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  1. I'm interested, my email is Long time player that has been away from season long leagues for couple years. I Committed for many years.
  2. Well, scored 121+ so won all my cash games. I was worried not having TY would kill me. Pretty low scoring week. Seemed like nobody really went off at RB so having the two studs kept me in the running. Cam didn't pass well, but did rush well. My WR's got me about what I expected if they didn't get in the end zone. Luckily Sanu did. I'll take it. Even won my 3X games.
  3. Sorry so late to the party this year, but here is what I am rolling with this week in cash.......... Cam - I think he turns it around this week against the Falcons. Relatively low priced. Zeke/Gurley - The two biggest studs that get there touches. I faded Bell/DJ a few times last year and always ended up regretting it when the day was done. I have been going with studs at RB most of the year this year and it's paid off in cash games. MT/Sanu/Funchess- Thomas has not broken out, but has still been pretty consistent. Sanu is seeing as many targets as Julio in that offense. Funches will get a little uptick with Kelvin gone. No world beaters, but should all have decent floors. Vernon Davis-Washington has to find a way to move the ball, he will be out there a lot. Vinat- I think this game is going be more high scoring than people think. Seattle.- I know I am breaking a rule by playing VD, but Cousins is going to be sacked a bunch and turnovers are a big probability.
  4. Karma what free site are you using? I have really struggles with NBA, especially with roster construction. You can PM me if you don't want to post or are not supposed too.....thx
  5. Thur/Mon Cash LU Brady, Cook, Bell, Fitz, Pryor, Cooks, Walker, Walsh, Rams Still working on Sun Only and Sun/Mon.
  6. Still not doing as well on DK as FD. Bet 195 Won 166 for week. All 3 of my cash LU won a little money, but none cleaned up. I went 3 stud RB LU in all three LU with DJ-Bell-Zeke in all 3. Had to go value at most other spots and Anderson, Humphries, and JJ paid off, but had each in different LU's. Lee, Hogan, Kerley didn't do so well. Griffen paid off at TE, Gresham and Doyle not so much. Running out of steam and time at the end of the season here, been too busy to even keep up with my process, much less post. I will try to do better next week.
  7. Well didn't get to post much this week, but ended up finishing like this for week. Bet 247 Won 359, so +112 for week. Once again, only 1 of my 3 Cash LU hit for week, but it cleaned all my games played for----Bet 67 Won 178 Had a good GPP score (152) that won me 50 and 25, so that picked up some slack. I went stud RB in all three LU's with Zeke and DJ, they carried me. My Thur/Mon LU with Seattle defense and Hauska scored 130 and was my winning LU. All my WR's pretty much sucked this week, and had Cousins in the one that won at QB. I am starting to run out of steam a little, which is hurting my weekly process........
  8. Spent a few hours last night making up some LU's with the "3 Stud" RB plan. I actually think that is the way I am going with my other two cash LU for the week, may even edit my Thur/Mon one. -I can't find any real higher priced QB that I just have to have, and that are in good matchups. Everyone is talking about Ryan, and he does have a great matchup, but I am not sold on them needing to pass the ball to win the game. They could just run in down their throats. Plus, in a blow out, they are going to be killing clock the second half. So I think he has some risk. I am focusing on QB's in good weather, I think that is important this time of year. - I am thinking the same at WR. OBJ and Evans are in good matchups for sure. But I also like some of the cheap WR's this week. -TE is another place you can go cheap, but there is some value there. To go 3 stud RB's, you pretty much have to go cheap every place else. But, I may be willing to take the risk at the other spots more than at RB. We shall see.........still making LU's My top 3 RB's are DJ, Bell, and that may be different than what other people think. McCoy is in a good spot, but Gills stealing TD's is a concern, plus they may take McCoy out if they start blowing the Browns out.
  9. Thur/Mon Cash LU for the week Cousins-Dj-Zeke-Anderson-TY-Crabtree-Rudolph-Haushka-Seattle
  10. Been a very busy week, but here is my Thur/Mon cash LU for the week Cousins-Dj-Zeke-Anderson-Garcon-Lee-Doyle-T. Coleman-Seattle
  11. Just starting my research, got a late start this week. But a few things stand out to me that I haven't seen mentioned much. Now I have not even looked at salaries yet........but Blount seems like he would be a beast this week against Denver. NE should pound the ball with him and not try that pass defense, or risk Brady getting hit by Miller. McCoy has to be in play against the Browns defense. The only thing you have to worry about with McCoy is Gills getting red zone touches, so I could understand not using him. Freeman falls into the McCoy category, great matchup, but who knows how much run Coleman gets. I also like Hyde in the game at Atlanta. Farrow is a nice value play this week. Dixon did look good against NE, but he has looked good for a while and the Ravens seem content on keeping it a time share. The week before West got the catches even. I think Zeke is still a great play at home against TB. Garret needs to get his head out of his a@@ and give him the freakin ball. Plus, don't be taking him out on passing downs. Garrett cost Dallas the win last week as far as I am concerned. With all that, DJ and Bell are always in play, I like DJ's matchup better, but Bells coach knows how to feed his stud, Arians doesn't. I think there is a lot of value at RB this week, and you could go with lower priced guys if you want..............
  12. They are saying Hardaway is still starting tonight, even with Baze playing. Thoughts. I thought about moving down to him or Lee and moving up to Adams at Center instead of O'Quinn. I read were O' is coming off the bench tonight.