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  1. Someone post something awesome... I miss Old Otis and Arizona Ron...
  2. I've been in twice - rocked my Mayor Pete shirt Wednesday.
  3. I’m going to tighten up on the diet the next couple weeks. Vacations and stress have gotten the better of me lately. You had a very nice drop - I’m betting you can get through that next plateau and into the 170s consistently.
  4. My heart is breaking for you. No words. Much love.
  5. It is like sticking your arm in an oven. I can handle 400°F air temp way better than 200° liquid.
  6. If you need me to buy eggs or other farm things from you let me know.
  7. In the end, I would choose culture over opportunity. I’m too old to get excited about potential and ifcomes.
  8. I've been interested in Eero for a while. I did not pull the trigger back in Dec. 2016 as I wasn't sure they would make it as a company and so much of the control was dependent upon their app. I purchased the Google Wifi instead, but after a divorce in 2017 I am back in the market for a mesh network. The Google Wifi worked pretty well, but with Amazon buying Eero this felt like a good time to try it out. Best of luck to us both!
  9. I bought the Eero with the 2 beacons for $199. Should be here tomorrow night.
  10. Jack and your family is on my mind. Please let us know if there is anything we can do