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  1. well he actually, demonstrably doesn't suck. Outside of that we don't care.I dunno man. I haven't watched too much of teddy admittedly but the few games I have watched him in this year I came away thoroughly unimpressed. You should watch a few more games. He is playing within the system the Vikings are running, and that means he isn't going to put up gaudy numbers. But if you look at what he does, his talent is pretty undeniable.
  2. he had 11 carries and only averaged 2 yards per. At some point you can't keep killing drives by feeding the guy. He didn't have it today. Lacy has always seemed like the type of back that needs 20-25 carries per game. He needs to get into a rhythm and mixing him and Starks (and Kuhn) up just hurts his production. Not just fantasy, I think it hurts the Packers offense to do that, when he is rumbling the offense just works so much better. It makes sense to bring in Starks for 3rd downs, stuff like that, but Lacy needs a feature back role to do well.
  3. I'm still playing BF4. The next BF is in the works, I think it's just called BF:Next at the moment. A lot of the speculation is that it will be BF2143, particularly since one the last patches for BF4 introduced hover tanks and had installations with walkers being built. I read an article saying it's about the right as far as timing goes, there is a fair amount of "futurism" in shooters right now, so they thought the market should be receptive. If so, I hope they redo the Titan mode and get it right (unlike the carrier attack mode that is relatively horrible in BF4).
  4. As long as there are still people playing it, this is my plan. Maybe by then I'll be able to upgrade my machine to be able to play it at 4k (although I may not want to, seeing as my 4k monitor is only 30hz when at 4k).
  5. The problem with Crows is that it suffers in comparison to the previous 3 books. It tends to meander a bit. It's still better than any of the wheel of time books for instance. But it's not as good as the 1st three of this series. I just finished the 4th Wheel of Time book. I might just read a synopsis and be done with it. Having forced myself to finish the series, I recommend this course of action. Despite the meandering in the middle books, I still prefer the WoT series to this one. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them both, and they are both good. I like the WoT characters/story better though.
  6. The kid still being an idiot and yelling "MOM?!?!?!?" Which will draw attention from the walkers.. Maggie stuck on a platform with Glen and Enid watching helplessly from a tree.. The Wolf taking the Doctor to where?? Are the wolves possibly part of Negan's group.. or a off shoot of them and he will no return with information for Negan?? Where is Abraham and Daryl?? Sure, not HUGE cliff hangers.. but seems like plenty to think/talk about. I don't know if stuff discussed on TD counts as spoilers, but just in case: And non-spoiler, for those complaining about Zombie guts and why they aren't used more often, here are a few reasons (some from Kirkman on TD, but not really spoilers) unsanitary - yes, everyone is infected with the zombie virus, but human remains are not exactly good to just wear aroundcan dry out, get washed off - they don't last a long time, as was demonstrated in one of the other episodes where they did this, I think the rain washed it off - if you are in the wrong spot when that happens, you're deadextremely risky - one wrong sound (Mom, mom...) or action, and you are zombie food - seems like a last resort kind of thing to do
  7. Except many of us don't characterize it as "the show sucks" part, I only said that for those who are frustrated with the show but want to know if there is reason to keep watching. If someone thinks the show sucks they should stop watching (or at least stop trolling this thread)
  8. Nice sarcasm on the responses, but not going to get in any kind of back and forth about it. No need to justify my enjoyment.Not sure if you connected the dots, but this is the same voice over the radio that Daryl(?) heard a few episodes back.
  9. Oh, and if it's been a bit of a bore for anyone lately, you may want to stick around a bit for Neegan. Big character from the comics (sorry, but he had been "revealed" now.) The show will likely head in a different direction again as they deal with him. (Actually, that is straight from Kirkman, that he is going to shake things up.)
  10. I guess I can only speak for myself, but there was a point where this show was really good. There's also still glimpses of that "goodness" that keeps me around - like the Morgan episode and the initial horde episode. So, we watch. And then when we're let down by some just genuinely bad episodes like the last two and silly factual goofs (insulin, van landing right side up, the flare shot, Glenn not dying, etc.). I guess that is where having read the comics gives me a different perspective, and a little minor foreshadowing of where the show is going. I'm here for the story, sometimes that is zombies, sometimes it's the people. I'm also very willing to overlook silly "tv-isms", like the things you mention at the end. Some are silly, like the van flip, done aren't as bad as portrayed if you watch close enough. But regardless of those things, I am still enjoying the story, and I'll watch until that isn't the case.
