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  1. Started him in Zealots Phalanx II all-IDP league. Deep rosters, so it didn't cost me the title, but wake up here in Asia and see that zero after his "performance".. 🤢
  2. 16.2 fantasy points....that's about what the #13 overall RB in my leagues average. I'll take it. He's not going to win the week for you, but he's not going to lose it for you, either, with that number. And after spending the first 13 weeks as the #52 RB, getting anything at all out of him still feels like a gift.
  3. onionsack

    FBG IDP Content

    It's pretty shocking how poor it is now. No IDP dynasty rankings for the past three months from a single staff member. And the weekly "cheatsheet" rankings have been very disappointing, with frequent omissions of quality players and inclusions of players who have lost their starting job. As well as just outright head-scratchers. Last week I actually burst out laughing when I saw Olivier Vernon penciled in as the TOP-ranked LB for the week.
  4. I don't want to create a separate thread so, try this one on for size that just went down in a Zealots league: Jeff Heuerman + Muhammad Wilkerson for Courtland Sutton.
  5. Remember when this guy was a darling in IDP rookie drafts, despite being drafted #250 overall in 2016. Visions of Chris Borland or Zach Thomas with his instincts and college production. But 4.90 40 and other physical limitations just too much to overcome at the NFL level.
  6. It's not ideal, but let's not overstate the calamity either: he's going to eat. Wait, I'm a Packers fan...I'll be over here in the other corner...
  7. Kiss any shot at DE designation g'bye.
  8. "Joe Batters" Interesting. Also a relation to Joey and Nick Bosa.
  9. That is interesting. As a Gordon owner here and there, I think I'd have jumped on that offer in any league I have him, without even looking at my own roster or that of the owner sending me the pick.
  10. 5th round, 5th, 6th, 6th and undrafted in my leagues. A decent late round flyer, given his talent, measurables and landing spot.