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  1. Similar story for me...only it was my last day on the was a young company with many singles and a good gender mix and I had been pretty vocal about my "no dating coworkers" last day this girl came up, admitted her interest, asked me out, and let's just in my experience a woman carrying interest for that long is eager and enthusiastic and it is great GLLLL
  2. How has your overall experience been with e-harmony? I have been thinking about joining one of these sites, and being in my 30's I am kind of leaning toward e-harmony, yahoo and match both seem geared toward a younger crowd. But e-harmony is very expensive, so I was wondering what you or others thought about it before I invest money in it.Comparison of the services early in this thread...age is a factor, also because of the cost eHarmony tends to have more women who are "serious" about finding a partner rather than just looking for "fun" and hooking up...pick your poison...Reiterated Disclaimer: I met Mrs. Code on eHarmony
  3. All the pics I ever used were just me, but I had a buddy who iDated and he almost exclusively posted pics of him with other women...his theory was that it sent a subtle message "this is the caliber of women I hang with, so make sure you measure up"...don't know how effective it was, he's been dating the girl he met online for a few years and is desperately looking for a way YMMV
  4. can't afford my own and I really don't think she'd pull something like this You can afford to go out drinking until all hours of the night but can't afford a cell phone plan?...hell if you consider the hassle this is causing your, you can't afford NOT to have your own...
  5. ...and must like very sarcastic guys...Sounds like Keys would dig Mrs. Code...back-off buddy
  6. My wife loves biting just haven't found a woman to appreciate you yet...
  7. Encouraging talk about an ex is not a great move, but there's no way you could've seen this coming...Oh was a good night out with a cute girl...keep rolling...
  8. hmm, that sure sounds like me, having broken off an engagement last weekSorry to hear that.What happened?thx Pete and Krista. it's all good...well once i get some new furniture in my place :thumbup:it was crunch time. less than 90 days to go. been having second thoughts for about a month, never said anything to her. 2 weekends ago, we start fighting about something else (something SHE forgot, but it was still MY fault) and i told her my feelings. she gave me an ultimatum, saying that if i wanted to call it off, go ahead. i told her i need to seriously think about it, talk to my family, friends, etc. - i didn't want to make a decision in the heat of the moment. that's the end of fight #1. about an hour later after being on the phone with one of her friends, she starts up fight #2. really starts pushing my buttons, getting me pissed. eventually, i told her it was off, if she was going to act like this, i didn't need to talk to anyone else to make a decision. she starts really freaking out, and then runs out of the apartment (we've been living together for about 1 1/2 years). end of fight #2.while she was gone i called her a couple times, just to see where she went. she was just down the block sitting in her call calling friends/family. she's gone for like 2 hours. i dozed off on the couch. here comes fight #3. she comes back around 4am - punches me in the chest, waking me up. i'm like WTF???!!?! then she picks up a glass of water and throws it through the glass table. **CRASH** broken glass everywhere at 4am in the morning. the neighbors MUST hate me. now she's hysterical - i got no boyfriend, i'm 36, i gotta go live at home, i hate my job, i've got nothing to live for - and then picks up a piece of glass and starts cutting herself. nothing too bad, just for show/attention, but it freaked me out enough to call the cops.they took her away, ended up keeping her in ER for like 8 hours and then released her. she needs to see a counselor, maybe take some drugs to help her anixiety, and we were going to see a couples counselor. i waited about a week and a half to let things cool down, talked to friends and family and really thought about it. i gotta do what's best for me. i love her dearly, she's a sweetheart, but i can't see myself being happy with her for the rest of my life. so i called it off. whew! that was close!her mom called my mom last night and told her it was her fault. real classy Wow...sorry to hear it went down like this, but better to know now I guess...Buddy of mine broke off his engagement a few years ago...I ended up helping him move out of her place at was not pretty...Good luck to you...
  9. Monday bump for all the new guys thinking about jumping into iDating...
  10. No other thoughts on this one?This was my response to him: Good advice? Bad advice? Smoo?
  11. Do you think you're on her friend's ladder?I thought about this, but it would be very weird to be put there if we met on a dating site. If that's the case, more power to her.Canceling is a good idea, though. There seems to be a bit of a hanger-on problem with our iDaters here...Why not just say you're not interested in her?
  12. I was talking to a buddy the other day about my iDating experience and he raised an interesting question, how do you answer the "how did you meet?" inquiries...obviously since Mrs. Code and I recently married, we've been asked this a lot...but I'm curious what our current iDaters this something you try to hide or something you broadcast around town? you think it matters who the audience is? age a factor?...