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  1. Didn't Fuller tear the ACL halfway through the season. No way he's back fully this year. Give me the rookie who struggled with his hamstring year 1. Plenty of stories of guys getting that under control once they learn how to be a professional.
  2. I don't see anyone banging the table that he should be in that first tier of 4. In my mind he's clearly in the front half of tier 2. Opportunity and warts abound for everyone in that group.
  3. What about the bystanders that jumped in to stomp some face?
  4. Not that I'm advocating car theft and kidnapping but... once you stop the perp and rescue the kids, I think you should dial down the murdering.
  5. I still say OBJ was the best QB on the Giants roster last year.
  6. The thing I struggle with in my Zealot leagues is the concept of 'win-now'. With no prize money, I hesitate to give up future value for the pride win.
  7. Maybe he's worth a 2nd to the Gordon owner, but I have my doubts. Not a slamdunk handcuff imo.
  8. Gase isn't a wildcard, he's a horrible coach.
  9. There's no Aaron Rodgers glory in throwing dump-offs to RBs. It would be great if it happens, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. Evans...Foster and the pick both have to hit for this to be maybe even... and that's unlikely.