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  1. It's pretty amazing that two years ago everyone, myself included was saying what an idiot Vlade Divac was in Sacramento and profusely lauding Danny Ainge.... Good reason not to evaluate trades and moves that are made long term when they occur......
  2. Good posting, but I love how the NBA gets the draft and free agency handled quickly, then into summer leagues
  3.'s not as much a reflection of what they think will happen as much as it is a reflection of where the money will come in. Lakers are a heavily bet team, so the price will typically be higher than the analytics would suggest.
  4. Kinda loving ATL draft: 8. Atlanta flranger Jarrett Culver 10. Atlanta flranger Brandon Clarke 17. Atlanta flranger PJ Washington 35. Atlanta. flranger Nic Claxton
  5. 1.17 Atlanta Hawks select PJ Washington With prior ATL picks of #8Jarrett Culver and #10Brandon Clarke showing very strong defensive potential, we are looking at pure offensive potential with this pick. Intended to pick Tyler Herro, but recognized that PJ Washington while playing for the same team had better 3 point %. Feeling like these three will give Trae Young plenty of options in the future to develop with Huerter and Collins. @Wikkidpissah
  6. Yah, I wanted Hayes at this spot. He will more likely be a role player and the DEF and athleticism should be good for a second unit. I would easily trade him for Mo Bamba or Isaac from the Magic who are heavy in the post.
  7. I'm not inferring anything is wrong with him doing so....he didn't pick Toronto and they knew the risks. He has earned a right to be a free agent and work/play wherever he wishes.
  8. With the 10th pick the Atlanta Hawks Select Brandon Clarke TStrengths: Bouncy, undersized big who plays with tremendous explosiveness and energy ... He is a strong finisher around the basket ... He’s shown the ability to score off the dribble ... He’s able to score from the low post against certain matchups ... He’s great at scoring on off ball motion plays ... He is a great rebounder, averaging over 8 a game the last couple years ... He is very good on the defensive end of the floor, as a help defender and on the ball ... An amazing shot blocker for a 6’8 forward, he averaged over 3 blocks per game this past season ... Along with the 3+ blocks, he averaged over 1 steal per game ... He has a non-stop motor to go along with his elte athleticism ... He has great timing when he goes to contest shots at the rim ... He rarely fouls despite contesting a lot of shots ... He’s rarely out of control despite how hard he plays ... He’s capable of switching screens and defending players on the perimeter ... In the NBA he’ll need that skill with how the game is played today ... He plays within himself and doesn’t take shots out of his skill set……. He has great touch around the basket ... He’s capable of guarding four different positions ... His athleticism can make him a great help defender at the next level ... He runs the floor very well in transition ... He’s a good finisher in traffic ... Weaknesses: Does not have ideal size or strength to play in the post at the next level ... Lacks length with just a 6'8.25 wingpsan on his 6'8 (in shoes) frame ... To make matters worse he weighed in at the combine at just 207 lbs, which is concerning considering his age ... Will turn 23 in September, making him older for a first round draft prospect ... Revamped his jumpshot in his redshirt, transfer year, but still has work to do on it ... He needs to improve the range and consistency on his perimeter jump shot ... He shot only 27% from the 3-point line last season ... He doesn’t look comfortable shooting unless he is wide open ... His reluctancy to shoot could affect his team’s offensive rhythm ... He struggles at the free throw line, he shot 69% from the line last season ... He needs to extend his shooting range in order to not be a liability on the floor at the next level ... He’s not a great ball handler which can lead to turnovers against NBA players ... He can be careless at times with the basketball, which NBA teams will make him pay for ... He can be undisciplined at times on the defensive end ... At times going for blocks too often puts him and the team out of position ... He needs to increase his playmaking skills to make himself more versatile on the offensive end of the floor ... His lack of a jump shot will limit his options to blow by his defenders on the closeouts ... Outlook: Clarke has a lot of potential to be a great defensive player with room to grow on the offensive end ... His ability to defend multiple positions will make him coveted in the league ... He needs to improve his shooting however so that he won’t be taken off the floor in certain situations ...
  9. Boy I tell you, quite the plot twist going into free agency this summer. NOLA wins the Zion lottery, impacting potential AD trade partners KD injures achilles, while perhaps not impacting his decision certainly could potentially impact second max level free agents Kawhi wins NBA championship on team he was widely expected to abandon after one year Everything the talking heads on sports radio and podcasts speculated throughout the year now could completely change
  10. Atlanta Hawks select with the 8th pick: Jarrett Culver Texas Tech Culver will be the best available player on the board when its their turn to pick. Culver was used on the ball quite a bit this past season, and he earned Big 12 Player of the Year honors while leading the Red Raiders to the national title game. At the next level he’ll likely be best suited to spend more time off the ball, as was the case during his freshman year, which could positively impact his perimeter shooting as well. Would be a good match with strong defensive skills next to Trae Young for years to come
  11. Uhhh.....he was certainly the best player on his first title