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  1. 92nd here. Not enough firepower with $30 wasted on JuJu.
  2. QB - Lamar Jackson 8 (199), Jared Goff 5 (56) RB - Zeke 12 (11), Chubb 9 (87), Duke 5 (165), Breida 2 (110), Singletary 7 (173) WR - JuJu 7 (11), ARob 10 (43), Lockett 9 (97), Dede Westbrook 8 (121). Josh Gordon 2 (178) TE - Kelce 11 (34), Andrews 9 (161) K - Rosas 4 (15), Prater 9 (55) D - Pitt 8 (19), NYJ 5 (59) I have come to appreciate how much luck is necessary for staying alive in this contest. If I had CMC and the SF D instead of Zeke and the Pitt D or Godwin & Chark instead of ARob & Westbrook (both substitutes I had thought would have made my lineup better), I would have been eliminated. Regardless, I don't feel good about placing high with JuJu being a dead or nearly dead $30 and not having scored over 189 in any week.
  3. TD for Duke. Want to see him do well tonight to make it harder for the Carson & Cook scores to raise the line
  4. I got 165.5 with Duke, Lockett & Gordon -8.4. Not feeling good about this with all the Cook and Carson owners out there.
  5. Another way to look at it is there are about 300 Lamar owners that got 48 from their QB who are not moving on. Happily I am moving on also
  6. Having spot checked about 30 teams near the cut line, almost everyone had a QB score over 25 meaning Lamar isn’t going to be moving the cut line much unless/until he scores a bunch despite the high ownership. Andrews may move it more as most had at least one score under 5 that was currently counting.
  7. Going into Sunday night I am 3.7 below the cut line at 118.1 but will get full points from Lamar/Goff and Andrews on Monday
  8. Made it by 0.9 thanks to Kelce. Only Kelce on a bye this week but Juju, Lockett and Breida are iffy.
  9. No way the cut line jumps over 20. You’re in. Congrats!
  10. Went from +10 over the cut line to 6.2 below during the 4:00 games as the cut line moved around 16-17 and I had no one going. Got ARob -4.1 and Kelce -5.4 still to go so I am hopeful.
  11. Didn’t figure in Lamar and Andrews combining for 62.
  12. Not sure I agree with that as I imagine there will be a lot of single digit scores that count this week.
  13. Thinking with all the highly owned players out this week and Thursday’s bad performances we could get a cut line in the 120’s this week.