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  1. Fast pass is a must buy at universal. If u don't, most rides have a "single rider" line that speeds up the process. My wife and I did that and were able to ride the Harry Potter rides 5 or 6 times when they had 90 minute waits
  2. Haha not craps. Blackjack
  3. Yall shoulda seen the cosmo limits this past weekend. $100 and $200 min for table games Friday night and Saturday night. And it was packed
  4. on a happy note, I cashed my first poker tournament at the Wynn, which was pretty awesome. I finished 10th out of about 160 for a $600 score. The $1k payouts were 3 or 4 ahead of me...ah....
  5. Did my first March madness trip this past weekend. Not a fan. Wayyyyy too many people. Couldn't get on a table, and moderate places like Paris and PH were spreading mostly $50 min games... Hell even the Fremont craps tables were $15. Getting anywhere was a huge hassle with the masses everywhere. Probably not doing that again
  6. I don't think you can judge a vacation cost as a whole as overly expensive. The flight costs what it costs. I live in a major hub on the east coast, and getting to Europe costs $1,000. Anything less than that is gravy. To me, overly expensive comes into play with the lodging. $200 per night seems to be the sweet spot for a nice 4 star hotel in Europe. Just booked one in Amsterdam and Berlin; both beautiful hotels right in the middle of where you want to be for $200/night. Anything beyond that, imo, is overly expensive. We booked on in Florence a few years ago for $400/night and while it was lovely and my wife's favorite hotel ever, it was a little much.
  7. You guys have to listen to the most recent pod with Gladwell. He has the most ludicrous take about Nigeria having the best basketball talent, and it goes from there. Truly indescribable
  8. I really like the short, stupid sketches like "Dave's outside the women's bathroom"
  9. Is now too late to look for rooms during first weekend of March madness?
  10. Still in. Averaging 192 per week. Big bye week with a lot of falcons on my roster. Not too worried about QB with maholmes and Goff but def worried about WR.
  11. So this was the last amount of thought I've ever put into an entry form, and I (**knocks on wood**) may actually have a shot at a deep run this year. QB - Ryan/Goff/Mahomes/Darnold-- went with three mid-priced options and threw Darnold in for $3 b/c he had the starting job and figured it was a good risk in a bestball format RB - Barkley/Coleman/Cohen/Hyde/Carson-- I have James Conner everywhere in fantasy but I'm an idiot and didn't put him on my squad here. WR - Hogan/Cobb/Fuller/Stills/Ridley/Richardson -- No huge names but pretty deep group here. TE - Brate/Cook/Hooper -- meh K - Gould/Butker/Lambo DEF - Pats/Chiefs/Falcons-- lol bad, though my logic was Chiefs have playmakers that can score TDs and Pats played in a #### division, and I figured Atlanta wouldn't immediately lose several guys to season ending injuries, but yeah this doesn't look too good Entry 112219 201.9 197.8 212.8 with Brate still to go tonight (#82 overall) Watch as I get knocked out next week