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  1. He tweeted yesterday in response to someone saying the Rams needed to sign him:
  2. I think people just don't understand how much a QB with a pulse is worth. They also don't get that the salary cap goes up every year, so every deal is bigger than the last one (more or less). He's in the Kirk Cousins tier, he was going to get a little better than Kirk Cousins money.
  3. If he's a top-3 pick he'll get more, sure. I'm still a bit dubious. If the Cardinals don't take him (and they took Rosen in the first round just last year) I can't imagine San Francisco (Garoppolo), the Jets (Darnold) or the Raiders (Carr) going that way. He'd be controversial on the Bucs. The Giants, maybe. So if he goes 1.06 and gets Josh Allen money, that was $7.7M guaranteed over 4 years. No matter where he goes he gets no chance for another payday until like 2025. so the difference between 1.01 and 1.06 would be pretty huge. And the likelihood of landing a long-term job, and actually getting that big paycheck in 2025, is a lot more likely as an outfielder than a quarterback.
  4. His long-term earning prospects are probably better in baseball. He already had a $5M guaranteed contract with the A's. If he goes #1 overall he'll do better than that, if he goes mid-first round he'll do about the same, and if he falls to the end (or out of the first round) he won't do as well. For him to do better in terms of money at football he'd have to either be picked in the top 2 or 3, or become a long-term starter somewhere, which is way less likely for him in the NFL than in baseball.
  5. If you are actually interested in this topic, you can look at Thornhill v. Alabama, Republic Aviation, NLRB v. Le Tourneau. One passage of the court finding in favor of the employeees; "[t]he respondent advances no cogent reason nor special circumstance in justification of its abrogation of its employees' right to self-organization and of their normal freedom of speech and action by the act of coming upon its premises. '"
  6. We're not talking about "having behavioral expectations." He's not missing a team meeting or flipping off the fans. He's protesting. Having "behavioral expectations" which include "never protest anything" is un-American. Again, if you believe that "freedom" is what makes America great, and if you believe that "freedom" extends not only to property owners but to citizens. There is a case to be made that our Founding Fathers actually didn't want citizens to have rights, that their intent was to allow white male property owners to control everyone else. A pretty strong case, really. But that's clearly not what freedom looks like, nor justice. And I believe the American course of action is to allow the man to quietly, respectfully express his opinion.
  7. Isn't that what I said? Let me put it this way: It is un-American for the NFL to require players to stand for the national anthem, and to fire them for refusing to. Whether or not the NFL has the legal right to do that.
  8. Part of "what this country stands for" is the right to protest. Not everyone is proud of what's going on in America, now or ever, and if we believe that what makes America great is being small-d democratic, we should be celebrating those who peacefully express their dissatisfaction.
  9. Most people who aren't nationalists are skeptical about participating in forced demonstrations of nationalism.
  10. How would your employer requiring everyone to stand at attention for the national anthem go over? If you're not the U.S. military, probably not very well.
  11. You know what interferes with watching the game? Showing the anthem on TV. Get rid of it and the problem goes away and we get five minutes of broadcast time back.
  12. What realistic outcome of the lawsuit might have led you to believe Kaepernick was succeeding?
  13. Here are the QBs taken past the first round in that time frame. Three of them have starting jobs. My money's on the first rounders. DeShone Kizer Davis Webb CJ Beathard Joshua Dobbs Nathan Peterman Brad Kaaya Chad Kelly Christian Hackenberg Jacoby Brissett Cody Kessler Connor Cook Dak Prescott Cardale Jones Kevin Hogan Nate Sudfeld Jake Rudock Brandon Allen Jeff Driskel Brandon Doughty Garrett Grayson Sean Mannion Bryce Petty Brett Hundley Trevor Siemian Derek Carr Jimmy Garoppolo Logan Thomas Tom Savage Aaron Murray AJ McCarron Zach Mettenberger David Fales Keith Wenning Tajh Boyd Garrett Gilbert Geno Smith Mike Glennon Matt Barkley Ryan Nassib Tyler Wilson Landry Jones Brad Sorensen Zac Dysert BJ Daniels Sean Renfree
  14. Actual text: I shoulda been in PR. It still means "he's a good cheap player so we're signing him as long as he can keep his nose clean."
  15. Please. How about John Elway in 1997 (12/22/123, 0/1)? Or John Elway in 1992 (11/21/121, 0/1)? Or John Elway in 1990? (10/26/108, 0/1). Or John Elway in 1987 (14/38/257, 1/3)? The throw to Cooks was late but Cooks still should have caught it. Not to mention the other throw at the goal line to Cooks where there should have been PI (a bit of justice there), and Cooks still should have caught it. Goff needs to be quicker on his reads, no question.