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  1. Why are there only like 5 light bulbs on in the whole stadium?
  2. Last night I discovered that my wife had never heard the term "belt and suspenders"
  3. heckmanm

    Physics and astronomy thread

    Well, that didn't take long. It's for the best
  4. Kind of surprised she's still fighting it, TBH edit - I see @Epic Problemcovered this angle last night already.
  5. 5:45-5:55 wake up (sometimes 1 snooze) Release the hounds (not a pooping euphemism) Breakfast Shower Make coffee (to drink @work) Out the door a little before or after 7, get to work around 7:30 Paid poop ~9:15 or so
  6. Love those things. Second only to blue cheese among the stuffed olive choices.
  7. My school had a hot lunch program so never really carried a lunchbox. But I'm pretty sure I remember this one being in the house - maybe belonged to an older sibling.
  8. So FML didn't mean "Family & Medical Leave" in your case?
  9. heckmanm

    I post my least favorite commercials here

    Imagine if it had been a Smirnoff Ice ad, with 50K people kneeling.
  10. heckmanm

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    I’m catching up on some Bourdain stuff on my dvr. Chargers have the lead yet?
  11. heckmanm

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    Guaranteed 6-0 or5-1 in division every year tends to get you home playoff games.