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  1. I can't believe that in a 50-page thread, someone actually had a concept that no one has presented yet. You are the first person to take this point of view, I believe. I'm not sure I agree with it, but it is a compelling thought.Yep, I have read each and every post ( ) and this is unique.Actually, I brought this up in post #2793.
  2. That was the first thing that stood out to me in his post. HTF do you just sit, idly by after a friend brings this to your attention? You know, this really seems to be the big thing for a lot of people here. I don't think we've seen an exact description of these conversations from MitYH, but put yourself in his place for a minute. You're sitting by the campfire, beer in hand. "George" comes up to you and says one of the following:a) (quietly) "Hey, dude. I saw Steve and your wife go into the bathroom stall together and they've been there for a while. You should really go see what's going on."- or -b) (laughing) "Dude, check it out. Your wife and Steve's wife came into the bathroom with us. She even went into the same stall with Steve!"Now, if it was more like version a), then there's no question that you haul ### to the bathroom to see what's what. But if it's version b), odds are good that you laugh with George, have another beer and expect that they'll be back any minute. If you leap up and run off, you're announcing to the group that you don't trust your wife with Steve.From what we've heard, I suspect it was more like version b). Hindsight being 20/20, it would have been great if MitYH had rushed right up there. At the time, though, I bet it seemed like just another "our crazy friends" drinking story, along with Steve's wife flashing, etc.
  3. This was precisely my intention. It answers some of the things that have remained unknown up to this point:1) WTF was Steve's wife doing while this was going on, considering she is not known as a quiet, shy type?2) Why is George suddenly so unwilling to discuss what happened?3) How does something like this get started in a public place among friends?Obviously, we don't know (and will never know) how far it actually went. This seemed like a plausible - or at least possible - explanation of how it all started.JPW
  4. Another scenario to consider while we await the wedding report. Those of you demanding an immediate divorce and/or spousal abuse, see if this changes anything for you. Everybody else, imagine how you might have responded had this been the original post. Friendly camping trip too friendly? I'll keep this short and sweet. My wife and I went camping with some old college friends this weekend, and I'm worried I may have made a serious mistake. To keep everybody anonymous, I'll call the guys involved "George," "Orson" (he's a huge fan of "The Third Man") and "MitYH." A little background - this is a pretty wild group when alcohol is present and the kids are not. My wife and I are teachers, and we do like to let loose after 9 months of playing the disciplinarian to a bunch of rowdy kids. So things have a tendency to get a little out of hand when we get with this group in particular. My wife also loves to be the wild one - she's been known to flash her chest or get a little too affectionate with me in front of everyone. So anyway, we're out camping and a few of us - me, my wife, George, MitYH's wife and Orson - head up to the latrine to return some of the beer we rented. When we get there, my wife and MitYH's wife start talking about how they should come into the men's room with us. It turns into a dare, and next thing I know they're both in the can. So I said, "George is pretty wasted - one of you better help him aim." Everybody laughed, and my wife and MitYH's wife started giggling and daring each other. Now remember, we were all pretty messed up. And like I said, when my wife drinks, she'll do just about anything to shock people. So she says, "I'll help you, George," goes up to George at the urinal, and holds his ____ while he goes. Now MitYH's wife is not as uninhibited as mine, but she takes this as a challenge and says "Well, then I better help Steve, too." She follows me into the stall. George and Orson are just about falling down laughing. MitYH's wife and I have never fooled around in the years we've known each other, but there has been some flirting from time to time. So she's holding my ____ while I go, and just for the hell of it I give her a feel. Again, I was drunk as hell, she's pretty hot, and at the time it seemed justified - after all, my wife is in the same bathroom holding George's ____ at the time. George, Orson and my wife head back to the campfire, still laughing their butts off. MitYH's wife and I make out a little, too. After a little while I say "We should get back," and she agrees. We go back to camp and the rest of the night goes pretty normally. I get the feeling, though, that George and/or Orson went running back to MitYH and told him about us being in the stall together, because he gives me some weird looks as we're packing up to leave. I haven't talked to him since the trip, but we're all supposed to go to a wedding together this weekend. We've done some crazy stuff together over the years, but I'm worried that I crossed some sort of line this time. Like I said, it seemed justified at the time, but I was a little too wasted to take MitYH into account - it was his wife, not George's, so it wasn't exactly fair to him. I probably should have created this topic as a poll of some kind - what do you FBGs think my next move should be? 1) Move out of town. 2) Keep away from MitYH - I may have ended his marriage and he'll probably want revenge. 3) Forget it - stuff happens when you drink. 4) Talk to MitYH and apologize. What say you?
  5. A couple of things: From someone who has been in your situation (well, a similar situation, anyway), you do not want to encourage the wife and Steve to have a conversation. This is similar to the police arresting two suspects and putting them in a cell together before the interrogations. Something happened between them, it was consensual, and the last thing you need is them concocting a story together. Secondly, there were several posts yesterday about an inability to reach Steve, George, and the 3rd guy. Where are the cell phones?