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  1. You checked on the EA forums and such to see if anyone else is having similar issues? Could be a realtively common problem with a fix available.
  2. Go get all the updates and come play. Essential to log into TeamSpeak, see first post for details. There's another thread in the middle that tells you which TeamSpeak server we use. can't get it to run yet, should have more than enough to run it:GeForce 7600GT plenty of CPU plenty of ram new drivers ??? still working on it. ETA: looking on EA message boards, some common errors. hopefully an easy fix. Looks like it has to do with new video card and new drivers. Yeah, make sure you get the newest drivers from the card's website, and all the latest updates for BF2 before loading (I think 1.22), yeah - LINKInstall and use Teamspeak - makes the game even more fun, IMO. And register at and post your username here so we can put you in our buddylists. Cya on the battlefield.
  3. I know you guys have discussed this before, but in your opinions, it the Special Forces expansion worth getting? Not just for the extra unlocks, but for the game itself?
  4. One other thing to think about also, besides the spyware crappola - have you played any relatively new Sony Music CDs on your computer? Sony had a rootkit that was installing - caused a big uproar when it was found and Sony ended up recalling all the CDs, but a lot of people bought the ones that were out there. The big problem was that other bad guys (ie. worse than Sony) could access this rootkit and install programs covertly through it.Just a thought. You're on the right track with the spyware/virus stuff though, although I always just use the free version of Adaware myself. In conjunction with Spybot, they find and fix most everything, IMO. You could try switching cables if you have a spare to make sure that isn't the problem, if you haven't already. Or get a new drive - I can recommend the Lite-On DVD R/RW recorder - I've used or installed 3 or 4 of them, with no issues. About $40 on Newegg. On a side note, sounds like Microsoft Vista will include an anti-slowdown feature, which will take a benchmark of all aspects of your machine when you first install Vista, and then periodically compare a new benchmark against the old one, and then warn you when your machine is starting to slow down, along with tips on how to fix it based on the system scans (spyware, defrag, etc.). Seemed like a pretty cool and useful feature, not to mention free benchmarking software, if the user can access the results.
  5. Speaking of that, nothing bugs me more than when the last person alive is running around in a heli or something that restricts spawning, after the enemy has taken all the spawn points. Cause you know that everyone is watching that mobile spawn point just waiting for it to go green and jump back in, and they're totally oblivious just driving/flying around. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> if your team has no spawn points left, you cant spawn on squad leaders. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Really? So they have to go cap a flag somewhere, I take it. Thanks for the info! Guess I won't be upset with those guys anymore.
  6. Moving to dual core, eh? How do you like it? Photoshop CS2 runs like a dream on my 3800+, I can't hardly stand it when I work on the computers at the school where I'm taking some night classes.I haven't done much OCing yet, since it is running everything just fine. I am running the proc at 2.15Ghz, instead of the stock 2.0Ghz.
  7. This could very well change the way some of the clans play, since from what I've read they have become very adept at rotating squad leaders to whereever they are attacking. They make sure the squad leader is always someone that is alive, so they have a close spawn point. Can make 3-5 guys almost invincible as long as one guy remains alive to spawn back in on at the same point.Speaking of that, nothing bugs me more than when the last person alive is running around in a heli or something that restricts spawning, after the enemy has taken all the spawn points. Cause you know that everyone is watching that mobile spawn point just waiting for it to go green and jump back in, and they're totally oblivious just driving/flying around. MC - if you update your initial post with that other info about TS, I don't think my BF2 name is listed there.
  8. The explosives is tough. Let me know how it goes. I still don't have that one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That was my toughest badge to get. I remember trying a number of times before I got it.I finally got it on Karkand, as USMC. Spawn at the right (east) artillery point and go towards the hotel. If you get lucky you can get onto the roof of the building by the hotel. Drop C4 into alley and watch MEC run over C4.... Click, Click, BOOM If you get really lucky you will get two or three kills each time you drop C4. Rinse, Repeat. I have no idea how I will get the veterans explosive badge. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If your talking about the "impossible jump" building, I got up their once. And was promptly shot by a sniper who was paying attention from somewhere. But if you do this, try to get the commander (or be one yourself) to drop a supply box up their so you don't have to worry about running out of C4
  9. I played for a while tonight, and actually had a decent night (for a change). I commanded three rounds, since I noticed no one was commanding on our team, and won 1, lost the other two by 0-2 and 0-4 - so close. Was in the 50s easy for the non-winning rounds, and with the double in the 90s for the win. Then I went on as a spec ops, grabbed an APC that was sitting in the middle of town empty, came around the corner at the Chemical Factory, and took out their APC, healed at their supply box their commander dropped, took out a couple foot soldiers, then was destroyed by their tank and APC combo, but I think I got the APC when I blew up their also. That's a fairly good combo for me. I am slowly learning to snipe also, but only manage to get a couple kills before being outted, and can't seem to get to a new spot before getting shot. Been artyed by the opposing commander a couple times as sniper already, and one dropped a supply box on me (DOH!) All in all, a good evening - I started late (12:00am), hence the late finish. No work tomorrow, so I may be on again if I get some more work done on the website I'm working on.
