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  1. Went strictly NO and BAL QB - Lamar Jackson - 40 QB - Drew Brees - 38 QB - Taysom Hill - 8 RB - Alvin Kamara - 29 RB - Mark Ingram II - 25 WR - Michael Thomas - 34 TE - Jared Cook - 24 PK - Wil Lutz - 14 PK - Justin Tucker - 13 TD - Baltimore Ravens - 13 TD - New Orleans Saints - 12 Total value: 250
  2. It's the end of an era in NE before Brady retires. He could of walked away like Elway and P Manning and rode away into the sunset at the G.O.A.T. I just hope his ego at 42 doesn't get the best of him. Sure he trains well. Father time waits and eventually overtakes. I hope he retires a Patriot. TEN 27 - NE 24.
  3. NFL network projects Lynch to get 10-15 carries tonight. Granted it's a stout rush D in SF. Can't ya just see Carroll calling Lynch's number near the goal line? You gotta wonder if that one play they chose to throw the ball and not hand off to Beast Mode weighs in his mind? Can't ya just see Carroll giving his whewwwwwwwwwwwww fist pump? Or does he fizzle? No one seems to know.
  4. Good analysis! Bloom has Ameer ranked the highest this week at RB #20 in our league scoring format. He would fit as my top option at Flex this week over the likes of L Murray, M Lynch, DK Metcalf, J Watson, and Hollister. The question for me is could I do it? As a Detroit Lion homer I remember the fumbles and questionable Lions draft for Ameer. Vikings will be giving someone the ball. Bloom as Ameer at RB #20, that's low end RB #2 for the week. I just know I'm gonna have a hard time pulling the trigger on him. I'll prolly listen some this morning. At 12-4 we win with a win or the team at 11-5 loses.
  5. First action / posting on Ameer since August. Any takers on fantasy production from him week 17? MIN would like to go out with a W and someone has to get the carries and targets. Someone has to score.
  6. Just listened to MJD talk about Beast Mode running directly at SF who may be missing one of their top defensive run stoppers? Add to the mix that SEA is a run first offense, has a massive offensive line, and did beat SF 27-24 the first go around in week 10. They like to pound the ball. Perhaps it's Homer to start, Lynch to pound some, and back n' forth with Turbin picking up 3-5 carries as well. Someone will get at least one rushing TD from that group? This outta be a very loud and ruckus 12th man stadium with electricity in the air as the Beast Mode reunion in the locker room and on the field. Who emerges with RB fantasy points no one knows. I hear seat prices in SEA are at a premium. Kind of a cool way to end the regular season. We'll see if the game is entertaining or disappoints? Another close one score game I imagine? Many feel that SEA is so banged up at RB that SF will prevail and SEA got dinged at the wrong time. From a potential first round bye to perhaps getting bounced next week? I really don't know? I do know our season goes 17 weeks and I have these SEAHAWK players to consider starting: Lockett, DK Metcalf, Hollister, and now Beast Mode, whom I claimed off FA just to see how this week progresses. My opponent took Homer as the early favorite of the two RB's that Seattle will "lean on." Chances are it's just Lockett. Sitting at 12-4 with another team at 11-5.
  7. With all the attention being shifted to Beast Mode and Robert Turbin reunion, what about Travis Homer emerging at the RB to own in week 17 and into the playoffs? What if Homer is the guy who emerges and these other two guys help complement the rushing attack? Homer also is known to catch a few passes as well.
  8. What kind of projection do you give Travis Homer, MoP? Decent pass catching RB, like Ameer last night? Plus he'll get 8-10 carries I bet for another 50 yards. If the dude scores then he's a solid Flex. Everyone high on Beast Mode, what about Homer?
  9. 3) Kansas City Chiefs (11-4): Patrick Mahomes and friends have won five straight games with increasing ease and host the collapsing Chargers on Sunday. Kansas City would need to win against Los Angeles and hope the Patriots lose to Miami in order to move up to the No. 2 seed and skip a round of the playoffs. The Chiefs could also theoretically fall to the No. 4 seed if they lose and the Texans win their finale. While it's an annoying spot to be in, K.C. can't risk sitting its starters. Andy Reid could, however, pull Mahomes at some point if he sees a blowout in Foxborough while scoreboard-watching. The Chiefs are as healthy offensively as they've been all season and want to stay that way because this a championship-level team. They may just have a brutal path to the promised land. Well, at 12-4 (my fantasy football record) still playing another week to clinch a first place payout, and wondering about the Chiefs and other starters in week 17. Sounds like they still have something to play for. I guess 3/4 Mahomes would be better then what's left on the FA waiver wire. Chiefs homers got a feel for week 17 LAC @ KC 1:00.
  10. I've flopped in one championship league combining week 16 & 17. Back to playing AJ Brown & C Sutton while sitting Perriman and Edelman.
  11. Lots of Boone and Perriman plays on this thread. Imagine a 3rd string RB becoming a potential difference maker. These two were my first two choices in order on the waiver wire this week as my opponent this week has D Cook and wanted Boone badly. Someone else out bid both of us with more FAAB money. So I ended dropping Dede and going with a hot hand in A Miller, CHI WR. He's been pretty solid the last few weeks. Soooo... starting Kamara and Lockett and Lutz leaves me with decisions on how many Saints and Seahawks to start and what combinations of stacking lol. And playing a Titan in the same game. Miller over DK Metcalf cuz of Peterson covering him and enough Seahawks. Hollister over J Cook because of enough Saints and a juicy ARI TE match up for upside even though most have Cook higher. AJ Brown #11 in for two weeks in a row. Dude is a STUD MONSTER WR. Lattimore? Going with momentum now...
  12. Deep sleeper this week in DFS. I wonder how many will play him at Flex or WR #2 cuz of his potential this week? Depends upon line ups. Myself, perhaps a DFS play with upside for 75 yards and a score. Two scores and 100+ would be huge.
  13. Arians brings up the point that because of injuries they will need to involve RB's and TE's into the passing game. Well, thank you Mr. Obvious. Winston is gonna wing it and his first two reads go to the WR position, then TE or dump off RB, unless someone changes the game script for him? He's just too used to throwing to Evans and Godwin and now we have the next men up whom seem to be up for the task. Perriman and Watson most involved. Watson spots an opportunity to shine next.