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  1. Anyone read any of Brandon Sanderson's newer Mistborn books? I've read (and enjoyed) the original 3 but neither of the new ones yet.
  2. Rookie who slipped to the 5th round, but was lighting up the Vikings pre-season and training camp. With CJ out today, he's getting a chance to shine.
  3. Did you not see the 55 yard pass in the air that was right on the money to Wallace? It got broken up, but only by interference that wasn't called (and it was a good defensive play). Teddy has the arm and skill to hit the deep ball when needed.
  4. Really weird thing to cry about unless you are homophobic or think they are living in sin and will all be destroyed in some apocalypse in the near future. As far as "what people are here for" - viewers are watching for all sorts of different reasons. It isn't about the zombies. It's about the people and how the survive and interact with other groups of people in the environment. That's what the show has always been about. The zombies merely provide drama and a backdrop for the world this show is set in.
  5. Party or not, one of the things that has kept BF going strong for so long in the PC community is the ability for clans to play together, to have servers, to generate a feeling of community on their servers. This will kill that altogether. Having 3 players be able to be on the same server pales in comparison to having clan matches with 30/side, all in the same clan. That's kind of a deal breaker for PC and really unfortunate. That would seem to make it the death knell of DICE giving a crap about pc gamers. Yep. My interest in it went from day one purchase to wait until it's cheap. EA did that with Titanfall and nobody plays it anymore.Yep, awful decision This is about the worst news I have heard for Battlefront. I have a handful of servers in Battlefield where I play almost all of the time and you do start to get to know some of the folks or at least the "feel" for the server. I'll wait to get more reviews, but not happy about this at all.
  6. Yes. To expand on that, the 4th and 5th book were originally a single book, but were split up in such a way that some (of the most popular) PoV characters don't get any chapters until book 5. This continues through about the first half of book 5, and then it's pretty obvious from there that the "split" is over and it's back on track for the series again (at least, that is how it seemed to me). Regardless, I enjoyed book 5 quite a bit more than 4, but likely because a lot of the PoV characters I liked were not in book 4 at all. Here is a recommended combined reading order for the two books that seems to be liked by a lot of readers. I haven't tried it myself and am not sure how useful it is for first-time readers, but at least you wouldn't have to slog through 1,000 pages before catching up with certain characters. I may give this a go, finished the first book a few weeks ago on a reread that I'm hoping will take me right into both the next book and season. Assuming the book comes out before the season still. We'll see. But that reading order seems like a nice way to add a little extra interest to the reread.
  7. Yes. To expand on that, the 4th and 5th book were originally a single book, but were split up in such a way that some (of the most popular) PoV characters don't get any chapters until book 5. This continues through about the first half of book 5, and then it's pretty obvious from there that the "split" is over and it's back on track for the series again (at least, that is how it seemed to me). Regardless, I enjoyed book 5 quite a bit more than 4, but likely because a lot of the PoV characters I liked were not in book 4 at all.
  8. A little yes. I used that app to check to see if my phone was open to getting that Stage Fright bug. Which it is. There's nothing I can really do about it. Except hope Verizon (yeah, right) or Google push out an update to my 2013 Moto X (again, yeah right). That's my main gripe with Andorid. My phone is barely 2 years old and it's already forgotten. I have an upgrade in November. What happens first: I upgrade or my phone gets 5.1.1? My agreement is up and as much as I like Android and like the Note 3 I think I may be switching to Apple. At least when there is a need to patch a security issue or update the operating system all phones get it at the same time. I'm the same way. And of course, yes I could get a Nexus. But, 1) The Nexus 6 wasn't out when I got the Moto X in 2013 and 2) There's no guarantee another comes out soon or that Verizon even gets it (took forever for them to get the Nexus 6. The problem with Android is the carriers. After the manufacturer puts out an update, the carriers then have to do their own due diligence and distribute it. There is definitely an issue that Google needs to work on.
