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  1. It's not his call. Bill Ford was wearing a mask. Jim Hackett, Ford CEO, was wearing a mask. All employees were wearing a mask. Ford shut down 2 plants this week, one twice, all due to Covid cases. Trump was irresponsible. If Ford pushes it, Trump will tweet that Ford is weak and 100M Americans will vow to not buy a Ford. #### that guy.
  2. Same. Mc Last name went to McNugget, then shortened to Nugget
  3. The key part of Godwin's law that you missed is that the person who invokes the Nazi's or Hitler into the conversation automatically loses the argument. Thought Godwin's law was pretty common knowlege by now - I wouldn't have defined it either.
  4. Do most small businesses having a working capital guide? Do they need to re-capitalize and find investors going forward?
  5. Apparently my eating and walking for day 1 left me 1121 calories to the good side. It does feel like a game.
  6. What is the criteria for a restaurant to re-open up safely? It there a standard or OSHA guidelines? Can a server refuse to return to work for fear of safety or lack of social distancing in the kitchen or between tables?
  7. We are likely WFH until after the 4th of July. They just started mailing our PPE and thermometers to our homes.
  8. Again, most other crimes people generally start out with believing the victim. If you report your car was stolen, the cops generally believe your story to begin with.
  9. Think statistics is what created “believe women”. 2-10% of sexual assault claims appear to be false.
  10. If anyone has some time over the next couple weeks, I recommend Missoula by Jon Krakauer. It is available on Audible or Kindle. It follows a series of sexual assault charges in Missoula, MT between 2011-2014. Book was pre-Trump, so it does not have some extreme political bend to it.
  11. I've seen about 2-3 movies a year on average with my son at a theater - Star Wars/Marvel type movies with the occasional big sound style movie (Ford vs Ferrari/Dunkirk) Once has a driver's license, I doubt I'll ever see another movie in a theater. Big TVs are cheap and I can hit pause to pee.