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  1. Thank you for all your work on the podcasts. FFPC Terminator, drop Witten or Kirk?
  2. Following is the tie breaking scheme should two or more teams have identical records at the end of the regular season. 1) Most points scored during the season 2) Most points scored versus teams in the tie 3) Coin flip.
  3. Surprised there's not more discussion on this. I picked up the Miami Dolphins defense since they are playing two rookie quarterbacks and one who sees ghosts on the field, at the Jets week 14, at the Giants week 15, home against the Bengals week 16.
  4. Continuing with the trends. Taking Rams and Ravens in the big pools, and Colts for charity. Rams are 8-1, 3-0 overall and 9-1, 2-0 at home. Bucs are 3-16, 2-10, 1-7, 1-0 away and 1-12, 1-0 away when Winston starts Ravens are 21-2, 2-0 at home in September Browns are 3-27, 3-2, 1-2, 1-0 away Ravens are 6-1, 1-0 overall vs Browns and 6-1, 3-0 in Baltimore Colts are 12-3, 7-2, 2-0 overall and 7-0 at home Raiders are 1-11, 0-4 away
  5. For the record I changed my charity pick to Dallas against my better judgement regarding taking the same team in multiple pools. Teams favored by 21+ are 35-0 since 1966.
  6. Following the trends. Taking Dallas and New England in the big pools, and Seattle for charity. Was considering Dallas across the board but I vowed after week 3 last year not to take the same team in multiple pools in any given week this year. This homer didn't expect Josh Allen to win his second NFL start at Minnesota with the Vikes -16.5. Dallas is 9-1 overall and 9-1 at home and Miami is 1-14, 0-7 away New England: 17-0 at home including playoffs 26-4, 3-0 at home in September 49-3, 14-0 at home vs AFC QB making their 1st start vs Belickick and Brady are 5-46, 0-13 QBs under age 25 are 0-27 in NE vs both Brady and Belichek vs NY Jets are 14-2, 9-1, 6-0 overall and 6-0 in NE New York Jets are 1-11, 0-5 overall and 2-11, 1-6 away Seattle has never lost at home in September under Pete Carol (15-0) and Russell Wilson is 50-12, 7-2, 6-0 at home including playoffs New Orleans HC Sean Payton has not won a game w/o Brees starting at QB; 0-3 (2009, 2015, 2018)
  7. Agreed. Did so much research on the situation and convinced myself that Arians/Leftwich will use him as he is a special athlete. Did he even get a target tonight?
  8. One of my big pools is double elimination and I'm told, from the pool organizer, that the Detroit tie does not count as a loss so I still have double elimination going on. Has anyone experienced this before? I've always played that a tie is a loser as you are picking the winner in a Survivor pool. The two other pools treated both Detroit and Arizona as elimination teams. Following the trends. Taking Baltimore and Houston in the big pools, and Denver (can buy back after weeks 1 & 2, for charity). Baltimore is 20-2 at home in September. Rookie QBs are 2-15 in Baltimore including playoffs. Houston is 8-2 overall and 4-1 at home vs Jacksonville (both losses in 2017 when Jax made the divisional playoffs) Jacksonville is 2-11 overall and 1-6 away. Denver is 31-3, 15-1, 4-0 at home in weeks 1 and 2 since 1990. Denver is 7-0 in home openers. For those of you taking Carolina tonight - Jameis Winston has lost his last 12 starts on the road. Conversely, Cam Newton has lost his last 7 starts overall.
  9. I like to follow trends. I'm in three pools and taking Seattle and Detroit in the big pools, and Oakland (can buy back after week 1, for charity). Seattle is 9-0 in home openers. Seattle has never lost at home in September under Pete Carol. Rookie QBs drafted #1 overall have lost their 1st start going back to 2002 (0-12). The prior 11 head coaches in Arizona have lost their first game. Oakland has not lost a game since they released AB. * Baker Mayfield became the first player since Fran Tarkenton in 1961 to come off the bench in his debut and lead his team to its first win of the season (week 3 vs NYJ) and lost the next game in OT in Oakland, the first start of his career.
  10. Is there any concern that Hunter will be asked to block more with Russell Okung out for 6 weeks, maybe more? I don't know much about their O-line.
  11. Play with the URL from week 11 results. Change week to 12 and move the year to past years.
  12. Jets and Colts seem to have favorable schedules upcoming. I'm carrying both until week 15. 10 NYJ v Buf 11 Ind v Ten 12 Ind v Mia 13 NYJ at Ten or Ind at Jax 14 NYJ at Buf 15 Ind v Dal 16 Ind v NYG
  13. I read it as he was present on the field, not definitively practicing so maybe he has yet to be cleared. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. I have seriously been thinking about it. I have Brees and I'm not happy with points in the teens. My biggest concern is Philly's opponents lead me to believe they won't have to pass as much as they have been.
  15. I'm considering this game too. The 49ers have lost 2 of 20 and 9 straight road games; however, losing 3 games this year by a total of 8 points gives me some pause at Indy. Also considering the Steelers who have won 12 of 14 and 5 straight home games vs the Jags who have won 3 of 18 and 2 of their last 11 games on the road. This week is tough for me and I think Pittsburgh will be on more than one of my pools.