  9. Yup, probably the next game I will purchasing at launch. It looks really good.
  10. Nope...stupid EA needs to put out a PC version again. I know they won't but it's a travesty.
  11. LastPass. They do all the right things to your data to ensure even if they have a breach (which they had recently), it means nothing really is exposed. Their mobile app on Android is pretty awesome, it can auto-fill passwords on apps and browser. If you use a fingerprint scanner, it'll allow you to use that for security.
  12. After this add Diamond Age to the list. It is as good (both are incredible). Just started reading Snow Crash - I remember trying to read it not too long after it came out and really struggling. Like many of Stephenson's works. I don't know what it is about his writings, but I'm hoping I enjoy it more this time around.
  13. It's getting to be time for a rebuild myself, probably going to start watching prices. I like the suggestion to wait for Skylake + DDR4, as long as the prices aren't higher just because it's new. I'm wondering if we'll be able to find the 4790s with some really good deals, I often like to buy the 2nd best thing on the market when building a computer to keep the cost down a little. I've always ended up with AMD cards, but for the longest time I was on their CPUs as well, and went Intel last time around and it's been pretty rock solid. Might have to look at nVidia again. Probably looking at something like the following: 4Ghz+ CPU + cooler 16+ GB Ram new Motherboard 1TB SSD What am I forgetting? I have a pretty good PSU as long as it'll work. Will look at video cards, but might wait on that depending on budget, etc. Probably also need some sort of disk reader/writer, both of mine seem to have died. I could reuse the same case, but I wouldn't mind getting something more soundproof than my current one. Considering going to water cooling, to reduce noise as well. Not sure I really want the extra complexity and risk that comes with that though. Just starting to look around, I figure I'll probably get around to building by late fall, early winter - might look to grab parts around Black Friday.
  14. For a first handgun, you might want to consider a 9mm vs the .45 out of cheaper to shoot, but a 1911 is hard to argue with. A nice compromise is the Beretta 92 which I have. Feels a lot like the 1911 in terms of smoothness, but is much lighter in recoil. Almost none. An AR would be a great rifle to start with. The Barbie Doll for the modern man. I like this advice but to add to it a little, 22lr is a smart starter round. The ammo is cheap enough that you'll shoot more. The 1911 22lr I linked to at the top of this page is on sale and if you scroll down on that page you can get one for a tick over $200 in the Government model (though the Gold Cup is the right call at $289). There's a lot of happy Colt and Sig 1911 22lr owners in the 1911 forums. I've messed with both quite a bit and prefer the Colt, in part because it is the original 1911 brand, but also because it is more true to the design, has a better finish, and uses a little better materials. They shoot the same. Maelstrom, the long range bolt rifles are my favorite thing. They were when I first joined this thread but I Iet Mad Cow distract me for a couple years with the Barbies. If you want to go long, the Savage and Remington you mentioned are both fine, but you'll want to spend at least as much as the cost of one on your optics. The cost is often overlooked by people new to long range shooting. I'd much rather have $1000 scope on a $500 dollar rifle than the other way around. Savage is better out of the box. Remington is better for upgrades. And tell your friend the Arch Angel is lipstick on a pig. I did really like plinking with the .22, so that is definitely an option for a cheap intro gun. Obviously not really for self-defense, but that's not really my intent in starting to look. It's hard for me to find ranges around here longer than 200 yards, but yes, I have read that optics are at least as important as the gun, if not more. It's probably something I would upgrade over time. And yes, my buddy knows the Nagant is never going to be super accurate, and he's probably only going to get a few hundred rounds before the barrel gives out. He was just having fun turning a cheap WWII rifle into a modern looking gun.
  15. I started a re-read a week or two ago, I generally get about 1 chapter a night, on average. About half-way through the first book so far. Enjoying it a lot so far.
  16. Not reading any farther as I haven't finished the latest episode yet, but I'm pretty hooked after 2.
  17. My HTC died suddenly a month or two ago, and I went ahead with the S5. I came to the same conclusion you did that it was the sweet spot. I was in a hurry since my phone had already died, so I just went to Best Buy and got the AT&T Next plan. If you have a little time, you can probably find a pretty good deal on the S5 these days.
