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  1. Has an effect on the rest of the offense and upset alert.
  2. It sure sounds like Andrews is Out in week 13. It also sounds like the NFL and each team is pretty tight-lipped on on-going Covid issues. They let us know when players are on it and when they're back off it again. Then it's up to us to try to figure it out according to their protocols.
  3. First on my list. I would rather not see Taysom Hill on a someone else's roster next week playing against me lol. But, it will most likely happen here soon.
  4. I would love to grab Trey Burton myself right now. Who the heck do I drop: Gaskin, Gallman, J Allen, Taysom Hill, L Murray, or Golladay? Answer no one so far.
  5. I'm hoping to hold out and take the chance as long as I can, even playing empty in TE if I have a sizable lead. My bench is also stacked lol. Plugging in Andrews really helps (if he plays) as Golladay now sits in the one IR slot.
  6. Not too get ahead of ourselves and lots of disappointments have occurred before, but I gotta sense that Booker is gonna have a big game.
  7. Music to my ears... hit on D Booker and looks like M Gaskin both FA pickups this early morning for free. On two separate teams of ours. Fire em up!
  8. This forum is definitely the quickest way to find an answer. Much quicker then the cheat sheets adjustments. Perhaps a notification is sent via any number of apps, but nevertheless, it happens pretty quick here. Just plugged in D Booker as a start and will watch his rankings climb... how high does it go?
  9. Wow! I picked him up for free at 4:24 a.m. after waivers cleared he was still there. I did about 15 minutes of research and finally decided worth the risk. Lottery ticket RB 2 or Flex with Connor on the shelf and Swift not himself, and CMC on a bye. Start Gibson and now it looks like Booker. Booker - Harrison Ford.
  10. Pretty nice position to be in. Yes Kamara will rock the end of the season.
  11. Funny how Tremblay, Dodds, and Bloom all have him highly rated this week even now. There's something they must know that the rest of us don't, yet.
  12. That's all nice and dandy, but it doesn't specifically address this week. Dodds still has him listed this week in his rankings, while Bloom doesn't. Most likely out, but maybe asymptomatic and he passes a couple tests? Idk. Dropped Hooper for a better waiver wire pick up and Andrews sits in the IR spot until I await 100% confirmation. Edit: puff puff... Smokin'
  13. You got me thinking... what if that last game spurs on Hollywood to finish the season strong. Heck, he might even be worth a what the heck flex this week. Great matchup! I think I'll add him lol.
  14. Seems like the tide keeps shifting on the news with Jacobs. First he escaped serious injury, just a ankle tweak. Looks as if he will start. Now not practicing being cautious to might be more serious and a lil more doubt creeps in. He'll most likely play, correct? I'm just looking at Booker with Connor on the shelf and Swift still lingering along with head discomfort and now with a cloud of doubt, and CMC / Davis on a bye means I may be in need of a RB 2 now. Gore, Booker. and perhaps K Johnson if Swift is out. Not a whole lot out there in the RB land. So, I'll throw a few dollars Booker's way, more dollars on Gore though. Unless we knew Booker is the clear cut 1. Even if Jacobs is set to play I imagine Booker will see an uptick.
  15. Is Andrews 100% out for week 13? Any chance he plays?
  16. He'll play next week and will play to win. It's a professional sport. There are no meaningless games, only people with skewed perceptions in their own mind. Now if a player is hurt then they sit. If cleared, the best players play. Like someone said earlier, you build momentum going into the offseason to start with an excitement going in next year. He'll play and I believe he'll play well. CMC may give owners a nice little treat coming down the stretch. If he gets hurt, he does. My question is can I afford to hang onto Davis during the bye week. I'm banking on 20-30 points per game.
  17. I'm actually hoping no news today with IR status so others shy away from him. He's a solid RB 2 this week in my book. I had to drop him last week when Andrews went on Covid IR. Arghhhh! Want him back.
  18. My research tells me that it "sounds like" Connor was asymptomatic and therefore would need two negative tests in order to play in week 13. Not sure why things are so under wraps with the Covid info. Either he's asymptomatic or symptomatic and then the two negative tests is the first case. Now if symptomatic then outlook is he's out this week. Tell us his options for being asymptomatic and take the tests. Edit: Confusing on the 10 day being asymptomatic vs getting two negative tests at least 24 hours apart.
  19. Status updated from Out to Questionable. There is hope still.
  20. Blitzburgh is a plug n' play. Not used to not streaming. I did pick up SEA off of FA waiver wire just in case that PIT - BAL game got cancelled. SEA has a decent schedule and probably a top 10 play these next couple weeks. Week 13 NYG at SEA (solid play with Jones likely out) Week 14 NYJ at SEA (Turnover machine) There's no way to hold a second D unless there's nobody I hit with a waiver wire pick up from the likes of Gore, Booker, Landry, or D Parker - yep, someone dropped Parker last week. In other words I am not in a big hurry to drop SEA unless I get an upgrade.
  21. This is how I am doing my math as well. Monday, December 7th is either the 10th or 11th day. Just trying to put together the best line up I can and wondering if Connor will play against WAS.