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  1. Dynasty trade calculator. It's my first year in a true dynasty league so I'm finding it really informative, not just for trades in that league but also looking at free agents, and .for my contract and salary cap leagues.
  2. And I was just thinking how nice it was to see this topic on Page 2 this morning
  3. FWIW, the site I checked has this near dead-even (within 2%) and favors your side.
  4. Peoples-Jones just went for $201 ($1000 budget) FAAB in dynasty. I had a bid in, but didn't go nearly that high.
  5. I'm probably 3 topics behind, but in no particular order: pecan, derby, rhubarb, sugar cream, key lime. And a nostalgic shout-out to gooseberry that I haven't had in YEARS but remember from childhood family reunion pot-lucks.
  6. Interested in thoughts here as well. I've been holding him in a couple leagues but between his health and the teams overall stinkage it's hard to get a handle on him.
  7. Yeah, still checking in every couple of days but I'm still a couple weeks behind. I like to play the songs on my "good" computer speakers, but it's a PITA to switch back and forth from my work laptop during the day to read and click links on my home machine (although they're both on my desk). So I end up staying out of the thread through most of the workday and then jumping in for a page or 2 in the evening on days when I'm not burned out on sitting at my desk.
  8. My local bakery has a cinnamon roll with maple icing :homerdrool:
  9. Used O - BAL, GB, ARI, SEA, KC, MIA, BUF Used D - BUF, SF, IND, LAR, DAL, NE, KC Week 8: O - Buccaneers D - Eagles Been stinking it up the last couple weeks: +6 net for the last 3. Hopefully not just chasing points here.