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  1. no but morning me isn't quite the same. First thing in the morning, I check out Facebook which inevitably includes a couple of new deaths from my pancreatic cancer group. I then pop over to email and read a few nice distracting emails which usually includes FBG. It is something I need to bring me back up. So, for my sanity I won't include emails/sites that include things like what was in this mornings email and if I don't read it the morning then really it doesn't serve a purpose. but you should do you. There are plenty of other things to read if this is the type of content you want to include regularly.
  2. if i didn't automatically skip down to site news as usual i probably would've unsubscribed this morning.
  3. Stafford, Matthew DET QB 212.56 - Cook, Dalvin MIN RB 281.15 - Jacobs, Josh LVR RB (Q) 187.60 - Sanders, Miles PHI RB (Q) 207.20 - Swift, D'Andre DET RB ‐ Lockett, Tyler SEA WR 235.20 - Parker, DeVante MIA WR 246.20 - Ridley, Calvin ATL WR (Q) 197.00 - Hurst, Hayden ATL TE 84.40 - getting a little thin and wanted a couple in this range. damien williams and jonnu considered best: marvin jones worst: drew lock Smith, Jonnu TEN TE - doubled up with jonnu best: damien williams worst: steelers Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB i really like him in this range. if he is even close to being right he will put up big numbers with these weapons and what shouldn't be a strong running game. best: Sterling Shepard worst: good round i huess Mecole Hardman but it's a fine pick Bears, Chicago CHI Def last top tierdt 4 me best" tannehill- actually have him ranked higher than ben. worst: Allen Lazard had quite a few guts higher but i probably have him to low Lutz, Wil NOS PK i like having at least 1 top flight kicker beast: Justin Jefferson worst: Ryquell Armstead Doyle, Jack IND TE last of the te2 4 me, so i locked it down best - Robby Anderson worst - Tampa Bay (TB) Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB (Q) 13.74 - Stafford, Matthew DET QB 212.56 - Cook, Dalvin MIN RB 281.15 - Jacobs, Josh LVR RB (Q) 187.60 - Sanders, Miles PHI RB (Q) 207.20 - Swift, D'Andre DET RB ‐ - Lockett, Tyler SEA WR 235.20 - Parker, DeVante MIA WR 246.20 - Ridley, Calvin ATL WR (Q) 197.00 - Doyle, Jack IND TE 122.55 - Hurst, Hayden ATL TE 84.40 - Smith, Jonnu TEN TE 113.45 - Lutz, Wil NOS PK 148.50 - Bears, Chicago CHI Def
  4. Cook, Dalvin MIN RB 281.15 - Jacobs, Josh LVR RB (Q) 187.60 - Sanders, Miles PHI RB (Q) 207.20 - Parker, DeVante MIA WR 246.20 - Ridley, Calvin ATL WR (Q) Lockett, Tyler SEA WR - end of the tier for me. very happy to have 3 of my top 28 after starting 3 rb best: DJ baby Chark worst: i like the whole round but i guess Gronk Swift, D'Andre DET RB - better than kj by a good bit to me, love as rb4, he is in that same tier 4 me as guys taken 4 rounds ago best: other than swift / brady or ryan worst: fant - draft knocked him down a tier for me and so close to the tier above guys Stafford, Matthew DET QB he and jones were the last of the qb 1 guys 4 me. feel more comfortable with matty best: landry, if he fell another spot, would have been brutal to pass doubt, i could have. he was at the bottom of my predraft when i got lockett worst: gallup- maybe I'm over reacting to the draft but he dropped a lot for me Hurst, Hayden ATL TE
  5. Ridley, Calvin ATL WR - I'll take him as wr1 with the rb start, should be a lot of points from him and JJ. woods was also considered best: A.J. last of the for sure upper echelon for me worst: David Johnson - same reason as mostert but at least mostert didn't look like #### at last viewing. i do have dj above mostert. Parker, DeVante MIA WR - fine hopefully the carriage doesn't become a pumpkin again / considered dk best: woods worst: A.J. Green don't trust him
  6. Sanders, Miles PHI RB - last rb that i want/trust. nobody else considered. the 3 players picked ahead made up the rest of my predradt list best: 4net worst: mostert - 12 rb on the board i had higher but same tier so shrug. just at the bottom of a tier that have top12 upside but have low floors to me
  7. Jacobs, Josh LVR RB - strongly considered godwin but that rb board is just so ugly to me best pick: Godwin, right after Mixon is where he probably belongs worst pick: ya know it's the qb
  8. all thoughts presented from a just going through things today. had a high fever from friday till yesterday so thoughts are from a mad man. and my fingers aren't working great so I'm using on screen keyboard should be fun Cook, Dalvin MIN RB - nobody else considered. rbs past 14 at the moment make me nauseous, so top 6 is rb easily 4 me. best pick: cook - only player taken above value for me worst pick: jackson. i have mahomes ranked higher but this was going to be a qb no doubt oh mahomes was round 2 anyway
  9. Brady, T Newton, C Stafford, M yes, please. love the trio as long as newton finds a home Chubb, N Edmonds, C Henry, D McCaffrey, C Taylor, J was the plan going in, take 4 and then load up at wr Chark, D Crowder, J Johnson, T Kirk, C Landry, J Lockett, T Reagor, J Robinson, A Shenault, L i don't know, rumors about kirk. hopefully will get some pop from the rooks. be easier to evaluate sunday Brate, C Ebron, E Gesicki, M Olsen, G if Howard is traded, brate will probably still be solid. Butker, H Prater, M Zuerlein, G went lower end dt, so hopefully i went big here Chargers, L Packers, G Texans, H think i got solid value here