  10. You gonna suffer through at all tonight? If I get a few things done, I might jump on for a bit.
  11. if it said that "you've been disconnected" it was because of packet loss or internet connection problems...If you are kicked / banned you will get a message from punkbuster stating that you are being kicked because of "excessive teamkilling" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for the clarification. Normally, I'm pretty good about forgiving others that kill me on accident... I just wish they were the same. Here's a scenario for ya'll... say you were in a tank and you were battling with an enemy tank, and one of your guys (on foot) runs up to the enemy to plant C4 as you are blasting away... and you kill him along with the enemy tank. Does this call for a punishment? I say no, but I do recall a time where this exact thing happened and I was punished by my team member. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I always forgive since I am liable to do the same right back at a guy if he runs around a corner on me or something. I'm not a good enough shot yet to take 2 seconds to check hostile/friendly in that kind of suprise situation - i'd be dead. (getting better at not being suprised like that though!)I think about the only time I would punish is if I see the guy lining me up and taking shots, or the person is TKing to get a vehicle multiple times.
  12. Probably going on for a bit after 24 (10 minutes or so)
  13. Nice machine CYUNVme - similar to mine except VC and I have the 3800+ X2. But, Abit Nforce 4 SLi (if I ever decide to go better on VC), 2GB RAM, ATI X850 XT VC, 2x250 Seagate Sata in Raid 0 Works sweet. BTW side note - came across this pic of Karkand (since we play there a bit) with a guy's favorite sniper spots mapped out, good for if someone feels like sniping or for finding the SOBs. LINK One other question - any keys/controls you guys have custom mapped that you'd like to share? Also - regarding the joystick being backwards side to side - even though the screen shows the same thing for left/right or roll left/right (joystick axis 1, etc.) you need to push it the correct way for whichever command you pick when you set it up. So select Turn or roll right, and make sure you press the joystick right. Same with up/down. I got my joypad setup so I can fly with it, and found all this out the hard way while getting it setup. Still stink at flying, BTW - I keep flying the jets way off the map, and I roll too much in the heli. I came across a Jets Only map that is frequently empty, which I find nice for playing around (may be wrong, but I think they have extra flying vehicles on their maps).
  14. Since there was plane talk a bit ago, thought you guys might like this video. It is kinda large, but I didn't know you could do some of that stuff. LINK
  15. Supply lines - kinda like UT2004's mode? I could see that as good and bad. I think one of the fun things about BF2 is that while it is team oriented, it is unstructured (you can pretty much cap each point at any time). You add the supply lines in in the UT2004 method, and that could make the game fairly structured. That would be good for me (ie. newbies), since I'd always know where to head, but does take a little away from the current game as is, I think.
  16. for the CIS info - gonna pick one up tomorrow and cook some steaks for dinner. Dunno why I don't already have one as we used one all the time I was growing up. (course, from reading this I see we actually abused one all the years I was growing up - washed it in soapy water after every use.)
  17. Then WHY do all the games not enable that by default? I thought they used to but seems like I always have to go find and change this setting. Good to know that is the standard
  18. Can't really help with the setup, although does just sound like something is inverted that shouldn't be. I have to assume though that a (properly configured) joystick would make flying much easier? I saw one on Woot the other day and missed out, but my thinking was that it could only help, and may snag one if another shows up.Another control question for you guys - do you invert your mouse (up=looking down) or leave it regular? I've always had FPS set to invert the mouse, and while that works fine for when I'm walking around, when I'm in a stationary gun (tank, sandbag machine gun, etc.) or vehicle, I find I frequently push the wrong way first - I try to use it as if it wasn't inverted. Obviously this is probably just a personal preference thing, and just gotta get used to one way or the other, but I was just curious what the most common method is.
