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  1. Evans...Foster and the pick both have to hit for this to be maybe even... and that's unlikely.
  2. I'd want to be the owner of Chubb and Hunt. In a year you could be the owner of 2 starting fantasy RBs.
  3. Does anyone have a date of birth for this guy?
  4. Take the cash. I don't go to work to find happiness.
  5. I can keep him, but it will cost me my 1.12. I think that's still good value. But not a no-brainer.
  6. Neither player does much for me. I slightly prefer Doyle. I struggle to believe in the Browns and Callaway seems pretty far down the pecking order.
  7. Put me in the "I'm fine with it" camp. It's not like it's going away.
  8. Even if he is Gesicki 2.0 the price is so low his only real cost is the roster spot.
  9. Somebody out of those three will always be injured. There's great opportunity on the weeks you have the right one.
  10. The story is the QB situation got worse his last year.
  11. Gase will inevitably screw this up. Trying to predict the performance of Jet players seems fruitless to me.
  12. Well that won't make me click the link...
  13. I'm not thrilled by the names, but if you offered me 4 1sts for OBJ I have to take it.
  14. I'm not a believer but the hype did create a trade-down opportunity for me.
  15. I'd put last year more on McCoy/Leftwich and Wilks rather than Rosen. We don't really know what to expect from the new coaches in Miami other than the head coach is off the Belichick tree.
  16. Shannahan has some history of moving a player's position. Niles Paul went from WR to TE for the Redskins. I'd love to see Hurd classified as a TE but used mostly as a receiver and an occasional runner.
  17. People that only use their turn signal at the last moment before they turn. Give me some advance notice of where the #### you're going.
  18. Snagged him at 3.12. Don't know quite what to think, but it could be interesting.
  19. Same thing happened in one of my leagues. 1.01 offered it, nobody wanted it. I still think Jacobs is the clear 1.01 though.
  20. I loathe Pete Carroll but you can't say he isn't consistent.
  21. Took him at 1.12, seemed like a bargain at that spot. Big rosters, I can wait.