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  1. Rule #1: Don't get your ##### and your paycheck at the same place.
  2. Same here. Love my two nest up/downstairs.
  3. Some of the NFL contracts do work that way however, its one of the sticking points for first round picks (Joey Bosa as example) is the setoff language.
  4. There is no deduction after the release. Players will often "give back" at the time of the buyout what they think they may make elsewhere in order to get their freedom, but that is a negotiation between original team and player prior to the release/buyout. It has nothing to do with the future contract/team they play for.
  5. While not as severe or as long as this case, I just got out of a marriage very, very similar to this. Bottom line is she may have anxiety issues, and they manifest themselves in a thousand different ways, thus the personality disorder. And when someone gets in this "manic" mode, it's near impossible to get them out of it and there is no reasoning when they get there. I'm sure there are examples out there where things worked out and everyone became happy, but I'd bet they are extremely far and few between. My advice: run
  6. Love my Google Mesh WiFi, as well as the easy ability to control devices and schedule certain devices to turn on/off while leaving others on from anywhere in the world (kids/school/restriction/etc). Set up easy and has been awesome since. Kids wake up for summer. WiFi off. Conversation while I'm at work about chores being done. Yes, Yes, Yes, Not Yet, Call Back, Yes ok I'll turn on Wifi. It's awesome.
  7. I hope this happens.....no big time free agent would sign here anyways, at least make things interesting. #heartandhustle Alex Kennedy: Isaiah Thomas and the Orlando Magic are negotiating a possible deal, according to league sources. Nothing has been agreed to yet, but it seems both sides want to get this done.
  8. While I realize right now plenty of people are saying the East is JV vs Varsity in the West, but the migration of stars from the West to the East is coming soon as max level players who aren't invited to the party the Warriors/Lakers/Rockets are throwing begin to try to get away from the gauntlet. With Philly and Boston maintaining so much young talent and assets (and Orlando ), I think 2019 will begin the shift of talent back east to re-balance the league. The East is coming. It will be ugly this year, but it is coming and it will not be long.
  9. Guys, when you quote DJax my ignore user button no longer eliminates his posts from the thread. Thanks
  10. Hey, we are projected to sign Ray Felton. Respect our process!