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  1. I think Martin gets first shot Gruden has a hardon for Martin for some reason.
  2. They brought up Cabinda when they released Johnson. Cabinda showed some promise during the preseason.
  3. krsone21

    LMAO@ SD, uh LA, uh.... Mexico chargers?

    No thanks as a Raider fan I’m excited that the Raiders are getting out of Oakland and that pit of a stadium 🏟.
  4. krsone21

    LMAO@ SD, uh LA, uh.... Mexico chargers?

    That the Raiders will make the playoffs before Gruden leaves probably by year 10. 🤷‍♂️
  5. krsone21

    LMAO@ SD, uh LA, uh.... Mexico chargers?

    This makes me laugh. The league was so hell bent in keeping the Raiders out of LA that the put the Chargers there and I knew back then it would backfire on the league. It should be the Rams and Raiders in LA. Even though I think it worked out really well for the Raiders in the end.
  6. What's the over/under for McCarron's first start?
  7. The good news is that Carr's contract is fairly cap friendly if the Raiders decide to move on from him starting next season and getting better from there.
  8. I hate to see this. He was drafted in my Devy league.
  9. Kittle was such a good blocker that the was used in that role a lot at Iowa. Even if he had the best hands on the team and was their best pass catching option in my opinion. I think Kittle's lack of production was more on the coaching staff and the way he was used then Beathard.
  10. I was just going to come in and post that Beathard and Kittle have a history together going back to Iowa.
  11. I would add Benny Snell Jr. to this list.
  12. krsone21

    Browns @ Raiders

    They did that already. Moving to Vegas in 2020, no dirt field anymore!!!
  13. Should of sold your gear at its peak in 2016, now it’s a hold. Now you have to wait 15 more years for the next peak.
  14. krsone21

    Dolphins vs Raiders 1pm EST

    Can we go back to the 2015 draft and draft Leonard Williams over Amari Cooper!!!