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  1. Of course if I try to do practically anything else, the audio sounds like Daft Punk covering "Intergalactic"
  2. Didn't catch who it was but somebody was on TV a couple hours back dressed like Alex DeLarge (sans jockstrap)
  3. @Man of Constant Sorrow (or anyone else) - any opinions on Joella's Hot Chicken? Supposed to be one opening near me later this year. I don't have high hopes for a chain, but it'd be way more convenient than driving 6 hours to Nashville.
  4. would like to visit both (been to Asheville briefily for a wedding; never Key West)
  5. Cities I've been to (as an adult): Chicago Portland Seattle Madison Denver Cities I haven't: New Orleans San Diego San Francisco Austin Twin Cities
  6. Thanks for ruining the Travel Channel, guy.