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  1. I appreciate the reply, For me, it's more of me being adverse to charcoal, the convenience of pellets, in addition to cluttering my deck with a second dedicated grill/smoker thing. I live in SF so deck space is at a premium.
  2. Wow. Pepperell drains a 60-foot walk-off on 18 to get to -14.
  3. Hi Mad Cow. I was previously looking at the Davy Crockett but after reading reviews on the A-Maze-N smoke tube, I am leaning towards going with this semi-hack addition to my Weber Summit LP grill before any all-in commitment to a pellet smoker. Have you used the smoke tube on a traditional grill and compared your results with the pellet smoker? Cheers in advance.
  4. Omaha Omaha audible at the line... I've been watching and reading up on these smoke tubes in lieu of purchasing a separate smoker. Anybody with experience with these stainless steel smoker tubes? Amazen, aka A-Maze-N, seems to get pretty solid reviews. $20 for a 12-inch tube that I can load with pellets for a 4-hour burn. I am now leaning towards this route. Throwing this smoke tube on my Weber Summit on low heat seems like a no-brainer smoking supplement. I saw some Traeger pellets at my parents Costco, maybe 40lbs for $25? Collective FFA thoughts?
  5. Which CMG did you get? I have been eyeing pellet smokers and the Davy Crockett is what I am leaning towards. It being able to collapse down to fit into the trunk of a car to take down to our vacation house for the weekend sounds tough to beat. I have seen them for $300/shipped on eBay. FWIW, I have a Weber Summit on our deck at home and a Genesis at the vacation house. Anybody else care to share their thoughts on smaller to medium sized pellet grills? Thanks.
  6. After watching Free Solo, I was drawn into the rabbit hole...
  7. I knew it would be this picture of Nunes even before opening it
  8. The Independence program he ran was so unprofessional compared to Buddy's East Mississippi. Any Juco selected after Seasons 1/2 would have looked like a high school varsity program. by comparison.