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  1. Used to. I think they’re actually in a dispute right now, maybe because HBO has ownership ties to DTV via AT&T.
  2. Florida man shot outside bar after rejecting shot inside bar
  3. Darned accurate description of Busch Light, in my experience.
  4. Yeah, Saturday's really spread out in the afternoon, with 3 games on one network (no doubt to prevent channel surfing during the long-### commercial breaks). And then they stack the remaining 5 games all in a 4-5 hour span so you end up trying to keep up with 3 games at a time when you shouldn't have to deal with more than 2. Not that I'm about it or anything.
  5. Well, you *could* copy/paste the countdown and all the writeups into a Google doc and direct them there. Seems like a natural first step to the eventual coffee-table book anyhoo, so may as well get it out of the way.