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  1. Already done. My first clue (well, SECOND after than the "too good to be true" aspect) should have been when I pulled the same grill up on Lowes and it was more than double the "regular" price shown on the fake Weber page.
  2. This is NOT the official Weber site. I tried to buy a grill and got a fraud alert from my bank.
  3. Might be a hack. I just tried to buy one and then got a fraud alert text from my bank.
  4. That looks great. I put in a low (12") raised bed a few years back because my soil is mostly clay. Hauling in good black dirt did wonders. We just got most of our stuff in this past weekend, as it's been a pretty cold spring here in northern Indiana. I think we had frost after Mother's Day. Tomatoes (1 roma, 1 Cherokee Purple), garlic, bell peppers (green & yellow), cucumber, zucchini, Italian parsley and basil - all plants; nothing from seed this year due to the late start. I also have a couple oregano bushes (perennial).
  5. Is this the stuff that makes sour things taste sweet? I've gotten the tablets a few times but never thought about growing it.
  6. For one rookie comparison, I got him at 10.11 in a dyno startup, after 19 rookies were gone, including these rookie WRs: Jeudy, Jerry Lamb, CeeDee Jefferson, Justin Reagor, Jalen Ruggs III, Henry Pittman Jr., Michael Mims, Denzel Higgins, Tee Aiyuk, Brandon
  7. OTOH, it provides a great opportunity to yell "Take off, eh!" when the countdown hits zero. eta - or "Lift off, eh!" might be more appropriate
  8. Question for GMTAN - I totaled my car a few weeks back and am going to start looking around soon (GB working from home!). I have a pretty specific vehicle in mind (Escape Hybrid, which is what I wrecked and was still going strong after 250K miles). There are not a lot of them out there and at the moment the best candidate is in Connecticut, which is a bit of a hump from Indiana to go kick the tires. But the price and mileage look great. It would be really cool if I could pay someone local (& trustworthy) a few bucks to go check the car out, maybe take it to a mechanic or dealership for a look-over. Are there any services like that? I know I could get a CarFax but I'd hate to pull the trigger just based on that. Or do any GMTANers feel like taking a roadie to Danbury?
  9. FWIW, I got Sanders at 3.02 a couple weeks back. 14th RB off the board. Jacobs went 2.03 (10th RB).
  10. first-middle-last -- yes. There are a couple of ne'er-do-wells with the same name including a particularly unpleasant fellow in Alaska. I think I'm well ahead of the pack here. With just the middle initial, there's a doctor who got sued about 15 years back as part of a prescription suit against Merck. So he's a doctor, but perhaps not a GOOD one? With just first/last name there appears to be a well-respected orthopedic surgeon in San Antonio that probably ranks ahead of me.
  11. Would love to see somebody loosen a bag strap on a cart.
  12. Chuck going full Al Czervik here
  13. F’n Barkley talking #### to him now eta and he jars one!