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  1. I appreciate different viewpoints but it would be nice if you could expand on your thoughts vs just bumping a thread from 2 months and appearing cryptic and waiting for people to ask for further details. Seems par for the course. Again I think different opinions and viewpoints and having discussions are great but also appreciate transparency.
  2. I agree not the news you want to see or hear about particularly now. The paper work shows he had about 8 million shares and sold half. I would imagine his compensation plan would be structured so that he has various option grants either unvested or vested so maybe his true shares are higher if you include potential options? Just thinking of a potential scenario where the shares sold /to be sold could represent a smaller % than 50%.
  3. I sold about 20% of my shares at 2.95 around Easter and got back my cost basis. Doing so has allowed me to relax a bit. Before then was constantly checking on the price etc. In normal circumstances would have held onto all, but wanted to take some risk off the table. Still have a good amount of shares and looking forward to the ride up! Thanks @chet!
  4. If you check out the link, supplemental table 2 has data from 5 patients at day 0 and day 3 on leronlimab. I am far far far from Really knowing anything about how this all works but those IL-6 numbers look amazing.
  5. Is this new? The article has a link to a press release dated March 12. Either way good to see another entity reporting some news.
  6. How did he protect you exactly and how does that relate to CYDY?
  7. Leronlimab mentioned on Tucker Carlson on Fox News tonight. Right around the 5:30 mark
  8. Have to admit I was a little bit bummed to see the stock price down today, but it was pretty impressive seeing the volume at 8.8M! Wonder if people are testing other investors stop losses to acquire more shares. Or short sellers or both. Got to listen to the conference call and was hoping for some earth shattering news. They did announce they signed (or are going to sign) a non binding agreement with a Chinese big Pharma company for Corona and cancer. Thought that was very positive. the thing I liked the most was the last question asked with around 2 minutes left regarding the stock price activity today. I’m paraphrasing but the CEO said that if everything lines up with cancer, double digits will not be right price for this stock. Then he said triple digits would still not be enough. He said the stock price would be high triple digits! He even said make sure this is being recorded so we can go back to it later! I will settle for middle triple digits! 😂
  9. I tend to think about market cap versus stock price when looking out to future for CYDY. Current market cap around $640M potential sales for HIV have been thrown around in this thread at $5-8B. Pharmaceutical companies trade at X times sales, say 5 times. Low end just based on HIV is $25B market cap which is about 40 times where we are now. now layer on the cancer and other potential markets and I see CYDY as still worth buying. (don’t hold me to the numbers above, more to paint a picture based on past posts by others)
  10. Agree. I’m no expert but I read it as being non dilutive to current shareholders. Part of the already authorized 700M shares and not creating new shares. Now there will be new shares able to trade and as djmich says could be an avenue for private buy/sell not on the open market.
  11. I agree with you but in this case I’m just focused on acquiring shares. $1, $1.5, $2 basis hopefully won’t really matter much. plus Annie Duke liked my post, lol
  12. Added a few more shares today, let’s go! i keep hanging my hat on a previous chet post where he says that potential revenue is $X B and the valuation would be a multiple of that and I believe that was for HIV only. then you factor in the breast cancer and other potential uses and the market cap could be quite large. This could be a significant wealth generator for all invested. GL to all!
  13. I’m in for about 62,000 shares. Half in Roth IRA, other portion split between 401k and taxable account. FYI Schwab allows for purchasing.
  14. Chet-thanks for this! I’m in for about $0.67/sh. Got a big chunk in my Roth IRA
  15. IIRC he was abused or molested by that POSShould he have shown remorse? maybe but I have no prob with him not showing remorseI don't recall them ever saying anything like this.It was never said outright, but blatantly obvious.Yeah, it was definitely the case. From Wikipedia: OK, that's one person's take. But let's be clear that Wikipedia is just someone's opinion. It doesn't mean it's fact. I took it as Michael just hated having to answer to the man after he had been gone for so long. And that would fit, too. And do you really think that if Michael went to Marlo to ask him to kill the stepdad, he would say, "Yeah, it's because he sexually abused me as a child."? That's not something they say on the street. Maybe someone else thinks this is the case as well, but I don't think it's 100% sure. And I'm not even sure that Chris says that to him before he beats him. I would try to find something other than Wikipedia to be sure, though.ETA: For those who want to get their shorts in a bunch about it, I realize I could be wrong about this, and maybe he was a child molester. I'm just saying that I didn't see much to indicate that, and Wikipedia isn't always a solid source.They did everything except have Michael actually say he was abused. I agree with the guy that said it was blatantly obvious. If you don't think so, watch it again. How could someone not see this?