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  1. Nice post. Very clear. I'm not seeing any real early love for Metcalf yet? Are we waiting for Dissly to be officially ruled out? Seems like a logical big body red zone target on a team with a great QB. Perhaps TD and long play dependent?
  2. I'd have to say yes, in general terms, without knowing exact circumstances. A solid TE has become a premium. Bye weeks enter, and potential future trade to a desperate TE owner. I like the breakdown above. Wondering if having Lockett and Metcalf make any sense whatsoever? Let the better players and match ups play? Wilson is pretty solid at QB.
  3. Well, I just took a flyer on Duke Williams because of this thread.
  4. Boy Joe, Yahoo alert says 13,829 have dropped Bryant. That's what I am checking on. He's still projected for 8.57 points.
  5. C'mon ya gotta believe. Accept the good decisions with the poor ones.
  6. Things are starting to get a little juicy with the anticipation of Mahomes to Hill and opening up the field for KC. Starting him with reserved confidence lol
  7. Anyone starting Tyreek with confidence out there?
  8. Robbie Gould, SF - K, new snapper and holder? Do you think they got it down? Hmmmmm
  9. I am hearing ARI stalls near the redzone, therefore Gonzalez gets high marks. Perhaps this game allows for a lot of scoring opportunities and a FG fest? Maher is my next man up too. I don't know much about him.
  10. Checking on kicker info on Matt Bryant, ATL. Got a roster alert he's been dropped by 5519 teams on Yahoo?
  11. Not a bad week to be desperate lol. Don'tcha gotta keep Mixon in? Then AP or Drake aren't too bad of plays this week. Time for someone in this game to shine? So, this game has implications for my team as well. Looks like Preston Williams is gonna get the start and AP in another league. Also. rolling the dice with Washington in a survivor pool. This game could be the game of the week lol.
  12. If there was ever a time to Flex it's this week. AP will get the opportunities to be "featured" and run oriented. One more time to shine lol
  13. Figure I'll roll the dice and take Washington in a survivor pool. Then Miami sometime too if Washington wins this week lol. Also rolling AP at RB due to injuries and bye week. Thinking about a Preston Williams start in another league over the likes of Crowder, MV-S, Beasley, and Parker who are all on the FA. So, this toilet bowl game has lots of implications, draft pick order or otherwise.
  14. As my teams keep renting and deciding upon kickers like Elliott, Bryant, Fairbairn, Gould, and whomever else, how come Zane Gonzalez is rated top 4 moving forward? Is he a good kicker, does the team stall, what up with ARI? Is there something I am missing here?
  15. I'm kinda getting a little bit more optimistic as Jacobs is on bye and Barkley out with only 4 bench. Picked up AP to have a body in at RB with Kamara this week. It's Miami, commitment to run, and it's AP's time to shine one more time.
  16. Dropped Eagles picked up Dallas this week Dropped Minnesota picked up Dallas this week Chicago on bye gotta hold two in one league for one week
  17. Wow! Nice stat. I picked him off FA in two leagues and started him last week. Now, it's Jaylen Samuels or Diontae Johnson in the Flex. Hmmm... Johnson seems to have a rapport with Rudolph while JuJu disappoints.
  18. He's playing and starting him with optimism. Could backfire but all reports so far are positive.
  19. Well, I do follow Footballguys and have been for many years. They had Watkins rated higher then Edelman going forward and in week 3 and week 4. I was simply following sound advice and believed Watkins would score more TD's and more yards over Edelman. Sometimes a trade works out and sometimes it doesn't. The verdict isn't out yet. I like a piece of KC offense slightly more then NE. Watkins was drafted to be a WR #1 and flirted on and off while being injured. I swung a lil for the fences. I also have Mahomes and like the stack.
  20. I mean wt heck. Sammy must have bamboozled the entire fantasy football system. I have Mahomes and traded Edelman for Watkins with Watkins being a top 5 WR a couple weeks ago. Then nothing! I don't get it??? F Now Tyreek returns soon and now what? F
  21. Got TY in the Flex with Tevin as a back up I guess.
  22. How about Geronimo without Davante, a lil bump up?
  23. Wow! I'd play him. You're 98.6% chance of winning fo sho. The whole adjustment in scoring thing would be the clincher for me. Wouldn't hate it if a correction changed your W / L? I realize a negative catch or fumble, and knocked out could go the over way. Play him.
  24. I'm researching OJ Howard now as I was just sent a trade request for Dissly, who is a pleasant surprise. I can't believe I'm questioning holding Dissly > Howard for season long. Is Howard the play ROS. I see Footballguys have Howard at #9 going forward and Dissly at #13. Time to sell high on Dissly and buy low on Howard. I also picked up Olsen cheap early too. Lost Njoku.
  25. I'm seeing 23/24 - 20 in a close game either way. Agholor ended his week on a high note and if he can catch the ball could have another decent outing. I'm dropping him for Boyd tomorrow though. Someone dropped Boyd because no TD's lol. So, I gotta scoop with waiver wire #1. D Jackson back soon. PHI 24 GB 20 in a slight upset. This is like a playoff game for PHI. Jeffery, Ertz, Agholor all score Adams scores twice for GB I really don't know a thing lol