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  1. I'm bringing back duck boots. Who's with me?
  2. This - I apparently have multiple degrees and don't recall ever attending class...
  3. I'm adding a LBFSA to my HSA this year. We can carry over $500, so I'm going to start with that. My son and I both wear glasses, and I seem to have some dental expenses that aren't covered by preventitive. I will track these costs better in 2020 and adjust going forward. Goal is to keep more of the money in the HSA and invesments.
  4. If you still aren't eating on Mondays, you should have enough energy for a 45 minute walk around the block Monday morning. Don't push it, but keep moving and inyour routine of doing something.
  5. Royals - 2 (85, 15) Chiefs - 0 (Superbowl IV was before my time) KU Basketball - 2 (1988, 2008) KU Football - 1 (2008 Orange Bowl) Sporting KC - 4 (MLS Cup 2013, US Open Cup 2012, 2015, 2017)
  6. Tesla crushes the Super Charging stations - they have over 1600 vs Electrify America @ 450 The VW settlement should speed the growth of their system, but I'd still guess it is 3 years out before they have more than the Tesla network.
  7. Tesla changing deposit structure Not sure when the next earnings call is - seems like it should be soon. Ford should be releasing details on an electric crossover in about a month.
  8. Madison is absolutely wonderful in the summer
  9. Feels like this game - 2004 playoffs No punts
  10. Defense is non existent for KC