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  1. Not sure why call attention to your post by making a separate thread for such an obvious statistic. Just put it in the NBA thread. #yogapantsforever
  2. Admittedly this is with light beer (Ultra, etc) but I almost never have less than six. The first one goes down in moderate time, then beers 2-8 are typically gone in an hour to 90 minutes total. Then I'm good. Unless boating and its warm, then it just keeps going. Not proud.
  3. Don't worry about it, 76ers are in bottom half as well. They have bigger problems than a matchup with Orlando.
  4. I don't necessarily disagree, but the decision to have surgery is his to make, not the Nets. On a side there a more pleasurable TV viewing experience than watching Nets games? The contrast of that court with the players and uniforms really makes things pop on TV. While the actual basketball product is not great, the Nets have certainly hit it out of the park with aesthetics and viewing experience.
  5. I bet if fans were able to vote before the season for either having replay or not having replay at all the overwhelming majority would just go with no replay and live with the call
  6. NBA should start getting more interesting soon as real trade talk begins to develop approaching the deadline.....honestly its the same every year until football is over then NBA lights up.
  7. Concussions haven't hit the NBA yet....they only hold him out if he spouts off against China
  8. Buccaneers:  In the 43-year history of the franchise, no starting quarterback has ever earned a second contract with the team.
  9. Jimmy Butler scored 5 points against the Hawks but had a +/- of +21 Herro, Nunn, Butler, etc....Heat got some players boys
  10. I actually really appreciate your unwavering support of 76ers and hate of Celtics modogg. It makes the board better having someone who has that passion. I'm just an NBA fan in general, other than the Magic.
  11. In my area, many drivers work both services and switch back and forth between the two during the day