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  1. Agreed the shrimp farms on the North Shore are overrated. Cheap poke bowls at Foodland. We preferred our three nights of camping at Bellows to our three nights in Waikiki and two nights at Turtle Bay.
  2. The way Thiem was spanking the ball, thought he would pick up his first major. Joker is a machine.
  3. Yes. I didn't know much about her until I watched. She rocks.
  4. Me too. Was surprised they weren't being quarantined for two weeks somewhere up in remote Alaska.
  5. My GF and I bought my dad the DJI Spark for Christmas 2018. It's very compact and easy to handle. It takes good enough video and is easy to fly. It has an auto-pilot back to home when the battery is running low. The expected battery life is between 12 and 15 minutes. I would go with DJI as like others have said, its a very reputable brand. They are a ton of fun to fly and take videos with.
  6. I found a local dealer who sells me 40lb bags of Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets for between $20 and $25. Just make sure they are 100% the wood they claim to be and without filler wood. Other brands tend to get ashy from what I read prior to deciding on these.
  7. PM @cstu for details