blurbs? They are soooooo bad now. Moore flat out dropped a TD pass, and while Teddy overthrew Moore, he secured it with one hand, tucked it into his belly, and let it slip out. That's a drop. If you are able to pull it into your body and you don't secure it that's on you. I own Moore in 3/6 dynasty leagues so i'm not being a homer for Teddy. I was starting both together in a league and those two DROPS cost me big. Teddy had a bad game against a really good defense (threw four TD's on them last year) , but the poster that said he can't throw guys open or anticipate throws is clueless. I'm not panicking on Moore. I bought him for two 1st last week. Young, talented, and isn't going anywhere. Joe Brady is going to want it to be balanced between Moore and Anderson, and CMC will draw more attention to the LOS than Mike Davis.
  11. Rotoworld needs to fire whoever is currently writing their blurbs.
  12. Manscaped is wasting a lot of money of all these ads on fantasy football podcast. We all skip right past them, and all guys that are deep into dynasty have a huge jungle that will never stand for deforestation.
  13. Reich is looking just like Doug Peterson and thinks it's cute to mix up the backfield touches.
  15. I think they posted on twitter that they were adjusting waivers.