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  1. "Dear Brandon(I know you're reading this forum ), Please go somewhere that will play you at RE. Thanking you in advance. Your pal, Dr. Chupacabra" (I'll undersign that too. Get the eff outta Dodge, Brandon!) Brandon Graham is going to be the most hyped "sleeper" DE once he gets a full time job and I'm going to be laughing all the way to the bank watching this guy fizzle out. I watched his week 16 game where he got the start due to a Trent Cole injury and he was completely manhandled. He looked fat, slow and disinterested. This guy can put forth effort on a limited number of snaps in 100% pass rush opps, but when he needs to give 100% on every play and most on non-pass rush opps, he's just a body out there. BUST. Mark it down.
  2. Man, that ball boy is going to get PAID if he keeps his mouth shut. He's going to be fired and the next time you'll see him, he'll be laying on a beach chair, in Hawaii, sippin' on some sizzurp right before he gets into his Aston Martin on his way back to his beach house.
  3. Peyton Manning's first 4 games: 3 TD's: 11 INT's Not comparing Peyton to Manziel, but the point is that you guys are jumping on Manziel after 1 game. The kid may be an egomaniac but cut the kid some slack.
  4. The difference is Stark. Crowell has much more explosion and better vision. His YPC just prove that point. I think the coaching staff so badly wants a tandem to show that their 3rd round pick is not a bust that they are doing it at their own peril. Kind of how they keep trotting out Hoyer when it's so obviously that Manziel needs the rock.
  5. Crowell with 12 rushes while Hoyer throws picks and makes bad decisions in a game Cleveland was winning. WTF. Also, get off of Terrance West- he's hot garbage. FEED THE CROW!
  6. Every year I LOL at those that expect something better from the DD, especially on the mac side. It's completely unfathomable that FBG has spent so much time into the iPhone app, but yet, doesn't have a fully functional DD for desktop macs. DD needs an entire makeover but since it doesn't bring in money for FBG they let it go and will continue to do so unless there is such an uproar over it that memberships fall. Until then, be happy that they update it every 3 weeks and call it a day.
  7. All the IDP's suck. Seriously. Shazier would have been a stud in a 4-3 system as a WLB but as an ILB in Pitts, he's going to be very average. Pittsburgh made a huge mistake by drafting him out of position. Clowney changing to OLB makes him a meddling option. I don't think I would touch any IDP before the 3rd this year in virtually any format.
  8. Who slaps their mom. Thats really ####ed up.If you had that loser of a mom like he does, you would slap her too. She's a crack addict loser who probably did a #### job of raising him. I'm not advocating hitting a woman, but knowing her history, she probably deserved it.
  9. 2011 7th place finish (out of 144) in the FBG survivor league. Aiming for 1st in 2012.

  10. On a 5-11 team with a brutal OLine. Ingram is averaging a similarly poor YPC on one of the best teams in the league, with an elite OLine, along with a stud QB that teams can't possibly put 8 men in the box. Just sayin'.However, to play devils advocate against myself, the fact that Ingram is used as a closer to run up the gut, in game-closing situations, is a great reason (*cough* excuse) for his low YPC. Here are some backs who averaged less than 4.0 ypc their rookie years (since 1990):Marshawn LynchWillis McGaheeMatt ForteMarion BarberEmmitt SmthTiki BarberCharlie GarnerReggie BushRicky WilliamsTravis HenryThomas JonesJahvid BestTim HightowerI think it's safe to say that averaging less than 4.0 ypc is not unusual for quality rookie RBs.I'm not sure why you felt like you had to defend yourself when I pretty much agreed with the main reason why Ingram has a low YPC. In any event, I'm too lazy to look it up (maybe I'll do it when I have more time) but feel free to post the team records for all of the above players during their rookie years. I can absolutely guarantee you that none of those above players played on a team as good as the 2011 NO Saints. Oh, and please add Emmitt Smth to the list too.Bottom line, is that you can't just cherry pick players that had a low YPC during their rookie year because almost all of those players played for horrible teams. I can also play your game by picking rookie HB's that had YPC seasons above 4.0, but that doesn't mean they had successful careers. It just isn't a good defense because the success of the teams they played on varies so much.
  11. LHUCKS may be equally misguided, but he's nowhere near as malicious.Malicious? I think i'm one of the few in this thread with a grip on reality and not blinded by owning this turd. Sproles 6.8 ypcThomas 5.0 ypcIngram 3.9 ypc3.9 is a horrible ypc, and when you look at what other backs on the same team with the same line are putting up it's downright awful. I'm grounded in reality, the guy is not that good. This thread started off saying he's headed straight to the HOF, next it was a game of chicken to cherry pick a half way descent week, now he has a half way descent week, still under 4ypc and he's going to be Ray Rice? Sorry if you think i'm malicious, I really think i'm just grounded in reality and Ingram owners can't deal with reality.Ladanian Tomlinson averaged 3.6 ypc his rookie season.On a 5-11 team with a brutal OLine. Ingram is averaging a similarly poor YPC on one of the best teams in the league, with an elite OLine, along with a stud QB that teams can't possibly put 8 men in the box. Just sayin'.However, to play devils advocate against myself, the fact that Ingram is used as a closer to run up the gut, in game-closing situations, is a great reason (*cough* excuse) for his low YPC. In all seriousness though, while Ingram hasn't shown the explosiveness that I would like to see from a franchise back, he would absolutely do more if given the opportunity, just like Pierre Thomas would do more if given the opportunity. The landing-spot on the Saints is a great gig, if they let Thomas and Ivory go next season. If the Saints would split the carries between Ingram and Sproles they would have a more efficient and explosive offense (if that can be believed).
  12. You're joking right? Unwarranted attention? Dude, Paterno enabled the entire situation. He turned a blind eye and allowed it to go on right under his nose. I'd go as far as to say that Paterno has perjured himself by leaving out vital information when he supposedly told a higher authority. Paterno should be arrested and I really think the hammer will come down on him as well shortly. His morals are completely shattered as he protected his friend, instead of innocent kids. Paterno's legacy is now in the gutter and it's written in stone. The Big 10 championship trophy, currently named the Stagg-Paterno Championship Trophy, will have to be renamed. What a disgrace he is.If it turns out that Sandusky's retirement was due to the 1998 incident, then Joe has no excuse for not doing more on the 2002 incident.Exactly. The entire school hide the real reason why Sandusky "retired" in 1999. He was 55 years old. He was going to take over for Paterno and he all of a sudden "retires"? PSU never contacted the police. They handled the situation internally. And after Sandusky's "retirement", they still gave him keys to the school, a parking spot and access to everything. They allowed him to travel with the team and continue with his 2nd Mile program, in which, he has full and unfettered access WITH KIDS! Paterno knew this. He didn't care and Paterno has now just lied to the grand jury on what he knew. He perjured himself and I hope he goes to jail for allowing this to happen under his nose for the rest of his life.