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  1. What's the best way (on a budget) to secure a rifle (let's say AR) in the house? Thinking about getting one, but my wife sleepwalks (to the point of being able to talk to me, but not remember it at all in the morning) and is worried about what she may do while "asleep" if she stumbled across the gun unsecured. In the past she has struggled with depression/anxiety, so that is some of the source of her concern as well, I believe. I'm not particularly concerned about immediate availability for self-defense, it would be for going to the range and target shooting, not particularly for self-defense (I'd get a shotgun for that if I was worried.) While I don't think there is any large reason to really be worried, I wouldn't want to be wrong. And figured it's a good idea to have the gun secured anyways. Was thinking of a lockable gun case and keeping the gun partially broke down. Don't really want to go the route of a gun safe for a single (and first) rifle. If I continue to get into it and end up getting more guns, then I'd consider something like that.
  2. What a ridiculous over-analysis of the truck scene. So the writers put a scene in for some comedy (back seat). Why not, it's a dark show at times, some levity can break that up. Did it need it? But did it ruin the episode? This isn't a show about a bunch of people always doing the correct or smart thing. It's a show about flawed people who make mistakes, do dumb things and often pay the price. And sometimes for drama the writers put some ridiculous escape scenes like Glen (x2). For each of those silly escapes, there is probably a corresponding scene of a known character being eaten/killed. At this point, everyone knows what the show is. It's silly to watch hoping it becomes something you want it to be. I like it as it is, and am ok with the flawed characters, even when they are flawed due to writers' choices.
  3. That is a real stretch. A really big stretch. I still think it happens as in the comics. No reason not to. For those complaining that this is the same show over and over again, assuming that it is (as it has been) mostly following the comics, then there are new things coming. I'm really excited about the next season or two.
  4. No...I completely disagree. Patterson was a project coming into the league, and while he had some success with gimmick plays in his rookie year, it was expected that it may take a longer than usual for him to "get it". Now, I don't think anyone expected 2 catches in his 3rd year, but in a way it was his 2nd year (new system) and Norv's system isn't exactly simple. I don't think Patterson is ever going to be a route running genius, but I think he does want to be a solid WR and can get good enough to allow his athletic ability to show through. Will it happen while he is still a Viking? Not sure, I hope so.
  5. Also has new maps that they're testing out. Fun stuff. Just bought this last week, got the basics but still miss a lot of shots/passes. And have scored on my own team accidentally a couple times while trying to figure out defense. But it is a really fun game, and at $20 on Steam, it's a bargain.
  6. Just ordered this (and The Resistance) for a couples game night planned in a couple weeks. My concern from the description is the replayability, it sounds like the pool of words is limited to the number of cards in the deck, which presumably is only a hundred or so? Right, but you mix up the words every playthrough, so the clues you give will change from game to game. Also, the mix of words on the board will affect the clues because you are looking for clues that would match multiple words. A co-worker of mine is trying to make the game easier to play (and to add words to) by making it a website. If it gets launched, I'll post a link for anyone that wants to check it out.
  7. Won Pandemic the first time I played...haven't won since. Still an awesome game.
  8. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but we played Codenames at a party recently, and quickly followed up to play it again at lunch. Really fun game, it remains to be seen if the replay value stands up. Box says up to 8 players, but seems like the kind of game that could easily be house-ruled for larger groups.
  9. How long are conservatives going to repeat this nonsense? For the umpteenth time, conservatives certainly don't want another Bush in the White House. But Democrats have no problem with another Clinton in the White House, and neither does the general public. I know this is anecdotal, but I know of a number of people, myself included, who don't think another Bush or Clinton would be a good thing. That said, I'd take either over Trump/Cruz and probably 3/4 of the rest of the GOP nominees.
  10. Yep. I agree with this. Politics is the art of the possible, and I just can't believe anyone thinks that single payer is even remotely possible in the near future. Molding the ACA and outright revising the parts that aren't working should be the priority right now. Hell - we've still got millions uninsured right now due to the simple fact that republican governors in ~ 19 states are refusing Medicaid expansion. It should be an absolute scandal that people in those states are being denied Medicaid. We can't abandon the ACA before we even get the basics finished. I think there isn't enough vision in all levels of government right now. It may be the art of the possible, but you have to start with the vision. I guess I can justify supporting Bernie, even though I know it's unlikely that a single payer system is viable right off the bat, because I like his vision. I also believe that for all his vision, he is a very pragmatic person who will find what common ground he can, and so I believe he will build on the ACA while still pushing forward his vision. Whereas I see Clinton only trying to build on the ACA (and I don't necessarily believe she really feels it needs many changes).
  11. He needed to call her out as a liar, say she is misrepresenting his views. Hee won't, because he doesn't want to damage her chances if she beats him.
  12. Got tickets to see Disturbed April 7th at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. Really excited about this, they had mostly stopped touring when I started listening to them.
