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  1. Personal Opinion: There will be no substantial spike in cases until schools open up and children return to classrooms in mass. Hanging out at the beach or going to a restaurant just doesn't provide the long term exposure that classrooms do. And those kids largely don't get the symptoms as bad but bring it into their homes. My girlfriend is an elementary school teacher. I'm concerned about the fall as being when we see a spike. If there is no substantial spike by this fall, we gotta just go live our lives.
  2. You'll need the charger regardless of if you choose Lithium, AGM, or Lead/Acid battery. Given light load, very unlikely you would need to charge after every use. With a smaller trolling motor, you'll probably get 20 hours or so of run time per charge (depending on amp draw). For a Kayak, the lighter the battery the better as you transport it, but Lithium is more expensive. But they will last years longer. The good thing is you could probably go with something like a 30ah Lithium battery and it would power you all you want. Good LiFePO4 battery website:
  3. When you need a comply and pay the man lol
  4. I've put more gas in my boat than my truck last two months
  5. No dispute and it's all terrible. It's a little more real to me when its in my zip code. For what its worth, there is a nursing home (Highlands Lake Center) one mile from my girlfriends house that has at least 16 deaths. Our county has 33 total deaths. About 750,000 total residents. 16 in one location. Our county has about 20 total deaths due to COVID in nursing homes. Well over 50%. COVID is real, I'm a supporter of reasonable steps to control and don't opine on what is the right way to handle. It's simply data and only posted for perspective.
  6. Pretty interesting stats (from 2010).... 65%: The percentage of people who entered a nursing home who died within one year of admission. Five months: The typical length of nursing-home stay for patients who eventually died in the nursing home. 40%: The expected percentage of deaths in the U.S. occurring in nursing homes by 2020. (almost like they knew ahead of time?)
  7. I'm not discounting the loss of these lives, but IIRC I remember seeing that 50% of nursing home residents pass away in the first year of residence. Not discounting the COVID19 impact at all, just adding for perspective.
  8. Generally, the mortgage company just wants to make sure the work is done and repaired per code to protect their interest in the property. As long as that is the case the amount rarely will cause an issue.
  9. Coast Guard is keeping boats off the anchored ships last I heard....but there is insane amounts of pilchard schools on the outside edge of the shipping channel 2-5 miles out. A couple weeks ago I'm sure we were amongst hundreds of thousands of 6" pilchards
  10. East or West coast? That's a long run for the blackfins on the West coast...
  11. I have exactly the same has always been amazing. Pick your poison.
  12. This thread last 100 pages Arguing about statistics Arguing about governmental policy Links to a study Wondering if you got "it" before everyone else Occasional real life story that still makes it worth reading I have to admit, this thread was extremely valuable to me. I was in early with you guys, got supplies before the world went crazy, and have generally understood everything that's been going on due to the overall knowledge this thread has given me. Tons of really intelligent people post here. I am grateful. Grateful for this thread, and grateful for this board. But damn, it's getting difficult to keep reading. God bless all of you, praying for physical health for your families and financial health for our country. Both are worth fighting for........ #yogapantsmatter
  13. Yet we have tons of boat ramps closed of all things.....ridiculous. Can't get much more socially distant than on a boat.
  14. That was my vote.... Current NBA: Stephen Adams is crazy cool