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  1. I believe that would be the Weber Summit series. I have this exact one. That being said, I would recommend the Genesis line and save quite a bit. I don't see much difference when grilling on my Summit versus the Genesis. And it's under a cover when not in use.
  2. This times ten. I see the couple years old Genesis (version prior to the II) pop up on CL for under $150/200 all the time. Now that the version II has been out for a couple of years, I have seen those for $350ish. I would check CL and get a used one in great condition. Your brand new one will look just like that after a few months use.
  3. I love me some bottomless, piping hot steak fries that accompany their burgers.
  4. @Maurile Tremblay I have a similar question. Long-time lurker from the days with a board member number of 1,100 or somewhere thereabouts. To my knowledge, I have never, ever received a single warning point. Not a single one. I posted the word for one of the most popular emoji's of 2019, which rhymes with a player on my team, Jalen Hurd. And that we should actually VOTE people out of office. "Vote this 'Jalen Hurd' out. And the others." I received a ban of one month plus three days. I'd appreciate an explanation why I was not simply warned for my first ever warning point, and how a 33/34 days account suspension came about. Cheers as I enjoy my Sunday cheese and wine.
  5. Nice. We had a "W" mattress before, and there is no comparison with our purchase. We have a Macy's furniture outlet nearby, so we were able to source one from there for a ridiculous price.
  6. Stay in the Grilling and Smoking thread with your shiny Rec-Tec pal!
  7. We bought an Eastern King Simmons Beautyrest Black Lydia Luxury Extra Firm a few years ago and have been very happy without any issues. Mattresses are going to be a very personalized choice. I would go to a mattress store and lay around to determine what you like/dislike and feels the best and supportive. Once you figure out which ones you like, I'd compare with similar mattress builds. The prices are all over the board.
  8. What are you basing a 70% client return rate within the next few weeks on? While I hope that is true for you and your fitness centers, that seems like an exceptionally high estimate. Pre-Covid, I went to my gym five times a week. Now, I could not be paid enough to go back there yet. I do wish you the best in opening a 3rd gym, but that would scare the living out of me in this environment.
  9. Vote this Turd out. And the others.
  10. I actually just yelled the same thing to my GF as I was trying to open up an article. on their site SUPER LAME.
  11. Thought for sure it was a Swedish Fish. Or a nurse/Dr/patient went MOP on you.
  12. Joe Exotic is something else. What a character. They all deserve to be in jail.
  13. I agree, definitely feels like your typical Prelims. With the exception of the clearly empty ring-side seats, it' not much different than the typical UFC broadcast with the illuminated Octagon and crowd seating darkened. At least we have some type of live sports on. I imagine this will be the last UFC we see for awhile.
  14. I voted this being a 9. Maybe I should have voted it a 10?
  15. Watching it in real-time, I thought he was rocked and wobbly. But once the ref stepped in to stop it, he was on point and could not believe it. I actually thought he was going to KO the referee. Upon the immediate replay that they showed, he blocked every kick to his head with his arms, looked to be fake wobbling to draw him in, and then threw a few few haymakers that missed, before the ref jumped in. Horrible, horrible stoppage and I cannot recall seeing one worse without a single punch or kick actually landing.