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  1. Early decision question - if you apply ED for a school like Stanford or Duke but don’t get enough financial aid, are there consequences for going somewhere else?
  2. Kansas could be a train wreck. More players leaving than I anticipated. Not sure if the NCAA is going to drop the hammer.
  3. At normal altitudes the rotation of the earth won't make a difference. At extremely high altitudes planes could begin to leave the atmosphere and then could be affected by the spin.
  4. I remembered it was happening on Wednesday night, but forgot about it until I saw this topic. I'll attend a tournament in person or play a couple rounds a year, but I don't have time to watch golf on TV.
  5. They seem to change their pricing strategy weekly. Elon can be the visionary - Tesla needs operational leadership.
  6. So was your username supposed to be Zero Reason and you just didn’t care about the spelling?
  7. April 1 - 210.0 April 8 - 206.4 Memorial Day Goal - 189.0
  8. I play soccer, watch MLS games and some Premier League on weekend mornings. I’m pretty sure I watched most of the World Cup last summer. I have no idea who won. Think that is more of a reflection on my memory though.
  9. My friend cancelled her reservation in the fall. It worked after her third request and 11 weeks.