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  1. Bills have 2 nice matchups to start the season. Are they any good?
  2. I'll save my commentary for now on all the stuff about people judging all of the movies. What I will say is that this was a great experience for me and my kids and even my wife. The concert hall was packed and the crowd was really into the whole presentation. You could tell the members of the symphony orchestra were into it as well. It made a movie I have seen tons of times come alive in a very new way. Maybe we should all try to watch these movies with fresh eyes and enjoying the experience without parsing every little piece of imperfection. Just enjoy the story, the emotion, and the effort put into every little bit of the experience. Sorry, guess I didn't really save the commentary like I originally said.
  3. May revisit this option since a few have recommended it.
  4. Thanks for the help on this, everyone! We opted to go with Pony Express.
  5. My 11-year-old son had connected with some kids at a summer camp and wants to keep in touch with them afterward. He doesn't yet have a phone, but these other kids do (iPhones). He does have an Android tablet, and if really needed I could drop a data-only SIM into an old phone (OnePlus 3T or iPhone 4s). Are there any simple and safe platforms/ways that will allow him to keep in touch with these other kids? I saw something briefly the other day about getting a Google Voice number and APN settings and the data-SIM to essentially get a VOIP device without paying for a separate line. Not sure if that would enable this sort of communication or not. Any and all help is appreciated.
  6. Did a bunch of research a few years ago and bought these. Wife and I love them. Get soft and comfy, but have a little of the hotel sheets feel. The Pima cotton 280-thread percale is what I'm referring to.
  7. Thanks, man. I'm trying to simplify it a bit. The reality is I'll only have (for now) two kinds of 4k input - Amazon Prime Streaming and some Xfinity broadcast stuff (not yet paying the extra for Netflix 4k). So I guess most of what I'm watching otherwise is non-4k including a bunch of movies streamed from my computer via PLEX. I found this PDF from AVS that has multiple settings from some dude called oledurt, Dave Harper, achanoier, and others. How the heck do I know which of these I want to use? Also, I'm hoping there's some kind of deal on Prime Day for screens. Currently using a 92" DIY, but realized I could fit in an edgeless screen that's 110". I can actually get a grey one for free from Elite Screens, but don't know if I need/want a grey screen. Otherwise looking for one of their white ones from scratch/dent or maybe a Prime Day Silver Ticket screen. Do you have any thoughts on that stuff?
  8. I use an old Wenger backpack I got from Dell via a Slickdeals about 10 years ago. Probably time to upgrade. Work from home and drive to appointments, no office.
  9. Didn't see this post before, but found out about the deal from AVSForums. I finally jumped on it and got my unit delivered today. Looks to be working just fine...I know some people had issues. Love that it comes with the full warranty. Also might be able to get the free lamp via rebate on top of it, so potential bonus there. The picture already looks great out of the box. Any recommendations on settings or any of that stuff? An I supposed to save different settings for watching different kinds of stuff like Sports, video games, streamed movies, 4k stuff, etc? Is there some kind of setting where I can stream torrented movies on Plex and have the projector upconvert the signal?
  10. So you don't believe it's possible that - for some people - the term "fake news" has become inextricably linked with Trump? Put differently, if you asked people to DEFINE fake news (what I think you meant) you'll get a different answer then if you ask what people THINK ABOUT when they hear fake news. Those are different questions with (potentially) different answers. I was honestly a little surprised that you dismissed Bucky's POV so offhandedly as having ill intent.
  11. Joe, @[scooter] just made a very good point about this. I'll offer a similar view in different phrasing and see if it helps out. You wanted to know what people think "fake news" is. When Bucky responded, he did so twofold: he provided a definition, and then he provided his perception of current context. That current context included a reference to our POTUS. What you saw as targeting and derailment was actually a great encapsulation of what he (and many others) think about when they hear the term "fake news." My belief - and my perspective - is that the term has a literal meaning and a contextual/emotional meaning for people. Obviously in the last 5 or so years there has been a greater focus on fake news. First it was because oddball conspiracy theories were given greater rise and "airtime" due to the accessibility of social media. Then real media often needs to report on these fake developments for one reason or another which again raises their visibility. Unfortunately, the mere mention of these fake news stories by real news people can give the aura of some real credibility to them. Secondly it was because of the incessant repeating of the phrase "fake news" by then-candidate and now-President Trump. He did what he often does (and does well) by co-opting a real term with a real meaning and twists it to his own use by imbuing it with meaning it didn't have before (and likely shouldn't have). People respond viscerally to this. Some respond by agreeing with it and repeating the claims ad nauseum and then by reusing the factually incorrect term. Their echoing and repetition amplify the effort from the original messenger (in this case, POTUS). Others respond by being repulsed by the way a term originally used for truth-seeking has been essentially turned into just the opposite; it becomes a term that is applied in a fake way to real things - the converse of its goal. In both cases, the new contextual/emotional meaning of the word is specifically drawn from the source of this new usage/meaning - and that is Trump. Personally, when I hear "fake news" these days I basically prepare to cringe. While quickly assessing the context and the speaker, I prepare (more often than not) to hear either a bad joke about something they don't want to hear being labeled as such or to hear a bad defense of some current news bit that the speaker doesn't know much more about than the headlines. Occasionally, people will actually explain why the thing they are talking about is factually fake (be it twisted lies, or made of whole cloth). Those times are nice, but infrequent. I wish we could get back to the real literal meaning of it - but too many people are happy to repeat some awful catch phrase that makes them feel like they get some momentary victory. I don't think Bucky was trying to derail or unjustly attack. He was very succinctly explaining a pretty valid (IMO) perspective on the term "fake news" - which is exactly what you had asked him to do. PS. The new landing page when you try to go to that isn't the original page with the banner of menu options at the top is really annoying. Just thought I should leave that here.