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  1. Nope....just going through life without a thought or care in the world Being a Protestant myself, I always make extra sure to have meat on Ash Wednesday, cuz ain't no pope tellin' ME what to do!
  2. Some decent free options: Serious Eats - especially Kenji's stuff Do a free trial of America's Test Kitchen, and cancel before it ends. You'll stay on their e-mail list, and every Friday they send out 3 recipe links that are available for 2 days. When they look interesting to me, I go to the links and copy off the recipe to a Google doc.
  3. Maybe there was a stretch in the middle that I'm thinking of. I didn't go in order for the first 8-10 books. The last few books it seems like he's batting 1.000
  4. I also don't recall him getting laid in EVERY book earlier in the series
  5. Speaking of Pitino - was he wearing lip gloss? He was jawing with the ref at one point and his lips were REALLY shiny.
  6. I was a little disappointed in the last Reacher book (Blue Moon)
  7. Refreshing to see actual effort from the Hoosiers in a road game last night.
  8. Then that is NOT the thread for you. I made a couple Reds-related posts in there and now I keep getting sucked back in since it's got that pretty white star next to it
  9. Big Scalzi fan here. The Old Man's War series is excellent, as well.
  10. Imagine if Clint Hurdle was managing in the AL this year
  11. Tomorrow is HeckDad's 94th birthday. Feel free to pour yourself 3 fingers of your favorite sipping liquor and raise a glass.
  12. free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab