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  1. I see they have the deal going again where for $2k you can get this projector from B&H (no tax, free shipping) plus a spare lamp. Was that what you got in on originally? Wondering if I should wait and see if it goes lower now that there is the 5050UB out there. Then I have to figure out how I'm going to set this thing up. The size of it is significant and my old Panny PTAE700u was shooting out of the back of a mounted bar cabinet. it fit perfectly in there and was nicely hidden as a result. Don't think I can pull that off with this Epson. Pretty sure that at 18" (not counting cables protruding) it won't fit in the cabinet. Essentially my options are to have it mounted under the cabinet and exposed or have some pole drop down (the ceiling is a drop ceiling, so I guess I'd go through to one of the joists above?) and do a mount that way. Any other options you can think of? I already bought my new audio unit (haven't installed it yet), but if I get this and upgrade my center channel like I was planning, I'll essentially have a whole new theater which is kind of cool. Originally set this up just over 13 years ago. Side question - what size speakers do you use for your side/rear surrounds? Right now I just have tiny satellites, like real small. Wondering how much of an upgrade would benefit there.
  2. It's hard to tell sometimes if people drawing the line between gun control and other health issues (motor vehicle safety, substance abuse, etc) is stemming from a genuine concern, deflecting, or some other tactic. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt here and assume you are genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of all humans. So let's break down what is currently in place: As for alcohol - and as @NCCommish showed above, there are restrictions. There are age limitations. In some places there are quantity limitations. In some places full restriction. If you have been consuming too much and are potentially a harm to yourself or others there are restrictions. Over time we've seen similar things with tobacco. The health warnings weren't always there, and depending on where you live there are restrictions on where you may smoke in public places. With motor vehicles we see legislation around its hazardous intersection with alcohol and other intoxicating substances. We see limitations based on past behaviors both through legislative means and insurance abilities. There are certain safety aspects that are required to make vehicles street legal. When you bring up issues with cars and their effects on the environment, again this is something that has been (at least attempted) to be legislated. There are restrictions as to emissions, and some that were put in place for the industry overall to work towards more efficiency to help reduce negative environmental results. Heck, we even see legislation around food. Sometimes you are required to post nutritional content in restaurants. Some cities tax high-sugar beverages. The FDA regulates certain aspects. We see legislation all around us that is aimed to keep us safe that we totally take for granted. Being that all of that has been shown, now what? Does every single person that espouses any suggestions about gun control have to personally demonstrate to you their lifelong credo and works to better the world in every area that could affect a human? To what end? Why don't you employ a little "benefit of the doubt" on the issue? Start by assuming the people you are having these discussions with are also in favor of helping humans in the other areas of concerns. Then, instead of creating some odd litmus test about what else they must care about, just listen to their POV and suggestions, and have a conversation about those ideas on their own merits. When someone keeps pointing off in another direction during these back-and-forths, it doesn't really help create the impression that you want to find a solution. Instead people come away feeling as if you have some other motive at play.
  3. I'm going to see the movie at about 5:30 at a MovieTavern. I'm really torn here. On one hand, I have the ability to have beers delivered to my seat at the push of a button all movie long. On the other hand, it's a long movie and at some point if I'm slugging down cold brews I'll have to pee. The longer I wait, the longer it will take. Do I skip beers? Wait until the second half of the movie? Just do whiskey to reduce volume intake? Wear an adult diaper? Pee in an empty popcorn bucket during a loud battle scene? It really is a quandary...
  4. I'll be really honest here, I don't think you communicate as clearly as you think you do. Reading your original response I (and I'm going to guess others on this board) interpreted your SUV/house/Natty Light comments to be almost applause lines about "American freedom." Now it seems like you are saying those are critiques. It's very confusing to me, and I'm not sure what to take from what you are saying. If I misunderstood you then I apologize. Unfortunately the format of a message board doesn't really allow us the fluidity of a conversation to ask questions and clarify meaning in a quick manner to allow us to better respond. When you state that in some/many aspects our "freedom has evolved into greed" I will agree with you. I think that when it comes to lots of our problems that is somewhere in the roots. Your last line - I feel - is an assumption wrapped up in an oversimplification. You are assuming that I'm ignoring people that are hurt through other means. That isn't true, and I'm not sure where you drew that from. As I've grown up I like to think I've become far more empathetic to people that suffer in all sorts of ways. There's an old saying that goes something like "when you are young if you aren't liberal you don't have a heart - and when you get older if you aren't conservative you don't have a brain." My story is more the opposite. For various reasons I identified early in my life as a Republican. Even in high school I can remember making statements that today make me cringe thinking about it - statements that would today align me with the alt-right. When I registered to vote I registered Republican and remain that way today. For a while I really got into Libertarianism. I read books by Ron Paul, was intrigued by expansive liberty, saw taxation as terrible, etc. But as I got older I began to look outside my admittedly very small circle of exposure. I became more aware of what others suffered from. Be it due to race, income, religion, the great geographical lottery of birthplace, etc. My perspective grew and I found myself drifting more to the political center. Sometimes I lean left, sometimes I lean right. But I really try to educate myself before (and after) making up my mind. My efforts are to stay open-minded and willing to accept (and challenge) new evidence to further develop my outlook. When I posted in a thread about guns, I spoke about my opinion about guns. I didn't think I needed to lay out my belief system about every social issue in order to justify my opinion about the tragedy that befalls many people due to the proliferation of guns in our nation. What I did try to do was express my confusion about people's love of guns (and as you aptly put - the consumerism around it that is generated by the economical interests at play by those that benefit from the money poured into the industry). My confusion about how that love for a hobby transcended love for other humans. People often point to the 2nd Amendment to defend this right. I'll end this by quoting you as I think this is another truth you may believe in but may not want to apply equally: "I think the founding fathers had no idea what this country would look like 200 years later." I agree. Let's take that attitude and apply it to refining their thoughts into what we need for our nation today. These were very forward-thinking men. I think they'd be very disappointed in us if we tried to live today like they did and never attempted to evolve for the better with the blueprint they gave us.
