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  1. Well, I am back in on Gesicki after reacquiring him in my dynasty auction yesterday. Different coaching staff now so I have more faith, but what I said 2 years ago still applies.
  2. If i took a WR @ 2.12 then I take CEH here. If I took a RB @ 2.12 then I take Golladay here. Taking into account the previously selected players, I take Galloday here because I would have taken Melvin Gordon @ 2.12. ETA: I now see i am supposed to have taken Kittle at 2.12. So I would take Gordon.
  3. Yes, but i believe the change is the money is now guaranteed when the option is picked up.
  4. Not this week, injuries and byes. The other wr i am playing is Michael Thomas.
  5. Playing Courtland Sutton and John Brown over him in non-ppr.
  6. One of my local leagues is an auction league. We carry the salaries (winning bids) into the season. Our waivers are where things are a bit unique... you put a player up for bid on the message board with a price. If the bid is not upped within 24 hours he is yours. If there is a new bid, the timer restarts when the new bid is placed. It's also $5 a transaction. This changes things up. You can't sneak a player through waivers. Everyone can see who you want as long as they log in or are notified. You have to have the cap space, and/or clear the cap space on a winning bid. So you have to consider who you are going to cut as the bid increases. It may not simply be the last guy on your bunch you cut. A guy might have a big week, so I nominate him. I don't really want the guy and hoping someone else ups the bid and it gets another $5 in the kitty. You have to have a plan in place for the weekend. If a bid on a guy and the clock starts/restarts, the bidding could take several days and may not expires next time for the guy to be in lineups for this upcoming week. So don't leave yourself short and bid late. Let's say my opponents main QB got hurt this past week, and his backup is on a bye. If my opponent waits until late in the week to bid on a qb, I am going to do my best to up the bids at the right clock intervals so he doesn't have a QB this weekend. My opponent should just move on to a new target in these cases but I stopped him from having his preferred choice most likely. This is certainly not for everyone but to me it adds a lot of flavor to the waiver wire game.
  7. I can easily see him filling the Landry role with the added bonus of being a redzone threat. I just dont trust Gase. Gesicki seems like he would fill that role well, but then he's really a slot wr with a TE designation. That a perfect world and honestly we all know he cant block so i hope Miami sees it the same way. But i remain skeptical.
  8. Watched him a bit at PSU and wasn't sure how his game would translate to the NFL. Either they let me run routes all day and he's going to be very good or instead of being a pseudo WR he has to be a legit TE an results will be slow to come. Hoping for the former and watching him much more closely since I became an owner today.
  9. It does. Only players lost to free agency are calculated. Since Hayden was cut, he does not count.
  10. I dont have the time to be involved but throwing my 2 cents in...i think its best if each team assumes Cousins is on some other team rather than gifting him to a team.
  11. One of my main leagues is a contract dynasty league. We have an auction each year and upon a winning bid you have to decide how long you want to keep the player. 4 years is the maximum. Cutting a guy before his contract is up incurs cap hits and such but what I want to get to is... What at we do which I have rarely seen is our in-season waiver process. It is an open auction. You nominate a player for a salary amount, usually the minimum but not always. If another team wants to acquire the player he has 24 hours to up the bid. If that happens the clock restarts and every team has another 24 hours to consider if they want the player. Keeps going until there are no bids in a 24 hour period. You can't sneak a guy through waivers. It's all open information. Just like a regular auction sometimes you are just hoping to drive the price up. Sometimes you nominate a guy because he blew up the week before and you know someone will up the bid and add to the transaction kitty ($5/transaction). Sometimes you overpay because you have cap space and the other guy doesn't. Because it's open info you need to be proactive and acquire the guy before others are confident he will (continue to) produce.
  12. I'd love to see Martavis high point a few balls this preseason.
  13. I have this guy for the minimum in a contract auction league and I'm not sure I can keep him. I have money to spend and his roster spot may be better utilized.