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  1. I'm jumping in on this in mid-discussion, so I may be taking this out of context, but i've pulled this off more times than I can count. I've moved mid 3rd's for future 2nds, then moved those mid 2nds for a future 1st. I may have to throw in a junk player here or there to get it done, but I get it done. Obviously I wait until the pick is on the clock in most situations, but teams desperate to make the playoffs will bite over any crumb player thrown their way. It's why I always try to get my hands on tons of late picks. Matt Kelley / Rotounderworld calls it the Golden Loom. If you are willing to keep trading back every time you are on the clock in a rookie draft you will be drowning in picks for years to come.
  2. The guy has won the league 3 years in a row and i'm the team nipping at his heels. I'm confused. I now have: Lamar, Stafford, Tannehill Saquon, Mixon DJ Moore, Godwin, Golladay, Juju, Sutton, P Campbell, D Slayton Hockenson, Goedert, Ian Thomas 1.01, 1.11, 2.01, 2.06, 2.07
  3. I just instant accepted this beauty: Start 1QB PPR I GAVE: Cooks 1.06 I GOT: Juju Lamar Jackson
  4. 2020 league are LIVE!!!!!11111ONE!!!111!!!1
  5. Well let's hope not, because he just became the 2nd QB to ever win the MVP unanimously. That would suck if you were to do that.
  6. Ten days without posting in the thread and he jumps back in to reply, bitter after the MVP announcement.
  7. In the JJAW thread I said the only hope to hold onto is that JJAW's numbers in his rookie year were similar to Chark. The same goes for Isabella. The only problem with me justifying that is that Chark had Bortles in his first year and JJAW and Isabella had much better QB play.
  8. This should be listed as a 5 year stat. The NFL was pathetically sloppy and behind the times in adapting to analytics when most of these guys were drafted.
  9. I've been in this spot several times with stacked rosters and with rosters built for the future in the "Progressive Struggle" model. At the end of a championship season I owned: Julio, Evans, Tyreek, Kupp, Golladay, Boyd, and.Alshon. Kupp, and Golladay were successful rookies, so they don't exactly fit this mold, but I drafted both in the 3rd round of the rookie draft, and they didn't have high draft capital. I decided to move Boyd, Kupp, and Golladay in multiple trades in order to move up to the 1.02 to take Guice, who obviously never produced fantasy points. I was desperate for a RB 2 and I killed my depth. In a start-up dynasty auction draft I stocked up on rookie WR's I was able to get for cheap, and traded win now veteran QB's and RB's I snagged up cheap for future picks during the season. I own 6 of the top 16 picks along with the Free Agent 1.01 which always ends up being a must add to your roster. I have Mecole Hardman, Diontae Johnson, Isabella, JJAW, and Jalen Hurd. Bought them for a total of $23 on a $400 auction budget, so Hardman and Diontae Johnson have paid off. I have to trade away one of these other guys that have upside that I don't want to let go of. I've watched other owners stack up young potential, only to have to sell them too soon to fit new young potential with a higher rookie draft pick onto their roster. At some point you are forced to cut bait on a guy and move on, and all you can do is make an educated guess.
  10. How do you think Bowden's true receiving skills measure up to Cobb? I read that people are doubting Bowden's top end speed, and if he doesn't have elite speed he hasn't shown anything as a WR to impress. However, he hits the marks on early special teams production from what i've read ala a Diontae Johnson type. The open field running is very Cobb-like, but Cobb was a proven WR moreso than Bowden. The rushing production is hard to measure because UK's O-Line has been elite the last couple years. Snell isn't elite but ran for a ton of yards. I don't know how to judge him.
  11. Okay yes now I completely agree with you. Pryor signing with the Raiders and not getting more development killed his career.
  12. Pryor played QB his entire college career. Bowden played QB for 2-3 months and threw it maybe 5 times per game. They aren't even remotely the same player.
  13. Oh by the way, the guy that bought Mahomes from me later traded him straight up for David Montomery.