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  1. Reading the title, I was hoping this was the reincarnation of the Yoga Pants thread... To my horror, it kinda is...NTTIAWWT.
  2. Reshad Jones/Mia - Mar 14 2018Converted $9.375M of his 2018 salary to bonus, clearing $6.66M in cap space for Miami (MIA) Does this mean Jones survives the purge for at least the 2019 season?
  3. The weeks when all 3 are healthy will be few and far between.
  4. Anything is better than Eli at this point. Though I'm having trouble swallowing the Browns as offensive juggernaut narrative at the moment.
  5. First: I'd drop back for a early 2nd. Second: I'd pay a late 2nd to move up.
  6. Fair enough. Looks like a lot of 3-4 concepts though and the personnel has that feel too after today's adds.
  7. This is an excellent question. Any chance they're moving to a 3-4? Ford have any experience at SLB?