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  1. Alex Schiffer @TheSchiffMan Hearing unofficially that Damarea Crockett ran a 4.40 second 40-yard dash. "Crockett abruptly declared for the draft in January, forgoing his final year of eligibility, while Hall had a strong combine despite being unable to perform in field drills. Both looked good catching passes from Lock, while word around the facility was that Crockett ran a 4.40-second 40-yard dash."
  2. I can't wait. I for one love the Burfict signing.
  3. I love this signing. The Raiders need some toughness on this defense.
  4. Sounds like a match made in heaven for Hard Knocks.
  5. It's Ben Roethlisberger I can see it happening. He seems like a spiteful man to me.
  6. Cooper half-assed it on the field while with the Raiders the past couple of seasons. You could see it during games Cooper was lackadaisical while on the field not giving his best effort. There is a reason why Carr didn't go his way as often as he did the first couple of years Cooper was with the Raiders, he just wasn't very reliable plus dropping balls left and right.
  7. I'd rather use that pick on a defensive player. Buy a offense and draft a defense is the philosophy this offseason.
  8. I personally would IF the Raiders get a really good offer for that pick. If they get a crappy offer like they did last year for Rosen I pass and take one of the top defenders.
  9. That didn't age well, signing with Jets, lol.
  10. Well looks like no news tonight. See you all tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of The Le'Veon Bell show.
  11. Plus with the Raiders moving to Vegas next year they could structure the contract where he takes a little less money this year so he gets more next year in Vegas with no state taxes. So lets say he takes 10% less to go to the Raiders is he really losing out that much considering the high taxes in New York.
  12. Young and very good. He has versatility. He can play FS and in the slot. I really like this signing and he is signing for cheaper then some of the other safety signings so far. He is one of the better cover safeties in free agency IMO.