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  1. Overall they prefer you finance, but not much. Most banks are just playing a flat fee to F&I teams now. They throw 200-300 to the dealership for the loan origination and doing the paperwork. Too much competition for cheap money to hold rate.
  2. Inventory levels for most dealers are still low due to Covid shutdowns from the spring. Think SAAR will end the year around 14.9 vs previous years in the 16-17M range. Incentives are hit and miss - budgets are down due to lower production volumes.
  3. TSLA - $100B - I'm just early πŸ˜‰
  4. Regulatory credits were still greater than profits. I’d like to see some actual automotive profits before they become a company with a market cap over $100B.
  5. Odds on a stimulus deal before the election? I'm going to sell a small share and see what happens between now and year end.
  6. Local HS football team made a pact not to get tested anymore. Fan ####### Tastic
  7. Early voting was a breeze. Zero wait, great distancing, no issues. Friend sent her ballot in and the tracking was simple as well. No worries on my sample size of two.
  8. Biden was around my 5-6th choice out of the Democratic nominees. Trump would not make my short list to serve as my HOA president. If Biden loses, I'd like to see the democratic party do a better job of branding ideas and policies. Trump can use better imagery to describe a wall than the left uses to describe systemic racism. Green New Deal, Socialism, Defunding, court packing all need to be repackaged.
  9. They have been nice. I prefer SOXL over TQQQ, but I am jaded by the top holdings still. I don't want to be so heavy in the FAANG stocks + Tesla. I think the chip makers will continue to do well as we push 5G and work from home. I'd take profits on both. I'm out of both and I'm just playing my UPRO/TMF balance. I'll look at small/mid cap index after the election. I think a Covid bill/infrastucture bill could help the Russell.
  10. If the White House changes hands next month, I’m looking to hit TNA really hard for an extended run. I’m just going to have to remember not to get to greedy on my entry point.
  11. NRGU is doing a reverse split? I don't know how that plays. I'm out.
  12. I don’t think they do anything yet. Is Nikola close to a product launch? Weren’t they the company with the $38,000 in revenue which was the owner putting solar panels on his roof?
  13. This should be moved to the politics forum. I voted to sleep with his wife.
  14. Browns host Jets, 2018. Tyrod Taylor vs Sam DArnold. No touch down passes in the game. Baker takes over after 14 pass attempts result in 19 passing yards for Tyrod.