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  1. Rappaport expects Hopkins to play - Sunday a.m.
  2. Us Deshaun Watson owners are watching closely too.
  3. He's back in my league season lineup and DFS play. I bet 10% or less owned because of the groin scare. Time to pounce lol.
  4. Precautionary tweak or more is the question? Will JuJu be JuJu or not? He's certainly fallen in the ranks this week. He could be good to go?
  5. Welp, with Boyd questionable earlier I scooped up Robby Anderson. Now JuJu has the groin injury so out of the 10 possible choices I went Foster. Hey, besides the team, what's not to like? He's a deep threat.
  6. Rams or Titans in one league. Titans or Indy in another. All solid choices playing first game on Saturday shouldn't influence the decision, should it lol. I sometimes like to save for a later game if all things being equal.
  7. James White or Gronk in the Flex - .5ppr Last week I sat Gronk and White did virtually nothing... gun shy or White getting dump offs again?
  8. Cracked ribs change your game plan at all? Big Ben is a top 5 QB play by many...
  9. At least we'll know early... TY is in my lineup at FLEX alongside Cooks and Thomas at WR. TY over Ingram, Mack, and Corey Davis if given the green light. The Luck to Hilton combo is pretty hot right now...ya gotta admit. I know it's DAL D, but the offense knows the plays and TY is pretty quick and Luck is pretty accurate.
  10. Deep breaths Bloom, Semi-final QB start Watson - HOU @ NYJ or L Jackson - TB @ BAL I'm smelling Jackson by a nose? lol Other league .5 ppr at TE and Flex - start 2 Gronk - NE @ PIT (Big game and he should be heavily involved) Samuels - NE @ PIT (Connor plays some?) White - NE @ PIT (Usage has steadily dropped - just when you think he's bench material he scores twice?) Leaning top 2 unless Connor is a go? EDIT: Follow Connor, then Gronk or White in .5 ppr.
  11. I too have vested interest in the Connor recovery. I don't own him, but I will start 2 of 3 of the following at TE and Flex: Samuels, White, or Gronk depending upon the status of Conner. Last week I sat Gronk. Ouch! Still got the W. This week White goes to the bench? NE RB's LOL. Could be a White dump off game? Anyhow, I am heavily invested in this game. I also start JuJu in this same league and BIG BEN in another league semi-final match up.
  12. In one league semi-final I gotta start BUF. Not great, not awful In the other league I'm currently holding 3 D/ST. LAR, SEA, JAX. I will play LAR next week @ ARI in week 16. With Foles at the helm most likely in PHI, the Rams have an even better match up this week. JAX - WAS at JAX - Jags haven't dominated on D, but it's WAS and the QB carousel... or SEA - SEA at SF - I played SEA last week and jackpot. Feel like I should reward them again lol. They also hit the jackpot against SF at home in week 13 for 15 points. SEA riding high seems like a SHARK choice? LOL Even though JAX is like the #1 rated D/ST this week and SEA a top 8 or so. If I start JAX or SEA I will drop the one I don't start and no one can pick them up this week. Next week both to the waiver wire.
  13. Any LA Rams D/ST owners rolling out your Rams on the road in Chicago tonight? I hedged back...
  14. DJ > M Williams is the play that makes the most cents .02. Williams gets so few targets and total yards, but a Red Zone target. Chargers up early and Justin runs out the clock in the 4th.
  15. Initially I was contemplating starting Samuels at RB over J White at Flex??? Then I just tried plugging in Samuels at TE over Gronk and it worked. RB Kamara RB D Johnson Flex J White TE Samuels Gronk to bench - that's how low the confidence level is with him nowadays
  16. Lions get nice match-ups this week and next. Lions @ Cardinals or NO @ TB or LAR @ CHI are my choices this week - all road teams. Considering NO as they have been hot and scoring. DET could be a nice low scoring game for 6-8 points, but if I'm shooting for the moon it's NO. Starting BUF in another league.
  17. Okay Bloom, I'm waffling a lil on WR#2 this week. .5ppr JuJu #1 Ridley (BAL @ ATL) Reynolds (LAR @ DET) Boyd (DEN @ CIN) Edit: Waffling from Boyd to Reynolds to Boyd to Reynolds to Boyd lol And I see you like Ridley a tad over both.
  18. Watching Flacco practicing or coming back? Stick with the young kid or go Flacco - still in the playoff hunt.
  19. Started Lamar Jackson last week over Big Ben / Philip Rivers and Watson / Wentz. Got the W - he did pretty well. Watson had a great game. Rivers on fire too. Leaning Watson over Jackson and Wentz in one league this week. Leaning Big Ben over Jackson and Rivers in another league this week. Lamar is projected somewhere between top 15 only and top 8 this week. I'm just sensing that his passing game needs a lot of work and he has Michael Vick type of fantasy points. I'm watching closely...
  20. Saw that - follow the Q designation and back issue on Lutz
  21. I can easily see that. I wonder which side of the Lamar start / sit will be eating crow? Lol
  22. Where are you going to get it? How many QB's will be an automatic 15-20? Lamar has just as good of a chance as anyone? I really can't see Lamar ending up with less than 15 points today, and again decent day 20, good day 25, and great day 30+. It's a wide range. Last week Wentz and Big Ben let us down. Unless it's a Luck, Winston, or Newton...
  23. I think 40 yards rushing would be his low floor and passing TD's 1 floor, yardage passing 150. How many points is that? 13 or so? Upside is double that.