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  1. The report is he's looking for "real" compensation otherwise he'll retire. That sound you just heard was Schneider crossing his name out of the list of players we want. It's also the sound of reason when looking to buy a player's jersey. When we made the uniform switch, Clem and Bryant were 1a and 1b of who I wanted to get. One was the motor of the D and the other was the captain. I couldn't find either and today I realize how pissed I'd be if I had. Now pass another pass rushing DE is needed as well as run stuffers. I trust the twins but they're also fallible at times so hard not to be disappointed. Wonder why they waited? Trying to get his deal restructured? Clem played pretty damn well for having the surgery he did last year around this time, but his numbers and play last year can't necessarily be what would get him a huge deal. I'' be interested to find out what that was all about.
  2. Without Bowman pulling an AP, the Saints have a shot but I still think that's too high for the Saints right now.
  3. I think that with Red and Clinton gone and McDaniel still not re-signed, a run stopping DE/DL is more needed than another pass defender. Hate to lose Clem and his motor now that Reds gone too. He's only a year off of major knee surgery so of course his numbers are down. Not sure what Hatchers strengths are but run stuffing is more of a need than pass rush IMO.
  4. This. They go out if style as much as jeans and t-shirts do. However, you can add grunge-chic with what you wear with them and just be ahead of the curve for when 90s style starts coming back in fashion with the kids. I'll feel old as hell, but I've been stuck on that style for 20 years so I'll fit in at least.
  5. This could be a big signing if it allows leverage for miller to restructure.
  6. None of you philistines have seen Where the Buffalo Roam?
  7. This is what I was referring to when I brought up shades of gray. "If". Your choice of words. We don't know all the facts. Further, we can't see in the heart of any man. We don't know who knew what exactly Who are these "apologists"? Am I one because I choose not to drop harsh judgment on him without knowing all the details? We know that he didn't challenge his placement before the last positive drug test that got him busted. Both he and his agent said so and while they could certainly be lying, anything they're hiding could only make him look worse. No, you're. It an apologist. I was speaking more of the ITS types that are all over everyone's jock and no one does anything wrong and it's all a conspiracy against Seattle, until they're off the squad and then it's good riddance.
  8. Harris, #### the doomed.
  9. Ordered. Loved the first one. Just started the Mistborn series. Finished book 1. Very.. different, but I like it. Book 2 so far is decent. I thought it was overall slightly above average as a story, kinda gets too big at the end but it's tied together pretty nicely. As a world builder though, he's pretty creative. Especially if you read up on his Sanderson Universe, or whatever he calls it. All the worlds in his stories came from one that splintered, though they aren't related or linked at all, so no crossover stuff and each world is unique. So far I'm slightly above meh on him as an author overall. He did a pretty decent job with WoT, Mat excluded, but that wasn't his world. His cleverness and thoroughness in his worldbuilding have me reading him and hoping that the WoK series turns out well. If it/s anything like WoT though, I'll be on what's left of Social Security by the time it's finished. The first WoT book came out when I was a freshman in college and just ended about this time last year.
  10. Ordered. Loved the first one. Hated it the first time around but I had tried it due to the WoT dream job he got. Read mistborn also. Re-read this one to see if I wanted to continue and found myself very happy with it and eagerly waiting for the next one.Interesting read on Wikipedia regarding the mutual origins of all his worlds and the source of the magic. Sanderson is very hit or miss with me. I especially hate the way he writes any sort of male/female attraction - it seems written by a 10 year old. That said, Elantris was OK - but I gave him a pass due to it being his first novel. Mistborn was great. Warbreaker was atrocious. Two of the WoT books were solid, the final one was poor. Way of Kings was *slow* but the final 1/3 of the book really picked up. Unfortunately, this next book is focusing on Shallan so I have a feeling the book will not be all that great. It's gonna be long so I'm sure the other storylines will fill the gaps. I'm curious about the Geometry Demons, hopefully that carries it. I want to hear more about the Parshes too.I'm about 400 pages in (of 1350 on ebook, not sure what that translates to in hardcover pages) and it seems pretty even with Shallan and Kaladin so far. The femalen Parshendi Shardbearer is a nice entry into the Parshendi worldview, seeing their culture and language use. Some good shakeups, a little RR Martin tucked in there along with more worldbuilding in the interludes. i'm pretty pleased with it but I still can't get over the spren thing. Having exhaustionspren and couragespren and boredspren and fartspren just seems silly and takes me out of the fantasy. Heavy and/or emotional stuff is fine, like honorspren or fearspren, but there just seems to be so much mundane spren manifestations that it drives me a little nuts. I'd give it 3 of 5 stars right now, but I'm only 25% through it and there's a lot building up so just providing an update that there's plenty to offer other than the Shallan storyline and even that is pretty good, including a look back at how she got where she is, like he did with Kal in book 1, by going back in time in segments.
  11. Except Carlson is a below average blocker. I thought it was a strange signing. I thought he was pretty good blocking in Seattle. He got lots of practice since their line has been a wonder of injury and disappointment, with the unheralded backups and scraps from other teams needing TE help quite often in the late Holmgren dark, dark, dark Mora year and Carroll's rebuild. He's a better catcher than blocker but he hasn't had the oppostunity, which is one reason imo that he bolted from Seattle first chance he got. Hard to blame him. Zach Miller has gotten the same treatment and his numbers have also been low as a result. He's likely to be restructured or cut soon with Willson and McCoy in the picture. Plus Carlson's one concussion away from retirement, an option he considered this offseason. Also, don't rule out his inside knowledge of Carroll's offense. I'm not saying that's a major reason he was signed, but it's a bonus for a division rival. I will of course be wearing the BamBamKam jersey next time they play. I'm sure he'll reintroduce himself to Johnny.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this the last year of Maxwell's contract also. He's going to want starter money, and depending how his season goes he could get expensive. This will be the final year of Maxwell also. Maybe I'm feeling a little privileged, but I have a feeling Carroll/Schneider will continue to have success in finding more CBs. As far as I can tell they have successfully identified Sherman, Browner, Thurmond, Maxwell, and Lane for 5 starting caliber CBs in 4 years of drafting/FA. That's a pretty friggin good track record and maybe enough for me to say they can identify players who will fit their mold. Yeah, this is the part that seems to be ignored when discussing the Hawks and the cap. Yes, there will be good players, sometimes even core players that leave. And yes, it will be hard to find another physical freak like Sherman or Thomas. But this FO and coach have built the best overall depth team in the league* because they are great at finding players. That isn't going to stop just because the great players they found are due for a payday. They were at the cap when those players were drafted, this is nothing new to them. They're not out of contention because they have superstar contracts to pay out. They'll find starters and depth at other positions on the cheap to keep the team. It's been a complete overhaul of the team they inherited 4 years ago, that doesn't just end. They could screw it up and not everyone they sign will work out, but their hit:miss ratio is excellent and there's no reason to think they won't keep it up. * for some reason OL has always been somewhat of a problem, even taking injuries into account.
  13. Would you agree there are shades of gray here, or is this something that's completely black or white for you? Well, the NFL went from a one year suspension to an "our bad" suspension for a ####### pretty obvious shade of gray reason. That's pretty much a given; despite any hyperbole to the contrary. If it was an "our bad" suspension then there wouldn't be any carry over to next season. It'd be just the 8 games he served already, including playoffs. Giving him another 4 games plus 4 more game checks is very, very far from "our bad". That's 12 games total and 16 game checks (or 13 depending on the playoff pay which I dunno if it is all from the Seahawks or if there's some from the league). It's much closer to the original year suspension than it is to "our bad".