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  1. I was going by this ETA - currently ranked 8th nationally by 247
  2. He's got 2 top-100 kids committed for 2020 already, and is still in play for 3 others in the 30-60 range I believe. I'm just hoping for better luck health-wise this season.
  3. Flora or Robert? Adele or Lionel Richie? I was thinking Triffids
  4. IIRC, in past years there was confusion (and bickering, this being the internet) on whether "For week X" meant "based on the results of week X" or "for the upcoming week X"
  5. Last year I died WEEK ONE, so this has been a great run in comparison
  6. Looks like I'm done. 9.5 below the cut line, with Lions D - 5.00 going tonight. TE spot crapped the bed (Engram bye, Vance 2.0, Hurst 1.9) and nobody else really blowed up. I figured I'd go out next week with CMC on bye
  7. DJ with 2 runs up the middle because apparently they hired McCoy back to call plays.
  8. But my opponent has CMC, Diggs and Godwin, so it probably didn’t matter ETA - he also had Conner and Zeke, while I started Goff. what a bloodbath
  9. Swaim might be dead - helmet to helmet
  10. Congratulating myself for benching Jameis and then watching Minshew turn into a pumpkin in his place
  11. OK, I'm totally making those rillons. :homerdrool:
  12. Forgot to submit a lineup after waivers and before last night's kickoff. NYG defense on my bench with 13 points Best option on the WW is MIA hosting the Skins