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  1. Hawkeye fan here as well. Another thing is that he was a body catcher coming out and that resulted in several dropped balls last season. He has been working really hard to catch the ball away from his body during the offseason. I read somewhere recently that he has been down in Nashville working with C.J. Beathard and Trent Taylor. Also the TE coach put in a fine this offseason for the TE's when they didn't catch the ball away from their body.
  2. A team I don't see on your list is New Orleans: NO: Ben Watson, Josh Hill, Michael Hoomanawanui, , Deon Yelder, Garrett Griffin, Nate Wozniak Ben Watson is what 37 years old, how much does he have left in the tank, then after that Josh Hill? I'm keeping a close eye on Deon "Thump" Yelder out of Western Kentucky.
  3. Not shocking. A good chunk of this board is liberal. Did we really need this poll to know what the result would be here?
  4. I almost waited to long myself. I play in dynasty leagues with very deep benches so I eventually told myself he is well worth the risk and if worse came to worse I can always cut him for someone else later on. For how cheap I was able to get him I think it's well worth the risk.
  5. I've been keeping my eye on Blake all offseason. Even before the news that Faust just posted I made sure to grab Blake in every league that I could. I think he may be the real deal. The Cowboys have a lot of question marks at the WR position and if someone can step up at TE and I believe that Blake has a real good shot of doing just that then he could help fantasy teams out.
  6. No worries here Don't Noonan. The Democrats can't help themselves.
  7. Comments like this is the reason why he will win again in 2020 and he will win bigly. Everyday people like me are tired of the snarky comments from the left.
  8. Happy Birthday President Trump!!! Here's to many more years in the White House.
  9. Raiders fear suspension for WR Martavis Bryant
  10. I like this better, Cooper, Nelson, Bryant, Switzer, and Ateman. Compared to Cooper, Crabtree, Roberts, Patterson and Holton. Notice how I left out Roberts in the first grouping. Even though it won't be a cap savings I think Roberts may be on his way out the door.
  11. Michael Gehlken ‏@GehlkenNFL DE Fadol Brown having quality reps today as edge rusher vs. RT Jylan Ware. He’s made a leap in Year 2. Browns GM John Dorsey courted him late in 2017 as rookie on Raiders’ practice squad. Brown looks poised to make 53-man roster this year.
  12. I'm just glad this thread came out after most of my drafts were done. I was able to land Moore anywhere from the late 4th to early 6th round while St.Brown has been going late 2nd to early 3rd.
  13. I've been drafting him in ever league that I can. I like him more then St. Brown.
  14. Yes there is. MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, news papers, radio stations, and Hollywood. I guess you are right no liberal equivalent exists.