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  1. To me the big thing here is that while some elements of structure may be similar, the motives and intent are vastly different. Back during the Clinton impeachment the R and D Senate leadership worked very closely together to find a way to get through this so as to respect the process and the need for comity. This time McConnell has come out against impartiality and doesn't really seem to care about allowing the Senators (or the citizenry) to see the facts/witnesses/testimony they are genuinely interested in. He just wants to "win" and it's sad that that is what it comes down to today. And that isn't even touching on the way the Executive branch has given the whole process the middle finger all along the way.
  2. I had an alert earlier today on my phone making the same headline and it was from USA Today, FWIW. Can't the executive privilege thing be worked through under the judgment from the Nixon investigations and Supreme Court case? I thought they defined what could truly fall under that category.
  3. Thanks for the feedback on this. With any luck in the next few weeks I'm getting a bump up at work, so maybe I'll take the difference and plunk it into 529s. Will look into the speech if not putting it in kids' names, but I think we have income into that will essentially mean we don't really qualify for anything FAFSA wise, assuming nothing dramatic happens. Can you explain to me what this backdoor Roth is, how it works, benefits, etc?
  4. This post is not to brag or sound like an ###, I genuinely don't know the answer to my question at the end. Found out today at age 42 that my old 401k rollover account is up to $1M. If I add in other accounts for retirement (wife's, my current 401k, and other investments and cash) I'm probably at 1.2-1.3M. however, I really don't have much put away at this point for kids' college - they are currently in 6th and 8th grade. Maybe could fund a year for each at a state school or slightly above. Does this sound ok so far, bad, or good?
  5. Might want to check out Woot today. They have a bunch of projectors, some with speakers built in. I think if you order from their all you might get another 15% off.
  6. I bought an Anker Nebula Mars II this summer for use outside - movies at night. It's great for that, not sure it would be good for what you just described. Really good for Netflix and the like. With semi-controlled light, I can use it inside during the day and it isn't bad. I think most of those under-$100 options may disappoint. Low light, questionable resolution, etc. Maybe look on Craigslist for a used projector. For instance, I upgraded to an Epson this year and my old 720p Panasonic is just sitting on a shelf now. I would probably offload it for $100 and it would likely be a hell of a lot better than those Amazon options. Just my two cents. Also, what's his solution for sound going to be?
  7. For some cheaper stuff, this is something I grabbed the other day. If you have an Ulta near you, just pick up in store to save on the shipping. If your wife likes drinking hard seltzer, this is another potential winner, but at a higher price point than some like for stocking stuffers.
  8. I do Alton Brown's aged eggnog recipe yearly, with some tweaks each season. It is fairly strong and tastes great once it sits. Not the fluffy nog some are used to, but you could fold in egg whites when serving if you wanted. Just made this year's batch yesterday, still have 1 jar each from the last two years in the fridge.
  9. This one always makes my wife cry. I enjoy Elf's Lament. Stevie's rendition of Someday at Christmas is awesome. And here's where you all can make fun of me.
  10. My kids have grown up expecting that we play "the Christmas music with the weird looking guy that sometimes has women with him" in the car, through the TV, etc. The permutations of Keerockmas are now a family tradition. Thank you, good sir.
  11. I'm good for about 3 minutes if things are quiet. Also great at falling asleep on planes, which I know lots of people can't do. Frequently I'm asleep before takeoff. Good luck! PS. Have you considered that she's just pretending to be asleep to know?
  12. I need a win this week to secure #1 regular season money and a week 14 bye. Have been riding mostly the Bills this year but am obviously concerned about them this week. I forgot to pay attention to DST on the WW this week (missed on my claim for the Jets), so now I'm picking from scraps. Which of these would you pair with the Bills for 13, 15, 16? Vikings, Titans, Colts, Browns, Cowboys, Texans, Saints Or other lower-hanging fruit, as well.