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  1. I would bet 99% of the US voting population have not even read the Executive Summaries written by Mueller and his team (myself included ). Here's to hope that Mueller will read these summaries during his opening statement. I suspect that Mueller will not do this. I think the Democrats should use their allotted time to read the executive summaries in order, so that the public watching the hearing can consume the actual facts via listening while watching (see the above 99%). Simple, effective, and non-partisan.
  2. I bought one of these with the intent of fully utilizing their awesome portability in between my house, vacation house, and camping trips. I ended up selling it before I opened it as I got a screaming good deal on a mint, used Daniel Boone just to keep at home. Decisions, decisions...
  3. My parents have a Weber Silver C that is built like a tank; the thing just won't die. I grabbed the same Silver C off of CL and used that for about a year. I'd been looking to upgrade to a newer version of the Genesis when I spotted a mint stainless steel Summit on CL. I had to buy that Cadillac. When my sister bought her first house, she found a nice Genesis on the CL and we bought another Genesis for our family vacation house. Buying a used Weber is much better IMHO than buying any of those shiny grills on display at Home Depot or Lowe's. Weber is the true OG for grills.
  4. Read "Bogleheads," implement the simplified investment strategy, sleep better, beat the market, stop stressing about the daily flunctuations in the stock market, and pursue your hobbies.
  5. Damn. It was such a close fight. As Rogan and Felder pointed out once it happened early in the 2nd (?), it definitely changed the course of the fight. That was the sole focus of the remaining broadcast. Bones had a lot of respect afterwards in the Octagon and the post fight presser for Santos. Personally, Jones did what he had to do to retain the belt versus a huge threat. DC doesnt have the goodnight haymaker that one punch from Santos has. Bones played it liked chess and out pointed him for three rounds.
  6. Thanks GB. They have been deadstock for a few years. I loaded up on about 10 pairs for future use.
  7. So sad that he passed at 38 years young. I always pictured Butterbean underneath those pads. The hefty man could ball out though. RIP Jared.
  8. Pappy's seasoning rub on the tri-tip is what I grew up on.
  9. This is going to be a little embarrassing I haven't counted in awhile, but I think that I have visited somewhere between 80 and 90. After college my buddy and I did Europe for a month. I've been back to Europe a few times since that epic adventure. I left my first corporate job when I decided life was too short not live a little, so I backpacked through Japan, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India, and then hopped over to SE Asia. And that kicked-off a five year run where I would travel for 6, 9, to 12 months at a time and return to CA in between trips to figure out the next backpacking trip. After that I did some sailboat charters through the Caribbean on down to Venezuela, and then backpacked through South America for a year. Spent the next year backpacking through Mexico and Central America. The next year-long trip was India and Nepal again, then over to some of the Middle East (Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Egypt). Another trip I started in Cape Town and did an overland trip through some of Southern Africa and ended up in Eastern Africa. Backpacked through Eastern Europe and the Balkans for a few months. Spent a month on both islands in New Zealand. The last trip was to the Baltic countries, started in Stockholm, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. I'm sure I've missed quite a few others. Oh well
  10. On the buying flip side, I bought practice round tickets for the US Open on StubHub last month. Tickets were listed for $34, yet after fees ended up paying closer to $56. 40% of my cost went to StubHub fees.