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  1. I was super impressed by the Steam sales either. I haven't pre-ordered Battlefront, but I will be. The "cons" I read online (that's its not like the older Battlefront games, and it's more like Battlefield) are what make me want it even more.
  2. How many people would be able to do this? I wouldn't. For one thing, I have no clue what my password is. I'd have to download and install LastPass to get my password, and I'm not sure the bus driver would be cool with me installing software on his phone. Beyond that, I use two-step verification. So even if I had my password, I wouldn't be able to log in on a new phone without a newly generated verification code that I'd be able to get only from my current phone whose battery is drained. Sounds beyond complicated, I would hope most people have an easier time than you logging into their own email. I know it's pretty easy for me. I have no idea what my email password is...same as MT, including LastPass + 2 step verification. I've used LastPass for a while, but just recently set it up for my email because one of my email passwords got compromised.
  3. I've enjoyed the previous iterations, so I picked up Sniper Elite III for $15.
  4. I enjoyed it quite a bit. After this and the Martian I'm on a sci fi kick. Has anyone read Seveneves by Stephenson? I've personally always had a hard time with Stephenson's books - but Seveneves looks interesting. But then, his books always look interesting then prove to be a hard read for me. I just finished The Martian as well, that was a pretty fun read.
  5. Am I to also believe one of their laptops not hardwired to the system would all of a sudden be deleting all these files with the delete key of all things? For a show trying to be a little tech savvy that was a huge swing and miss... Seems to me it required no extra effort to make that more realistic. It really wasn't that unrealistic. Have you ever pressed the Delete key on your own computer? Depending on where the cursor is positioned, it absolutely can erase data, sometimes irretrievably. It's not like he placed the tequila bottle on the Caps Lock key or something. No...for a company like that, they would have redundant backups. Even if it did delete the main files, the IT staff should be able to have the files restored in hours. It's sloppy. I generally overlook stuff like this, and I was laughing out loud during the scene, so it was enjoyable and funny. But it was also sloppy, and I expect better.
  6. Yeah that seemed very abrupt and out of character in the book. Yeah he seemingly was all-in on the whole shield of the realm thing, sits there was his father and three brothers (he thinks three) are killed. Then he gets a letter from Ramsay basically being like "YOU'RE CHICKEN" and he's like #### it, I'm bailing. I may be remembering it wrong, haven't reread that one in awhile. Book-only stuff below..... It's not nearly the same Jon by the time he gets Ramsay's letter, though. Here's a link to the first of a five part essay on Jon's arc through ADWD. To me, anyway, it makes a good case that Jon's reaction to Ramsay's letter wasn't as abrupt as it seemed to many of us when we first read the book. The essays are pretty long and may go deeper than most of you care about, but check them out if you're interested in this stuff. Below is basically the essayists mission statement on this subject. Well crap, now I definitely need to re-read the series, particularly books 4 and 5. I've been planning to do that once we knew when book 6 was released, but after reading that essay, I realize how much I missed or forgot in those 2 books. I'll probably pick them up again as soon as the show concludes. Thanks for the link, fascinating.
  7. First game in a while I've been excited for. Deus Ex Human Revolution was a really fun game, with an intriguing story - glad to see them continuing it.
  8. And Hooli might be going down? Maybe bighead returns to PP. i love how he is now known as "bag head". makes me laugh every time and i saw an interview with Mike Judge where he said they had to have them losing because if they kept winning it wasn't funny. i think he said they had to rewrite most of season 2 because of it. successful people just were not funny or relateable I think a show about a great idea/algorithm that faces a lot of obstacles along the way is the only real viable show. A crummy idea that hit some resistance would be pretty dull and would episode? A great idea that faces no resistance is basically Northern California Entourage with less nudity. Definitely. I wasn't saying that I don't understand the reasons the story is told the way it is, just that it was nice to see them get a win.
