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  1. I'm comfortable saying he's done. I'm honestly surprised you got the 2nds.
  2. That's not even the 'right' D.Williams...
  3. tkrull

    Colts vs Chiefs

    Nice hold.
  4. In dynasty I'd love him as a WR3. Too many mouths to feed in Chicago to feel good about anything more.
  5. tkrull

    AFC Wild Card - Chargers @ Ravens

    Thank the Steelers...
  6. tkrull

    Meltdown in Japan's Reactors

    Somebody should get a rake then.
  7. tkrull

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    If I had those 3, I'd take the 3.2. Gronk is done.
  8. tkrull

    Vontaze Burfict - nobody wins

    I'm just glad he won't be available this week to purposely injure and shorten careers.
  9. tkrull

    Larry Fitzgerald

    He's my probable OBJ replacement.
  10. I started him. He helped me dominate my 11th place matchup...