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  1. flranger

    Thoughts on this video? 🌮🌮🌮
  2. flranger

    In the market for a self propelled push mower

    I've been looking hard to get one soon. My Snapper Ninja has been very good, but I like to sell while it still has value and am thinking about the Honda HRX 217. Very highly rated mower @$599. Especially with the 190cc Honda engine, plenty of power for thick summer grass (Central Florida).
  3. Bamba looks like a player. Gordon had a nice game, but he started out hot last year then #### the bed so I'll reserve reaction on him.
  4. flranger

    Thoughts on this video?

    The hell it is....its significantly safer to back into a spot and pull straight out than back out of a spot after pulling in, if the person is a capable driver. Many delivery companies teach their drivers to back in, not out in order to leverage this control of situation. Once you pull in and park, you give up the option to control your surroundings which can make it difficult to back out of a spot. The sheer number of parking lot accidents caused by people backing out of parking spots and not seeing people coming is mindboggling. Worked in auto insurance for years. Almost never have people pulling out of a spot moving forward get in those situations. I agree a bad driver has no business backing into a spot, but trust me they aren't any better backing out of one.
  5. And....that's exactly the point I'm trying to make here. That footage, which maybe drones or webcams could provide, is far more compelling. And in being compelling, we learn, and thus gain information about how quickly things change. Of course we could read our science books and we would know all this, but the footage tells a story that resonates.
  6. Not arguing their intelligence. Only their results and willingness to risk safety to get it. It's incredible footage. And I have yet to see a drone that can handle the situation, or a webcam that moves around taking similar video. If it was so simple to do without human involvement, wouldn't we have seen footage like this thousands of times over already?
  7. Gotta disagree on this one. What they are trying to do is no different than an astronaut heading into space or a submariner going very deep in the ocean. Maybe not as refined, or supported by "science" but they provide valuable footage, and thus information. Just like you do in a lab. And while we have known for decades when/where hurricanes are going to hit I'm not sure that I have watched more compelling footage. Astronauts have died. Submariners have died. Mountaineers. Explorers. Race car drivers. None of those people had to do what they were doing. So perhaps a storm chaser ends up dying. While its preventable, I sure wouldn't say its not for a good cause.
  8. Today?? Or was this last season. I can't even imagine them allowing him to get in that situation now.
  9. flranger

    Your Celebrity Doppleganger(s)

    lol...pretty sure its me that changed not him
  10. flranger

    Your Celebrity Doppleganger(s)

    25-30 years ago I got Tom Cruise all the time, but it's probably been 20 years at least since hearing that. Now I hear either Sullivan Stapleton or a younger Eric Clapton the short hair version
  11. I'm good. It will probably make the first couple months a little more interesting. But come Christmas I just hope the fantasy talk doesn't take over the NBA talk. This is my favorite thread on any message board. Y'all enjoy yourself.
  12. If I had 100 objections I'd use all of them. Please don't pollute this thread with fantasy basketball talk. No one cares about your or their teams.