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  1. You look like an ###Why would today be any different?
  2. cats are dumb
  3. tdnoss notes last 200 pages?
  4. I think it sums up the lunatics following the daily life of George Zimmerman. Why are you and others drooling over any negative press the guy gets so bitter? He was found not guilty and justifiably so, anyone that found themselves on the receiving end of a rage filled teenager would have reacted the same way and saying he should have fought like a man as your response is
  5. Haters are gonna hate. He was sucker punched for no reason by a thug who has a history of getting into fights get over it.
  6. I bet when the Zimmerman story broke you were on the side that said Martin should have just walked home, AMIRIGHT?
  7. That's better than "I can't wait for someone to start #### with me in a movie theater so I can throw popcorn in his face! Sweet!"
  8. This tragedy has more to do with a pissed off (ex-)cop than the fact that he had a concealed carry permit. Cops are 3x more likely to commit murder than non-cop concealed carry holders probably attributed to that "above the law" mentality. This is a slap in the face for anyone that says only cops should own firearms.
  9. It's not our fault that you don't like math, science, logic, probabilities and everything else that gets in the way of your emotions.Let's start with "these situations", define that, give us a probability and then weigh "these [bad] situations" against "these [good] situations" where concealed carry saves lives / prevents crime.
  10. How is that a bad thing?Between lost btc's and only half way through the 21MM release cycle it kind of nullifies your point. Because each person's share is larger than what is described by the number issued. And no one even knows how much. Exactly, it is more likely the losses come from the larger holders. What % of the world's gold does the U.S. "control"? and why doesn't this concern you regarding the gold market... Finally nobody is saying regulation for btc is a bad thing. It just seems you like to say the sky is falling because you were not an early investor, neither was I.
  11. How is that a bad thing? Between lost btc's and only half way through the 21MM release cycle it kind of nullifies your point.
  12. This sounds like just another day at the trailer park. Run away, George. If you have half a brain, move a few thousand miles away, change your name, and start over. I think we need to wait for the unbiased opinion of the guys at the shooting range before we jump to any conclusions about George's innocence here.
  13. See that wasn't so hard to show you have a bias, was it? I can't believe it took you so long to own up to it, I had to practically make reference to every thread you posted in to get you to show your anti-gun bias. You're o.k. with people taking other people's lives (Zimmerman might be dead if he was not armed, Martin showed no signs of stopping with 2 neighbors verbally intervening) so long as they don't use a gun and heaven forbid someone defends themselves with one then it's their fault for "starting it" and they should go to prison. Back on ignore you go.
  14. You wouldn't know objective if she knocked on your door, shook your hand, introduced herself and then slapped you in the face. There's nothing objective about your posts in the various shooting threads, go ahead find any pro-gun comments made by you. 47 People Shot - 9 Dead in Chicago Active shooter at Washington Navy Yard 25 posts Florida boy killed by Neighborhood Watch 668 posts Shots fired at US Capitol 12 posts first post: George Zimmerman Questioned by Police for Threatening Wife With Gun 34 posts Another school shooting (aka Newtown thread)
  15. Hope you aren't paid to think I asked my buddies at our local shooting range about your theory that I was afraid of guns. They looked at me like I had three heads. How many heads did they think you have when you told them you assumed Zimmerman was guilty based on him following Martin (and ignoring all of the relevant details of the case)? Oddly enough....they agreed it was bush league that he started something he couldn't finish without a gun....they believe it gave real gun owners a bad name Same thing with this idiot here in SC that's getting ready to get thrown to the wolves. ETA: And I do appreciate the nice misrepresentation of my position. Awesome job....didn't want it to go unrecognized. jon taught you well. That he started? Yeah CLEARLY no anti-gun bias here. Nothing in the evidence pointed to Zimmerman starting anything, again you show your true colors of ignoring the facts and inserting hyperbole. Well, if you ignore the fact that he followed the kid in his car....then got out of his car and followed him until dispatch told him they didn't need him to do that. I might be going out on a limb here, but I don't think anything happens if Zimmerman doesn't put himself into this kid's world and just goes to Target. Now, if you would please entertain us by telling us how any of that has to do with guns. We'd all love to see the mental gymnastics at work. It has to do with guns because you looked at the case with blinders on and formed your opinion that Zimmerman was guilty before reviewing all of the facts, or maybe you did review all of the facts and ignored any of the details that had to do with his innocence which just goes to prove my point. If you look at the timeline you would know he was on the phone the entire time when you claim he was "following" Martin. You'd also know Martin had ample time to get home by a few minutes which might as well be hours given the short distance he had to travel. You'd know that Zimmerman was nowhere near Martin while Zimmerman was with non-emergency on the phone since Martin's own girlfriend spoke with him on the phone during that time and never said Martin was whispering so the bad guy would not find him hiding, in fact she never said Martin was hiding she said he was behind his father's girlfriend's house which if anything supports the narrative that Martin came back to confront Zimmerman, even the evidence trail of items left on the ground support the confrontation took place a lot closer to Zimmerman's truck then to Martin's destination. You'd know there was a freaking eyewitness that saw Martin on top of Zimmerman punching him MMA style. If you are trying to tell me this all points to Zimmerman "starting something that he couldn't finish without a gun" then you are hopeless as are your "gun friends". I assume as previously stated this probably has more to do with your obvious anti-gun bias that you refuse to own up to and I am saying this based on the quote you gave us bolded in my reply. The only other explanation is you think Zimmerman is a racist. The two loudest voices supporting Martin in this trial were either anti-gun, claimed they thought Zimmerman was racist and profiled Martin or a combination of both. Both arguments failed miserably to prove their points other than to show their obvious bias. Most people were upfront about their bias but there will always be knuckleheads like you that can't own up to their convictions.