  11. Things I liked from tonight's episode: Carl's storyline with Ron Deanna dying (her arc was up, and it was a fitting death) The wall coming down, flooding the town with zombies, Things I could take or leave Wolf story Didn't care about Maggie/Glenn story
  12. While I thought it was a bad episode, you may want to get better at watching. Rick clearly goes left (door to right), bends down and gets Judith and then closes the door on the way out when Michonne yells to him. I don't mind complaints about the crappiness of this episode, but I still hate the lazy watching complaints. Enough to complain about, like that whole damn wolf scene, so bad on so many levels.Am I wrong in not understanding the Wolf's jail? He is clearly only tied up at the hands. Carol walked right down into that room as did Morgan. What was the point of locking the door to the basement when it sure seems like the Wolf could walk right up the stairs and leave the house at any time (Morgan and Carol didn't unlock the front door going in). Again, such an awful scene and setup. How was it connected to the garage that the others were in? Just lucky that they went in or did Morgan want to make sure the Wolf had a quick exit if he found the garage door and broke through it. I understand Morgan's teacher's cell as that was steel bar enclosed, but Morgan's jail cell seemed more like house arrest with an ankle bracelet and the honor system. Well, if Morgan is trying to recreate the whole setup that "saved" him, that cell wasn't locked either. The only prison is in your mind, man.... True, the wolf couldn't have had easier access based on what we saw (the garage door that mullet picked locked on the wolf's side). Now, was the cell unlocked for Morgan only? I doubt Morgan's guru left it unlocked for the guy that killed his wife and kid when he grabbed him and at first planned to kill him.Pretty sure there was a door, with a lock, to the room the wolf was in. Carol unlocks it when she goes in, but didn't lock it behind her.
  13. Once again, if you don't like it, don't watch. No reason to come in here and bag on it. I enjoyed the entire half-season, including the finale. It's still a really good show, those complaining about it really just want it to be something it isn't.
  14. I disagree, but didn't want to quote that mess. That might be tainted by what I know from reading the comics, but there is an overarching story here, and it is straying from the "find shelter, find shelter isn't safe, find new shelter" formula.
  15. Glen needed to be alive, those who read the comics know why. Also, lots of parallels this week with the comics, which is probably where some of the tv-show-only-watchers have issues with the story. At least 3, maybe 4, of the current plots are really close to the comics. The writers do this, stray from and then come back to, the comic story-line. Sometimes it works on TV, sometimes it plays out as a bit forced.
  16. Kinda thinking this if you have the guy to replace him or get a great deal. I think he's the real deal, but his ceiling tends to be a little capped because of Minn's general gameplan (DF + rushing).
  17. Just saw the hit. I'm calling bs on what he said, teddy got put to sleep. That's a multi week concussionMeh, I seem to remember L. Bell getting knocked out cold during his rookie season and coming back the next week. I'm not ready to assume TB will be sidelined for an extended period of time. Yah, I call BS on Steed being a doctor (my apologies if he is). Doctor on Fox post-game said being knocked out isn't necessarily any worse than not being knocked out. Obviously it's a wait-and-see situation, but I don't think we can assume anything from watching the hit. Other players have suffered worse looking hits, and even been knocked out, and still played the following week. I think it happened to one of the Vikings in the pre-season or practice earlier this year (Rhodes maybe?)
  18. Hill didn't look good today, but I think if he has a full week as the starter in practice and a game plan designed to cater to his strengths, he'll be fine. Rather have Bridgewater, but for Digg's sake, I think it isn't much of a drop-off.
  19. Didn't see any mention of the fact that just about the last 45m of the episode (and the Wolf attack) played out in "real-time". The timer was set when the casserole was put in the over, the attack happened, and then the timer went off a few minutes before the end of the episode. Pretty cool, I thought. I thought it was the case while watching, they confirmed it on TD.
  20. Should I be shot? This is the communist thread right? No, you're just tiresome. What you are doing is not having intelligent debate, it is basic Internet trolling. You don't post intelligent conversation pieces, but rather inaccurate or misrepresented things like the meme above.
  21. Jimmy Carter became President and he didn't need to do that. Jimmy Carter did not run against a Clinton. Seriously though - Clinton is about as low as she is going to get in the polls, absent Biden getting in. So Sanders will have to exert control - and show that he can beat Clinton - and that means taking her on directly. I think he can do it on the issues - he does not have to stoop to personal attacks, but he is going to have to hammer her over her inconsistent record, her Super Pacs, etc. He has to win the verbal soundbites - because that is what the majority of voters are going to hear. He can't let Clinton get away with "it was easy enough for me to understand." I hate the verbal soundbite game. It sucks, it cheapens politics, but unfortunately it is reality in our current system.
  22. I think people might actually appreciate that in the middle of a debate, Bernie showed that he likes and appreciates his competition. It makes him more likeable. Sometimes, particularly in our current political climate, the proper "political" move isn't as beneficial as it may seem. Sure, he could have let her continue to get slaughtered, or even piled on. He might get a small bump in the polls, and she may take a small one. But being different...that may attract people who are apathetic about politics to consider getting out to vote for him.
  23. I (and I think a lot of people) forgot when the horn started going off that back at the compound, they had no idea the plan was put into motion. It was supposed to be a dry run, with the real plan the next day. Puts a pretty different spin on what the horn is, makes me definitely think it's a call for help, rather than a malicious plan to try to divert the walkers to the town. Of course, there is the possibility that the Wolves have been watching them set everything up and had the horn ready to go, and pulled the trigger when they saw the plan was in motion early. But I'm going with a call for help on this one.
  24. So it's been demonstrated that the walkers will walk right off the cliff. I'm sure some would live, while others would hit their head and die. Why not make them just walk out of the pit and circle back over the edge. Built in crowd control. The group would have to maintain some sort of wall of cars herding the group around back to the edge, but seems plausible. __________________________cccccccc/ _______________________ ccc|\______ <--ramp1 \ cccc cc| | cc cc | |cccc cc | |cccc cc| | cc| | cccccc | ________ |ccccccc| ramp2 -> \ | \_________ | |__T||_______/____________/