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  1. call me crazy but I wouldn't be surprised if johnson isn't the 1a to juju 1b {hot take }. but that is up to big ben
  2. Allen, Josh BUF QB Newton, Cam CAR QB (Q) i can't quit you cam. wish i had a more dependable pairing but i love the upside Barkley, Saquon NYG RB Dobbins, J.K. FA RB (R) Freeman, Royce DEN RB Guice, Derrius WAS RB if iknew i was going to get freeman this late, i would have taken metcalf or deebo instead of dobbins. i love this 4some though. i see big upside and a very safe floor. Golladay, Kenny DET WR Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR (Q) Moore, D.J. CAR WR (Q) depth here is a concern but no problem with the top 3 in whatever 12 weeks alshon plays Henry, Hunter LAC TE Knox, Dawson BUF TE i think knox has a decent chance to be this years andrews/waller
  3. Saquon/JK - Very happy at the moment with this pairing. Of course landing spot could change that in a big way but he is my number 1 rookie rb but it all depends of course golloday/moore - I think both actually have reasons they should improve and very little reason to expect a downturn. If they go this late all year, I'll have them in every league. Henry - Another gamble with landing spot but he is ultra talented
  4. Of course you are awesome. I spent the previous hour arguing on a political site with the right and left, so I was in arguing mood and having fun 👍
  5. that has never been how it works. worst thing a commish can do is change the rules midstream
  6. not the first time. luck of the draw. getting skipped that many picks is enough of a punishment, no need to add more.
  7. remind me to never join a league you commish
  8. rule has always been make the pick when they can, don't understand any argument to change it now or in the future
  9. saquon was an easy selection at 2. moore and golloday were also easy picks 4 me, i have them at 21/22 overall. 4net was theft. ertz, andrews, and a rb not yet selected were on my short list.
  10. took him at 37 in my first bestball draft was surprised he went this much earlier here
  11. thx 4 the email, completely forgot about it. on friday spent an hour talking about it with my doctor that is in charge of my trial while waiting for some blood results 🤣chemo brain is real i tell ya.