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  1. Easy. Just pick the pasty, doughy white guy in cargo shorts.
  2. Saw this on reddit... can't wait to try it out at the grocery store. When the clerk asks if you want your beer in a bag, say "No thanks, just leave it in the bottles/cans."
  3. Thank goodness the two small children were inside a vehicle. Doubtful they've gone through proper pit bull approach training.
  4. I had a coffee IPA once that was terrible. I've had lots of IPAs that I like so it must be coffee that's gross.
  5. I've seen movies. That's double jeopardy, bub. Or maybe final jeopardy... But some kind of jeopardy for sure.
  6. I had the glasses that came with magnetic sunglass overlay but you're still basically carrying around two pairs of glasses. Appreciate the feedback on transitions. Confirms what I am seeing out there.
  7. On the subject of spectacles, any opinions on the Transitions (or other brands) lenses? Anyone have a version they like? Everyone I've seen with them seem to take a while to change so the guys are walking around indoors with half sunglasses but as a glasses wearer I'd rather not buy two pairs if there's something out there that will work as sunglasses.
  8. We could fill a lengthy thread with ####ty craft beers but just because some brewer put something unusual in a beer that you didn't like doesn't really count against that ingredient in my book.
  9. Are we talking about real maple syrup here, or some beer brewed with yams?
  10. Man, I will take shots of good maple syrup straight. Can't stand the HFCS stuff.