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  1. The sliders will have value labels and will be changed to allow for 0% from unwanted projectors in the future. If you want to print a cheatsheet you can export a cheatsheet from our draft dominator app. It'll get sent to your email in a spreadsheet. You can also export a spreadsheet from our personalized rankings page on myFootballguys by clicking the download icon above the grid. There are also a ton of premade cheatsheets available for printing here that would work for most leagues out there.
  2. So, the minor discrepancies you are seeing is because the sliders go from 1-100 right now, so if Dodds is set to 100 and they are set to 1, essentially Dodds is responsible for 100/103 of the projections. This would only cause extremely small discrepancies, but yes when compared directly with his raw projections, yardages might be off by a couple.
  3. Yotes1, you are a genius. This looks like the issue you are having. In the browser settings you've likely set a custom font. We'll see what we can do to make a larger font not mess things up, but for now go back to normal font and if you have difficulty seeing page zoom shouldn't cause issues.
  4. Perhaps there is a clash with a chrome add-on?
  5. What device are you using? PC? Mac? Touchscreen? OS version? Chrome version? This is not something we've been able to reproduce in any environment, but I will keep trying.
  6. Google play store policies are extremely strict on anti-gambling and very loose on what constitutes gambling. We can't get this app in there yet, we had enough trouble just getting the draft dominator in, but it is something we are working on making happen. Chrome on android should be better supported for using the website right now than Safari on Apple devices.
  7. We recommend those using apple devices to download the app in the app store rather than use the site. At least for now, it will give you a better experience (just be a little bit behind in updates). The issue you are experiencing is likely an iPad browser specific issue. The issue you are experiencing is not an issue in desktop browsers.
  8. Just pushed more changes. Here's the incomplete list of today's changes: Articles are now viewable by week instead of by day player card closes if you click the player's name in the grid again scrollbar display issue in the stats grid on the player card is fixed done button issue should be fixed on the roster settings screen we learned ffpc isn't allowing some ffpc leagues to sync and a message will display with the full explanation during the import improved news performance which allows for more historical news and should make page loads quicker got rid of player images in personalized rankings grids added tag blurbs in personalized rankings grids telling you which players we have a special blurb to read on some firefox specific issues were fixed some column size adjustments in grids general syncing improvements
  9. We are bringing back the 10 second weekly primer, it will be in the app before the season starts. MyFBG has never supported importing scoring or lineup settings. We will be looking to add that in the future. Currently, they are neither random nor sortable, but you can change the selected league in 2 clicks and it stays selected until you change it again, even if you leave the app and come back!
  10. We are listening to the feedback guys, and to prove it check out what we just pushed out. We made changes to the projections grids, got rid of the player images there, and reorganized some things to try and make it as compact as possible. We made the league select save which league you last were using, so if you leave the app/refresh you'll be back on the league you last were viewing. We'll have more later today, but we wanted to get this in as soon as we could.
  11. We will hopefully have a fix in for that issue later today.
  12. Preseason projections are used in our draft dominator as well, so they've been out since the release of that and are continuously updated until the season starts. Week 1 projections will trickle in as we get closer to the season. Yeah, it will weight their projections into the calculations and throughout the grid according to that balance. Your changes to those balances will save in the browser for future use, so you don't have to worry about that changing on ya while browsing the site. That is only the one you changed, so turning Dodds down on PK doesn't mean you turn down his OFF projections as well and changing weekly doesn't change preseason. Hope that all makes sense.
  13. I don't think it is doing nothing, the reason it appears to do nothing is David Dodds is the only footballguy who has released their initial week 1 projections for all 3 of those projection categories.
  14. It sounds like we got some of FFPC working, but that certain leagues weren't coming in (I'm guessing all of yours are in that category). We'll continue fixing that tomorrow.