  19. Three simple keys here. #1. Look at your radar map. When you are heading in a direction and there are no blue and green dots in your "cone", anyone you run into is bad. Bad I tells ya. Shoot to kill. And if there is a tank, heli, car coming, if you don't see a blue or green tank, heli, car coming, you better duck. #2. Learn what the various armies look like. If you are playing one of the foreign teams it's pretty easy to identify the Americans. Because of the naming bugs where friendlies sometimes show up as enemies, knowing what the uniforms look like will help a lot. I actually didn't pick this up much until Special Forces came out, because the armies in that one are very distinct. But the same thing applies to vanilla BF2. #3. Sight and mark the bad guys. I can't stress this enough. Lots of noobs don't do this and it is second in annoyance only to noobs who don't join squads. Marking the enemies is especially important when you see the enemy at a distance. If you mark him with the Q button, you will probably save the life of one of your less skilled buddies who is closer to him. #1 - ya, I just gotta be better about watching the map #2 - Working on this. I realized that knowing the uniforms would be especially helpful 1 or 2 sessions ago, but it still takes a second. Regarding #3 - once you press Q, which option do you select? (I keep forgetting how to bring this menu up during gameplay and was thinking about making the Q key prone. Bad idea, eh?)
  20. Hmm.... #1 check - still working on applying it, but definately learning it.#2 - tell me about it - your weapon is delayed when you prone and you are slower than @$#%# #3 - I'v been trying to watch my ammo better, but still having trouble switching weapons midfight. But, have managed to get a couple pistol kills in, even snuck up on a guy that was flag capping and knifed him yesterday. #4 - yeah, kinda figured this one. I still haven't figured out what the "best" fit class wise is for me. I don't think Medic is good - I keep dying when trying to revive people (meaning we're both dead). Mechanic isn't bad and I think I was doing ok at this, but I hate the shotgun - almost rather use the pistol (no long range anyways) I was having fun with the rocket launcher, but didn't get hardly any vehicle kills with it. I don't have the aim for sniper, and I'm having trouble telling the difference between special forces and assult. I'll probably stick to mechanic or medic for a while unless I just feel like grabbing a machine gun and going to town. Some other things: #5 - I learned how to use a parachute when jumping off tall buildings so as not to get killed, or when jumping outta a plane or helicopter. #6 - I am starting to be able to drive the vehicles and look around at the same time, although I still blast around corners into tanks/etc. #6a - watch your vehicle health and get clear (if possible) before it blows. Also, duck when being fired upon in tank seat 2 or other exposed vehicle positions #7 - KNOW your weapons for each class (ie. medic has 3 shot burst, mechanic shotgun, etc.) and act accordingly for the weapon you have (I know, that is real basic, but it is something I learned / am learning) #8 - backpedal! - when going around a corner, etc be ready to backpedal back to safety if danger lurks #9 - watch the map when in areas you could kill teammates (enclosed, corners, etc.) and look over their heads before blasting - actually, I could use any tips on this one you guys have, it seems some of you almost always know when an enemy is coming up. I end up getting killed sometimes cause I'm looking to see if its a teammate or not while they shoot me. I can't think of much else at the moment. Will post more after next session or if I think of any others. (BTW - I've been playing Day of Defeat right now also, and that has similar tactics, IMO. A little less complex (no medic, mechanic, vehicles, it's WWII) but aiming, tks and such all work the same. Also, it is all about capturing and holding positions also, although the maps are a little more linear than BF2.)
  21. Was in and getting killed a lot. But, I'm slowly starting to figure things out a little, I think. Still have slow reflexes checking to see if a person is a teammate or not before I shoot - too much non-FF games - either I just shoot and kill my teammate or I hesitate and get killed by the enemy. But I'm progresssing.Saw this link you guys might get a kick outta - definately some sorta cheating going on in this video (knife kills from 50-100 yards away, etc.) LINK
  22. After you log into BF2tracker click on the "user CP" button After that page loads click on the "tracker control panel" box and there will be a box to fill in with your BF2 ID. They want the # that was created when you logged onto BF2 so use the "find account ID" to find out what your # is. ThanksFun game - gonna take some practice though - i really stink at this one, but figure I'm new to this one and barely played BF1942. I apologize to anyone I accidentally kill.
  23. My BF2 name is set to =FBG=Maelstrom and question: how do you tie the BF2tracker to your BF2 account? tia
  24. I think I'm on that one now - I'll be the one getting majorly pwned (right?) My BF2tracker Id is mael5tr0m