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  1. Boyd has been ranked in the top 10 WR recently over several weeks. He hasn't done much in that time frame. I'm not sure what to think? He does get targets.
  2. I read somewhere that Buffalo is happy with knox and once Kroft is healthy he could be a trade prospect? Anyway something to monitor as BUF has a great match up on Sunday against MIA. FitzMagic can only pull so many rabbits out of a hat. BUF 31 - MIA 17.
  3. Dawson Knox, a potential start at the slim pickins TE spot?
  4. Ingram is still pretty solid when considering the big picture.
  5. Barkley Yahoo alert - Barkley's status changed from questionable to healthy. Play him in a monster game?
  6. Two weeks ago I traded Montgomery and DJ Moore for Barkley and D Westbrook. The guy was hurting at RB. Have Kamara and Jacobs as well. Kamara is going to make or break my season. I have Barkley in one RB slot waiting to hear the start or sit or questionable tag.
  7. Are we seeing any value in this topsy turvy TE market with Watson? He does have the GOAT and he knows the system. Perhaps a token TD and 30-40 yards until they bring back Gronk lol.
  8. Rams D back to being a top ummmm / decent play?
  9. Nice post. Very clear. I'm not seeing any real early love for Metcalf yet? Are we waiting for Dissly to be officially ruled out? Seems like a logical big body red zone target on a team with a great QB. Perhaps TD and long play dependent?
  10. I'd have to say yes, in general terms, without knowing exact circumstances. A solid TE has become a premium. Bye weeks enter, and potential future trade to a desperate TE owner. I like the breakdown above. Wondering if having Lockett and Metcalf make any sense whatsoever? Let the better players and match ups play? Wilson is pretty solid at QB.
  11. Well, I just took a flyer on Duke Williams because of this thread.
  12. Boy Joe, Yahoo alert says 13,829 have dropped Bryant. That's what I am checking on. He's still projected for 8.57 points.
  13. C'mon ya gotta believe. Accept the good decisions with the poor ones.
  14. Things are starting to get a little juicy with the anticipation of Mahomes to Hill and opening up the field for KC. Starting him with reserved confidence lol