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  1. Burkhead likely out?
  2. You gotta point. Shark moves both ways on this one. You pick him, he goes off, PIT wins the Super Bowl and Brown is the MVP. You avoid him, he barely does anything, someone else's burden. I'm kinda leaning the latter right at this moment...
  3. Well, if Brown was optimistic would that change your mind any? Click Hey, our draft is in a little over an hour. We got 6th pick out of six. So, pick #6 and #7 will determine a lot of our direction. Both Bell and Brown seem to lingering around these spots. Some have Brown around #10. Soooooo.... assuming Brady, Kamara, Gurley, Ingram, Gronk (maybe) all go top 5, next comes Bell, Brown, Hunt, Brees, Thomas types. I see Brown falling to 6th spot easily and will be gone early in the second.
  4. This is very interesting. I'm a tad more optimistic he comes back and plays really well. He may not miss a beat?
  5. If JAX wins you look good. Fournette and JAX D, and throw in Allen Hurns. I see Fournette around #12-15 overall. If they win 2 or 3 games then Fournette was definitely a top 3-10 overall pick.
  6. This is what we know today... 5. PIT - WR Antonio Brown healing quickly Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Gerry Dulac Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown (calf) is reportedly doing well in his rehab as he rehabs his partially torn calf muscle, according to head coach Mike Tomlin, who told reporters Tuesday, Jan. 2, that Brown would be listed as questionable if the Steelers had to play during the first weekend of the playoffs. [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ FOOTBALLGUYS VIEW ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] The Steelers have the no2 seed in the AFC, so they're resting this weekend. They'll play the highest seeded team that survives on Wild Card Weekend, and they should have Brown out there when they get back to football.
  7. Nice insight Longtucky! Who would you rather have, Brown or Juju?
  8. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Brown #6 with a first round pick in a 6-team pool, or Juju coming in around #23 overall? You could reach for him end of round 3 or beginning round 4. I gotta feeling Juju, like Kamara, are guys most are targeting - exciting players. Correct! How deep will PIT go? Big Ben kinda wants revenge from JAX, then NE. PIT very well could represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Or, one and done?
  9. 1. Gurley 2. Kamara 3. Ingram 4. Bell 5. Brady 6. Brown 7. Brees Now, a healthy Brown and he's perhaps top 3...
  10. Questionable at best? This thread is dedicated to the health and playing possibility in the playoffs for AB. I did a search and didn't see much. Pardon me if there is already something going. Send a link please if so. We are picking our fantasy playoff team tonight. I see Dodds has Brown @ #6 overall.
  11. They will do one. I guarantee it, Joe Namath.
  12. Tell that to these old goats - lol. Been playing in this league for about 30 + years before the internet. We used to get our stats from USA Today.
  13. Quinn was hired to do a job. Do Your Job mentality from the Patriots. Now it's his time. Any of those 2 Patriots coordinators or Vrabel in my humble opinion. I'd be greedy and say get two of them, all three would be out of the question, yet monumental.
  14. This site will have their playoff rankings and Bloom will offer playoff strategies. It's all based upon # of games being played and predicting a winner. Now, if you really believe in a team to advance and win then pick those players. If you like say LAR to beat the Falcons and go into MIN and beat them then take Ram players as they would get you at least 3 games, possible 4. AFC side tough not to argue with NE or PIT advancing.
  15. That is true! I see Dodds has his rankings for Wildcard weekend out. The overall strategy and rankings for the playoffs I would assume will begin trickling in today and Bloom likely tomorrow? Please recognize that Saturday may be a long way away, but playoff drafts are scheduled mid week; ours is tomorrow. So, today would be nice to begin strategizing FOOTBALLGUYS. I can see all home teams getting the W this year in Wildcard weekend, or perhaps one road team winning. If it goes according to hoyle then I think NO can travel to PHI and get a win. That would mean three games for Brees, Thomas, Kamara, Ingram, Lutz, and NO D - NTB (Not Too Bad). I can see LAR going into MIN and pulling off a victory? That would also give the LAR at least 3 games and potentially 4. AFC - Chiefs to NE. Sorry Patriots prevail. JAX to PIT. I'll take PIT all day. Soooo, NE or PIT to the Super Bowl against in my humble opinion in order: LAR, NO, or MIN if MINNY can beat the Rams at home. Just my opinion like every other talking head. If you think someone else emerges and you take those players and they do well, congratulations. PIT at NE - stewing on this one NO at LAR - good game, Rams So, my strategy is to get players from these four teams realizing that I cannot get all the studs. With the 6th pick of 6 perhaps a team: Goff, Lewis, Ingram, JuJu, Woods, Kelce, Murray, Boswell, LAR D might be realistic off the top of my head. Just looking at TE's not much besides Gronk.