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  1. About half-way through Carnival Row and it's fantastic. Incredible and deep world they've created.
  2. If you can I can't find it. I've just been voting over and over, not sure if they take it.
  3. I only saw something about your eternal soul in the fine print, nothing about your first born.
  4. Vote for David W Butler High School on the following link!
  5. My top two are Lil Pump (rapper) and Cody Orlove (instagram star). I'll take Robert De Niro and Sean Penn instead.
  6. Clearly there is some kind of anti-Twix bias going on here. Get out you twix hater.
  7. chronic unemployment living with their parents
  8. It's pretty rich she describes all of this as her father's creation. Stan was always good about claiming all the credit, seems like his daughter isn't far off from that.
  9. Dan Simmons the Hyperion writer? Is the book good?