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  1. I have his football card. I collected baseball and football cards between like 1967 - 71. Bart Starr, Boyd Dollar, Herb Adderly... I've seen every Super Bowl and remember watching the Green Bay Packers during that era playing my Lions on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Now, ofc, it's regulated temp underground.
  2. Checking on the Questionable status that just popped up 3:40 p.m. EST. Knee Precautionary or anything new here? Edit: Not practicing today - TH
  3. We're both correct, T Williams is out for the 2020 season. Tyrell Williams LVR Shoulder labrum tear Aug 2020IR (Reserve)Ineligible 2020 2021 return
  4. Perhaps some crazy site I was on while searching and clicking around... so I don't know. I thought it was season ending as well. Torn labrum.
  5. Promoting A Brown in a trade. Allen and A Brown for Mahomes. Otherwise, I'll plug in AB into the Flex or WR #3 slot next week. Hoping for top 15 WR ROS.
  6. I just saw that Tyrell Williams is expected return week 9. Seems like he's definitely under the radar. I even forgot what team he plays for - LVR. Any news on T Williams for a potential sneaky play moving forward as a WR #3 or upside #2?
  7. Ummmm... am I reading this projection correctly 🤩, they got Antonio Brown as the WR #2 for the ROS. It really wouldn't surprise me. His contract is incentive laden. Tom Brady to Antonio Brown could be HUGE.
  8. What I am referring to Deamon is if he's playing, and we will all know this very soon, you play him regardless of what might happen. Sure, he could get eased in and sure he could get taken out when the team needs a 1 yard gain, but he might not either. He may even have an off CMC game, or he could go for 100+ and two scores. There's a reason he's #1 overall, and Kamara is close behind in my book right now.
  9. You're kidding right?!!!! If he's playing you play him. Ease him or not. You play him!
  10. The more positive news us McCaffrey owners hear is music to our ears. It's soon. How soon? Perhaps next week, perhaps very soon. I was trying to pry away Davis for a decent price to no avail. Davis is only BN material to any other owner once CMC returns and I would trade for him like a J Kelley for Davis straight up for insurance and a handcuff. Short benches prevent too many handcuffs.
  11. And with a week 9 bye perhaps that gets figured into the mix, as well as, Gio's performance today? Basically, Mixon most likely returns next week or after their bye unless we hear anything more discerning about his injury. I've tried researching his injury but not much pops up.
  12. I know we're a couple weeks away, but I wonder how many A Brown owners will be starting him in week 9 vs those who sit him on their bench to watch n' see. Some owners may or may not have that luxury, I get it. This thread will continue to blow up for probably the rest of the year. We're also watching his ranking numbers per FBG's ROS move the needle up as well. Yesterday he was like WR #103, now he's #52 with points per game projections going from low 5's to 8.44. In other words, he's a buy. I am sure trades are already happening as well. Be interesting to see what he brings too. What can Brown do for you? Perhaps in week 9 he moves from WR #3 all the way to WR #1in week 10 - idk. Regardless, I totally believe Brady will look his way often.
  13. It will be interesting to watch and follow. I agree and I also defer to Brady. He knows the signing has the potential to make the team better. That is the bottom line.