  18. After not having shot a gun (except video games) I got a change to go out twice in that last 8 weeks. At a friend's house, shot a 22LR pistol, 9mm pistol, 38 Magnum revolver, .45 pistol, 22LR AR-15 (might have been an AR-10?), and a 5.56 SR-15. Then a workmate took me out to the range and we shot his AR-15 5.56, .22 pistol, 9mm pistol, .45 pistol and we rented a .50 cal S&W revolver (I only shot it once, was $3/bullet, and kicked like a MF) as well as a .45mm 1911. I really liked the 1911, it was the nicest out of all the pistols I shot, although the .38 Magnum revolver was pretty nice also. He didn't have this when we went out, but finish building an "ArchAngel" sniper-rifle out of an older Mosin Nagant and he wants to go out again to shoot that soon, kinda like this: Sorry I didn't catch many of the brands, too many guns being passed around. I think the .22 AR-15 and SR-15 were Rugers. Anyways, I had a lot of fun shooting the real thing, and making me think about getting my own. For a handgun, I really like the 1911 45, but the 22s are quite a bit cheaper and would also be cheaper to shoot (assuming you can find the ammo apparently). Also thinking about a more long-range type gun, while there is a lot to be said for the AR platform, I kinda wouldn't mind starting to build something out of a .308 platform - starting with a Remington 700 or Savage 10FP.
  19. Terminator: Salvation was on TNT tonight, and I don't know why I didn't realize this, but the scars on John's face in Genesys are inflicted on him in Salvation. Surprisingly, I didn't mind Salvation this time around, maybe expectations being significantly lowered had something to do with it. At least, it wasn't quite as bad as I seemed to recall. Still far behind 3, much less 1,2,5, but still...I'd like to see more Terminator movies that show more of the battle against the machines in the time after Judgement Day. I think that's why I was so disappointed in this originally, cause I'd been waiting for a movie set in this approximate time, and it didn't really deliver. also didn't have any of the other Terminator signatures, like time travel, killer machines in odd locations, etc. Ah well, maybe one of the newer ones will take post-Judgement Day on and succeed.
  20. Isn't it technically the 5th Terminator movie? Or does Salvation not even count at all? I know it didn't have a number, and it was bad (really bad), but still think you have to count it. Researching: Also of note, Genisys is intended (much like Salvation was) to be the first of a new trilogy.
  21. My wife is T1 Diabetic for almost 10 years now, diagnosed in her late 20s (yes, it was weird, best we can tell she had Mono and something went wrong and she stopped producing insulin). Found out when she went into the emergency room with blurry vision, on steroids for being sick, and her blood sugars were in the 800s (blurry vision was because of sugar crystallizing in her eyes cause it had no where to go). She struggled quite a bit early on, and is still struggling with control. She had a pump early on, but it was too early before she knew anything about the disease and she didn't learn what she needed to know to really learn control. Now she's taking classes again and may soon get a CGM and maybe a new pump, she's really excited about the CGM. She has some other health issues, so pretty challenging to manage everything. But she's doing her best to get it all under control.
  22. I enjoyed it, saw it in 3D but I'm not positive that added that much to the film. I agree it was the best T since T2, but it is still quite a ways from being as good as T2. Saw most of the twists coming, but that didn't bug me that much. I enjoyed the throwbacks to the originals ("lots of leg wounds though") but they still actually explained just about everything so the viewer didn't really need to have any previous Terminator knowledge. All in all, an enjoyable action flick, light on plot/dialog, heavy on special effects.
  23. I am probably not going to get Hardline unless I see a spectacular deal, but if you are looking at it for PC, make sure and check the server numbers. I saw something recently saying there was only a handful of populated servers for PC, like 10 or less at many peak times, much less off-peak. A lot of players have gone back to BF4, including quite a few of the YouTubers doing reviews. For the new patch, shotguns are freakishly overpowered as well. I haven't started using them, but people are going nuts with them. All of the guns were tweaked, so if your favorite setup isn't quite working for you, may need to try a few different ones to see what works for you now.