  13. That's ####ed up. With that being said, I do like Sanders. Seems like a nice, honest guy. I could really see myself voting for him if he wasn't so far left. This country simply cannot be moved any further left than it already has. The problem with Left/Right distinctions is that under the Reagan/Bush/Tea Party politics, the country has moved extremely far to the right. So the shift back to the left is really just finding the way back to the center. Yes, Bernie is left of center, but historically, not as significantly so as you seem to indicate. He is only far left in relation to the Tea Party ideas, which are far right. I don't know about that. It's one thing to be Liberal, or to oppose some of the nonsensical ideology coming out of the Tea Party, but to oppose capitalism? Jesus, the country's very identity is founded on capitalism. This isn't just a few people saying they are Socialists. It's the majority of Democrats voting. That's astounding to me. And very concerning. I'm all for a little redistribution of wealth to smooth the rough edges of capitalism, but what's going on these days is much more than that.But the problem is, although Bernie self-identifies as a Democratic Socialist, he isn't truly socialist. He still believes in capitalism, just with sensible restrictions. He doesn't believe in the gov't holding the means of production - he still holds that right for the private sector except in certain instances like health care. He also expressly is against communism. More info here:
  14. That's ####ed up. With that being said, I do like Sanders. Seems like a nice, honest guy. I could really see myself voting for him if he wasn't so far left. This country simply cannot be moved any further left than it already has. The problem with Left/Right distinctions is that under the Reagan/Bush/Tea Party politics, the country has moved extremely far to the right. So the shift back to the left is really just finding the way back to the center. Yes, Bernie is left of center, but historically, not as significantly so as you seem to indicate. He is only far left in relation to the Tea Party ideas, which are far right.
  15. The problem with Crows is that it suffers in comparison to the previous 3 books. It tends to meander a bit. It's still better than any of the wheel of time books for instance. But it's not as good as the 1st three of this series. I just finished the 4th Wheel of Time book. I might just read a synopsis and be done with it. Having forced myself to finish the series, I recommend this course of action. Despite the meandering in the middle books, I still prefer the WoT series to this one. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them both, and they are both good. I like the WoT characters/story better though. WOT is my favorite series ever, but it does more than a little bit of meandering between about book 4 or 5 and book 10 or so. Everything contained in those 6 or 7 books could have easily been covered in 3 books. The pace and quality recover very well in the last couple (which Brandon Sanderson wrote much of)Quick hijack - is Sanderson's stormlight archive worth starting? Got book one for Christmas, but didn't know if I should bother. No idea...haven't read anything else from Sanderson, but he did a pretty good job finishing up WOT and is on my short list of guys I want to read sometime in the not-too-distant future. Been reading some of the newer Goodkind Richard and Khalan novels. (The Sword of truth series from Goodkind is excellant...the very first book, Wizards First Rule, being among my all time favorites) I've read a lot of the Sword of Truth series, but stopped when Goodkind said it was done. Then he must have figured out that his name only really worked for SoT, and started writting them again. I've enjoyed the books, but I did find that they got rather repetitive, he definitely seemed to write to a formula.
  16. Use Hangouts maybe? Doesn't use SMS though, so you have to have Internet access, not just cell signal. Or tell her to send shorter texts cause its hard to read?
  17. If there was a publish date, and it was relatively close to the airing of the season 6, I may have waited and read the book first, leaving the episodes on my DVR until I finished. But with this news, I'll just watch as they air, and read the book when it comes out. In general, I tend to prefer books, both for ASOIAF as well as most anything else. But in many cases I've discovered a book by watching the movie or tv show first, then going back and reading the book, and I'll treat this series the same way from here.
  18. Saw Gator Shawn and TLEF in game tonight, but just missed you guys (I think I jumped in as you were finishing up). For anyone who wrote BF4 off a lone time ago, there is new content (even if you don't have the DLCs) coming out and a very large community still playing. Here's Matimi0's take on it:
  19. I know it's the Mckinnon thread but I think that is who Teddy B is, not the coaching. Late in his rookie year a few scouts compared Teddy B to Alex Smith and they meant it in a positive way but they said that's who he is and you can win with a QB like that. I think he throws a better accurate deep pass than Smith myself but the lack of risk taking, holding onto the ball(which I've always called a failure to launch with Smith) for sure remind me of Alex Smith. Not to sidetrack on Teddy, but I think it's a combination of coaching (Zimmer) and being a new QB. Teddy will take risks, release the ball, and you can see that in certain games. He can also thread the needle or drop it on a dime when he needs to up to about 30 yards out. He needs better protection and Norv's 7 step drops don't help him (I think he works better on the run, rolling out, etc). But he's still learning and I think he'll learn when to take the risks and make that next step. To stay on topic, McKinnon is a heck of an athlete, and I think we're still seeing him "become" a RB. He was a QB in school (albeit a running/option QB). And he's getting to learn from, and watch, AP on a daily basis. Last year, he could never quite break through, but I think by the time AP is gone, he'll be a solid replacement. I think he still goes down a little quick for how strong he is, I don't see him break through the line when contacted too often like you will with AP or some of the other powerful backs. I'm hoping in the offseason he works on balance and vision rather than pure strength. It's hard to really judge him this year because we rarely see him in anything other than spot duty or against a team that isn't already beat like the NYG last night.
  20. Well, I know it's early in the 2nd right now, but this is why Morris is rated so low. The offensive line looks to be really bad at run blocking, and Morris is getting wrapped up with the first hit.
  21. That probably reduces Morris ceiling by a bit, as well as lowers his floor - if the Redskins get behind, Morris will be riding the bench while Thompson gets the work in the passing game. Had him in over Lacy/Allen (and a few other scrub pickups), likely going to leave him in, but much tougher to do that now.
  22. It was a software bug from a release that happened that day. As a developer myself, I can understand that. That's not saying they should have caught it, particularly since it has happened before. It means they don't have a very good Quality Assurance process, and probably aren't using automated testing to check for things like this bug. I do believe it was incompetence, not a setup. And I don't know if firing the vendor is an option, there is likely quite a bit of historical knowledge that would be hard to transition mid-campaign. More than likely, this is an issue that will need to be addressed after the election, although I'd be happy to be wrong on this case.
  23. Good writeup from a person who intimately knows the software involved at NGP VAN - What Really Happened With the DNC’s “Datagate”?