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  1. Has @Cecil Lammey dropped an info/opinions on Fant and his return on the recent podcasts? I haven't had time to listen lately.
  2. My company has made me move to an iPhone as my work phone. Personally, I'm not a fan - I've been a Google/Android person for a while. But I don't really have a say in the matter. All of my passwords are also saved on Chrome which is super convenient - especially since for work we have so many different sites/apps we use for different things. Also, my bookmarks are all set up in Chrome so I can get to all the work stuff I need to rather easily. I set up the iPhone today, add on Chrome instead of Safari, and wait for the passwords/bookmarks to sync. And wait. And here I am hours later and still nothing. My guess is that they have some sort of device management set up to not allow these things to sync from the cloud (which makes no sense since my work-issued laptop allows me to do that anyway). Assuming that I'm right that they somehow blocked Chrome from syncing, is there any way I can export the bookmarks from a laptop or other phone and then import them onto the iPhone? Any other pathways to fixing this I'm not thinking of? I could call our IT dept, but the truth is they outsource that to an vendor who I can predict will have little knowledge and less interest in regards to fixing this for me. Any help is appreciated.
  3. @Rodrigo Duterte I have a friend that has been doing the Peloton app with another brand bike for a long while, she also rides in road races quite a bit. She bought a Sunny bike but said if she had it to do over she'd buy this bike. That plus other basic research made me feel confident with it. Bike is assembled and used 4 days in a row (not with the app yet, getting used to it. Very solidly built, very quiet (almost silent), easy for one person to assemble. No ragrets yet.
  4. I used to work for them. Have a decent chunk of the stock as a result. Very solid company that is well run, fairly diversified, and financially sound. How high they can go over time I'm really not sure, but they don't strike me as the kind of company you'll lose money on in the long haul.
  5. They are going to merge with Lordstown Motors, then trade under a new ticker, RIDE. Unlike Nikola they have an actual manufacturing base with real vehicles and 40,000 preorders. And support from GM. If you look at the multiple that Nikola had reached, it gives you an idea of what DPHC can turn into. That's why I'm holding tight. Merger had been scheduled (I think) for Q4 of this year. Nothing significant seems to be in the way of it occurring at this point. I mean, the whole market could tank, but then that's the whole market. Again, I'm a total newbie at this and generally following the lead of a friend of mine. But the research I've since done checks out on this.
  6. Also, I'm not just making stuff up. Can't get into details but unless you are day trading this my move would be to hold. But I also realize I'm just some random guy from the internet with zero track record, so there's that.
  7. FWIW, I'm not selling this one yet. Target price is more in the $60+ range. Maybe higher. May take some off the table at $45-50, but mostly sitting on it.
  8. Was in the same boat. Ended up deciding to get a Schwinn IC4 (about $900) and do the Peloton App. The Schwinn is allegedly built as well as the Peloton and has the heart rate monitor and cadence sensor that integrates with the app. Not 100% the same experience, but as long as you have an iPad to throw on there, you'll get about 85%+ of the experience for half of the price. Plus less monthly cost. Ordered the bike exactly 2 weeks ago, got shipping notice today. Originally said it would be 4 weeks or less from order until delivery.
  9. Seahawks, Packers, Saints, or Colts...who has the best chance to have a splash game this week on defense?
  10. @arrow1 Didn't want to keep putting non-CYDY stuff in that thread, but yes the stock I was referring to is DPHC. Here's an opinion piece that sums up the situation with them pretty well. I'm debating getting rid of the last bits I have of CYDY, RLFTF, RVVTF and just moving it into this. Wish I had done it sooner but oh well.
  11. Hope you got in! According to the guy that turned me on to it, price target is still a ways away so should have a lot of room to run.