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  1. Team Smokin'

    Week 7 Buy Low/ Sell High

    Not so fast, Lee Corso lol - Chubb may end up outscoring DJ the ROS. I'd bet on it.
  2. Team Smokin'

    Starting Chubb or DJJ over______

    Interesting and intriguing isn't he? lol Starting him in Flex in one league and hesitated for Collins in another. Could have dropped Ridley instead. We'll see... Curious about your choice in Collins or Chubb though...
  3. Team Smokin'

    Starting Chubb or DJJ over______

    Chubb over Mack, Edelman, and Hilton in the Flex. Other two RB's: Ingram & Kerryon Johnson in one league. The other league I paused for dropping Collins or Ridley. Hindsight would have dropped Ridley and Flexed Chubb over Collins. Oh well...
  4. ...and the fact that JAX is panicking and worked out a deal. CLE GM, John Dorsey, is proud of his picks and generally hits. Didn't he pick Mahomes while in KC? And Mayfield and Chubb? Experts are saying Chubb could be the best of all of them even Barkley???
  5. Perhaps both? A less expensive duo or Ingram and Kamara, Gordon and Ekeler, Michel and White? All viable options.
  6. Added Chubb and dropped Corey Davis in a minute or less - had to make one fairly easy upside choice. Now for the other league with only 4 bench players. Weakest link is Alex Collins. Too much of a reach to drop Collins and pick up Chubb and swing for the fences? IDK
  7. A frustrated owner just offered Bell and Hilton for our Ingram and Boyd. Sure wish I had a crystal ball on Bell. Bell > Ingram - when playing Hilton > Boyd - when healthy
  8. Fournette hurt. Gronk under-performing. Cooks and Collins mediocre at best. Lost a couple games by less than 1 point. Lutz missed an extra point in one of those games.
  9. Team Smokin'

    Return of the Mack...Marlon Mack, RB, Indy

    I took a flyer on Mack with the news that Lynch may have a more serious groin issue??? Dropped Beast Mode for Mack. Kinda risky, or not? Mack is definitely on my bench. Ingram & K Johnson > Mack with Fournette out. Edelman or Hilton > Mack in the Flex. Perhaps Mack plays during a bye week, or he looks good enough to Flex.
  10. Perhaps a little lucky on the trades, Tombo. (Or skillful lol - I spent a lot of time researching these trades). Kamara owner frustrated after one poor game. Ju Ju (on a bye) owner was in a bind and it was the perfect time to package Ito and Marquise. Hey, either or / both of them could end up being good plays? Who knows?
  11. Perhaps this franchise tag thing doesn't really work all that well in the first place? IDK, but this whole shenanigans is not good for football, fantasy football, and skews the whole landscape. I mean Bell owners, unless they handcuffed Connors, pretty much lost this whole year. Connor owners found a gift so big they pretty much unfairly will lead their league, or near the top. Imagine picking up an undrafted Connor and scoring like a RB #1? Then Bell could come back and play or could have been traded. You could end up with two RB #1's on different teams. As a Bell owner in the FFPC my team was pretty much done for the year before one game was even played. $350 down the damn tubes because of this NONSENSE. Do you think I'm an advocate of fanchise tags? PLAY FOOTBALL, MAN!!!
  12. Swinging for the fences at 2-4. Traded Fournette, Yeldon, and Edelman for Kamara. Now we'll start both Kamara & Ingram from here on out barring an injury. I always liked the idea of owning both of these studs and starting them both at the same time. Pretty good chance one of them has a good game. Decent chance both have good games, and slim chance neither has a good game. My chips are ALL IN on Kamara & Ingram ROS. Side note: Had to swing again by trading both Ito Smith and Marquise Goodwin for Ju Ju. Gotta make a run to stay in the game.
  13. Team Smokin'

    ***Official*** James Conner Thread

    How can anybody possible predict the value of James Connor going forward, except for this week of course lol. Connor owners have enjoyed the ride so far. Hypothetically, getting a gauge who would you prefer ROS - Connor or waiver wire pick up, Ito Smith?
  14. Last week I was all fired up over Beast Mode, this week the flame is out because of a bye. The following week with news of a more serious groin injury doesn't sound encouraging. I had to drop Lynch this morning and picked up Marlon Mack, certainly not a sexy pick. Lynch to FA. How quickly the tides turn.
  15. Team Smokin'

    Ito Smith, RB, ATL

    Just landed Ito with a higher FAAB bid now what? Lol I understand his potential, I think? I mean redzone carries, TD upside, more usage. Hold, play, or package him for another upgrade? Who do you like better ROS - Connor (Bell variable) or Smith? Trying to get a gauge for him presently and then throughout the week and into next week. Is Ito in RB 2 discussion or Flex? Is Ito a guy to really help your fantasy team? Or simply a smart pick up and a hope and see? I personally see upside... how much is the question?