  9. I think another thing about the most recent episode is it's the first one in a little while where things start to look positive for PP (if not for Dinesh). They'd been on a real losing streak (I count Russ as 'loosing') through the first half of the season, everytime it seems like something was going to go their way, it didn't. So it's nice to see them at least seem to come out even or even on top for once (although I don't expect that to last).
  10. this was my take - book 3 took appx 2 seasons, and books 4/5 will take 1, putting the show appx at the start if book 6 for season 6. GRRM says he wants book 6 out before the show next year, we'll see if that can happen, but after that, no way he gets book 7 out before the following season. I always thought it was a bit premature for the "ahhh the show is moving ahead of the books" hysteria for this season.
  11. Yep. Much better than last week. I've tended to like the episodes that only looked in on a few storylines, but this one touched on just about everyone and yet moved most of the arcs forward.One thing I think the show has done poorly is the direwolves. Ghost showing up last night just reinforced this to me. I thought it was odd Jon left Ghost behind. Odd, but consistent with the books - Ghost is locked up much of the time because he scares the men at the wall. One of the stupider things Jon does.
  12. Take out battery (if possible) and place in a bag of rice for around 5 days to dry out phone completely. A couple of "studies" (in quotes, cause I have no idea how scientific they were) have shown there is little to no difference using rice vs. air-drying. The important part is to not touch it or turn it on for a few days to allow the moisture to evaporate. If you have silica-gel packs floating around, those will remove moisture from the air, so putting those in an air-tight container with a wet phone can help.
  13. Sansa wasn't raped. How do you figure that? How do you figure she was? She married Ramsay and he didn't threaten her or anything. He was incredible crude and even brutal but I don't think she resisted or anything. She just did what she had to do right? She didn't say anything at all. That was kind of the point of the scene IMO. Innocence lost. Wow, just wow. Kinda hope this is shtick. Sure, she was there, but nothing, including the wedding, was anything that she had control over or much wanted. Not resisting has nothing to do with it. She had her clothes ripped off, forced down, and had someone else watching this. "innocence lost"?? GTFO. I assume the point was to have something happen that causes Reek and/or Sansa to snap. Rape didn't have to be the event, and I think after 5 seasons a lot of watchers are tired of them using that. Dipped into that well a few too many times, and seems they have mishandled it just about every time. How about something different that would be within character: Ramsey decides to punish Reek for not leading Sansa by the arm like Reek said he would. This time he decides to take it out Sansa by flaying a finger. That ####s with both of them, it is something that could be hidden with a glove, blah, blah. After the Jamie/Cersei scene by Joffrey's dead body last season, I think the general viewer is tired of them going there. The Jamie/Cersei scene wasn't rape...the directors handled both the initial scene and the uproar afterwards badly, but it was never intended to be rape. In the book, it was very clear it was consensual, and the only thing Cersei was objecting to was that they might get caught. The directors did a bad job trying to show that in the scene on the show. I won't say the Sansa scene wasn't rape, but there is more going on here than that. Rooting for her to get some revenge.
  14. I have wireless charging with my N5. Couple things. It charges a lot slower (doesn't matter for you since your using it as your night stand charger). And, at least with the N5, it heats up when charging wirelessly. Not too much, but with a bulky case, it might lead to heat build up and problems down the line.I live case at all. I have a screen protector but haven't even put it on yet (just got the phone a few weeks ago).
  15. Anyone use wireless charging? Thoughts? I just recently got the Galaxy S5, and I can replace the back with one capable of wireless charging and get a charging station. Thinking of doing that for next to the bed at night so I don't have to pry open the charging cover except for rare times I get low during the day.
  16. I think the general consensus is that what you think happens, does not really happen. Or, that it is not as final as it may appear. Yeah I do get that which is the only saving grace of the ordeal I guess. For now. There really are no spoilers at this point. HBO is already ahead of the books in some parts of the story, which will only increase by the end of this season. More importantly, the shows have diverged from the books so much that no one knows what is to come either in print or on screen. (I did not read the Forbes article and have no idea what that spoiler is.) The spoilers to the book people are when certain changes are made or certain characters killed off or eliminated etc., as those changes tell me some things are irrelevant that are in the book for the end game. It is pretty irrelevant. The joy is in the journey, sit back and enjoy both stories, and the various meandering paths they take to (as far as we know) the same destination.
