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  1. Think the lack of trade wars would have offset the tax cut and we end up about in the same place. I'm guessing we will cut tariffs late summer/early fall for a boost in the stock market pre-election.
  2. Most Americans wanted evidence in the Senate Trial
  3. I did find this surprising a couple months ago, but now I think there is probably a reason.
  4. That is yesterdays news. He has bounced back 3 points already. Day 8
  5. And he is up 3 points in the Emerson poll. Guess we will know more in about 30 hours.
  6. 2 polls yesterday had her third, with Biden/Warren holding down the 4/5 spots. I'd be thrilled with either Amy or Pete as the eventual nominee. Amy/Cory would be a ticket that I think many folks could get behind.
  7. Based on the heat that Pete has been receiving this week, it looks like he is going to do very well in NH. Lots of folks seem pretty scared.
  8. I guess there would have been easier ways for Pete to be an empty suit opportunist. Seems like a Rhodes scholar from Harvard working for McKinsey could have done a lot of things. He chose to serve in the Navy, deploy to Afghanistan, and serve as Mayor. I like his priorities.
  9. So Tesla's market cap is now about 2x total revenue collected for the history of the company. Makes sense. Tesla trades like bitcoin.
  10. Why do you think he is lying? I expect that the campaigns know who won. I was receiving numbers by text throughout the evening from an event. With the ground games that Biden, Bernie, and Pete had in Iowa, they should be able to piece this together pretty quickly.
  11. What does it look like? 2M vehicles, 6-7 plants? What type of average transaction price and margin?
  12. The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.
  13. I haven't done a Roth IRA in the past. I'm thinking about moving my emergency fund into a Roth for my 2019 contribution. If I need to access it, I can pull the contribution out without penalty. Downside? I feel I can handle an emergency expenses out of my checking account and credit cards, and I'd rather have the opportunity to let the returns grow tax free. Am I missing anything?