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  1. The rookie picks have been grossly undervalued in startups based on what I've seen. Zero chance randle brings in a top rookie pick
  2. There's another new show about this murder case. Southern fried homocide on the ID network
  3. Has Pead's field vision improved enough to quit running up the rear end of his offensive lineman or from taking everything else to the outside? He had a lot better vision in college, there isn't much of a sample in the NFL to say.
  4. Richardson beat out Pead as the COP guy behind SJax. I'm not convinced that he is a workhorse, between the tackles back. He will obviously be part of the committee, but the 'lead back' in this offense will be Pead or Stacy. So nice to have Jeff Fisher here to clarify. Seriously though here is another POV, Daryl is a better player than Pead. Not just a better COP guy but better in all aspects. Stacy is there to fill a pounder/short yardage role. Marion Barber or Lendale White come to mind. Pead will be the backup. What makes you think that? All of his TDs last year? Not that I'm sold on Pead, but he will have 1st crack at starting without a doubt. Richardson is just a marginal talent in the NFL and wouldn't crack another team's roster if let go todayAnd yet he soundly beat out Pead last year.He beat him for the COP role.
  5. Wait, are you insinuating that she wouldn't be with that handsome devil were he not famous and rich? Absolutely not. His photography and love for kittens is enough to land a woman like that.Her body is ridiculous for a woman 40+. Grade A
  6. just so we can put an end to these ridiculous over the top posts -- I'm pretty sure superman wouldn't need a gun to kill that guy. and before you switch it to batman -- he doesn't use guns. Not really true, he used to carry a gun but currently doesn't.
  7. I'm sure the inmates in GP will be eager to find out how tough. He'll be traded nightly for a pack of smokes. "see how tough the NFL dude is". doubt it, he'll be protected by the Mexican gangs. He's got money.
  8. Hernandez planned the murder out great, tracked minute by minute and carries around guns before/after the murder when he knows he has a surveillance system. A premeditated murder where his planning was laughable.
  9. now the weapon he used to shoot the guy earlier in the year was found.
  10. anyone holding out that 1% chance he plays, sorry, not happening. He's done.
  11. In shallow roster leagues he's not worth a roster spot. In super deep leagues he might be worth stashing for the heck of it,but he has essentially 0 value right now.