  17. Just started watching this, it's a shame there is almost no way to stream it legally. Got through seasons 1 and 2 (and about to that point in the thread), not too worried about spoilers but gonna wait to read the rest of the thread.
  18. Really enjoying this show, it always seems to have a couple legitimate laugh out loud moments per episode. And the subject matter is right up my alley as well.
  19. Seems like all of the Shield vs. Shield is wrapping up pretty soon, I've enjoyed it but it is time to bring things back together. I've really liked the season so far.
  20. Just finished up Injustice: Gods Among Us - the storyline part. Fun fighting game, but even after once through, the special attack animations get a bit old. For $5 on Steam, good deal, and I have a halfway decent fighting game to play from time to time.
  21. Looks like we're gonna need a new thread. I downloaded them, but havn't watched. Can't decide if I want to wait a whole month for new content. I may just wait it out. I'm gonna watch episode 4 tonight. You waited 10 months with nothing... you can wait one month for six episodes. I don't know why the fact they were leaked should stop any discussion. This is the TV thread, right? Spoiler tag it up, good to go... Seriously though...c'mon HBO. Really? End of episode 4...
  22. Looks like we're gonna need a new thread. I downloaded them, but havn't watched. Can't decide if I want to wait a whole month for new content. I may just wait it out. I'm gonna watch episode 4 tonight. You waited 10 months with nothing... you can wait one month for six episodes. I don't know why the fact they were leaked should stop any discussion. This is the TV thread, right? Spoiler tag it up, good to go... Seriously though...c'mon HBO. Really?
  23. No it doesn't. It knows what it is. The problem really is that at one time it wanted to be Breaking Bad. It didn't really move into the realm of cartoonish hero stuff until they changed show runners the first time, when they went from a group of people standing still 10 yards away from walkers realistically hitting about 30% headshots to a group of people running around popping off 99% headshots from 200 yards away with a glock. It went from people realistically getting into trouble to contrived ninja zombies that can sneak up on people with 100 yards of clearance in all directions from well within their line of site. I've accepted it for what it is now and still very much enjoy it, but let's not pretend it's been zombie camp since day 1. It's kind of like Dexter in that regard. Sure, by season 8 we'd been through 4 years of Dexter killing people in an airport luggage room full of security cameras on the fly with no one noticing, but that doesn't mean for the first four seasons each kill wasn't much more realistically thought out and methodical as to how it could actually be achieved without getting caught. I think that is why both of the shows fell off. They originally sold us on the idea that, if you can accept the somewhat absurd premise, this is what it would realistically be like. But a little ways down the road they switched to "eh, it's an absurd premise anyway, so let's just go ahead and make it absurd and turn everyone into Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero". "Fell off"...really, that's why it is setting records and is one of the most popular shows on TV? This entire statement is a bit delusional based on your own personal feelings about the show. It has meandered, and it has been a few different types of zombie show, but I don't believe the current iteration is any less of a show than season 1, for example. I'm fine with you liking it for your own reasons, but it is still the best zombie show on TV, maybe that was ever put on TV to date. Edit: FWIW, I agree with you about Dexter, the final 4 seasons were nothing compared to the first 4. This is not like that.
  24. ripping the cheek off was Has there been a more gruesome death of one of the group members? Herschel's was dramatic, but not gruesome. That ain't happening
  25. Ill be checking it out tonight.How is it?I only played a little. It felt like Battlefield 4 exactly. Except with cop and criminal skins and different maps. Its fun. I'll give it more play tonight and may end up buying it when it comes out.I played in the beta, and it did feel like Battlefield 4. So much so that this is the first BF game since 2 on the PC that I won't be getting on release. The cops/robbers thing doesn't do it for me, and if there are no real new tech in the game, just new skins and maps, I'll continue to play BF4 until it (and Premium) are really cheap.