  5. If this is an honest answer, I appreciate you sharing your perspective. I would, however, politely challenge it. It seems that a few things have been smashed together in such a way as to assign virtue or value to concepts where perhaps it is inappropriate. Our freedoms aren't unfettered - they are enumerated and (over time) restricted to ensure that essential freedoms are protected but not overused to the extent that they infringe on another person's liberties. The freedom of speech as you listed is a great example. It is there but it is not unlimited and comes with responsibilities. Then you dive right into talking about unabashed consumerism as if greed and consumption equals freedom. How do you make that leap from foundational freedoms to an SNL-style mocking of modern American retail attitude? Reminded me of the Simpsons Canyonero commercial. And showing the rest of the Earth that we DGAF? Do you really think that is what the founding fathers aspired to for this great nation? I would encourage you do do some deep thinking about what you have been exposed to, read, listened, and watched over the years that has made you combine these ideas into a Dr Frankenstein version of American freedom. So no, I'm not laughing at you. I'm concerned for you. And saddened that you may have convinced yourself that all this stuff you wrote is more important than perhaps protecting the lives of others by allowing a subset of that consumption desire to be slightly curtailed.
  6. There are some people out there that really cling to the newer interpretation of the 2nd amendment - you know, the one that the modern NRA really loves. I believe they are a minority of the citizenry, albeit a very vocal minority. And a well-funded and organized minority. That message amplification has been to their benefit. I have heard loud and clear (many times over) their talking points and rationale for what they want. So if it makes them feel better, message received. What I really never quite understand is why they want it. And why do they want it so damn badly? Why does their desire to possess these objects make them so fervent as to see their personal desires (not needs) as more important than the safety and lives of so many others? So many innocent lives that have been lost as a result - why is this the thing they choose to be so invested in? I know many gun owners. Responsible ones. Ones that also see the logic in greater restriction (not elimination) of something that is non-essential to life since it leads to greater liberties for more humans as a result. So I always have hope. I know that this isn't a binary situation on the whole. I do believe it can get better, even if it takes one slow and small step at a time. But still I wonder - what drives that minority to be so selfish as to not care past the point of their itchy trigger finger?
  7. This August the family and I are headed to Australia. While there we are going to see a performance of Return of the Jedi in the Sydney Opera House while the Sydney Symphony Orchestra plays the score for the film. It will be a nice callback/lead-in to Ep IX from the looks of it. Fortuitous timing!
  8. My wife and I use CastBox and like it. It's free. As a side note, I had the same kind of experience a few years ago when iOS changed their podcast app. What had been so easy and intuitive became a mess overnight. Couldn't stand it.
  9. When you say "it" do you mean the Russian government actively attempting to interfere with our democratic process (which is one of the core fundamental tenets of what our nation is about )?
  10. Sad to think that if you are right, it means that a lot of people would prefer a morally questionable (at best) man who admitted to sexually assaulting women to a seemingly morally straight man who happens to love another man. (Yes, I get that for these people "morally straight" =/= "love another man". That's the big problem, IMO.)
  11. It was from March 7, titled "Nadler's Requests & The Youngest Contender (with Pete Buttigieg)"
  12. As a registered Republican that identifies far more as a centrist (and did actually vote for Gary Johnson - mistake though it may have been), I'm really liking Mayor Pete. First was exposed to him on Preet Bharara's podcast and I haven't seen much since then to make me dislike the guy.
  13. 5:30 on Friday night! Tickets are going so fast. Twice mine got taken while in the checkout process.