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  1. Benched for who? Your options are Ryan Griffin and someone currently not on the roster.
  2. I'd like to see a big game from him to convince the Gurley owner of his need. He's been resisting my charms.
  3. This year is the first I've had Hopkins. Obviously this is on me. Should I trade him or just drop?
  4. So QBs are devalued in typical 'start one' leagues. How do you adjust your valuation when roster size is so large no starters are available as free agents and most of the promising backups are also rostered? Does the value start to approach superflex levels? Shopping for QBs due to injuries but struggling with the asking price.
  5. CMC, Dalvin, & Fournette in one Dalvin, D.Williams, & Ekeler in the other I'll play him eventually, but not against the Bears & Vikings if I can help it.
  6. It is a sweet watch...if orange is your thing.
  7. Of course they're tanking. You would think the players should be the first to know.
  8. Both are decent flex starts (and I'd lean Williams in PPR) until someone gets hurt... and someone always gets hurt.
  9. He's going to have to do it on my bench... but a good game would be a great sign.
  10. I'm holding in a super-deep roster league (53-man IDP) but I'm certain I'm in denial. I think he's done.
  11. I still don't like it and have the luxury to bench him week 1.
  12. Same rules, same models. New infrastructure (if I understand correctly). The allure for me is a more social, less spoon-fed version of WoW. Mostly just a chance to reconnect with old friends.